Chapter 5

Sorry for the delay, can't believe it's been a year. Thanks for your patience and those who reviewed. But here it is the last chapter, this story started out a little dark but I had always pictured that the end would be much lighter. Enjoy and check out my other updates, I've been busy. I have a little bit of a sequel for this story, a spin-off of sorts. If there's interest, I might do it.

"What do you think you're doing?" Nathan grabbed Lucas and pinned him down on the bed.

Lucas sighed and ran his hands down Nathan's back and then resting on his perfect ass. "Thought it was worth a try."

Nathan looked down at Lucas curiously and after a moment of silence, "You're really okay with it?"

Lucas rolled his eyes. "What part of Nathan fuck me, didn't you get?"

"Stop being an ass." Nathan pressed his body further against Lucas but it had the opposite effect of what Nathan had intended as he felt Lucas' cock stir against his own hardening cock.

"I'm trying to be serious here."

"So am I and trust me when I say that I want this and I'm okay with it really." Lucas had a more tender expression and moved his hands up Nathan's back and forced Nathan's mouth towards him and the two kissed.

"Okay." Nathan muttered against Lucas' lips.

"Okay?" Lucas questioned, trying to hide the excitement in his voice.

"But I'm going to go easy on you."

Yeah right, Lucas thought but he just simply nodded. Nathan was already spooked once and understandably so and didn't want to spook him again.

"If it's too much, you let me know."

"Okay." Lucas nodded his head again and Nathan smiled and leaned down to kiss him again.

Nathan tore his lips away from Lucas and started nibbling down his neck and then pretty soon, he had Lucas legs spread wide apart, his tongue sticking out and licking the tight hole.

Lucas moaned in pleasure as he felt his brother ravage his hole. Part of him just wanted Nathan to stick it in there but he knew the prep work was needed.

"Please." Lucas couldn't take it any more as his brother teased him with his tongue and his fingers for several minutes.

Nathan got up and presented his cock back to Lucas' face. Lucas smiled and eagerly sucked on it.

"Make sure you get it nice and wet." Nathan said softly, hoping that he wouldn't blow his load right there and then. It took all his restraint to not jack off while he worked on Lucas' ass. Lucas complied willingly using as much of his own salvia to coat the huge member.

Next, Nathan aligned his cock against Lucas' hole and grabbing hold of his waist, he gently eased himself inside. His eyes never left Lucas, making sure he was okay and that he didn't cause him too much pain.

The initial pain was incredible but after a while it subsidized and Nathan gently eased his way inside. Once fully inside, he stilled, letting his brother get used to it. Nathan was breathing heavily at this point as well, the feeling of being inside Lucas was like nothing on this Earth. Everything was soft, hard and warm all at the same time. He started to gently rock his hips, back and forth and then in small circles to get him to loosen up.

Lucas gasped a loud as he succumbed to the pleasure of it all. "Yes, Nathan!"

Nathan could hardly contain himself as he watched as Lucas come undone. It didn't take long for Nathan to pick up the pace. Pretty soon, one leg was over Nathan's shoulder while Nathan held the other one apart as he continued his assault.

Both were panting and sweating and Nathan bent over and started to kiss Lucas. The feeling was too much as they really both got into it and Lucas started pushing up against Nathan. All thoughts of going easy were thrown at the window as Nathan lost himself and kissed his brother hungrily. Lucas hard cock rubbed against their stomachs and without warning, Lucas felt himself go. Nathan felt the sticky mess against his stomach and started to lose it, empting himself as well.

Spent, Nathan collapsed onto Lucas and they held each other tight, breathing hard as they both came down from their high. Nathan opened his eyes to make sure Lucas was okay. Lucas looked back at him, nothing but contentment on his face. Nathan smiled and the two locked lips again before drifting to sleep.

Hours passed and it was Lucas who was first to awake and he found himself face to face with Nathan, their legs intertwined and arms draped over the other. He took a minute to admire Nathan's handsome features. He never felt closer to Nathan and he took the moment to appreciate it. But Lucas' hand had a mind of it's own and he couldn't help himself from roaming his hands around Nathan's body. Nathan eventually started to stir and he awoke, confused at first by the site of Lucas in front of him.

Then he sat up and looked around at the tangled sheets and Lucas sprawled out in front of him. It took a second for everything to come back to Nathan.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"More than okay." Lucas replied and Nathan collapsed back down onto the bed.

"You sure?" Nathan stroked Lucas' cheeks.

"Yes." Lucas playfully rolled his eyes and Nathan just smiled back.

"Good, cuz I can't wait to do it again." Nathan smirked but his smirk faded when he saw Lucas with a serious expression.

"Is everything okay?" He asked concerned.

"Yeah.. yeah, everything is fine." Lucas replied then paused. "Actually it isn't?"

"Huh?" Nathan sat back up. "I thought you said.."

Lucas sat up as well. "What I meant was," cutting Nathan off. "This thing between us.. one minutes we're enemies, then friends, then enemies again and I guess I just want to know where we stand. If things don't work out with Haley this time.. or a next time, then what about us."

"I was a dick wasn't I."

"That first blow job on the River Court comes to mine."

"Whatever, not like you didn't enjoy it." Nathan retorted.

Lucas didn't argue there. "Look, the last thing I ever expected was for us to be here.. like this. But I just want to make sure we're okay."

"We are." Nathan took Lucas hand in his. "Believe me, I didn't expect this either. I didn't mean to let things go so out of hand.. I was just so hurt and mad over the summer and then when I saw you.. I took everything out on you. I'm sorry for that."

Nathan pauses and remembers that day on the river court. "I really do want to make it work with Haley again .. but now that I think of it, I don't know if we should be doing this."

"I don't care if we don't sleep together anymore." Lucas replied.

Nathan gave him a pointed look.

"Well, of course I care but this isn't about sex for me.. I just want my brother back."

"You have me." Nathan smiled. "How about this, no matter what happens between Haley and I, you and I are still good."


Both smiled and then silence fell on them again.

"I guess I should leave." Lucas suddenly became away of how very naked they both were.

"Yeah." Nathan reluctantly agreed.

"But.." Lucas spoke up.

"Yeah?" Nathan quickly replied.

"I still wanted to show you how good it feels." Lucas smirks.

"Umm.. how about you ride me again?" Nathan pinned Lucas down again. "And then I can give you a ride home."

Lucas thought about it for a second.


The End.