Hi guys,

So its been just under three years since I even looked at this story, or since I've read and acknowledged the reviews I used to have and continue to receive. I'm still so grateful and can't quite believe it. It used to be such a huge part of my life and such a huge escape, and in hindsight I don't think I ever really appreciated just what this story achieved.

I guess I let people down a little; after the sequel I never posted again although it was fully my intention to.

A lot has changed in three years; this website, for one; I had no idea how to post this. My username has also changed, but I promise I'm still the same author, I'm just trying to cover my tracks a little.

I guess the reason I'm posting is that I'm about to have a huge chunk of free time in a few months, and these characters have also recently been coming in my head and telling me what they've been up to. I have a few ideas, not to mention about 20 drabbles that I wrote alongside the story, that never made the cut in the original.

Is anyone still out there? Or has everyone grown up and not interested anymore? Please let me know, guys, because if you're still interested I'd be more than happy to keep my characters going. The stories might even be better written now! Not to mention that I think I'm a little less of a blue-sky thinker these days.

Please let me know, anyway; message me or review this story or drop me an ask on tumblr (Flitwickslittlebrother). Is there somewhere better or more convenient now that I could post them? Give me ideas, requests, or just tell me to go away because you haven't had an email from in years and its annoying.

Lots of love. x