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1. Guests

As she watched the sun set behind the mountains, the wind blew her long dress around her legs. She saw them long before they reached the steps of her home and, as was expected of her, she returned inside the house before they came near. She withdrew to her rooms and watched through a panelled window as they both came of their horse. One took the reigns of both horses and walked them to the tree near the steps. A servant quickly stepped outside to take the horses from his hands but stopped instantly as he saw what the men were. She had recognised their apparel from far away and though she respected them and others like them, she wondered what they were doing here. She had seen many like them, though they had only ever come when her father was home. The other man walked towards the steps that lead to the house. A guard reached for the sword at his side, circling his fingers around the hilt and it was then that Kalare send out Ilarya to calm the situation. Though Kalare could not hear what Ilarya whispered to the guard, she could see all that happened. Ilarya gestured towards the guard to release his sword but when she stepped forward to greet their visitors the guard stepped forward with her and had replaced his hand on his sword. Kalare smiled at the protectiveness of the guard.

"What is your business here?" Ilarya asked the strangers in a strong and confident voice.

"I bring word from your master," the stranger at the bottom of the steps replied. He walked up the steps without hesitation or fear for the guard, as his own servant tied the horses to the tree before standing behind his master.

"My master does not send word by means of a Saracen," Ilarya challenged the man. Kalare saw disdain cross the man's face, as Ilarya spoke to him as if he were a servant.

"And yet he does so now," the Saracen countered, staying calm and ignoring Ilarya's attitude. "I bring a message for the daughter of Balian, defender of Jerusalem."

"And what message is that?" Ilarya asked.

"That is for her ears and not yours," the Saracen answered.

"And what name shall I announce you by?" Ilarya asked.

"I am Emir, son of Kadir," the Saracen replied.

Ilarya nodded her head and stepped back inside the house. In the other room Kalare could hear her sisters giggle, they, too, had followed the conversation between Ilarya and the Saracen and were amused by her blatant disregard for him. Kalare turned towards the doorway as Ilarya stepped into the room, her eyes were downcast but a smile was obvious in her features.

"My lady, a Saracen by the name of Emir, son of Kadir, has come. He says he brings word from your father," Ilarya spoke softly.

"Let him in, I will be there shortly," Kalare replied. "Oh and Ilarya, you could be slightly more polite to him."

"Yes, my lady," Ilarya answered before she went back to the Saracen. Ilarya had served the family for a few years now and though she was informal with Kalare's sisters, she had always maintained an incredibly formal countenance with Kalare.

Through the window Kalare heard Ilarya speaking to the Saracen again, this time with more respect as she invited him into the house. Kalare quickly inspected her dress before she stepped out of the room to meet with the Saracen. She threw her scarf around her shoulder, covering the bottom half of her long dark hair, as her father had always requested she did when in the company of Saracens. She made her way to the reception room but found it empty, she stepped out again and found Ilarya, who pointed her to her father's study. Kalare shook her head at Ilarya's methods, but she let it rest for now.

As she entered the room she found the Saracen studying her fathers' sword collection while the guard, that had followed the Saracen into the house, watched his every move. Silently Kalare moved to her fathers' desk and stood behind his chair.

"You requested my presence," she stated calmly, calling for the Saracen's attention. He quickly looked up at her.

"Yes, I did," he replied.

"I was told you brought word from my father," Kalare said.

"I do," he answered.

"And what is it that has my father send word to me by means of a Saracen instead of one of his own men?"

"That is what I have come here to tell you."

"Then speak."

But the Saracen didn't say a word, instead he turned his head to the guard and then back to her.

"Leave us," Kalare said to the guard.

"My lady," the guard started to disagree but Kalare interrupted him.

"Leave us now."

"Yes my lady," the guard answered as he bowed out of the room.

"You do not fear me?" the Saracen asked.

"I do not feel the need for it."


"Because he is still right outside and I am skilled with weapons myself and you are too far away from your home to cause any trouble for yourself."

"You are skilled with weapons?" he questioned.

"As the eldest of his three daughters and taking his past into consideration, my father thought it wise to teach me how to defend myself."

"Very wise and very unusual, though the unusual should be expected from Balian," the Saracen spoke softly to himself.

"What message does my father send and why does he send word through you?" Kalare questioned.

"Your father requests your presence at his side," the Saracen answered.

"And," Kalare prompted.

"He sent me because his men no longer are."

At his words Kalare lost her composure slightly and her eyes left the Saracen's face.

"What happened?" Kalare inquired softly.

"Templar Knights attacked them, they were outnumbered ten to one," the Saracen answered. He kept his eyes on Kalare as she stared out the window. "My men and I happened upon the battle however the Templar Knights had done most of their damage by then."

"None survived?" Kalare asked, afraid of the answer.

"Some, like your father, survived and are being taken care of in my fathers' house." Kalare closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she regained her composure.

"Thank you," she said, "for coming to their aid."

"Your father is a great man, we respect him and his ways."

"As we respect yours," Kalare replied. "I'm sorry I forgot your name."

"Emir, son of Kadir."

"Thank you Emir, son of Kadir. I am Kalare." Emir inclined his head respectfully. "I believe you have missed your evening prayers, do you wish to complete them now?"

"I would be grateful for the opportunity," Emir answered.

Kalare nodded her head and left the room and indicated a room to Emir where other Saracen guests had said their prayers.

"Will you join us for dinner?" Kalare asked before Emir entered the room.

"If you wish me to." Kalare smiled kindly as Emir entered the room.

As she reached her own rooms Kalare quickly sank into one of her chairs. Her father and his men were hurt to such an extent that none of them could bring word to her. Had it not been for Emir and his men, chances were that her father had died on the road. She forced herself to remain calm as she realised what she was to do next. She called for Ilarya and had her bring her sisters to her.

They entered her room together, smiling and increasingly curious about their visitors. Slowly and carefully Kalare explained what had happened to her sisters and who their visitors were.

"Father has asked for my presence at his side and as I wish to see him as soon as I can, I will leave at first light tomorrow," Kalare said as her sisters still processed what she had told them.

"You are leaving us?" Sidra, the youngest, asked.

"For a little while yes," Kalare answered.

"But who will look after us?" Sidra asked.

"Well, when I'm gone Serica will have to take over the household," Kalare explained as she looked hard at the middle sister. "It is time you grow up Serica, I have covered for you for long enough now."

"Yes Kalare," Serica answered dimly. "Who are you taking with you?"

"I'll take one of the guards and Ilarya with me. The smaller our group is the faster we can travel," Kalare explained. "Now our guest is joining us for dinner and you will behave properly as if father himself were here."

Both girls nodded submissively and hugged their older sister before they left to prepare for dinner. Sidra was now only ten years old and Serica had recently reached the age of fourteen. And as their mother had died when Sidra was born, Kalare, who was now seventeen, had raised both of the girls.

When the girls had left her side, Kalare set out to prepare for the next day. She had Ilarya and one of the guards prepare their things and made sure the servants would ready three horses for travel by the next morning.

Dinner was fairly awkward. Though her sisters behaved more than they would have when their guest had not attended, their behaviour was still something that caused Kalare to keep her eyes lowered, occasionally giving them a reprimanding stare.

When other Saracens had come her sisters had never been allowed near them, Kalare herself had only been in the presence of Saracens a handful of times. And now that they got their opportunity, Serica and Sidra questioned Emir as best they could. Though they were shy around the stranger, their curiosity was great. They asked him of his homeland and as Kalare was curious herself on this subject she listened intently to his stories.

However, when her sisters asked him why he did not believe in the Christian God Kalare intervened.

"That is quite enough," Kalare said quickly, while giving her sisters a piercing look. "Go on, it is late, go to your chambers."

"But…" Serica started.

"Go," Kalare interrupted. Slowly the two girls rose to their feet and slipped from the room. Kalare lowered her eyes as she took a steadying breath.

"I must apologize for my sisters, their behaviour was not as they were taught," Kalare said softly.

"There is no need for apologies, their behaviour was as it becomes children. Their curiosity will most likely be rivalled by that of my own siblings when we return to my father's home," Emir answered gracefully.

"Thank you," Kalare said and her lips took on a gentle smile. "However, I then must admit that I, too, was curious to your home. My father would have told me many stories but I am afraid story telling is not one of his strong points."

"If it pleases you I will tell you many stories of my home upon the road," Emir laughed.

"I will gladly listen to your stories." Kalare smiled more openly. "We should rest. I had planned to leave at first light if you agree to it."

"A wise plan milady," Emir answered bowing his head to Kalare. And as she rose to her feet to retire for the night, so did he.