Catherine perched on the edge of her daughter's bed, looking down at the sleeping blonde's peaceful face and wondering what she was dreaming about. The woman reached out her hand and stroked a lock of hair off her daughter's face and tucked it behind the girl's ear before she leaned down and pressed a gentle loving kiss to the girl's forehead.

"Sleep well Lindsey," She whispered softly as she stood up and walked towards the girl's bedroom door.

"She always does after you give her a good night kiss." Another woman replied once Catherine had closed the door to her daughter's bedroom.

The brunette woman was stood leaning against the wall next to the now closed door, looking at the blonde haired woman lovingly. "She never sleeps quite the same until you get home."

"She sleeps just fine with you here Sara." Catherine replied as she walked towards the brunette stepping into the woman's arms before they wrapped around her.

"I don't sleep fine without you here, why should she?" Sara replied jokingly as she placed a kiss on her girlfriend's waiting lips.

"Silly." The blonde replied tilting her head up so that she could kiss her girlfriend lovingly, "I missed you tonight my love."

"I missed you too." Sara replied wrapping her arms tightly around her girlfriend's waist. "You're beautiful you know that?"

"You've told me enough times." The blonde replied pressing another kiss to Sara's lips. "Come to bed with me, we don't have to take Lindsey to school for another two hours."