Resident Phantom

I do not own Danny Phantom or Resident Evil if I did this would have been on TV even if it sucks.

Danny Fenton was 14 years old when he died wait half died. It has been 3 years since then and Danny has finally been deemed a hero. (Phantom plant has happened and only his family found out.) His two best friends Samantha (shoe flies out of the dark) "Sorry" Sam Mansion and Tucker Foley had been beside him the whole time, but since the mayor election it has only been Sam and Danny out hunting. Even though it was only those two it has been quite easy for them since Sam`s accident.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Start- Flash-Back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jack rushes out of the basement.

"maddie baby guess what?"

"whats up sweet heart?"

" I have just finished upgrading the portal, and now we can download music and movies faster!'

" Thats wonderfull Jack lets tell the kids. Is it on?"

" Nope I put it on a timer so it will turn on in 5 hours. That way we can put the on/off button on the put side, but first lets show the kids you get Danny I will get jazzy pants! Can you bring fudge too?"

"For you anything."

After dragging Danny and the rest back (15 mins Later) Jack blathers on about the portal.

" So this do hicky thing is ....Ah! the power placement. So kids what...."

45 mins later.

" Jack I have fudge!"

" Oh! FUDGE! i love fudge."

" Look Danny dad disappears faster then you can."

"Hah ha Jazz. Sam lets go before something bad happens."

"Relax Danny what could happen. I am going look inside."

"No Sam you could get hurt!"

"I`ll be fine. There is still 3 hours and 15 mins till the power kicks on so stop worrying so much."

Well Jack forgot a zero on the timer so instead of looking like this 5:00:00 it looked like this 0:50:00 and as Sam walks into the portal the timer looks like this 0:00:05 and counting down. 0:00:04 0:00:03 0:00:02 0:00:01 0:00:00........ZZZZZAAAAAPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! Sam`s screams could be heard on the asteroid that Vlad was sitting on.


As Danny and Sam walk toward their new hang out ,The Veggie Burger, Danny and Sam`s ghost sense goes off.

" Sam wait here I will see who it is. Going ghost!"

As the two rings engulf him he is suddenly thrown to the ground.


"DANNI! How are you cuz?"

" I have been great since you stabilized me, but there was a small unseen side affect. Well after using most of my power during the disasteroid I grew up a little bit."

"Is that why your hidding?"


"What is wrong Danni?"

"I am no longer 2 years younger then you, I am the same age now. I`m 17!"

I don`t know if that counts as a cliff hanger but i will leave it there for now.