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Game – Ocarina of Time

A Lesson in Remembering

Malon gently stroked Epona's mane while singing the horses song, which reverberated all over the ranch. She smiled at the pony and offered her a carrot which she crunched down gratefully. "Malon! Get over here right now!" Talons voice echoed across the field making the orange haired girl wince. Talon was using his stern 'you're in big trouble voice', which was never a nice thing to hear.

She looked over at her father; the man was wearing the look to match his voice. What had she done now? With a sigh Malon dragged her feet all the way over to where Talon was standing. "Yes papa?" she asked trying to look innocent.

Talon stabbed a finger in the direction of the running cuccos that were scattered around the house, and the little girl's heart sank. She knew that this was all about. "I told you to feed the cuccos an hour ago, why are they not fed?" he asked sternly.

"I'm sorry papa I forgot," Malon replied looking at her feet.

"This is the third time you've forgotten like this Malon. Reminding you over and over again doesn't seem to be helping you remember. I'm going to have to punish you this time."

Malon immediately looked up at him with a gasp, eyes filling with tears. "No papa! I'm sorry I forgot, I'll never forget again I promise," she begged running over and hugging him tightly.

Talon, always being soft hearted, melted at once. He sighed heavily and returned the hug kissing the top of her head. "Ok Malon, I'll give you one more chance. But if you forget again, you will be punished, do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I promise. I'll go feed the cuccos now and I'll never forget to do it again,"

She promised and ran off to do the appointed task.


A couple days later Malon sat at the table with Talon, finishing up the last of her breakfast. "Malon I'm going to the castle today to deliver some milk, and I need you to stay here to help out Ingo," Talon announced as he swallowed the last of his grits.

The orange haired girl took a drink of her milk before replying with a smirk. "Are you sure you don't need me come alone and make sure you don't fall asleep?"

Talon winked at her, "Ingo needs help with the chores around here, so make sure feed the


"Yes sir," Malon replied, stabbing her last sausage with her fork and started eating it.

Talon left for the castle a few minutes later, after telling to clean up after she's finished eating, helping out Ingo when he asks, and reminding her to feed the cuccos. Malon finished off the rest of her breakfast, and swallowed the last of her milk. Then she stood up and started cleaning off the table. It took her about an hour before she finished cleaning up the breakfast mess, and then headed out to get the cucco feed.

When she walked out of the house, she spotted Link just coming up the hill into the Ranch. "Hi Fairy boy!" she greeted happily, completely forgetting about her task and walking over to him.

Link smiled at her, "Hello Malon," he greeted.

"Are you here to see Epona?"

"Actually I'm here to get some milk from your dad," the boy replied.

Malon giggled, "Oh well he's made a run into town tee hee, you could wait if you want, he'll probably be back soon unless he's fallen asleep somewhere."

"I guess I could wait a bit," Link replied with a shrug.

His fairy, which hovered next to his head seemed to disagree. "Link we must make haste."

"Don't worry Navi, we can wait for a little while."

"Come see Epona Fairy boy, she has missed you," Malon said grabbing his hand and leading him to the corral.

Another hour went by where Link and Malon chatted idly together, only being interrupted a couple times by Ingo asking Malon to help him with something, which Link would end up doing the work instead. Link was just about to head out and come back later when Talon finally returned. Malon spotted him talking with Ingo over by the house, "Look fairy boy, papa's returned."

The two headed over to where Talon was standing. Ingo was just walking away to do more chores, when they approached. "Papa Link has come to get some milk from you-"

"Malon," Talon interrupted his voice low and stern. The little girl lost her voice in an instant, as she finally took in and absorbed just how angry her father looked. Talon pointed a finger at the cuccos that were running about, "Why aren't the cuccos fed?" he asked.

Malon's breath caught in her throat. Link's sudden appearance had made her forget to feed them again. Maybe she could wiggle her way out of it, "Oh… well I did a lot of stuff for Ingo, and I still haven't gotten around to it."

"Malon, Ingo said that he only asked you to do a couple thing and it was Link that ended up doing them. So don't lie to me," Talon retorted his voice lowering sounding even more disappointed.

The orange haired girl looked at her feet, "I'm sorry papa, I forgot again…"

Talon sighed deeply, "Link if you will wait outside for a few moments I need to have a conversation my daughter."

With that said the older man lead Malon into the house by her shoulders, leaving Link and his fairy companion to wait outside. Malon was terrified at what she knew was about to come. She berated herself for forgetting again, and hoped that maybe begging would work like it did last time. "I'm really sorry papa, with Link coming by I forgot," she told him once they were inside the house.

"Malon, I warned you what would happen if you forgot again. Apparently warnings aren't enough to help you remember," Talon replied as he took a belt down from where it was hanging on the wall which made the little girl start trembling.

"I'm really sorry papa, I promise I won't ever do it again."

"That's what you said last time. You forgot again despite my warnings, and you tried to lie your away out of it, which alone warrants five with the belt," Talon said sternly and motioned for her to start heading up the stairs.

Malon knew from experience that trying to find a way out of this after this point is a bad idea so she obeyed without objection. When they reached the room, Talon closed the door and locked it to give them some privacy. Then he led his daughter over to his bed and pulled her over his lap after sitting down on it. Malon whimpered as she felt him push her dress up and pulled her panties down leaving her bottom bare and vulnerable.

When the first slap came, she gasped in shock. First one was always the worst, somehow you never figure out how to really prepare yourself for it. Even though he hadn't started using the belt yet and was only using his hand, it still stung horribly. The smart didn't even have time to completely go away before another slap came down on her backside doubling the pain, and her eyes started to sting with incoming tears. By the third slap, a small cry of pain fell from her lips and tears started to trickle down her cheeks.

Talon continued giving a total of ten swats to her bottom. Malon's sobs got louder and harsher with each blow dealt, as her backside felt like it was on fire. She hoped dearly that this part was over and all she'd have to do was get through the belt, but just her luck she felt her father wait his knee up making her tip forward. She knew exactly what this meant.


She felt his hand spank her now exposed undercurves, which always stung ten times worse then any other part of her bottom. The girl cried out loudly, and sobbed all the more harder. Her father dealt out six swats to her tender sit spots, then grabbed the belt.

By this time Malon was so exhausted, all she could do was cry limply over his lap. She was only vaguely aware of the swishing, the belt made as it cut through the air, but it wasn't enough to prepare her for the pain that followed. CRACK! The belt felt like a thousand knives cutting into her backside, and she let out a loud wail. Talon gave her four more hits with the belt, and then gathered her into his arms to let her cry into his chest.

Malon cried harshly into his shirt, while Talon rubbed gentle circles over her back. "I'm sorry papa, I'm really sorry!" she said between sobs.

"Shhhh," Talon cooed softly. "Its all right all is forgiven. Lets hope this will help you remember to do the things I tell you to do."

The orange haired girl only nodded and continued to cry for another few minutes, while Talon rocked her gently in his arms. Slowly her sobs turned into the occasional sniffle, and then Talon finally kissed the top of her head and let her down. "Ok now that that dirty business is done, lets get some of that milk Link wanted."

Malon smiled, and wiped away the last of her tears. "Yes sir," she replied and the two of them left the room.

Again I am sorry that this took so long to get done. I really pushed myself to get this out before I started summer school. Hope you enjoyed it :)