YOUR FEARS: The paper stated dully. Great. My fears. Mmmm, lets see. Being alone. Dieing alone. Becoming an old woman, with cats…. alone. I quickly jotted down on the line, "Alone." Fears? Really! The resume had already asked,





NAME: (first and last)

MIDDLE NAME: (actually I didn't have one. I was planning on changing it to Amber, but it took to much time.)

INTERESTS: (I think you get the point…)

After I FINALLY finished filling out the annoying piece of paper, I handed it to the person behind the desk.

"Thank you." The small woman with greasy brown hair smiled. I sat back down in my seat and waited impatiently. I was filling out a resume to become a New York Times writer. My best friend Erin and Hailey worked there, and I thought I would join them. I worked as a waitress at Armadillos. It gets good pay and all, but I wasn't happy, and also I was fed up with those slow old people who would come to order something! No I take that back, when I'm old I don't want to be called wrinkly, or haggy, or… mmm lets see, old, and slow. Because I am going to end up like that anyways, and top it all off my only companions will be my poopy old cats (I'm 20, aren't I mature!). Maybe I should just never get a cat, so that way I wont be an old lady WITH a cat. I will just be old…. Haggy, wrinkly and alone. That takes care of the cat part. That's one less thing to stress about…. My mind kept jabbling on frantically.

"Excuse me." I heard a voice call faintly in the back of my head. "Excuse me." the voice grew louder. I noticed the brown greasy-haired lady was talking to me.

"Ohhh. Sorry." Momentarily forgetting where I was, I regained my position on earth.

"Ya-San?" she asked incorrectly. My name was YSANNE! Nor YA-SAN!

"Yes." I stated agrivatidely trying to keep my voice cool.

"Mr. Woodlinch would like to see you in his office for the meeting. You can go down that hallway and hang a left, first door." She smiled.

"Thanks." I got up and walked down the hallway and knocked on the first door.

"Come on in." A mans voice hollered from the other side of the door. I opened up the door and closed it silently behind me.

"Hello." I smiled politely.

"Hello, how are you doing today?" The man asked. He looked really tall, even sitting down. He had dark hair, but there were some gray hairs popping up. His hair was slightly receded too. He looked to be about, I don't know, maybe late 40s early 50s.

"Um good. How about you?" I said, not that properly.

"Great. Sit, sit." He smiled motioning to the chair. What a creeper, I thought as I sat down- trying to sit like a proper woman. Hphff. Rember Ysanne, back straight, eye contact, you NEED THIS JOB!

"So, lets start off with your prior jobs. Seems like you have a good work ethic, I called your reference… Jutta Graf. She had very nice things to say about you. Tell you the truth I'm quite impressed." I smiled at my oma (grandmas- German family) … abilities of swaying people's opinion.

"Thank you." I grinned placing my hands in my lap. "I currently work at Armidillos"

"I love that restaurant," he laughed. "I go there with my best friend and his son. Maybe if we see you there, you can take our order."

"Ha, maybe… or maybe ill be working here." I smiled and hinted. I blushed I had said that out loud. PROPER YSANNE!

"Yes you will be, but not for a week. So I will see here on Monday at seven sharp, and ill see you Friday, or tomorrow at Armidillos."

"Thank you!" I jumped.

"Your welcome," he grinned, "but…" course there was a 'but'!

"Yes?" I warily smiled.

"I haven't seen any of your writing pieces, so how do I know you're a superior writer like," he looked down at the paper, "Jutta Graf says."

"Trust me?" I laughed.

"If only the world worked that way. So tomorrow at armadillos, have your piece ready by Monday. Say a page, about anything. Let your mind go wild… just write. Let me see your strengths."

"Sounds good, tomorrow." I stood up from my chair. He did as well to shake my hand.

"Nice meeting you." He stated.

"You too. Thanks Mr. Woodlich."

"Call me John." He smiled.

"John." I stated. I turned my back and was about to walk out the door.

"Oh and, Ysanne." He called back.

"Yes." I turned back around.

"Are you single?" He asked. WHAT THE HECK! Oh-my-gosh. I KNEW he was hitting on me!

"Uhh, with all do respect… John, I don't think its appropriate for the boss, and a-a-all, to…" he cut me off. I was stuttering and blushing, staring at the solid ground.

"No, no, no!" he laughed, "not for ME!" Relieve washed over me. "I was just wondering…" he trailed not telling me why he was wondering.

"Oh, okay! I was like what?!" I said that out loud? REMBER YSANNE! FOCUS! JOB!

"Okay well have a good day."

"You too." I left the room still embarrassed.

When I got home I ran to my computer. What should I write?! Mmm. I sat down in the chair and opened up my laptop. Maybe… a poem. I quickly jotted down a couple sentences.

Love is a lifetime,

If it's true

Love can sometimes be blue

But when true loves come to life

No one, not even your lover can take away its place

That's okay for now I guess. Whatever ill fix it later. I don't want to do it now. I closed my lap top lazily and headed to the table.

"Hey." I greeted Erin and Hailey.

"Hey." They greeted me not looking at my face. They were cooking, or Hailey was actually. We take shifts making dinner, 'cept Erin. She never cooked. Just nachos, or really anything in the microwave, which she makes soggy and gross. So we just stuck to Haileys and my shift. Then Anna, Zoe, and Ciara would make dinner tomorrow, then Sarah and Sammi.

Hailey was making roll-ups tonight, that means she didn't need my help. I offered anyways.

"You want any help?" I asked.

"Uhh, yea actually," why did I have to offer? "Can you make Ciara her second dinner?" NO!

"Yea, sure." I kept my voice sturdy. I hated making my sister dinner. SHE ATE LIKE A WHALE. She wasn't fat or anything, she just consumed every piece of food visible. She flipped the roll-up. The smell was mouth watering. I just realized I was really hungry.

I got a dog bowl out of the cupboard. Perfect. I got some beans and then hesitantly put them back. I didn't want her to fart wildly. I got a pre-cooked dinner and through it in the microwave. Ciara would eat two roll-ups, the heated dinner, and dessert, and not be full. I pressed the time on the microwave.

"So I applied today."

"Good." Hailey smiled turning her back to the sizzling pan. She came up to hug me. "You will get in." she promised.

"Hope so. John seems nice." I blushed at my mistake about the single thing. I cant believe I did that.

"What?" Erin asked from the counter.

"You blushed." Hailey notted.

"Yea," I giggled looking at the ground.

"YOU MET SOME ONE!" Erin wrongly assumed.

"No." Hailey guessed correctly.

"No." I conformed Haileys statement.

"What then?" Erin asked.

"I uhh… well…. The boss! He asked if I was single, and I said pretty much it was innoproiate! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! And then he was like "oh I wasn't talking for me!" I was so embarrassed!"

They both laughed.

"DON'T LAUGH!" I yelled. The microwave beeped. I opened it up. It steamed. Hailey turned her back away again to tend to the roll-up. She threw it on a plate along with seven others.

"So then what?" Hailey asked.

"Then I died of embarrassment." I blushed. Erin laughed again.

"STOP!" I shot angrily. She closed her mouth still laughing. I moaned.

After dinner, I headed to bed. I was tired, and I wanted to be well rested. Ppst, that was going to happen. I got in my pajamas and layed on my bed.

Armidillos- Next Night

"Ysanne!" my manager yelled in the door of the kitchen. "John would like you to wait on him! Party of three whoever that is!"

"COMING!" I yelled back. It was really crowded tonight. I walked to the register. He was standing there with his friend.

"Hello." I greeted acting very small.

"Why hello. Nice to see you again, this is my friend Evan, and his son, he looked behind Evan. Just then a boy walked in. No he wasn't a boy, he was a man! Our eyes magnetized towards each other. Oh-My-Gosh! He had brown eyes, and dirty blonde hair. He was tall and muscular and you could see his raised bicepts and 6-pack in his shirt. Oh…wow. Sudendly I realized my mouth had been hanging open. He stopped apruptedly. Evan and John whipped there head around to see what had made me daze. I turned beat red and looked down. I heard a deep chuckle, and the laugh was not coming from John or Evan.

I looked up and Evan and John were pushed to the side of him. He came up just a couple inches away. If he was another guy I would have pushed him away or screamed "ASSUALT," but some how he was.. different. I force was pulling me closer. I pulled up my hand and rested it on his chest. Just then I realized what I had down. I quickly pulled my hand down. What the CRAP! What had I just down?! IN FRONT OF THE GUY I APPLIED MY JOB TO! He side-ways grinned. I looked up my head and his head was hanging inches above mine. His eyes seaped into me. My heart pounded and my breath of air was suddenly lost. I quickly moved to the right forcing my body painfully to get out of the magnetic field.

"Uhhh…. Right this way." I literally jogged over to the table grabbing three menus on the way, threw them on the table. and ran back to the kitchen scared sh*tless. What did I just do?! I stressfully intertwined my fingers through my pulled back curly hair. I need to do this if I want this job. Common Ysanne. I walked back to the table at a normal-ish pace.

"Sorry about that." I blushed deep red and looked down.

"No problem." I heard a whisper. It was coming from the 'him.' I still didn't know his name. Evan and John were sitting together and…he was by himself in the booth. I had and urge to sit down next to his irresistible body.

"We never introduced you two," John politely stated, "though it doesn't seem nessasary now." I heard him just barely whisper. I looked down embarrassed once again.

"This is Jacob. Evans son." John gestured to him. Jacob, I love that name!

"Hey." Jacob looked at me. My eyes lingered over to him. Hey gave me a little wave.

"And this is Ysanne." John finished.

"Ysanne." Jacob made my name sound so, amazing. How the word rolled rhymatically off his tounge. He smiled a crocked smile. His tan body accented his flashing white teeth. A tingly shock shot up my spine. I stiffened reflexively.

"Water then?" I asked akawardly.

"Um actually may I have a beer please?" John asked. I just wanted to leave! Why couldn't they live with water!?

"Uhh, yeah, what kind." I asked as I grinded my teeth.

"Adams is fine."

"Okay." I wrote it down. On my order-pad. I knew I would forget it if I didn't write it down. I was to much in a daze.

"Adams for me too please." Evan smiled.

"Okay." I hesitated. I didn't want to ask Jacob what he wanted. I was to embarrassed.

"And can I have uh… Well what do you recommend?" He asked. I didn't really understand him.

"Ysanne?" He spoke again after a pause.

"Oh, uhh, yea." I stuttered and looked at his face." Crap. I didn't want to look at him! Well I did, but I knew this would happen. Our eyes locked again. No Ysanne! Don't do it! A force pulled me closer to him. I tensed my body. No. "Water then." I forced myself to say and ran into the kitchen. WHAT THE CRAP WAS WRONG WITH ME! I popped my head up embarrassed out of the kitchen doors circular window. I looked at the table. I could see the backside of Jacob and Evan and Johns front face. John glanced at me and I quickly ducked my head under the window.

I scurried into the kitchen and got two beers and a water. I walked slowly over to the table. I set the drinks down and stood by the table like a robot.

"Whaaaaaaaaa do ya want to- eat." I said slowly looking straight ahead.

"Can I have the salmon please with the rice and squash." John asked. Holding out his menu.

"Sure." I took his menu without making eye contact.

"Can I please have the Carnavor speacial?"

"Come-ing up." I spoke in a robotic tone taking his menu also.

"Can I have the…. Ribs, vegetables, and bread please?" Jacob held out his menu smiling. I went to grab his menu. Once again not making eyecontact. My hand went past the menu and hit him in the face. CRAP YSANNE! I flung my hand back to myside and it hit his water down. The water splattered onto the table. OH MY GOSH! I ran into the kitchen saying "SORRY!" and got a towel quickly.

My legs rested against the table as I cleaned up the water.

"Im sorry. Im a mess tonight." I apologized blushing.

"No harm done." They answered in synchronized tones. Weird. I felt something wet in between my legs. NO. I didn't just have my period did I?!?! I looked down quickly and saw a huge patch of water on my crouch. IT LOOKED LIKE I HAD PEED!