"Tempting." He murmered sexily in my ear.



"Jacob?" I asked frantically.

"Yea?" he asked alarmed. Stopping from kissing me, but still holding me up.

"What's your uhh, name? Last name?" I felt like such trash. I didn't even know him! I sure felt like I did though.

"Dannika." He let the name roll off his tongue.

"Dan-Ick-ah." I smiled. "Bethel." I said lamly. His name was so much better. Jacob Dannika, Jacob Dannika. His name rung in my ear. Ysanne Dannika. I smiled at the beautiful name.

"Favorite band?" I asked kissing his neck.


"Color." I smiled.

"Green." He kissed me again.


"Football." He chuckled.

"Person." I giggled.

"You." His word shocked me and I suddenly loosened. He stopped and looked me in the eyes at the reaction. I gazed deeply into his eyes and a feeling I had never felt before lurched inside me. A feeling of all my past times, just gone. Like nothing had ever happen. Like I had never gone through pain, or troubles. Like I was completely anew. He gazed into my eyes too, not looking away at all. I didn't blush or flinch, or tense or anything. I just let the emotions float through me. I could feel the bad feelings drift off of me. Like a burden had been on me this whole time without me knowing. He was taking that burden and replacing it with love.

"I love," I cut him off.

"You." I finished for him.

"More," he grinned.

"THAN YOU EVER WILL LOVE ME!" I yelped excitedly. All the emotions were building up. He put me down grinning. I jumped around the house like a freak. I finally realized that I didn't care what people thought of me –well that wasn't completely true- but I don't understand why I was so embarrassed about everything before. I mean you only have one life, why not make it right? I knew this was just a quick emotion, but I was enjoying it. When I see my sister when I get home –Ciara- I will instantly be protective and uptight again. But I was enjoying the moment while I was experiencing it.

"Can we go somewhere?" I chirped.

"Sure." He grabbed his keys put on a shirt and some jeans (he was wearing sweats) and we headed out the door. I was still in the oversized-T.

"Can we go to my apartment first please to get some?" I tugged on the shirt.

"Yeah." He chuckled. Picking me up at the top of the stairs and carrying me down them. I could walk Jacob! I let him get his ego boost though.

We got outside and surprisingly I wasn't feeling that self-conscious. I mean in New York, no one took double takes, or looked twice because there is so much diversity between people. We had to walk a little bit to get to the driveway where the car was parked.

We walked hand in hand silently down the sidewalk. Two guys where walking with a girl in the middle of them, coming in our direction. One guy was tall and lanky and the other shorter. Both of the guys looked me up and down. Jacob saw there eyes look at me and suddenly his hand tensed in mine.

"Sexy." I heard one of the guys whisper. The girl in the middle slapped the guy the shorter guy in the face.

"WHAT did you just call her!" she yelled at him.

"What noth..." Jacob ran up to the short guy.

"DON'T CHECK OUT MY GIRL!" he just about screamed at him.

"What the f*ck dude!" The guy stammered. "I didn't do anything."

"MICHEAL, YES YOU DID!" she screamed at him.

"well im SORRY YOU DON'T GIVE ME ANYTHING!" He stupidly shot back. Jacob punched the guy in the face and he fell to the ground in a second. The tall guy stood aside silently, and I was shocked at Jacob's protectivness over me. The girl looked at Jacob flirtacously.

"Thank you," she moved closer to him putting her hand on his chest. OH NO SHE DIDN'T! I ran up to her and slapped her across the face.

"OWWWWWWWWWWE!" she screamed. And grabbed her now-red face. "JACOB!" I yelled. He looked at me and flung me onto his back. We ran down the street to the car, hopped in the converatble –very, very, very, nice convertible- and drove down the road laughing.

"I cant believe you!" I laughed hysterically.

"ME?" he joked. "That girl wasn't even hitting on me!" I stopped and raised my eye brows.

"Are you serious?" I asked seriously.

"Yeah…?" he said uncertainly.

"Then you must get hit on all the time, because that girl was ALL over you!" I insisted jealously.

"Ysanne?" he smiled.

Warily I responded, "Yea…?"

"Is some one… a wee bit jealous?" he laughed, turning his head to look at me and not at the traffic. I cringed embarrassed into the seat. He chuckled.

"YOU WHERE TOO!" I shot back. I paused, "you where weren't you?"

"No I just like hitting random strangers." He stated.

"oh." I gulliably spoke.

"No baby! I was being sarcastic!" he laughed putting his gentle hand on my leg.

"I new you where!" he looked at me uncertain. "Maybe… not entirely."



We pulled into the driveway of the apartment and Jacob jumped out of the car swiftly. He ran around it so he could open the passenger door for me and pull me out by the hand.

"My majestic god." He said as I lifted up out of the seat easily. He kissed my hand.

"Majestic god? More like dipstick frog." I disagreed.

"Pumpkin, you are not a "dipstick frog." He laughed.

"Maybe not! But now Im a pumpkin!"

"Baby… your not a pumpkin!" he laughed.

"BUT…." I started, he put his finger over my mouth to quiet me.

"Babe, shut up," he grinned. I puppy dog pouted. He replaced his finger with his warm lips and we kissed nicely.

"WOHOOO!" I heard Erin call out the window. Sammi ran out of the house still in her pajamas.

"Lets get you to love birds in side for breakfast." She chirped excitedly winking at me.

"But. But…" I stuttered.

"But what? You have already got enough of that for one day." Hailey appeared behind me rolling her eyes. I blushed at her remark. They pushed us inside and sat us at the table. Erin came down and threw me a pair a sweats. CRAP I WAS STILL WEARIN JUST UNDIES AND HIS OVER SIZED TEE! I pulled the sweats on quickly feeling my face heat up.

It smelled good, but I was full from breakfast. "We already ate." I stated.

"Yea, thanks though." Jacob pitched in.

"Don't be anorexic just eat!" Erin pushed while throwing a couple pancakes on her plate with her fingers, and drenching on the syrup. Well, maybe I could force down a little more. I half grinned at Jacob and he stood up and motioned toward the pancakes. I stood up too and grabbed a plate for us.

"Split?" I asked warily. I didn't want him to think I was a pig.

"Sure." He smiled. I grabbed a pancake and put it on the plate.

"Syrup?" I asked.

"Course." He laughed rubbing his stomach. I put some syrup down and we sat back at the table.

"So what did you guys do today?" Sammi asked.

"Don't answer that." Hailey argued. I blushed. WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DO THAT!

I picked up a fork and knife and sliced the pancake. Yum. I took another bite, and another, and then even bigger one. I looked down and the pancake was gone and Jacobs fork was still clean. I turned my head to look at him with my cheeks puffed up with pancakes and smiled. His face expression made me laugh and I spit out my pancake on the plate, forming a big gob of mushed-up crap.

He laughed and my cheeks turned red.

"Yuck!" Zoe stated looking at my plate while she walked in. Anna came down and got two plates out of the cupboard. She handed Jacob one and kept one for herself.

"Oops." I blushed once again.


"What baby?" He asked moving his chair closer to me and wrapping his arm around the chair.

"What? Oh nothing." I frowned.

"She's jealous cause you smiled at Anna." Hailey hinted. WHY THE HECK DID SHE KNOW ME SO WELL! I shot a look in Hailey's direction. "You weren't goanna tell him." She insisted. That was the first time we said Anna's name. How did he know her!

"For a FUCKING REASON!" I announced.

"Me?" Anna asked dazing. "He just…smiled?"

"Okay guys please… just stop." I got up, went to my room and jumped on my bed putting my head into the pillow. That was so humiliating. I heard a faint creek of the door as someone warily approached the room. I knew it wasn't one of the girls because they were smart enough to let me be at a mood like this.

"Babe?" he asked his voice cracking a little.

"Go away." I mumbled into my pillow. I figured he was standing at the doorframe but when I turned my head to breathe a little he was standing next to the bed. I nuzzled my head back into the warmth were my head had layed.

"No." he said sternly, but not demandingly.

"Yes." I fought back. He got on the bed and lied down beside me looking at the ceiling. "That not leaving." I inferred.

"I told you I wasn't going to. I don't break promises."

"You never said you weren't going to leave me." I stated, but it sounded like a question.

"I just said I wasn't."

"Mmm!" I groaned into the pillow.

"Why are you so upset?" he asked worriedly scotching closer and putting his arm around me.

"I don't want to tell you." I said. I probably-scratch that- deffinitly, sounding like a whining baby, Grown up Ysanne! I told myself fiercely.

"I'm not leaving so its got to come out some time." He paused. "The sooner you tell the quicker we can put this behind us." He prompted.

"What if I never tell? Then you will die without food and water cause you would never be able to leave." I questioned.

"Then we will be dieing together."

"Its embarrassing!" I announced turning my head towards him, he borred his eyes into me, almost like he was forcing the words out of me one by one.

"You were embarrassed, and you thought I was flirting with Anna." He said, but it didn't sound like a question, it was more a statement.

"How do you know Anna's name?" I asked, she never said it did she? No she hadn't.

"Lucky guess." He said, but he sounded wary.

"How?" I pushed.

"Just, um, I don't know, she looks like an Anna." I gave him a sarcastic look. NO! HOW COULD THIS BE? THEY WENT OUT BEFORE… THAT'S WHY HE SMILED. THAT'S WHY HE "LIKES" ME BECAUSE THEY WENT OUT! HE WANTED TO GET CLOSER TO HER!

"I didn't go out with her." He stated giving me a quick grin. I paused sacredly. How did he know I just thought that? Even if he claimed he was good at reading my face, he still didn't convince he could be that good with out some sort of, power. I had realized that when I was with him it was like, all my thoughts were being taken out of my brain and placed into his. It was hard to tell if I was keeping things to myself, or saying them out loud.

"That's one way to look at it." He pitched. HOW WAS HE DOING THAT? I wanted to try something. How are you doing that? I asked in my head stupidly. Silence. I knew it. A second later his voice made my heartthrob and my body shake. Easy, his voice rang in my ear. Well actually my head.

"You can… read my mind?" I coughed up. Shhhhh. He spoke, just to me. But you can't tell anyone. I mean anyone… at all. It's a secret… I am only aloud to tell one person in my life, and I chose you.

Isnt it a little fast to, decide? Why would you pick… me? Are there others out there? I asked him quickly.

Yea, there's more of us, and I can see in the future too, so I know we will stay together, that's why I picked you.

Picked me? And were going to stay together! You can see the future! I pitched excitedly. So I can read minds too? How do I do it?

Well not exactly. He smiled. You are just thinking, and I can read your mind and communicate with you. This is the first time I really talked to a mortal through there brain. I usually just read there minds, without saying anything, If I did talk to them it would be permanent and they would be the only mortal I could ever talk to.

What are you? I questioned. An angel? I thought quickly, forgetting that he could read my mind. My cheeks turned color.

Ha, no, I am not an angel. I am a shift-shaper, but they call us superuomos. It means supermen in Italian. Back in the day, we used to all be good. We would help the Earth and people with crises. But then the Superuomos found they had more power when they were evil. So they traded on us. Well some of them did. They were renamed Cattivos, meaning evil. He informed me, looking straight in remembrance without looking at my eyes. The Cattivos make storms, global warming, they murder. They make all the bad things on the earth. Superuomos try to stop them as much as they can, but there is just so many of them. We make ourselves fit in with the mortals, most of the time. The ruler Maestoso Capo is the leader of all of us and he can control our every move. Even the Cattivos.

Wow. I said stunned

Yea sorry, it's a lot to load on to you.

Wait so what kind of… powers do you have? I jumped excitedly.

Name something. He challenged.

Flying. I have always wanted to fly. He grinned widely.

"YOU CAN FLY!" I accidently yelled out loud. He cupped his hand over my mouth. Shhhhhh. Ill take you tonight… just be quiet.

It was a long day, I just couldn't stop thinking about finally getting the chance to fly. It had always been my long-time goal to fly. Ever since I was little I dreamed about soaring through the clouds. I was so excited my heart was racing dramatically. Jacob had left at 1:00 and I it was currently 10:00. I waited around patiently and he spoke to me in my head. He said he would come when everyone was asleep. I knew I would have to wait awhile because the girls went to bed late.

Baby go to bed, it will be awhile. Jacob spoke –just to me.

I lied down on my bed and my eyes closed softly. I tried to pry them open, but I was too tired.

Baby. I heard a whisper in my head. Look out the window. I looked out the window and Jacob was floating outside of it.

"Wow that's so cool!" I yelped. Suddenly Jacob was next to me –how I don't know- and he covered my mouth was his hand. "Don't wake the girls." He whispered in my ear. I don't know why but the way he said girls made me jealous.

Girls. He repeated, except in my head.

"You can read my every thought to?" I exploded. That means he would know all of my many, and evil, thoughts! Then he wouldn't like me at all! Crap he can hear me! Well… you can hear me. I referred to him in my head.

Baby its okay. He smiled, I was just joking, now come on. He grabbed my hand and the scenery around us turned color. Suddenly we were on top of the statue of liberty overlooking the Hudson and its lights.

"Oh my gosh!" I yelled. We were on the highest part of the statue possible. I was so scared.

"Its okay, see." He pushed me off her and I was suddenly plumitting through the air. I screamed loudly. In a matter of seconds, just before my feet were going to hit the water, I was in his arms again. He flew through the sky with my hand grasped in his.

"You scared the sh*t out of me!" I yelled at him, but my anger went away with the fact that we were actually flying! I always imagined, and dreamed about flying! We soared easily through the sky. The wind blew my curly hair out of my face. I looked down and the lights were scattered everywhere from the city. I felt like I was rein acting Aladdin on the magic carpet.