Riley was on his way back from Iron Island. He'd been training and talking with trainers who had come there. He would probably return soon, but for now, he was going to Canalave City to meet up with Steven Stone, the former Hoenn Champion.

Riley leaned against the railing, looking toward shore. He was tall and lean, with dark hair and blue eyes. He wore black pants and a black shirt under a blue jacket, which matched the blue hat on his head. Around his neck he wore a gold pendant with a peculiar design. His dependable partner and friend, Lucario, stood next to him on the deck of the boat. Lucario resembled a fox but stood on two legs. It was black and blue with a yellow torso. It had a spike on each of its paws and on its chest.

As the boat he was on approached the dock, Riley's intuition told him that something was about to happen. He turned to his partner. "I have a bad feeling, Lucario," said Riley. "Do you sense it?"

Lucario looked at him with serious red eyes and nodded. Riley turned back to the shore. "Then I'm not just imagining it. Something is going to happen. And soon."

Lucario put his paw reassuringly on its trainer's arm. Whatever it is shall not overcome us!

Riley couldn't help but smile at this. "Of course not," he agreed, scratching Lucario behind the ears. Lucario made a noise of content. Riley looked towards the pier, distracted. Despite Lucario's confidence, he was unable to shake an uneasy feeling.

At last the boat docked and Riley and Lucario followed fellow passengers onto the pier. The young man paused and looked up at the sky. It was about noon, so he decided to go to the museum, where he and Steven were supposed to meet, to see if he was there yet.

As he approached the museum, he saw a group of people with green hair and strange outfits. One of them, female, had red hair and a slightly different outfit and appeared to be in charge. Riley had seen these people before; they were the ones who tried to blow up Iron Island. Team Galactic. The red-head, whom Riley recognized as Mars, looked up at his approach.

"There he is!"

Riley tensed when he realized that she was referring to him. Lucario growled and stood protectively in front of him. Riley instinctively reached for his pokeballs. "What do you want?"

"It's simple. We came to get you, Riley," said Mars.

"How do you know my name? And what do you want from me?"

"Trust me; we know more about you than you think. And as for what we want, that's something you don't need to know right now. Now you're going to come with us, and don't make us use force."

All of a sudden, Team Galactic grunts and groups of Golbat appeared behind Riley and Lucario, surrounding them. There was nowhere to run. They had to fight. Riley pulled out two pokeballs. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" he growled, throwing the pokeballs. "Lucario, get ready! Absol, Gallade, come out!"

Two Pokémon appeared. One was a white four-legged creature with a black face and tail, and the other, a green and white creature with blades for arms. At their appearance, the Golbat and a Purugly charged.

"Lucario, use Aura Sphere! Absol, Night Slash! And Gallade, Psycho Cut!" ordered Riley. Lucario charged and fired a series of blue spheres. The four-legged creature, Absol, charged forward and slashed with sharp black claws. The last creature made cutting motions with its arms, firing pink crescent-shaped projectiles.

All of the Golbat were soon taken down, but Purugly still stood. It dodged all attacks effectively and used Slash in response. Lucario, Absol, and Gallade had taken heavy damage from the Golbat and soon were tired.

"Purugly, Body Slam!" shouted Mars. Purugly hit Absol hard. Absol tried to stand, but couldn't. Purugly brought down Gallade with Night Slash, and then knocked Lucario down with Shadow Ball.

"No!" cried Riley. He started to run to his injured Pokémon, but the Galactic grunts grabbed his arms and held him back. He struggled to free himself, but he was outnumbered. "Let me go!"

"Sorry, but like I said, you're coming with us," said Mars. "And don't bother trying to resist now. There's nothing you can do." Despite this, Riley continued to struggle. "Put him on the plane," Mars ordered the grunts. "We're taking him back to HQ."

Lucario's eyes snapped open. "Rawr!" It leapt up and used Bone Rush on the Galactic grunts who held Riley. They released him, and Riley dashed forward, joined by Lucario. "Thank you, partner!" He then returned Absol and Gallade to their pokeballs.

Mars turned to Purugly. "Do something!" she said. "We can't let him escape!"

Purugly ran forward. Lucario attacked it, but it dodged. Purugly locked eyes with Riley, and before the man realized what it was doing, it used Hypnosis to put him to sleep. Riley fell forward, and Lucario caught him before he hit the ground.

"Good job!" said Mars to Purugly. "Now go get him!" she ordered the grunts. The grunts moved toward Riley and Lucario, but Lucario growled fiercely and wouldn't let them come near, attacking the grunts who got too close. It would protect its master if it was the last thing it did.

"Purugly! Take out that Lucario!" shouted Mars. Purugly ran up and used Fury Swipes. Lucario blocked all of its attacks and retaliated with Bone Rush. Purugly dodged backwards, hissing. Lucario growled fiercely, causing Purugly to hesitate.

"Don't you dare quit on me, Purugly!" commanded Mars. Purugly ran around to Lucario's left side, then charged at it. Lucario prepared an attack, but Purugly dodged around it. The cat-like pokemon used Fury Swipes again, put Lucario skillfully dodged each strike. Finally, Purugly gave up trying to hit Lucario and tried to attack Riley.

Lucario cried out in fury, then leapt in the way of the attack aimed for its master. The attack hit it dead-on, and Lucario fell down. It tried to stand up, but it was worn out from facing the onslaught of Golbat from before. While Lucario was down, two grunts picked up Riley and carried him toward the plane. They stopped next to Mars, who addressed Lucario. "Listen, you'd better stop fighting now. We've got your master. Give up!"

Lucario roared and charged, but Mars said, "Stop! If you want to see him unharmed, stop fighting. You can stay or come with us, I don't really care, but you'd better behave. If you don't, your precious master will receive your punishment."

Lucario growled, but nodded. It would go with no struggle.

"Good. Now get on," said Mars as the grunts took Riley onto the plane. Mars followed and Lucario came last.