A couple days later, Riley was given a clean bill of health and released from the hospital. He decided to returned the staff to Cameron Palace and say farewell to Queen Ilene before heading to Vermillion City to catch a boat back to Sinnoh.

When he arrived at the Cameron Palace, Ilene bombarded him with questions about the staff, the Tree of Beginning, and everything that had happened. He gave her a detailed account of what had occured, from his capture in Canalave, Mew taking him to the Tree Beginning, Team Glactic's plan, and even his conversation with Sir Aaron. Once he had finished, he presented the staff to her.

Ilene shook her head. "You should keep the staff," she said. "It belonged to your ancestor. It seems only right that you should have it."

"Oh, I couldn't..." Riley began, but Ilene wouldn't hear it.

"Nonsense!" she said. "It's rightfully yours. I'm sure Sir Aaron would want you to have it."

She is right, you know, Lucario said.

Riley sighed. I'd kind of hoped you'd back me up here, Lucario, replied Riley telepathically.

Eh, what right have we to deny you your birthright? Lucario asked impishly.

You just think it's cool, Riley retorted, and Lucario chuckled. The young man looked up to see the look of puzzlement on Ilene's face and felt a little embarassed. "Um, anyway..."

"Were you two...communicating through telepathy?" Ilene asked sheepishly.

Riley was surprised by her question. "Yes, actually, how did you know?"

Ilene smiled. "Well, I've always been interested in Aura. I've studied the theories and always wished I could use it. Telepathy is one of it's supposed powers. If you don't mind me asking, what was Lucario saying?"

Riley glanced at Lucario, who seemed perfectly at ease, then answered, "Well, we were talking about the staff, and speaking of, if you feel so strongly about me having it...I'll take it. Thank you..."

Ilene seamed pleased by this. "No need to thank me, Aura Guardian. Like I said, it rightfully belongs to you."

"Well, I still appreciate it," said Riley.

"In that case, you are most welcome," said Ilene genially. "So, what will you do now?"

"I think it's time Lucario and I head back to Iron Island," Riley said, and Lucario nodded in agreement. "I've been away from my mines for too long."

"Well, I wish you safe travels. I hope you will visit someday; I'd love to see another Aura demonstration."

Riley promised that he and Lucario would indeed come again, then bid Ilene farewell. Outside the palace, he and Lucario met Steven, who had been waiting for them. The two Steel users decided to head to Vermillion together.

Before they got very far, however, they were stopped by a Riolu, who ran right up to Riley and hugged his leg. Riley smiled and picked the little Pokemon up. "Hello there," he said brightly. The Riolu hugged him and transformed into Mew.

Steven was shocked. "Is that really Mew?"

"Yeah," said Riley, patting Mew on the head. "Is it okay for you to be out here in the open?" he asked Mew.

Mew hopped out of Riley's arms and nodded. "Myuu myuu!"

It said thank you for your help, Lucario translated.

"Well, you're very welcome, Mew," Riley said. "I'm glad everything turned out all right."

"Myuu! Myuu myuu!" Mew replied.

It wanted to tell you good-bye, Lucario said.

"Good-bye, Mew," said Riley. "I hope we'll meet again someday."

Mew cooed, flying around Riley once, then waved and Teleported away. Riley looked to see Steven staring at him in awe. "So...shall we go?" asked the Aura user. He then headed off toward the road that would take them to Vermillion City, not waiting for an answer. Steven sighed, then moved to catch up with him.

Riley, Lucario, and Steven arrived in Vermillion City soon after, and Riley and Lucario decided to catch a boat bound for Sinnoh.

"So where are you off to?" Riley asked Steven as the two stood on the pier with Lucario.

Steven shrugged. "Well, I thought about going to Mt. Moon while I'm here in Kanto. I'm hoping to find some more rare stones for my collection."


Steven laughed genially. "It may not excite you, but I find it fascinating."

Riley smiled. "To each his own, right? Anyway, we should get going. Thanks so much for your help before."

Steven nodded. "Try to stay out of trouble from now on," he said as Riley and Lucario boarded the boat.

"I'll try," Riley said with a chuckle. He and Lucario waved as Steven turned and walked away.

Do you think Team Galactic will strike again? Lucario asked.

"I doubt it," Riley answered. "They probably think that both the Tree of Beginning and myself are dead by now."

That is true. But, since you mentioned it, I do wonder why you didn't share the same fate as Sir Aaron.

"I'm not sure. I think it may have something to do with the supercharge Team Galactic gave me. I guess we can thank them for that." He laughed dryly and as their boat finally left the pier.

But you would not have needed it had it not been for them, Lucario argued.

"True. Regardless, I'm not worried about them. Even if they do come around again, we'll just beat them like we have before."

Lucario nodded. It watched his master, his best friend, for a moment and felt overwhelming relief to have him back, safe and sound. It knew that Riley would always be Riley, would always be willing to put himself out to help someone out, but it didn't mind. As long as Riley was alive and well, it would be happy.


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