Ridiculous Technicality Note: I just recently checked this section and I found that this idea has never been done before which thoroughly surprised me, but as a result I feel very original (lies!). Theoretically, I guess this could qualify as a "crossover", but the only things I'm crossing over are themes and places as opposed to characters and storyline. I will not place this story in the crossover section. Hopefully, my descriptions will make everything clear enough for someone to understand without having to play any Zelda titles.

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"Tall one, chief's calling for you!"

From inside the dimly lit tree house a small shuffle could be heard from presumably a bed. This noise was quickly followed by an awkward 'thud' that sounded suspiciously like a body hitting the floor.

"...What time is it?"

-A Thousand Miles of Fire-

Prologue: The "Tall" One

Noticing how high the sun was in the sky I internally grimaced. Chief Kuroi, or Nanakon as I liked to call her, may or may not have my head depending on how important her summons were for me. I strolled past my fellow Kokiri as I creeped to my destination. As I did I was greeted by some of the villagers once again reminding me, with the average Kokiri height being 4'2", that I was about six inches taller than most in the village. Hence, where my little epithet of "tall one" comes from, ... but I also seem to have the flattest chest out of most of the girls (and some guys it seems, but that's a different story) too...

Normally I think people would be discouraged-however-this trait makes me an exotic good! I cherish it! Such rarity, and exoticism all in one! I'm awesome, huh?

"Konata! What took you so long?"

"Oh... hi there~!"

Chief Kuroi assumed the "scolding position" which entailed leaning forward, thrusting her hands onto her hips, and cocking her head to a slight angle. I'll admit this for some reason does actually make her a teensy-eensy bit intimidating although I'm a couple inches taller than her. She isn't the village chief for nothing!

"What the hell were you doing that took you so long?"

In response to this usual question I took on my usual stance. I could feel a grin pricking the sides of my mouth as I straightened my back and I lifted my hand in a "proper" fashion as if to cover it.

"Ho, ho, ho! A maiden never reveals her secrets!"

"You were reading those smutty books again, weren't you?" Nanakon deadpanned. I fidgeted just the slightest bit tugging at the "hem" of my bright green tunic that was borderline on scandalously short thanks to my abnormal height amongst the Kokiri. I was making sure that I wasn't flashing anyone my panties ... or maybe I wanted them to see them kukukuku...

"Of course," I gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up to validify my statement, "So, what's crackin' chief?" I boldly chose to ignore the twitching that had developed underneath her left eye since the conversation had started.

"... Just go check out the woods. There's a pack of wolfos there that's getting to close to the edge of the forest so they could go traipsing into the Hylian Fields. Scare 'em off like usual, yeah?"

This was a relatively easy task. We Kokiri were generally a peaceful race, but we were also charged with the task of protecting our forest, the Lost Woods, from monster inhabitation. Believe it or not I was considered to be a "warrior" amongst our race. I was instructed in basic hand-to-hand combat and-I glanced down at my waist to check to make sure I had brought my "babies" with me-I was also taught to use these large dagger-y things. They were kinda big for daggers, but regardless of that they're my sweet babies anyway.

Wolfos were not an uncommon sight in our woods, but they generally didn't appear this often for me to have to chase out. Wolfos are kinda nasty-they're these steel colored big dogs that roam around in groups with sharp fangs and claws... and they're not Kokiri compatible or Hylian friendly. That's why I'm called upon to drive them out from time to time. Not that I minded-I was always looking for an excuse to leave the village and hang around outside.

I've wanted to explore the Hylian Fields myself, but it's so harshly forbidden to the point where I wouldn't even try to do that. I mean, if I thought that Nanakon was angry earlier I could only imagine what she would be like if I stepped out of the Lost Woods without it being for the Three Tribe Union Festival.

I was turning to make my exit when the chief called to me, "Oh and hey Konata, would it kill you to pay your respects at the Great Deku Tree Shrine once in a while? It's already bad enough that you don't even bother wearing your hat!" I considered it for about half a second before deciding it would be better to pretend that I hadn't heard her in the first place. It was hard to take Nanakon's demands about this moralistic stuff when-,"Oh and Konata... can I borrow another one of your books...?"

I felt a smirk appear on my face, but thankfully by now my back was to her, "Sure chief. They should all be in the usual spot." Without another word I left Nanakon's threshold.

I raced back to my house and grabbed a few snacks of edible flowers along with my ocarina (just in case I needed to signal for back up, not that anyone would really be able to help me).

Also, in other news, I kinda suck at playing the ocarina. That's something I'm actually embarrassed about. I have no idea why-every other Kokiri is born being a natural at it... well, except for me. Whenever I complained to Nanakon about it she just laughs and claims it's because I'm "special".

Ready to leave, I skipped using my ladder down from my house and just dropped to the ground expertly because I'm cool like that~. I basked in the admiring looks and the usual "whoa"s that accompanied whenever I pulled that stunt. I was in a pretty jolly mood even for me. The Three Tribe Union Festival I mentioned earlier is coming up soon which means I get an excuse to see my friend Misao, a member of the tribe of thieves called the Gerudo, more on that later though.

This Three Tribe Union Festival is so great because we Kokiri, generally bound to the Lost Woods, can travel northwards to the Gerudo Oasis... (well it's more like teleporting because it uses special ocarina magic stuff, but you get the idea). The Festival is when the three "elemental tribes", I think we're called, band up together twice a year and we have a great big... party to celebrate our peace treaties and riches with each other. We're really just are partying to partying though, let's be real.

So, the Gerudos that I mentioned earlier always host the parties ... because they just do. Not that I have a problem with it or anything. The third tribe that attends is the tribe of water or the Zora. The Zora originated from an area of a river called "Zora's Domain", but I have no idea where that is. The Zora are kinda weird looking and pompous, but they can be a lot of fun when they're drunk as Misao and I found out last Festival. I don't know anyone in particular from that tribe, sadly.

The Gerudos are the most similar of the tribes to the Hylians, except they live in an all-female community and in the desert. According to Misao because they're an all girl tribe many interesting things happen~. I'm kinda jealous.

The entrance of the village was coming into sight now and I threw our watchman a lazy salute as I strolled towards the bridge that lead to the woods. I patted my "babies" stationed on either side of my hips appreciatively. I vainly hoped that maybe just once the Wolfos would give me an actual workout to help me prepare for the next time I sparred with Misao.

It's always good to hope, right?

Especially... seeing that if I beat her Misao promised to give me more "novels" kukukuku...