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The White House group and the Philadelphia group huddled around the fragile blonde, all touching as she'd instructed. She rocked back and forth, her eyes darting, never really stopping to focus on one specific person.

"I was in this wonderful place," she whispered. If it was even possible the young woman's eyes became even more dilated. "I've heard it described before; warm and safe, surrounded by love… I was in Heaven." The girl started humming, rocking more manically, and she sang under her breath, "There was no pain… no fear, no doubt… 'til he pulled me out of Heaven. So that's my refrain, I live in Hell, 'cuz I've been expelled from Heaven."

"What's that song?" Lacey asked in confusion. "Heaven? What do you mean Heaven? That would mean…"

The woman seemed to snap out of the song and looked at the girl intently. The blonde didn't seem to stutter as much when she whispered, "She sang it… when we did it to her, she struggled, and hid it from us, but eventually ended up telling us in a song." She shook her head. "That man has other people here. Not just us in here. He drained my magic to bring people here. B-b-b-but I'm nah-na-na-not the only one. There were others. One was stolen, and that made him really angry…"

"Stolen?" Megan broke in. "What do you mean stolen?"

"Let's go back to this magic thing?" the older, distinguished man from the White House that all the other White house group seemed to defer to seemed intrigued. "Can you elaborate on that? Where we're from magic is Penn and Teller doing parlor tricks… amazing tricks, but just something to see in an expensive show in Las Vegas."

Ethan brushed that off, "Let's get back to this Heaven thing." He couldn't believe no one was grasping onto that. This completely damaged woman was basically saying she'd been DEAD. Hell, magic wasn't so hard to believe seeing as he'd been TELEPORTED to this hole in the ground from his lab. Well, that or something had been slipped into his drink and he was having some serious hallucinations. And, true, he thought she was damaged, but he didn't think she was completely bonkers.

"I'm Wiccan… It's all about the light and good. Some people and beings do delve into the dark and black magic, but not man who forced me to bring you here, well, actually he wanted soldiers, people with hearts as dark as his, but your worlds were crumbling and I could only save a few… I knew who to save," she gave her head a determined shake. "They c-c-c-call him Mr. G, has a magical item. He got it from another dimension, from a powerful being. I don't know how… But that's how he brought me back… ripped me out; he and that stone, the Heart of Ursula. I d-d-d-don't know everything it does but it's dangerous. And with it and the life of a very powerful magic user, he's changed the world. He's dragged us from Heaven, dragged some from Hells, and taken you from your dimensions and others from theirs. He's engineered and twisted a curse within a virus… using the stone and an elixir he got from someone called M-m-maleficent… With the Heart he's managed to affect all the dimensions attached to our own, making them crumble into nothing, or infecting them with some form of the virus." She swallowed and shuddered. "He managed to unmake the world… he even managed to bring back one the virus unmade and destroyed… well, that doesn't matter... he matters," her face softened, "but we need to move on."

Horror filled the faces of the people surrounding the young woman. "My God in Heaven," the distinguished man muttered. "What's your name young lady? I'm Jed Bartlett, President back where I'm from, not that I suppose that matters much right now," his voice was both kind and calm.

No one seemed surprised by his revelation. They were still processing the information given to them. "You… you're a Witch," Ethan began and was immediately interrupted by Curtis Brumfield.

"A Witch?" the fat black man was indignant.

"That's what a Wiccan IS Curtis," Ethan snapped. "So," he started again, "you're a Witch, and you said he has a magic user helping him. A bad Witch I guess?"

Her eyes widened, and she'd shrunk back at the confrontation between the two men. "The first one was, but Mr. G sucked all the magic out of her; and SHE was a QUEEN. THE queen of HEARTS I think," the girl muttered. "He s-s-s-s-sucked and sucked until it was all gooonnne. Didn't seem t-t-to care that he used up his ally; Mr. G, he's that kind of man, but since then… He's altern-n-nated between us."

"Leo McGarry," the older man with sandy blonde hair who sat to the right of Jed introduced himself. "This Mr. G probably has more than one of these bunkers… you can be sure of that. How do you know so much? I mean, how do you know about this curse, or virus, he's spread?"

She smiled so sweetly. "There's very little you can hide from my magic, Mr. McGarry. Not since I came back… I'm not supposed to know these things… he'd be mad if he knew how much I really comprehended…" She looked down at the ground. "I'm so tired. I just want to lay beneath my Willow-tree," she whispered, and then cleared her throat. "M-m-my name… my name is Tara."


"What are you doin' out here by yourself?"

Rodney McKay looked up at the question and saw Jon Sheppard squinting down at him. He jutted his chin out obstinately and considered ignoring the other man for a moment before sagging into himself. "Nothing… I'm doing absolutely nothing. And now, with limited technology I feel like that's all I'm ever going to do again," he complained taking a moment to feel sorry for himself.

Jon's lips twitched with humor. "So, you're sitting out here feeling sorry for yourself?" He held up a hand when it looked like Rodney would snap at him. "Sorry, but geez Rodney, you don't see anybody else out here moping around do you? I mean, yes, this whole situation sucks, but we have to make the best of it. It could be a helluva lot worse. We could be trapped in space running out of oxygen with no chance of survival. At lease we have other people, food, water; everything we need to survive… and hell, with people like you and Sam Carter, and from what I understand there are some other really smart people here, well, you all should be able to get our tech back up and running. Maybe it won't be exactly what it was, but it could be good, couldn't it?"

"What do we really know about these supposedly smart people," Rodney asked. "I mean we know how smart Sam is, but we're only going on hearsay about these other individuals. We don't have actual credentials for any of them." The genius had to admit even to himself the words sounded a little weak.

Jon raised an eyebrow, "Have you listened to any of them speak? If that Dr. Brennan isn't some kind of genius I'll swallow my own tongue… maybe she isn't the same kind of smart you are, but she's in her own league… along with her little group. Same goes with the tech group they've assembled. Sam seems to speak that computer geek speak with Penelope Garcia pretty easy."

Rodney sighed. "People don't like me, Jon," he finally just got to the root of his fears. "Let's just face the facts. People don't like me."

"Because you make it so easy," Jon's voice was beyond sarcastic.

Rodney rolled his eyes, "Valid, yes, but, what if I try to work with them," bend them to my will, he thought to himself, "and they don't want me?"

Jon blinked. With as egotistical and smart as Rodney McKay was, sometimes the man's insecurities still surprised Sheppard. "Rodney, as soon as they figure out just how smart you are, they aren't going to care how difficult you can be. Chances are, they can each be just as difficult… I've noticed that you smart people all have your little quirks like that. Right now we've all digressed to the middle ages. Not saying it's all going to be smooth sailing, but just think about it, we get all of you together, we've just progressed the human race how many centuries…"

Rodney knew that Jon was just stroking his ego now, but he couldn't help the smug expression from lifting the corner of his mouth. "Okay, I'll give it shot. Lead me to my minions."

Now Jon winced, as both men stood and began to walk. "Yeah, maybe you shouldn't call them that," he murmured as they moved towards the hotel.


Connor watched the dark-haired man bend his head down towards the young boy and felt a pang in his chest. He knew that it was somewhat masochistic to watch the man who was almost identical to his dead father interact with his son Parker, but he couldn't seem to help himself. Connor remembered what he looked like when he was Parker's age, and it was very similar to the boy who was now throwing a ball back and forth with Seeley Booth. To Connor's mind that meant one thing; somehow, in some way, Seeley Booth and his son were descendants of Liam Reilly. Did that mean they were his descendants? That made his brain hurt. He was much better at the 'kill and annihilate' rather than the figure things out aspect of things. He did know that it meant they were somehow related though, and had to admit that it made him feel a little less alone.

Connor knew that he wasn't really alone. He had the Council, and he felt very fortunate that they'd taken him in and made him family, because that's what they were. He'd also made friends with a lot of the people who'd come after the Council, like Dean and Sam, Graham, Riley and Samantha, and some of the new blood like Puck and Finn, but… this meant that they had the same blood running through their veins. Wasn't it Spike who said it always came down to the blood?

It was so strange seeing the man with Angel's face smiling so light-heartedly and laughing. Connor couldn't help the smile that crossed his own face. He wondered if Angel had been able to raise him the way Seeley was raising Parker, would Angel have smiled more? Would he have found redemption? Would Wolfram and Hart still been able to destroy the AI gang? Connor had loved the man who raised him, but for a moment he felt a bitterness towards Holtz; a bitterness for missing out on a different life, where there might not have been a constant battle for survival. Then Connor snorted. Of course, being the miracle child of two vampires, the Scourge of Europe, Son of Angelus, there would have probably still been a constant battle.

Connor felt eyes looking at him and glanced down to see Seeley joining him as Parker moved over to a group of children. Connor felt his mouth go dry with nerves.

"How's it goin'?" Seeley asked taking a seat next to the younger man.

Connor shrugged, "It's okay."

Both men stared straight ahead. "Look, I know I look just like your Dad… or at least close enough that it's freaky for people," Seeley began. "I'm sorry about that. I can't imagine how that makes you feel. I'd hate it, but I didn't have a great relationship with my Dad." His lips tightened for a minute. "I'm sure if I've figured this out then you have, but we must be related somehow, since I look like him, and looking at you… well, my little brother looked just like you at that age… Faith was telling me your Dad was a vampire?"

"He was," Connor said quietly. "My Mom turned him back in Ireland about two hundred and fifty years ago or so. They were half of a vampire group called The Scourge of Europe; incredibly evil and deadly."

"What happened to them?"

"Dad's gone, Spike's gone, Mom killed herself so I could be born, and we don't know where Dru is," Connor answered. "We're assuming she went the way of the rest of the vampires. They all just disappeared when Angelspawn broke out." Connor didn't understand why he was saying so much to this man. Was it because he was wearing his Dad's face? Was Seeley Booth just that easy to talk to?

"I'm sorry you lost your Dad, Connor," Seeley said gently. "And I know you have friends, but any time you need something… well, I'm not much of a talker usually, but I like shooting things, especially clowns… had to go to therapy for it."

Connor couldn't help the smile that graced his face. "Clowns huh?"

"It was mocking me," Seeley said dryly. "You wanna come play some ball with me and the kid?"


Merle Dixon was laying on his side in the infirmary/makeshift hospital when the doors opened to admit a small group of determined people. He was in the hospital because the little British gal had wanted him to be observed after they re-grew his hand. They hadn't been lyin'; it had hurt like the devil. But once again he had two workin' hands; two hands, his brother, and a safe, well safe as can be, place to be… the whole thing made him a bit emotional, and Merle Dixon didn't do emotional.

The Scoobies entered the infirmary and headed towards the partitioned area where Amy was napping. They'd put her in a suite, but for some reason she kept wandering back down here. She still didn't speak, and she didn't move except for the one exception. She kept coming down to the infirmary. Maybe she just didn't want to be alone. Tina and Kennedy stood back and watched as the group worked together quietly with little speaking. It was how Tina worked with Christie, Helena and Kasumi; she understood it. They were a team. Kennedy understood it, but it still stung a bit. Still, she'd come a long way from Sunnydale. It might sting, but she didn't feel the same anger that she used to; nor the jealousy.

"Okay, Faith, what now," Buffy said, she had complete confidence in her sister slayer.

Faith nodded resolutely. "Now Queen C and Little D gotta grab onta Amy at the same time."

"Okay," Cordy sighed. "I'm game."

Dawn's lips tightened, "Let's do this."

The two girls stepped forward and knelt down next to Amy Madison. They reached out and at the same moment touched her arm. A strange greenish gold glow surrounded all three women, and Amy sat up gasping, her eyes flashing open.