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"Honestly Topher, how can you focus with all of this just lying around?" Bennett Halverson asked looking around the lab.

"Bennett, it's not junk!! All of this helps me think" Topher said looking proud.

"This trash helps you think?" She asked picking up an old McDonalds bag.

Topher took the bag from Bennett, "Yes.. Hey! Look there's a French fry in here!.. which.. I'm not going to eat…" Topher said awkwardly putting the bag down.

Bennett picked up the bag and threw it away in a near by trash can.

"I can barely walk in here so could I please pick up this trash and throw them away?" Bennett asked politely.

Topher hesitated for several seconds "Ok ok ok!!!" He sighed"Thank you" Bennett kissed him on the cheek and picked up the miscellaneous bags and boxes and put them into the trash can.

The next day Bennett was sitting on the couch with a pillow on her lower stomach, her good hand putting pressure on it.

Topher walked into the room to see Bennett on the couch, groaning slightly.

"Hey uh what's wrong?" He asked sitting down next to her.

"I don't feel well" Bennett said

"Why what happened?" Topher asked

Bennett cut her brown eyes over at him, "Do you really have to ask that question?"

Topher got nervous at that point "Yes because I maybe a genius when it comes to technology but when it comes to you, I'm an idiot!" He admitted.

Bennett laughed a little "Seriously Topher, it isn't rocket science to figure this out" Topher's eyes got huge, "Why do you have a pillow pressed to your stomach?"

"Why do you think?" Bennett asked

"I don't know!!!" He lied not wanting to say anything.

"It's my time of month, Topher" She said quietly

"Oh… oh.. OHHH.." Topher said with a sigh of relief

"Why do you find that a relief? I am in terrible pain!" Bennett said getting rather angry.

"Nothing! I'm sorry your in pain!!" Topher said

"… You thought I was pregnant didn't you?!" She asked

"Well yeahhh! I mean.. you really have been acting weird all morning! How was I supposed to know?" Topher asked

"I haven't been feeling good all morning that's why!" Bennett said

"I-- I'm sorry! I surrender!!" Topher sighed

"I'm so sorry I shouldn't have went off on you like that" Bennett said

Topher pulled her into a hug and said "it's alright no need to get upset, do you need anything?"

"Do you have gingerale? That would be nice." Bennett said gently

"Alright, I'll be right back" Topher squeezing Bennett's hand

"Thanks" Bennett said

Topher got up to get her some Gingerale, when he came back, Bennett was laying down.

"Here's your drink babe!" Topher said grinning

Bennett sat up and took the glass "Thanks, Topher"

Topher sat down next to Bennett and put an arm around her smiled.

"What are you smiling at me like that for?" Bennett asked

"Just because I…love you so much! Can't a guy who loves his girlfriend stare at her because of how much he loves her?" Topher asked

"You know your getting better with saying the right things" Bennett blushed putting her cup on the table.

Topher just grinned at her once more and kissed her.

"Well we better get back to work" Bennett said getting up.

"We? You mean Ivy." Topher said

"You are going to have Ivy do all of our work?" Bennett asked

"Yep, IVY!" He yelled

"What? I was just in the doorway, you didn't have to yell" Ivy said, obviously annoyed

"Well I want you to do something for us" Topher said

"Wow Shocker" Ivy says sarcastically

"Ivy it's okay I can do my own work" Bennett said

"No no no no!!!!! you don't feel good" Topher said

"Have you ever thought Ivy would be feeling the same as me?" Bennett asked

"No and I don't care, It's you I care about" Topher said

"I am doing my own work, Ivy you can go back to whatever you were doing" Bennett said getting up.

Ivy walked away.

"But Bennett!" He whined

"No buts! Now lets get to work" Bennett said

"You sound sexy when your all… assertive" Topher said trying to flirt.

"Now is not the time to flirt, Topher" Bennett said

Topher walked towards Bennett and he began to kiss her. At first Bennett gave in but she soon said between kisses "Topher--we--have--to--work--"

He finally stopped and sighed when Dr. Claire Saunders came in and cleared her throat.

"And what do you want? Other than to annoy me and my girl" Topher asked.

Echo is expecting and engagement very soon, I was told to bring her by" Claire said in a flat tone, unaffected by Topher's comment.

"Please excuse me" Bennett said walking out

Topher sighed "Give me a minute".

He ran out of the lab to find Bennett sitting down her back up against the wall "Bennett.. What are you doing?"

"Being out of the way for when Caro- I mean Echo comes in" Bennett said looking up at Topher. "It's for the best" She said

"Alright, I'll come and get you when it's all over" Topher said bending down to give Bennett a soft kiss and walking back to the lab.

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