Meant for Him
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Roswellian characters. My plot springs from the original plot of Roswell, which I also do not own.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Zan/Liz. Ava/?. Michael/Maria. Alex/Isabelle. Max/Tess.
Summary: Liz gets away from it all. Leaving Roswell and its inhabitants behind when Max and Tess hook up. This is after prom, before grad, and Alex does go away to Sweden, the real Sweden. Liz is looking to change who she is, adapting to her new, yet unrealized abilities, and reaquainting herself with an old friend, and new attraction; all while staying in New York with her Aunt Amada.


I never really believed in happy endings and after the Max fiasco I guess I never thought I would. But I was wrong. It has been five years since I've last written in this journal, five years of difficulty, five years of leadership, five years of knowledge gained; it has been five years since I became a queen, five years since a war that will always touch something inside of me, five years of friendships, five years of love. In five years I have become who it is I was destined to become. My love for Zan has never wavered, my friendships with the people I now call family has shaken, but not broken.

After the war, I went back to New York, I lived on NYU campus and visited Amada. Zan and I married after my second year, everyone came out to see it- even my parents who I had thought to be far too estranged from me and my life to care- and it was beautiful. Ava stayed in Roswell, she and Kyle became close and though they have yet to marry, I know that it will happen for them.

Maria stopped singing, something I thought I would never see, and she and Michael finally got married- I had just graduated when they made the announcement that they were committing to one another. Maria became a school teacher, choir of course. Michael, our Michael, Mr. Introvert until the end, went to college, got a degree in Abstract Art, and now is considered one of the best artists in the Southwest.

Isabel married a lawyer. I was stunned and not just by the fact that she married outside of the group, but by the fact that they eloped- she sent me a postcard from the Virgin Islands, and dream walked me to detail her travels in Europe- where they had decided to honeymoon. I can't say that I know Jesse that well, but I do know that Isabel deserves happiness, someone to cling to other than her brother and our alien background.

…Sorry I had to take a moment; the hardest part in all of this is about to come up. I…My ill-favored opinion of Tess proved true to her character, only a few short months ago; she stole the book from Max, the father of her son, and mind warped Alex to decode it- I didn't even know until it was almost too late. I heard from Max that the book had gone missing, then Kyle and Ava informed Zan that Alex hadn't been in Sweden, as had been the plan -a return trip after his exhilarating experiences there half a decade ago - they had called the host family to make sure his flight went well only to find out that he never arrived when he was supposed to; I headed out on the first plane available.

I had recently found out that I have the odd power of premonition, I can see things before they happen. When I arrived at Alex's house, I raced up to his room; I touched every possession I could get my hands on, moving from his computer to his books, and finally to his guitar.

I received a flash of Las Cruses, the college there, and than of Alex with the book. Tess stood nearby, she had a threatening hand at the ready. Without delay I told Zan, he had come along with me of course; and we showed up just as Tess was readying to attack Alex; he had given her a stack of papers, which later proved to be the decoded transcript of the destiny book.

The fight didn't last long and when I had killed Tess it seemed to be over, but it didn't feel that way. Hathor and his men had returned to their home planet and together our Antarian forces joined with his to rebel against Khivar, but Khivar got away before the complete decimation of his army. The entire Tess debacle took place this last May, and the other shoe has yet to drop, but we know that Khivar and his men have landed here on Earth. The war may have been over here on Earth, and then shortly after on Antar, but it appears Khivar will still be a gnat to swat in the future.

Alex had massive amounts of brain damage, all of the mind warping necessary to keep him on task, despite the threat of blasting from Tess, appeared to have taken it's unhealthy toll. Max and Zan both had to work on him- it was a sight I never want to see again. And in spite of all this drama, and all of this fighting- I've finally found my happy ending.

Zan and I are going to Antar- we are going to liberate the throne from it's current power struggle, and finally I'll have found my own destiny. The others have decided it in the best interest of the Earth that they stay here, that they protect what they now have come to call home. I don't consider it a put down to my leadership, or a shunning of their heritage; like me they are embracing their lives.

The prospect of leaving this place I've been raised, this security blanket that has cocooned me for so long is terrifying, but it reminds me of something I told Ava once, something told to me by my Godmother: "where you decide to live for the rest of your life tells you if home was where you started out, or if home is something bigger; that if you live somewhere other than where you were born for the rest of your life, then you were meant for bigger and better things". I had told Ava that I liked that, that it was nice, and she had related, but I never could've comprehended what it would truly mean for me someday.

I was the smallest of small town girls, the most unlikely for something out of the ordinary to happen to, but in a single moment when I faced death only to turn from it, I changed; everything that has happened to me has blessed me, even the most painful events. I do not believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; I believe that what doesn't kill you changes how you see everything.

Zan is my home, he is my heart, my love, my king- Zan is my soul mate. This journal started out as a way to document my scientific finds, to help me study life and understand it; and scientifically it may have failed, but the end product- understanding life- succeeded on a grander scale.

To whomever reads this I want you to know- I was Liz Parker, small town girl from Roswell, New Mexico, but today I am Liz of Antar, Queen of the Antarian people, and bound for bigger and better things.

Liz let the book cover close and she sighed. The finality of her last entry hit home and she curled up in her chase lounge and drew the wool blanket tighter around herself. Shifting only momentarily to place the journal on the snow-covered table beside her. She was waiting for Zan to come home. It was getting late and the snow was already beginning to fall again for the third time that day.

They planned to leave for Antar in a week and before they went Liz wanted to share something with all of their friends, something she couldn't share with them without Zan. The quaint little apartment they had rented held one deciding factor in their choice for living there instead of a high end suburban house- it had a balcony. The small but serviceable slat of concrete floor overlooked a large part of New York City, and Liz found that waiting outside under the smattering of stars until Zan arrived home was one of her favorite past times.

Liz glanced up at the sky, the V constellation was barely visible, but just a glimpse of it comforted her. Twirling the ends of her hair, Liz realized that the length had growth at least two feet in the last five years. Furthermore, Liz realized that it felt like yesterday she had allowed Ava to mix up the natural color scheme of her hair- something that had lasted until a year ago when Liz wanted back her plain dark brown color. She still had her tattoos, though she did let close the belly ring. Zan hadn't really cared either way if her appearance had changed; though he complimented anyway.

Ava. Liz longed for her friend, it had been so long since they had last seen each other, at least four months. They talked constantly, but traveling from one end of the country to the other wasn't a luxury either could afford. Maria too hadn't visited in quite a while, but they were all coming soon. Even Isabel, who Liz hadn't seen in two years. Max and two-year-old James were still grieving Tess's death, James didn't really know where mommy went, and the emotions weren't mature, but the baby boy knew something was wrong. Moreover, Max hadn't taken Tess's death well either. They had really connected a year after the war, and married six short months later- they had seemed happy. When Max found out what she had done and the inevitable fact that she had been betraying their group for power with Khivar; he couldn't be angry at Liz, or anyone else, but the personal betrayal had done great damage.

His son was the only reason Max was still standing, still moving forward; and Liz loved the child like her own for that fact. Zan may have been her king, but Max had been her friend long before that. Even though the fence had taken this long to mend, Liz and Max were finally back where they had started all those years ago in High School- they were friends.

The opening of the front door alerted Liz to Zan's arrival. She tugged the blanket around her tighter and hopped off the chase before sliding open the door to the living room. "Hey honey." She leaned again the doorframe to study her husband.

"Hi Angel." Zan said then looked up at her as he stripped off his scarf and coat. "Baby what have I said about sitting outside in the snow? You're going to catch pneumonia out there." He walked to her and Liz entered the room fully, toeing the door closed behind her. She reached up for his kiss and warmed as he hugged her.

"I have something to tell you, Zan." Liz smiled and held him more snuggly to her.

"What? Is somebody not coming? Are we going to have to postpone the departure?"

"No." Liz shook her head against his chest coyly and then released him, stepped back, and took her face in his hands giving him a long kiss, only to pull back again and smile. "I am pregnant. I am…we are, going to be parents."

"Holy-" He didn't finish that thought, he grabbed her up in his arms and kissed her before throwing open the balcony doors and letting out a shout. Liz yanked him back in and laughed at his response- it was everything she had hoped it would be.

"Oh God, Angel. Oh I love you so much. I love you. I love you. I love you." Zan was on his knees in front of her hugging her around the middle and kissing her stomach.

"I found out this morning. Dr. Dresden called me and told me that I'm perfectly healthy and that I should be very happy to know that I am now expecting. We are five weeks pregnant. I'm going to have a baby." Liz felt the on set of tears and laughed again. Dr. Dresden was a good find, he was a part of one of the rebel Antarian factions that had come to Earth in hopes of finding the rumored king of Antar. Liz and the others didn't have to fear for their secret or lives with him, and Dr. Dresden, as he had chosen to call himself, was a gentle being by nature.

"I've been bursting to tell you all day, but with you gone to talk to Larek about leaving and preparing for everyone to come visit us; I haven't had the chance. I was waiting out on the balcony for you."

"I don't want no more of that. No outside, you and the baby need to be one hundred percent safe and warm." Zan kissed her stomach again and then got to his feet. That's when he noticed the dinner table in the open dining area- it had their good china out and tapered candles, and sparkling cider. "Ah Baby, you had a nice dinner planned."

"Yeah, but then I saw you and I couldn't wait anymore. I wanted to do it like you see on TV sitcoms, but the anticipation has been bottled up inside of me all day. I say we celebrate through a big dinner…then maybe another celebration afterwards." Liz bite her lip and then smiled brightly before tilting her head up to Zan again. He swept in and their lips met once more, and then Liz tugged at him, leading him to the dinner table. As they sat down, parting from one another, Liz couldn't help but smile when she realized that she had always been meant for him.

The End