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If I fall into the ground
Will you pick me up again
I don't know who I am anymore
Or why I'm holding on
I feel so useless everyday
I wake up so ashamed
I don't know who I am anymore
I'm nothing without you

Randy slammed his phone closed. It was two in the morning and yet his boyfriend John Cena still wasn't answering his phone calls. This had been a pattern for him and John for a while. John would go out, leaving Randy to sit alone in a room worrying about him. Randy would call up to 15 times in one hour always to be ignored. They would, as usual, get into a huge argument leading to great make-up sex, (for John anyway), and go on the next morning like nothing had ever happened.

"Do you still love me?" Randy asked John one day after they had been fighting.
John turned towards Randy, "Why do you ask? Just cause I don't want you with me 24/7 doesn't mean I don't love you."

"But, you do love me don't you?" Randy noticed the evasion in John's words.

"I have to go out," John ignored Randy's question. "I'll see you at work tonight. You don't have to wait on me to get back here; I'll meet you there." John kissed Randy passionately on the lips and left the building.

It's gotta just be some sort of weird phase, Randy thought as he walked into the back room to lie down. If he didn't love me why would he stay with me? Plus with sex like that, there has to be some sort of spark. Randy tried to convince himself of John's love, but was failing miserably, as he lie in his bed crying.

* * *

"Haha, yeah. I know I totally messed up, "laughed Cody Rhodes as he walked to legacy's locker room with his best friend Randy.

Randy smiled at one of the few people who could still make him happy since this thing with Cena started. "I think the whole WWE universe knows it! Hey, what are you and Teddy doing after you leave here tonight? I doubt John will actually go home with me." Randy's tone became dejected as he brought up his inattentive lover.

"Well, actually we were thinking we'd…" Cody trailed off as he and Randy walked passed a small locker room and saw two men standing in the middle, making out. Randy grabbed Cody's hand and pulled him away from the door so they wouldn't be caught staring.

"Was that John?!" Cody whispered, livid. Randy held a single finger up to his lips to shush Cody. They both looked discreetly back out at the couple in the tight embrace. "With Evan?!!?" Randy stared at his boyfriend, with his mouth hanging open.

The couple in the middle of the room broke the embrace, and it was made obvious that it was indeed John Cena and Evan Bourne in each other's arms. "There's more where that came from," Evan purred squeezing John's massive ass.

John smiled, "I'm sure there is, but we're going to have to save it for another night. Randy's in one of his little 'desperate for love and attention' modes again."

Evan pulled back slightly, "You're blowing me off to go be with him? Again?" Evan pouted. "I thought you said you were going to break up with him? I don't get why you're still with him. He's so needy and not to mention his little temper tantrums."

John chuckled, "I know, I know I'll break up with him soon. But it's kind of hard. I mean how do I go about telling him he was just supposed to be a one night stand that got too clingy?"
Randy felt the arrow go straight through his heart. Tears threatened to stream down his face, but he tried his hardest to hold them back. "So I was right?" Randy stepped out to face Cena and Bourne. "You are with someone else."

John jumped and turned towards Randy. "Well, since you know now I guess I'll just tell it all." John began blank faced. "Randy, your cute and all, but your just not someone I'd ever love."
Evan interrupted, "Don't even sugar coat it John. You don't owe him anything just tell him yo-"

"Shut up!" Randy snapped, his voice cracking as the tears finally began to roll down his face. "You aren't even in this."

Evan glared at Randy as he slid behind John slightly. "Don't talk to him like that," Cena said calmly to Randy. "You know, it's over between me and you Randy, I think that's all that needs to be said…" John thought for a second. "I'm sorry."

John began to lead Evan out of the room, "He is not sorry." Hissed Evan quietly as they passed Orton.

Randy collapsed into a heap. "But John!" He called sobbing loudly now.

John stopped, "Randy get up, you're embarrassing yourself."

"John I love you so much, it cannot end like this." Randy kneeled on the floor hunched over as though he were in pain.

"I don't care!" John finally showed some emotion, raising the volume of his voice. "I don't love you, I never will and this is why! Maybe if you acted like a man as apposed to a five year old girl, I might actually care about what you had to say." John stormed out of the room, a smiling Evan in tow.

Cody quickly took his post, lifting up Randy and hugging the crying man to try and console him.


Don't you see that I have problems
Putting all my trust in me
I'm falling further everyday
So you see the worst in me
I'm losing grip, I'm losing everything
I'm feeling so alone
I'm losing grip, I'm losing grip

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes burst through the door, rays of light pouring into the once pitch black hotel room. Randy winced at the sudden brightness, but held a small glass of brown liquid to his face as though he were about to down a shot of the drink. "Don't you dare drink that," Cody came towards Randy.

Randy stopped for a second, "How did you get in my room?" He asked the thought just occurring to him.

Ted shrugged, "That cunt-hole John gave it to us after we threatened him a little."

Randy perked up for a second, "You talked to John?"

Cody gently pried the glass from Randy's hands. "We aren't talking about that right now." He shot Ted an agitated look.

"It was that bad, huh?" Randy grabbed at the bottle of Jim Beam.

"No!" Cody batted his hand away. "You don't need to get drunk now, we're taking you out."
Randy stared through Cody blankly, "No."

"Go get his shoes and coat," Cody directed his beau Teddy. "I'll handle this." Teddy nodded and did as instructed.

"Randy you've been in this room, drinking and alone since Monday. I think it's time you went out and had some fun with us." Cody laid his proposition on the line.

Randy stared at him, "Cody, I love John and he destroyed me. Why would I want to come out with you and Ted, I barely want to be alive."

Cody felt where Randy was coming from; if Ted ever did anything like that he'd probably…he didn't even want to think about it. "Randy, me and Ted love you too, and we want you to come out and have fun with us… Besides how will you ever get a new hot piece of ass if you just sit up here in your room all day?"

Randy tried to look at Cody straight faced to show his lack of amusement at the whole situation. As Randy looked at Cody's goofy grinning adorable face he couldn't help but to start laughing. "Where are you losers planning to take me?"

Cody jumped up; "He said he'll come!" he called to Ted to confirm that the plan was a go.
"I didn't say that!" Randy's mood was lightened significantly by his two best friend's sudden appearance in his room.

"Sure you didn't," said Ted walking into the room and tossing Randy his shoes. "We're going to the club."

Randy rolled his eyes, "Do we really have to? Can't we go somewhere else?"

Cody pulled Randy to his feet. "No, let's go." He skipped happily out of the room.

"Are you ok with this?" Ted asked Randy, making sure his friend was in an alright state.

Randy nodded and followed Cody out of the room.


The day that I was down
I remember all your words to me
We'd look around at everything
Right in front of you
And it feels so useless everyday
I wake up so ashamed
I don't know what you think anymore
I'm nothing without you

"I promise you'll have so much fun!" Cody tried to assure Randy, over the loud music.

"Yeah," said Ted, sliding into the entrance behind the other two. "It'll get your mind off Cena..." Cody scolded Ted silently with his eyes.

"Yeah thanks," Randy flinched slightly at the mention of the name.

The three walked deeper into the club stopping to talk to a few people the recognized.

"Um... maybe we should go over here," Cody suddenly began to rush them towards the back of the club.

"No, Cody I'm about to..." Randy trailed off as he followed Cody's horrified eyes to the figure standing behind them.

"Oh, hey Randy," John Cena smiled as he stared into the face of his ex-lover.

Once again Randy's eyes threatened to fill with tears. "Hi," Randy managed to choke out.

Ted stepped in between the two of them, "Why are you talking to him?" he looked Cena directly in the eyes. "I think you should probably just stay away from us, as long as you're still fooling with that slut."

"Speaking of Evan," Cody stepped up beside Ted, "Where is your little sex toy?"

"Don't talk about him like that," John's fists clenched in anger.

"You know it's true." Cody spat. "Why would you leave a sweet, awesome guy like Randy for a guy like Evan, unless it was because he's a little slut?"

John's face went red. "He's not a slut." John whispered as Evan walked up and wrapped his arms around him.

"Who's a slut?" Evan asked, kissing John on the cheek.

"Randy," said John, at the same time Cody said "you."

Evan laughed ignoring Cody. "Where is the third member of your little baby oil club anyway?" Evan asked in an attempt at insulting humor.

Cody turned around to find the space behind him empty. "Ted? Where'd Randy go?"

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