Code Geass – Lelouch/ Kallen

Here is my first Code Geass story. I was bored wasn't to sure what to do and had paper front of so I just started to write and came up with this. Basically it's what goes though Kallen's mind at end of the last episode of the second season. So I finally got around to typing this up, this was written before any of my bleach stories but definitely after the power ranger stuff.

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After thoughts of a dead life

When I looked up at you from where I was at first I was angry I thought you cared about me and didn't want anything to happen to me, that's what you said to me isn't it but here I am a prisoner to you to be killed by you. That's when Zero appeared at the other end than I looked back at you and back at zero and knew what you were planning on doing and started screaming tears came to my eyes that have never left. Then I watched zero go up to you, by now I restless I knew what was going on and then zero plunged that sword though your heart. I had to turn away and when I turned back I saw that you were sliding down the display float thing you were on and into your sisters arms I was in tears, why did you leave? I know you needed to save the world and all but why did you leave ME? Then when I was set free I hugged Oghi next to me. Then I ran straight to you and sat beside you with Nunnally. Why did leave? Yes life has changed back and I have my mother now but I lost you and I lost my brother. Why did you leave me? It's not fair! There was a funeral for afterwards but not many went. I was there with Nunnally and a few others but, why did you have to leave me behind? Did you not know how much I loved you? And how much I would be missing you everyday? And how even though life is good I still cry myself to sleep every night because of what you did? And how you left me behind. I will love you always and forever Lelouch, goodbye.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. I finally got around to typing it up. Now that it's done I just have to finish power ranger stories so I can put them up to. For updates about my stories coming check my profile page I usually list them there.

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