A/N: This is way late, but I actually wrote this on Matt and Mello's death day. I was sitting in fourth period supposedly doing calculus homework, and I go a burst of inspiration. It's kind of sad, but I like it. Hopefully you will too.

Near stared at the screen for a few moments. Not that he was really surprised, but there was still an initial shock as he watched Takada's body guards shoot without a second thought and Matt – lazy, carefree, kind-hearted Matt – fell. He knew that Mello must certainly have met his fate by now as well.

Near never cared for religion. It was illogical, unproven, and unnecessary. But in that moment, he closed his eyes briefly and said a silent prayer to any deity that might be listening that Matt and Mello were happy, wherever they were, and together.

Perhaps a fruitless effort, but they deserved at least that much.

Quickly switching back to his normal, practical mode, Near returned to his own plans.

"Gevanni," he said quietly, emotionless, "arrange to have that young man's body," he indicated the screen, "retrieved and given a proper burial."

Gevanni asked no questions. He looked at his young boss for only a moment, and then began making calls.

Shortly after, a call from Lidner confirmed his suspicion that Mello was also gone.

Near closed his eyes once more.

Thank you, Mello…Matt…

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