Naruto smirked over at his best friend, and flicked a piece of paper at him.

"NARUTO! Seriously. Stop. I have to get some work done today."

"Oh come on Sasuke. You have never had to work in your life. Not even at school. Fucking brainiac that you are," Gaara said cheekily.

The dark haired boy smacked Gaara on the shoulder, and pretended to be affronted until a girl walked by with green and purple stockings on.

"Hey Naruto... Isn't that the freshman girl from my party who tried to cop a feel on Sakura?"

"Yeah. I think it was. What was her name?"

"Andrea Something or other, I can't remember right now. She was wearing those exact stockings wasn't she?"

"Yeah, does she think that she's some kind of lolita or something? OR does she just like dressing like that."

"She saw Ino wearing them a while back when Ino thought that thigh high stockings were gonna be the next big thing."

Gaara sighed and continued to read his book, not bothering to listen as Naruto and Sasuke gossiped like old women. He wondered how many times he had been on the receiving end of their speculations, and then let that train of thought go. He didn't want to know, and they weren't going to tell him. He just wanted to sip his juicebox and read, but Naruto had other plans.

"GAARA come here, we want you to see this one guy with a green and blue mohawk. Do you think I could pull it off? I mean, I don't think I could, maybe Sasuke ,but not me. I'm much to pretty."

Gaara sighed, and smacked Naruto with his book. The blonde laughed and quickly kissed his lover before going back to gossiping with his best friend. The redhead didn't mind, and went back to reading his book, which had just come to the big moment where the two main characters fought. It was one he had been meaning to read for a while, but never had time to until recently.

He smiled to himself, wondering how long Naruto and Sasuke could talk for, and if he would have time to finish up his chapter before they noticed him again. He hoped he had enough time, or they would be dealing with a very unhappy redhead. Not that that scared the two friends. They had been on the receiving end of Gaara's wrath a few times, and they claimed that it wasn't that bad.

All in all, Gaara was pretty happy.

SORRY AS FUCKING HELL. Exams were bigger assholes than I expected. I hope you forgive me. Anywho, the last chapter was giving me blanks for the longest ass time. I literally rewrote this chapter over 10 times. It was killing me. This is what I came up with. Don't kill me. I'm off to work on Faolin Elves, which will be renamed when I'm done with it.