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It was early in the morning and everyone is asleep…well almost everyone.

"Ah~…don't stop…please…more." A sandy brown haired woman moaned. Her white haired partner continued to thrust violently into her body, show no hint of exhaustion.

"Saki…It's so hot…Oh god, I love you so much." The man said as he ran his hands along Saki's slender body.

"Kiryu…Kiryu…it's so hot." Saki exclaimed as she reached her climax. Kiryu groaned, feeling Saki climaxed made him climax. He buried his cock deep into Saki's pussy, releasing his semen into her womb.

Saki pressed her body against Kiryu as she tried to catch her breath. Kiryu wrapped his arms around her waist as he nuzzled her head. Saki then shifted her body so she could look into her lover's violet eyes.

"Hehe…that was probably your best performance by far, love." Saki murmured as she place a light kiss on Kiryu's lips. Kiryu just chuckled and leaned forward to kiss her. Before things got steamy again, Saki's cell-phone started to ring.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Don't answer it." Kiryu ordered as he kisses along Saki's neckline.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Sorry love but this could be important." Saki said as she pushed herself off Kiryu to answer her phone.

"Hello?" Saki said.

"Saki! Amu's is sick! Help me!" The person on line yelled.

"Okay Ikuto, I'll be there in a few minutes." Saki said before hanging up. She then started to get dress.

"Where are you going?" Kiryu asked a bit disappointed that he isn't able to spend more time with her.

"Amu's house, it seems that Amu is sick…well according to Ikuto." Saki replied. When she was done dressing she grabbed her handbag and keys, but not before giving Kiryu a quick kiss.

"Ikuto, if this is another one of your false alarms I'm going to murder you." Saki said as she walked passed Ikuto and headed towards the master bedroom, where Amu is.

"Amu dear, how are you?" Saki asked as she settled herself by her sick friend.

"I'm quite fine Saki; I'm just a little tired from work is all. Ikuto is just over-reacting again. I'm sorry he bothered you." Amu replied.

"Oh it's quite alright. Just make sure you don't over-work yourself, okay?" Saki said. Amu gave her a nod before going back sleep. Saki quietly left the room to see Ikuto leaning against the hallway wall, waiting.

Before Ikuto could say a word, Saki whacked him with her handbag.

"She's just over-worked, idiot. Here, let her take this once a day after breakfast." Saki said as she carelessly hand Ikuto the pills. She then left, leaving him standing in the hallway by himself.


"Damn idiot, calling me early in the morning." Saki murmured as she drove back home.

When she got home, she looked through her bag for keys since she didn't want to bother Kiryu to open the door for her. While looking through the bag, she looked at a bottle of pills. 'I thought I gave these to Ikuto…Wait, if these are the pills for Amu then the pills I gave Ikuto are…Oh crap.' Saki thought. She debated with herself deciding whether to go back and switch the pills or not.

'Oh screw it, they're just ecstasy pills, what harm can they do.' Saki thought as she entered through the door to be attacked with hot kisses by Kiryu.

It was seven o'clock in the morning when Amu woke up to smell of waffles. She got out of bed to see breakfast prepare on the dining table.

"Amu, here's your breakfast. Take this pill once you're done eating, I'll be right back. I just have to buy us some milk since we ran out." Ikuto said as he gently push Amu to sit and eat her breakfast that he prepared.

Amu was lucky that she didn't have work today and enjoyed her meal that Ikuto made. Ever since she moved in with him, he has been treating so well. They have been dating for three years and they already act like a married couple.

By the time she took the pill, Ikuto came home. Since it was both their day offs, they decided to cuddle in the living room and watch T.V.

Amu started to feel weird, her body started to feel hot which made her shift uncomfortably against Ikuto. The closeness between her and Ikuto didn't help either. The sudden shifting made Ikuto a bit hard since she was rubbing against him. Amu stopped shifting for a bit when she felt Ikuto's hard-on.

Her mind went completely blank after that. It has been so long since they had sex. Amu turned her body so she could straddle Ikuto as she faced him. She then started to rub herself against him, making sure her crotch area rubbed against the bump in Ikuto's pants.

Ikuto started to groan, feeling Amu's crotch rubbing against his. Amu has never been this forward before when it comes to sex, but he didn't mind. Amu ran her hands along Ikuto's chest down to his pants. She was able to slip her hand in, so she was able to caress Ikuto's harden member.

Amu's feather like touch made him buck his hips, so Amu could feel him even more. Ikuto removed his shirt and unbutton Amu's top to reveal her round breast. He placed his mouth on one of Amu's nipples as his hand played with the other.

It didn't take long until Amu got rid of Ikuto's pants and boxer. She sandwiched Ikuto's cock with her breasts as she sucked him.

"Oh!...Amu~…it feels so good!" Ikuto moaned as she continued to give him a blow-job and tit-fuck. Amu's tongue played around the tip of his cock for a bit, before she sucked on him really hard. Ikuto arched his back as he released in Amu's mouth.

Ikuto glanced down to look at Amu and instantly became hard again. Amu's face was flushed and his semen ran down from her opened mouth to her chest. Ikuto pushed Amu, so she could lie against the living room table with her legs opened wide. Ikuto then removed her shorts and panty, so he could see her quivering pussy.

Ikuto placed either of his hands on Amu's thighs and pushed them apart even more. He gave one quick lick on her pussy before eating her out. Amu's hot passage squeezed Ikuto's invading tongue. When Amu reached her climax, Ikuto violently drank her juices.

After licking off the remains of Amu's juices on his lip, Ikuto positioned himself. Amu looked up at Ikuto with love-filled eye and opened her arms, as if she was welcoming him. Amu's adorable action made Ikuto ram his cock into Amu's pussy. The two embraced each other as Amu adjusted to Ikuto's cock.

When Amu signaled Ikuto to move, he began to thrust into Amu in an animalistic pace. Amu's passage felt as if it were suck Ikuto. It was so tight and hot, Ikuto didn't want to stop. As Ikuto continued to thrust into Amu's pussy, her juices leak out and developed a small puddle on the table.

"Ikuto! Ikuto!... I'm…I'm CUMMING!" Amu screamed as she clings on to Ikuto.

Ikuto too can feel himself reach his climax. He hastily thrust into Amu as he tried to reach is climax. When he did, his cock was buried deep in Amu's pussy as his semen filled her womb.

The couple stayed in the same position for a few minutes before either of them spoke a word.

"Nee~ Ikuto?"



Ikuto quickly looked up at Amu to see if she was serious about doing it again. Seeing that she was serious, Ikuto pulled Amu up just to push her on to the floor so she was on all fours. That was when he took her from behind, as his hands squeezed her breasts while he suckled on her exposed neck.

"Ahh~ Ikuto it feels so good." Amu exclaimed.

Ikuto pulled out of Amu and flipped her. He grasped her ankles and held up and away from each other. By doing that, it gave Ikuto a wonderful view of her semen-filled pussy. Without any warning, Ikuto thrust back into Amu. He watched as his cock rammed into her pussy. Amu used both her hands to cover her face; it was embarrassing to see Ikuto watching their parts interacting with each other.

It didn't take long till the two climaxed again. But even though they climaxed, they started up again. So throughout the whole day, the two were having a marathon.

Meanwhile Saki and Kiryu were standing outside Amu's and Ikuto's front door. The two glanced at each other, unsure what to do.

"Should we bother them?" Kiryu asked uneasily.

"Hehe…I don't' think that would be safe." Saki replied.

The two slowly walked away from the door to the car and drove off somewhere to rid them from what they heard a while ago.

Sinner1412: Yeah… I don't know what's wrong with me. Is it wrong to write these kind of stuff?