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At the community college café, three girls, or should I say young women, were having lunch.

"Amu's boyfriend is so cool," commented Utau.

Amu looked at Utau with a blank stare and replied, "Huh? What's so good about that guy?"

"He's handsome…" Utau answered while she took a bite of her food.

"Yup! Yup! I'm so jealous," Saki added.

"I bet…the sex is great…" Utau said, as if she was stating a fact.

"Yeah! Yeah! I'm very interested about that~" Saki exclaimed as she leaned forward, trying to get closer to Amu hoping to her details of Amu's sex life.

"I wonder if they do kinky stuff. Like S&M or something. Having her arms and legs bound, straddling a wooden horse. Screaming 'Eek eek' while getting her ass whipped." Saki said as she imagines Amu's possible sex life.

"Stupid, Amu has a lot of pride, so it's doggy play," Utau interrupted before giving her own insight of Amu's sex life, "Lifting one leg marking light poles, and having wild sex as a bitch in heat. Of course she'd be forbidden from using human language."

"What!" Amu mumbled as she listens to her friend's predictions of her sex life. When she couldn't stand hearing more she exclaimed, "No, No! There's none of that! We haven't even had sex!"

"Oh…Amu's a virgin…" Utau said, disappointed.

"But Amu, haven't you been going out with Ikuto for 3 years now? Don't you think that's a little bit unusual?" Saki asked with a confused look on her face.

"…Is it unusual?" Amu replied. Saki and Utau simply nodded as if they we're answering a grade school question.

Amu sighed to herself before she stood up, "This is ridiculous. I'm going back to the dorm. Please take notes for me during class."

'They said he's cool? No Way!" Amu thought as she walked back to her room. When she opened the door that lead to her room, she was greeted with something…unpleasing.

In the middle of her room, there sat Ikuto, holding her bra and wearing her underwear on his head. Ikuto turned his head and gave her a weak smile and said, "Welcome back. You're early today."

Amu looked at her boyfriend of 3 years with a unpleasant look on her face. The reason why she thought her friends were being ridiculous about thinking her boyfriend was cool was because…

Her boyfriend was a pervert!

After giving Ikuto a good hit in the face, Amu asked, "So…What were you doing in my room?"

Ikuto replied, "I figured I'd wash your underwear…"

"You know this is a girls' dorm, right?"


When Amu was about to give Ikuto another hit, Ikuto quickly said, "Oh, but I dressed up as a girl when I came in so nobody has clue."

Seeing that it made her angrier he added, "Sorry! Sorry! I bought you some pudding, so don't be mad!" Once he said that, Amu walked over to the mini-frig and saw pudding.

'It puts her in a good mood when I promise her something sweet,' Ikuto thought as Amu took out a pudding cup.

After getting herself pudding, Amu sat herself on her bed and started to speak, "Hey, listen up. Saki and Utau are both awful…" Amu paused, "Wait, what is this? It's a bit wet and it smells weird too." There was weird liquid substance on her bed, so Amu asked Ikuto what it was.

'Oh shit. She's going to get pissed off again and just right after she got in a good mode. I have to use…some kind of romantic works or else…' Ikuto thought.

"Um…that…is my love…I guess." Ikuto said, embarrassingly.

Bubbling up with utter rage, Amu took out a kendo stick that Kairi gave her and whacked him.

"Amu, wait a second." Ikuto gasped.

"Shut up, pervert." Amu said in disgust before she started to hit Ikuto again.

"Pervert!" "Dog!" "Pervert!" "Cur!" "Beetle!" Amu said with every time she hit Ikuto.

"She really is pissed off." Ikuto murmured to himself.

"You're enjoying it, aren't you! Argh! Die!" Amu shouted when she saw a blissful look on Ikuto's face.

Right when she was about to do deliver the final hit, Ikuto quickly got on to his feet and exclaimed, "I have a present for you! It's our 3rd anniversary since we started dating!" He then brought our 3 sets of the most perverted underwear that Amu had seen and said, "Look! It's the kind of stuff you're too embarrassed to buy yourself. A 3 set of sexy underwear for seducing your boyfriend (me)."

When he showed her the underwear he got her while having a pleased look on his face, something inside just snapped. For some reason, seeing him looking so blissful while holding the most disturbing pair of underwear ticked her off. So as punishment, Amu stripped him of his clothes and locked him outside in the cold. Ikuto was lucky enough to be locked outside in the balcony instead of outside of her room, where all her dorm mates could see him.

"Amu, come on. Open up, it's cold out here." Ikuto begged.

Amu just closed her curtains so she doesn't have to see him while she cools down. Amu then murmured to herself, "I forgot it was our anniversary."

She then walked over where her gift from Ikuto was. When she got a closer look at them she decided to try one on.

"Ew~ it's really revealing. I'm better off not wearing anything." Amu commented.

The underwear looked cute at first but after she putted it on, Amu thought otherwise. The bra had a wide hole at the center of each cup, which is where her nipples peek out. Also, the underwear left a big slit so it's not covering her pussy at all.

Amu looked at her reflect through the mirror once again and started to feel horny.

'Ikuto's dick is going to go in here,' Amu thought to herself as she fingered her pussy. Then all of a sudden, Ikuto burst into the room. Somehow, Ikuto was able to unlock the balcony. Amu stumbled back and could see that Ikuto was in the mood.

Ikuto had a sadistic smile on his face and stated, "The way you look in that really turns me on, Amu. It's okay that you forgot our anniversary. If you accept my feelings, then I'll be happy." As Ikuto said that, he slowly crept closer to Amu with his cock throbbing for some action.

Before he could get any closer, Amu pushed him making him stumble onto her bed. She pressed her foot onto his cock, thinking it would her him but instead it got Ikuto moaning for more.

"It's so hard. I can't believe you having it touched by my feet, Ikuto. You're a pervert. If you can be satisfied by this, then you're pathetic." Amu said, with a sadistic look in her eyes.

"Ah! Ah Amu!" Ikuto moaned.

"Scream louder!"

"Amu…Please, stop…Ah!"

"What? You're going to cum? Fine. Let me watch you cum!" From there, Amu started to move her foot faster along Ikuto's length, desperately wanting to see him cum. When Ikuto couldn't take it anymore, his sperm shot out from his cock on to her foot. Seeing that, left a satisfying grin on Amu's face.

"I can't believe you came on my foot. You're the worst. You're a failure as a living being," Amu said before she lowered herself to rub his still stiff cock with her pussy, "It really goes in here, doesn't it? You're a dog, yet you want to have sex like a person, don't you. You want to put it in my pussy so badly, it's twitching. How unsightly. You're exposed as a virgin. But since you were cute a while ago, I'll give you mine as a reward. Be honored, I'm giving you my virginity to your huge cock right now."

The moment Amu finished her sentence; she was pushed back and towered by Ikuto. He lowered his head and whispered, "Sorry…No matter what you say, a man got to do what a man got to do." With that said, he slammed his cock all the way in her.

"AH!" Amu screamed.

"It feels incredibly good." Ikuto commented as he waited for Amu to adjust to his size. After Amu relaxed, Ikuto started to thrust in and out of her pussy.

As he thrust his cock in and out of her, Ikuto looked closely at Amu facial expression and said, "Amu, you're cute."

"Shut up." Amu exclaimed out of embarrassment as she hit Ikuto in the face.

"Go ahead and hit me more. You're cute when you hit me too. You're cute." Ikuto continued to say as speed up his thrusts every time Amu hit him.

"Ah! Haa! You pervert."

"You're cute."

"Stupid! Don't say weird thing. Ah! Deep…It' so deep. Ah~ It's pounding. It's pounding deep inside. Ah! Ha!"

"Amu! Ah!"

"I'm cumming!"

Ikuto hastily pounds his cock into Amu, trying to reach his release. Amu clung herself to Ikuto, wanting to reach her release too. Amu could feel the shape of Ikuto large cock in her as her pussy squeezes it for its think, hot seed.

"I love pounding my cock in you. I love it." Ikuto exclaimed.

"You pervert! Ah! Don't get me addicted to sex!" Amu screamed, feeling that she could cum any second.

"AH! AMU! Inside! I'm going to cum inside!"

"Not inside! It's not safe! AH!"

"I'm cumming! AMU!"


The moment Ikuto thrust in, he released his seed into Amu's hot pussy. Feeling the hot liquid feeling her pussy was what caused Amu to cum. He released so much, when he pulled out of her, so of it oozed out of her pussy and onto the sheets below them.

After that, the two pretty much knocked out for the rest of the day.

"Huh? Did I fall asleep?" Ikuto mumbled to himself, slowly waking himself up. When he tried to move, he noticed that his arms and legs were strapped to each corner of the bed.

"Hey, good morning." Amu greeted.

"Amu!" Ikuto turned his head to see Amu stand over him, fully clothed.

"You really fucked me over yesterday. Today, I'm getting lots of revenge." Amu said as she got out a dildo.


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