Intro/Chapter 1: Mr Schuester's Surprise

Intro/ Chapter 1 to my new's my first Kurt/Puck, so let me know how you like it. This chapter is fairly clean. Message me if you like or if you don't, your questions, comments or concerns are appreciated greatly.

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"What do you think the surprise is?" Artie asked his fellow glee clubbers. Mr. Schuester had been teasing them since Monday that he had a huge surprise for them on Friday, and Friday was finally today.

"I h-hope he got us new c-costumes." Tina stuttered, smiling at them.

"Maybe he finally got us some good R&B songs." Mercedes brushed the imaginary dirt off her shoulders, "Some classy music."

"In your dreams, Mercedes." Kurt lightly pushed his friend. "I for one have no idea…but it better be good."

"Maybe we got new instruments?" Finn asked, trying to be relevant to the conversation.

"This is glee club, not band." Puck pointed out rather harshly. For the past couple of weeks, Puck had been acting especially pissed off, and no one knew why.

Finn shrugged, "I was just-"

The conversation was interrupted by Mr. Schuester walking in and setting his bag down. Everyone's eyes were on him. He smiled at them, "Hey gang…what's up?"

"Please, Mr. Schuester, we've been waiting all week, just tell us what your surprise is." Rachael stood up and crossed her arms.

He laughed, "Oh that, alright but you better sit down Rachael, because this is gonna blow you guys away."

She sat down and everyone else looked excitedly to one another. Kurt, Mercedes, and Tine held each other's hands and focused their attention on Mr. Schue.

"Because you guys did so well at sectionals, I got Principal Figgins consent to let me take you guys on a little field trip. Wait-" He stopped their sudden outbursts, "wait for it…we're going to go to Chicago to see the musical….Wicked."

Two girlish shrieks filled the room, one from Rachael and one from Kurt.

"Here's the catch." Mr. Schuester said after they both stopped squealing. "We'll have to pay for most of the trip ourselves."

"Done." Rachael said excitedly, "We'll have a few more bake sales, which will surely cover our expenses."

"And if it doesn't, I'll be glad to dip into my piggy bank." Kurt breathed, smiling as wide as possible.

"And," Mr. Schuester interrupted, "We'll have to go over winter break. We'd leave the 26th and get back the 31st. I have permission slips here. You guys up to it?"

The glee club members broke out into applause and excited chatter. They passed around permission slips and Kurt had a diva moment.

"I can't even believe this is happening. This is like my dream come true. This is, this is going to be fantastic! I have to go shopping; I have nothing to wear to the theater. Oh my god! This is going to be amazing and sooooo much fun. Wicked! Thank you Mr. Schue." Kurt hugged him.

"No problem Kurt." He said, wriggling out of Kurt's grasp. "I'm gonna give you guys the day off…seems like some of you need time to process this. Go home and get this signed, bring it back Monday. Oh and Puck? You better start baking, this trip is gonna cost a lot of cupcakes."

They all picked up their stuff and filed out of the glee room. Puck watched as Kurt and Mercedes planned the mother of all shopping extravaganzas. He honestly hadn't been all that excited until Kurt had almost broken into hysterics. Something about seeing Kurt all riled up made Puck smile, and he was a little afraid of how gay that sounded But this wasn't his first gay-ish thought since he'd joined glee. Every time he saw Kurt get really happy or excited, he couldn't help but notice how cute Kurt was when he smiled, or pouted, or shook his ass to Beyonce.

He had thought it was just a phase or something, but then he started having dreams, and not the good wholesome kind. Puck dreamt of the things he could do to Kurt, the sounds the petite soprano could make. Even thinking about it now was making him a little too excited, and he had to run quickly to his car. It was the last week of November, and there was a light blanket of snow falling over McKinley. It was about fifteen degrees out there and Puck was wondering why he hadn't brought a better coat. He started the car and turned on the heater, waiting for his dirtiest thoughts to pass before trying to drive. As he drove down the street, he thought maybe he was hallucinating, but he pulled over to the side of the road.

"Kurt?" He asked the familiar figure walking in the freezing cold snow.

"Noah Puckerman." The boy said, barely acknowledging his presence. He kept walking down the street where now the snow was falling a lot more than before.

"Why the hell are you walking around out there? It's freaking sixty below zero out there!" Puck said out the window, wincing as the cold wind blew through the open window.

"My dad's busy; no one could give me a ride. I don't live that far away, therefore, walking." Kurt snapped in his diva voice.

"I can give you a ride! Get in the car." Puck said, trying to say it as nice as possible without sounding like a queer.

"My dad taught me to never get in the car when someone yells angrily 'get in the car' at you, so I formally decline your offer." Kurt said, walking on.

Puck parked the car, got out and took Kurt's arms. Kurt started to struggle when Puck held him still. "Kurt, the last thing I want you to do is get sick. I'm trying to be as sincere as possible, please let me give you a ride home."

Kurt looked into Pucks eyes and merely whispered, "Okay."