Title: A Broken Angel

Rating: PG-13

Series: Gravitation

Pairing: EirixShuichi

This is the start of my multi-chapter fic! Hooray! Don't know how well it's going to go but we'll soon see. I feel like it's cliche, but that's just me. Maybe you guys will think otherwise? And I guess cliche isn't always bad. I guess it can't be any worse than the name, but it makes sense to me. If I tell you why it makes sense it'll give it all away xP AND LOOK! IT'S NOT OURAN! IT'S A MIRACLE! .....That's not a miracle, Broccoli has 12 essential vitamins and minerals all packed into tiny green trees. Now that's a miracle! Shame on you.




"....I love you~"

Eiri sighed and rolled over to face his lover, who was had a satisfied look on his face now that he'd said what he wanted to say. He stared into his big, cheerful eyes and wanted to throw up. How could someone be so happy at this hour? He guessed that Shuichi was a special breed of human that could. Actually, he'd come to the conclusion that Shuichi wasn't human at all. He was just too damn happy all the time. Shaking his head, he rolled back over, yawning. "Okay," he said simply without an inch of emotion.

"What?!" he cried angrily, sitting on top of him, "You don't love me back?!" Shuichi couldn't believe his ears and felt very offended at his lack of caring. How could someone reply like that when their lover tells them they love you?

Eiri rolled back over so that way instead of sitting on his side he was straddling him normally, looking up at him with the same tired expression as before, "I didn't say that." Shucihi stared at him, and he stared back. Then Shuichi stared some more. He was obviously having problems understanding this. Finally the glazed over look faded and he spoke.

"Exactly, you didn't say 'I love you, too'. If someone says 'I love you' and you don't say it back it means you don't love them!" he pouted. Yes, that is a good conclusion to come to. Shuichi thought to himself, satisfied with his answer. It made perfect sense. If someone doesn't say they love you they must not. Perfect logic.

"No, it means you should already know that I love you, dumbass," he moved the hair out of Shuichi's face, which had become a mess in his frustration. He wondered sometimes why Shuichi would jump to such wild conclusions.

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't say it," he pouted some more, although he probably couldn't pout any more than he already was. Eiri knew he was angry, but he couldn't help but be extremely attracted to him when he was. He was just too cute to be taken seriously when he was mad. Shuichi was just the type who was constantly cute no matter what. He could have completely let himself go and not showered in weeks and still be somewhat attractive because his cuteness would break through his lack of hygiene.

"And why do you say that?" he asked, sitting up so they were closer. It was also getting kind of uncomfortable trying to look him in the eyes while laying down.

"Mom always said you never know what could happen, so you should always make sure you tell the one you love that you love them," he replied without missing a beat. He looked more upset than angry at this point

"Fine, I love you, happy?" he kissed his forehead, wanting to go back to sleep. The large, comfortable bed was just calling his name.

"Yep~" he got off him and laid back down. Eiri did the same, shaking his head and burying himself under the covers. He couldn't believe how easily Shuichi was satisfied, he was almost like a child. Soon after he could hear the soft breathing of Shuichi beside him, among the echoing of 'YukiYukiYukiYukiYuki' in his head, which eventually helped him drift off to sleep too.


"Yukiiiii~ I'm leaving now!" Shuichi stood in the doorway of the bedroom, staring at the black lump beneath the sheets which he assumed was the man he was addressing. The room was dark so it was hard to see anything period.

"Yea, sure, whatever," he mumbled, the lump that was his body not moving, "Bye." He sure as hell was not moving just to see him on his way to work. His body wasn't ready to function yet.

"Awe come on Yuki, don't be mad. I know it's your birthday. I promise to leave early so we can go for dinner!" he went over and peered over the side of the bed to try and meet his eyes, which was the only part of him you could see aside from the blonde hair on his head.

"Yea, sure, whatever," he said again, "I don't care."

Shuichi frowned, he wasn't having any of this. He reached up and opened the blinds, letting in bright waves of sunlight. Eiri groaned and pulled the blanket over his head, "You idiot, what did you do that for?!"

"You have to get up, sleeping beauty~" he teased him, but Eiri obviously did not get what was so funny. He tried to kick him from under the sheets, but Shuichi moved away too quickly. Shuichi then frowned and kissed his head, even though he probably couldn't feel it. He then skipped out the door and headed to work. Eiri pulled the sheets away so his face was uncovered. Although he appeared unemotional and annoyed as usual, he was pretty upset that Shuichi was leaving. "Stupid Shuichi and your stupid work...I wish you would just jump off a cliff or something," he grumbled, getting up. He slipped on his slippers and put on his glasses so he could see. Shuffling into the kitchen, he began to brew the coffee he needed before he could proceed with daily tasks. "Stupid, stupid Shuichi..." he kept saying.

Meanwhile, Shuichi, Hiro, Suguru, K and Sakano were on their way to an interview. Shuichi stared mindlessly out the window. No matter what he tried to think, his mind always reverted back to Yuki. Yuki Yuki Yuki. "Oi, lover boy, stop staring like that. You're scaring me," Hiro poked him, and Shuichi jumped a bit.

"Huh?" he replied, his eyes still slightly glazed over.

"You're completely out of it, dude. What is wrong with you?" he asked, poking him again just to be sure he had his attention.

"Ow, stop that....sorry, it's just Yuki was mad at me this morning..." he looked back out the window to the dull, rainy outside.

"And this is a surprise because...?" he asked, waiting for Shuichi to finish his sentence. It seemed he was always mad at his best friend for something or other, he couldn't understand why he still stayed with him.

"I just feel bad because I should be there today for his birthday is all..." he leaned against the window, pouting.

"Well look at it this way. We go, we do the interview, and then you can go home. If you sulk they'll just ask more questions and it'll take longer," he replied.

"'kay," he mumbled, out in lala land again. Hiro just shook his head, knowing it was pretty hopeless at this point. No matter how many times he told him to cheer up he wasn't going to listen. He just wished Shuichi would stop taking his lovers mood swings so personally, because it not only affected Shuichi but it affected him. As his friend, and his best friend at that, it made him sad to see Shuichi sad.

Once they arrived, they had no time to waste. They walked down the large hall and into the room they would be conducting the interview in. The studio audience was already starting to file in, and Shuichi had not perked up. Sakano was freaking out, "What are we going to do what are we going to do?!"

K decided he would need to take matters into his own hands and call upon his friend the AK-47. "I would cheer up if I were you~" K poked Shuichi in the head with the tip of the gun. Hiro was always amazed at how psychotic K could be with such an expression on his face. Surprisingly, however, Shuichi didn't move. "Hellooooo? -47 says cheer up or I'll shoot you!" he said, poking him harder.

"'kay," Shuichi replied in the same way he'd spoken to Hiro in the van.

"Cut it out already!" K hit him over the head with the gun.

"Okay okay! Geeze! You didn't have to hit me..." he mumbled, rubbing his head. K was then satisfied and went away as the interview began. The 'applause' light went on and the studio audience clapped.

"Today I am going to be interviewing the amazing Bad Luck. So, how have you guys been doing?" the interviewer asked with a signature smile on her face. Shuichi couldn't help but wonder if her face would be stuck that way.

"Bad," Shuichi said without even thinking about it. Actually his brain had pretty much shut down and he was sort of gliding through everything.

"Bad?" she pouted. Alright, so she could move her face, "Why's that?"

"My life is a black abyss," Shuichi replied, everyone laughed thinking he was trying to make a joke. I mean, how could you think a face like that would be emo? Nope, he was serious. Dead serious. The laughter started to fade awkwardly as people realized he wasn't joking. Sakano was about to have a heart attack.

"W....Well then, what's your favorite food?" the host was desperately trying to change the subject.

"Yuki," he mumbled. That line would be all over the internet within hours without fail.

"Well, uh...let's hear a word from our sponsors, shall we?" the host said quickly. The audience clapped without an applause light.

Hiro slapped Shuichi upside the head, "What is wrong with you?!"

"Owwww, why is everyone hitting me?" he whined, rubbing his head again.

"Because you're being an idiot! Snap out of it!" Hiro was frustrated now, mostly because he couldn't fix the broken Shuichi.

"I caaaan't! I'm too worried about Yuki, he was so upset when I left...." he started to space out again, but Hiro wasn't going to let him this time.

"Look, if you're that upset go home. We don't want you here if you're going to be an airhead," he helped him out of the egg chair he was sitting in. Shuichi just nodded, knowing it was useless to fight Hiro when he was mad. He followed him out where a taxi was waiting.

"Did you..?"

"Just get in," he opened the door for him as Shuichi hopped inside. "The taxi is already paid. Just go home and cheer up, okay?" he said to him, lightening up slightly.

Shuichi nodded as Hiro shut the door and the taxi driver drove away from the overhang. Shuichi waved and Hiro waved back at him. He looked forward and noticed it was raining extremely hard at this point, a thick sheet that you could barely see through even if you were walking. Even despite that he could still see Yuki through the rain. He stared at two raindrops on the window and watched them race down before looking forward through the front windshield. He was glad the driver was driving slow, it seemed everyone was having problems driving through the heavy rain. He didn't think he'd ever seen rain so bad before, he hoped it didn't flood. Then Yuki would be mad about his car being ruined. That, however, would be the least of his worries.


Seven o'clock. Eight o'clock. Nine o'clock. Ten o'clock. Eleven o'clock. Eiri watched the hours go by, and Shuichi still didn't show up. He was fuming by this point, figuring he'd just left him for something much more important. He knew one day it would happen, he was a famous singer after all. He must have more important things than him and he couldn't be fanboying over him forever. The second hand ticked on, but he never heard the door open. He went and scoured the fridge, annoyed. He took out some leftovers and put them into the microwave. As annoying as Shuichi was when he was there, when he wasn't it became way too quiet in the apartment. It also seemed empty, too. He leaned against the countertop as he waited for the microwave to finish. He didn't need Shuichi, he didn't need anyone. He was doing just fine on his own before Shuichi showed up. Just as the microwave beeped at him that it was finished, there was a knock at the door. He ignored it and opened the microwave instead, removing the food and going to sit on the couch to eat it. There was a second knock, but again he ignored it. He didn't want to be bothered right now and if Shuichi had the balls to be late, he could wait outside. Just as he was about to take a bite of his food the knocking on the door became frantic and neverending. He scowled and put down his food and answered the door. "What do you want?" he almost growled.

"Fine, be pissy, I won't tell you then," Hiro was the one at the door and he turned to walk away. He usually wasn't that impatient with him, which meant something was up.

"What the hell do you want?" he muttered at him, not really sure if he cared about what he had to say or not.

Hiro turned back around, he looked very tired. That was putting it in a nice way. This meant that he was in no mood for playing around. "I told you if you're going to be an ass I'm not going to tell you," he said, crossing his arms, "Why should I tell you now?"

"Because if you don't you're going to regret it," he narrowed his eyes. He'd decided he was now very curious as to why he was bothering him at such a late hour. He leaned on the doorframe, arms still crossed.

"Shuichi is in the hospital. I hope you're happy, because it's your fault."