A Sins of a Solar Empire Story

By: Firestar_9

It's a funny thing, vengeance and hatred. It's funny how one man's quest to exact revenge on those who tore his world apart can threaten to destroy those he loves, and himself.




Planet Nirkon

James's eyes flipped open, staring at the ceiling of his luxury home. Sitting up, he yawned big, touching his hand to a large scar that dominated his chest. Getting lost in his memories for a few moments, he shook his head and hopped out of bed, walking down the hallway to the calling scents of homemade breakfast.

Smiling at the sight of his ever pregnant wife, he walked up behind her, kissing her neck, wrapping his arms around her large stomach. "Hey honey" She said with a soft voice, giggling a little. "Hey baby" James replied, releasing his wife, moving to lean against the counter. "Whatcha cooking?" He asked, looking over at the large stove that was buzzing with life. She smiled. "Your favorites, after all, today is the last day of your leave before you have to ship back out" She said smiling slightly, throwing some spices onto the delicious looking food.

James frowned. "I'm sorry baby" He said quietly. "Don't you start" She said, looking at him, pointing the spatula she was holding at him. He smiled. "You have a duty to your nation, as do I, and that comes before all" She said, shaking the spatula before getting back to stirring the eggs. He shook his head, placing his hand on the bulge that was her stomach, their daughter. "No, she comes before all" He said quietly with a warm smile. His wife smiled, nodding. "Yes…I guess you are right" She said, turning the burners off and dividing the food up between them, setting them onto plates.

Taking his plate, he kissed her cheek before grabbing his fork and moving into the living room, sitting down and turning on the holo-vision.

"BREAKING NEWS!" It blared. "The enemies to the Trade Emergency Coalition, known only as the Advent, have attacked once again, leaving nothing but death and destruction in their path!" The reporter said enthusiastically. James sighed, throwing a large amount of food into his mouth, chewing slowly. "Today, the colony on planet Xenia in the Delta-6790 system was ruthlessly attacked and destroyed. This attack only proves that the Advent are getting more and more daring, attacking ever closer to the TEC capital of Earth. Only a dozen or so more planets and they will be at their destination." The reporter continued, only stressing James more.

James knew it would come to this. With the Vasari pulling back on their front, the Advent was sure to push deeper, determined to repay the TEC for their ancestors actions. James himself was the Commander of the 6th TEC fleet, his flagship, The Revenge, was a powerful Marza dreadnought. His fleet had been on the Vasari front for nearly 4 years before the 19th and 14th fleets arrived to relieve them. That was about a year ago. He was being called out to stall the advancing Advent war machine while the top dogs scrambled to call out more fleets.

The plus side was that the TEC ruled countless worlds, and they had the perfect economy for the war that has been raging for several life times now. Solid trade routes and hundreds of colonized and industrialized planets made it very easy to turn out fleet after fleet of warships. The down side, being without war for so long had made the TEC soft and their weapons at first didn't really do much to the advanced alloys and shields of the Advent. However, after such a long time, the TEC have adapted, and with the factories working around the clock, the TEC was proving more of an issue than the Advent had expected. Also, there were only a few remaining fleets that had combat experience. Yeah, having fleets being created by the dozens was nice, but when these new fleets consisted of rookie crews, they usually lost themselves, and too often ran into battle prematurely, and met their death prematurely.

Nonetheless, as the TEC fleets pushed out against the Vasari, the Advent pushed deeper into TEC territory, sweeping away the insufficient defenses aside with ease, smashing colony after colony, and now they were less than 4 months from reaching Earth. Stopping them was going to be all hell. Lives and billions of dollars worth of warships were sure to be lost, but the TEC refused to be crushed like bugs, and neither did James…