I do not own the characters of Harry Potter, these belong to that wonderful author JK Rowling and the various publishing companies used to publish her works. I am however borrowing them, no not to make money but for fun and fun only.

Summary: Mostly canon through the end of GoF and some canon through OotP. At the end of Harry's fifth year he finds out the power he knows not is with the Goblins! No Harry as Horcrux but there will be some clueless Dumbledore.



The small group huddled together as if that would keep them safe from whatever was the cave before them. They were all clad the same in long loose robes that swept the ground, long full cloaks, deep hoods and silver-white masks that covered their faces. These uniforms were designed as loose so they were easy to pull on and would help disguise the shapes of those in the robes. The hoods hid further features such as hair and the full masks made it impossible for any facial features to be seen. All had gloves too and all had wands out waiting for someone. These were death eaters and they were not very nice people, no not at all and one did not wish to meet any of them anywhere even a well lit place with lots of people.

Yet they were not as scary as the man who stood before them, he was not particularly tall but evil and power radiated off him. He was clad much the same as his death eaters but he wore no mask and had a soft woolen skull cap on his head that covered all his head but for his ears and face. His face was ugly, he had no nose only slits for nostrils, a thin nearly lipless mouth and red eyes with slits for pupils and he was as white as chalk. He turned to where two of his death eaters were dragging forward a completely naked man bound with chains his thin body bruised and his back covered in welts and cuts from a whip. He had long sallow black hair, large black eyes and a hooked nose and he was more pale than normal for him.

"Ah Severus so glad you could join us." The snake faced man, who was of course Voldemort said.

"Master please I am loyal!" Severus Snape begged, "I would not betray you!"

"How dare you lie to me!" Voldemort said.

"I swear I am not lying!" Severus said, he was of course right, as a Slytherin he had found a convenient loop hole in the pledge he had made and of course even as a spy he was telling the truth. "Please master let me prove my worth to you!"

"Throw him in." Voldemort said, "he will make great dragon food."

Severus struggled but it was no use, he was drug to the mouth of the cave and the chains were removed. He tried to turn and beg for mercy but he was kicked into the cave. There was a roar and a blood curling scream of pain then silence accept for a very loud burp. Voldemort turned to his followers and went on and on about how it was not wise to betray him and he was sure he had made his point. He was sure to make an impact on his followers for this but not the right one. He Apparated away and with a last look at the came his followers did the same.


Griphook was having a marvelous day, everything really was working out just as it should. Who knew that prophecies really did come true? As a Goblin he was a smart male, crafty and well educated like all his people he did not hold to such silly things like prophecies or soothsaying or the like such as what the silly humans did. Griphook was average in height for his race standing around three feet six inches tall, he was lean but built strong like all his race and he was clad in the Gringotts uniform, a tailcoat, waistcoat and breeches of dark brown trimmed in gold with gold stockings and brown boots he had a crisp white linen shirt with a gold cravat. As he was an important Goblin he had a large pocket watch in a pocket of his waistcoat and his long claw-like nails were very clean showing he was not of the very important mining caste but of the even more important banking caste.

Griphook was fairly skipping as he made his way to the rooms where the one who now was under his care and human though this one was he was so very important. Why he was connected to the one of the prophecy and as stated in the past by a Centaur he would be betrayed thrice before he was saved from the grasp of death. He was going to end up with great honor, not to mention great wealth because of this, his mate and children would end up held in highest esteem as well. He came on the rooms where the human was and did his best not to show what he thought of human ways of living. Really how could one not sleep on a shelf with nice soft moss stuffed in a sack with a warm fire and one's family? Why did humans need things like beds and such was beyond him.

"Madam I am glad you came, how is potions master Snape?" Griphook asked the healer, healers, even human ones did get some grudging respect from Goblins, they had never attacked healers or children or even females in the last war unlike the wizards who attacked them, he looked at the man sprawled on the bed naked, "eh not much to him is there?"

"He is very brave for what he did, he has two broken legs from a fall along with a broken arm, cracked ribs not to mention what was done to his back."

"They were not dishonorable to him where they?" Griphook asked knowing the shocking and very human habit of being perverts the lot of them!

"No, they did not goblin, now if you do not mind I have a brat to kill!" Severus snarled trying to get up.

"You stay down Severus Snape or I will stupefy you!" Madam Pomfrey snapped at him.

"Cover me up and I will think about it!" Severus snapped back, "you take too many liberties with me woman!"

Griphook gave a large sharp-toothed grin and left the room, it was true, so sometimes seers did get things right and they had this time! He had so much work to do and he made his way to his cozy office with its natural stone walls with niches carved out and lined with paper for his books, his nice metal desk and roaring fire in the stone fireplace. He hummed a Goblin tune as he wrote his letter and whistled for his owl, he tied the letter to her leg and she flew off out to deliver the letter. Oh how fun things were about to get!


Just a taste of a fun little story I am going to put up here.