Chapter 19: Ridiculous Riddle:

Bill new this class was going to be fun, normally he was not the one to teach history but today, well today this tied in with his class very well. Getting to know your enemy helped very much in war and defense and today he was going to add one more nail in the coffin of Voldemort. Harry could have killed him already but where was the fun in that? No taking away his power bit by bit was much more fun, and this blow would force Voldemort to face him. Then the world would see how pathetic and evil this man really was. The class was in the great hall and all the students were there listening to this lesson.

"So today instead of learning spells I have a treat for you." Bill Weasley said smiling, "what do you know of Tom Riddle, aka Voldemort? Yes Mr. Creevy?"

"He is an imposter, pretending to be a pureblood?" Collin replied.

"Correct, five points to Gryffindor, what else?"

"Well it's not evil but he is a Parselmouth." Flora Carrow, cousin of the infamous death eater Carrows now dead said. "Just as certain people are not evil for family names."

"I never said you were." Ron said sulkily, "I said the Carrow death eater twins were evil."

"Alright, Flora is correct, five points to Slytherin, now what else do we know?"

"Um he grew up in a muggle orphanage." Luna said.

"Yes, yes he did." Bill said.

Bill had a lot of help in finding out how Riddle had been raised at that orphanage. He assumed that Riddle had been abused and treated horribly there and that would explain why he became so evil, yet that was not the case, as an orphan in the 1930s he had as it were won the lottery. He was, like all the children well fed and cared for in a orphanage that had good strong funding. Mrs. Cole did like her gin but she did love and care for her children and hired only those who would care for the children as if they were their own. So it was all on Riddle for his evil ways, and really even if he had been abused that was no excuse to become evil.

"So anyone know how he was treated there?" Bill asked.

"He was abused of course, I mean why else would he turn so evil?" Draco said.

"Hmm, that does not excuse him, Thomas Nott was known for his evil but his father was good to him, as were many parents of known death eaters. Now he was not abused but what you need to know is that there is darkness if you will in each of us. We are tainted true with that but we can overcome it, and most do, magical and muggle alike. However there are those who are weak and wish to take the easy way out and hurt and torture all for a fleeting bit of power on this earth. Power is not evil of itself but in the wrong hands well you can see what Voldemort did, yes I said Voldemort" Bill said as his class shuttered, "and I will continue to say it as I must."

"Sir he is powerful and will kill us for you talking to us like this!" Susan Bones said from where she was seated.

"You are so very right." Came a cold voice and many students screamed in terror.

"Do you mind we are trying to have a lesson here!" Harry snapped.

He of course had planned this, the goblins had helped quite a bit, they had been so very help for Harry. Not only had they trained him to be the warrior he was to take on not only the death eaters but Voldemort himself but they had trained many of his friends too. They were tired of being treated as if they were evil and wanted that to end. Wealth was not all they wanted, they too wanted freedom and to not be stigmatized and shoved to the side of magical culture. Now what Harry had planned with the goblins was to get Voldemort here, best way to do that was to let the goblins send a statement that all his gold had been given to Hogwarts. That with the letter he had sent Riddle was sure to get the man here.

"I mean really this is a school, if you are here to learn then do take a seat, we have really good professors." Harry said trying not to smirk, "in fact we were just talking about you!"

"Yes your life history is very interesting, I had no idea you were a half blood." Severus said softly, "that would not be too bad I suppose but your mother was a squib I take it and your father was raped by your mother with love potions?"

"Ah there are children here." Lucius said by Severus, "that last probably was not good to say."

"Well it is true, your mother Tom was a very, very evil woman and you took after her I am afraid." Bill said refusing to show how scared he was of this very powerful evil wizard.

"You know Tom you are mortal now." Harry said, "it's time to give up."

Voldemort snarled and made to move to the boy but found several goblins aiming their bows and arrows at him. He really was alone, none of his death eaters had survived and he saw that Severus and Lucius stood before him well and whole and not with him! He had seen red when he got the letter stating all his Horcruxes were found and he could not make more. He know was trapped and with a jolt as he looked up at Harry he realized that he had walked into Potter's trap! He felt for the first time in his life very real fear and he backed up to leave, only to hear the great doors to the hall close behind him.

"You had such promise Tom." Dumbledore said from where he now stood at the head of the hall, "you could have been great."

"I am great!"

"Yea great at murdering, torturing and raping!" Lucius snarled glaring at Voldemort, and at the smug look he got, "you did rape, even I never stooped so low!"

"No but you gave me an enchanted diary." Ginny said icily at him.

"I said I was sorry Lady Ginny!" Lucius said.

"You tried to feed me to a dragon!" Severus snarled, "that was not nice, mostly for the dragon as I would have given that poor creature indigestion."

"Any human would have." Harry said, "now Tom you going to surrender or do I have to kill you?"

"I am going to kill you!"

"Okay I did try, you lot heard me right?" Harry said to the hall and the students nodded," right then if you could all step to the walls where you will be put under protection, great thank you, now Tom we bow then duel."

"Very well but you will die today!" Voldemort hissed.

"Oh please." Harry said, "I do wish you would take your death seriously."

"Someone call for me?" Sirius called from where he stood.

"Shut it Black!" Severus snapped.

Harry hummed the French national anthem in tribute to the fact that Voldemort had used well French for his name and to be funny. The battle began and it was a very violent, horrible and awesome battle. Dumbledore was in awe at the skill Harry showed and that was saying something as he was so very powerful himself. The goblins just grinned and watched their mage fight off Voldemort man to er thing creature, or whatever Voldemort was.

The battle was awesome and went on for over an hour, spells, weapons, and the like went through the air leaving everyone speechless at the level of power Harry had. Finally though the end had to come and it did, Harry simply took out a muggle revolver and with a smirk shot Voldemort in the gut , he did not deserve an honorable wizard's death by wand or sword, this was the best way to take him out. Voldemort gasped and put a hand to his stomach and held it up looking at the nearly black blood on his hands. This gave Harry the perfect chance to shoot him in the head between the eyes. Voldemort fell slowly to the floor well and truly dead and gone.

"So he is dead?" Someone said.

"Yea he is dead." Draco said walking up and kicking the dead body, "he really was ugly, father why did you serve this thing?"

"Ah he was not always that ugly." Lucius said, "I think I was rather mad, really."

"Why a muggle gun though Potter?" Draco asked.

"Oh well he did not deserve the honor of a death by wand." Harry said, "besides Griphook gave it to me, said I would find a use for it."

"Figures, well all I can say is well done Harry." Severus said looking at the dead body of Voldemort and wondering if he could use him in any potions, or not, no he did not need that kind of evil in any potions he made, "what next for this thing?"

"I say we take this thing outside and let the dragons get rid of him, you know burn him to a crisp." Harry said, "now I am hungry, I would like some treacle tart." At once an elf brought him one and he started in on it, "I love magic, I love elves and I love Ginny Weasley!"

Harry was giddy with his win and he finished off his treacle and walked up to Ginny. There in the great hall, in front of everyone he kissed her nearly causing her to swoon. Cheers went up around the hall and Harry caught Severus's eyes and saw him lift an eyebrow as he grinned at him. He was not pleased when Harry actually hugged him but he allowed it, just this once. After all it was not everyday that one got to see an evil dark lord killed off.


Okay I had Harry kill him in such a muggle way, but really it is fitting. I mean he did spend a long time dueling him then to add insult to all he had done with setting this up he shot Voldemort. Really the greatest insult and exactly what Riddle deserved.