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Amy and the Beast - Chapter 10

And then the last petal fell...

Amy felt something move under her. What was it? The only thing that was under her was Ian's lifeless body. So why was it...?

Amy jerked up. If he was moving...Was it possible that he was still alive? But then she realized, he wasn't really moving. His body was somehow being lifted up and into the night...It looked so limp, floating up there...Why was it floating? Who was doing this? Amy simply didn't understand it. This new set of events was frightening her. She backed away until she felt the balcony rails at her back.

Ian's body suddenly started changing. The fur started to shrink away. The horns disappeared, and his large teeth grew visibly smaller. That wasn't the only thing that shrunk- So did his entire body frame! His body started glowing slightly, too.

What was happening to Amy's beloved Beast? Now, coming slowly back down, was the body of a man. His skin was darker toned, almost like cinnamon, and his hair was black. She couldn't study his eyes, as they were closed. Amy wondered if this was Ian...But why would the spell end? Why would he be turned back now, if he was dead?

Unless he wasn't dead.

The body fell to the ground, and Amy heard a grunt. She tried to back away further, but couldn't. If this wasn't Ian...Well, in an enchanted castle, anything was possible, wasn't it?

The man slowly pushed himself up, and finally managed to stand, studying his hands and feeling his face, as if he had never seen anything like it before. He fingered his tattered clothing for a bit, with a slight look of disgust, but then he chose to ignore it. Instead, his eyes searched around him, and then he saw her.

"Amy!" he cried.

Amy flinched. His voice was similar to Ian's, but...More human, actually.

"...Amy?" the man asked, hesitant. "Don't you recognize me? It's only me, Ian."

Amy studied the man's face. She had never seen Ian in a human form...How could she be sure that this was him? Then she remembered. His eyes. She would never forget his eyes. And they would stay the same, wouldn't they?

Hesitantly and slowly, Amy stood up. She took a few steps towards the man, who stood there, arms wide. He didn't move as she came closer, knowing that she was afraid. Instead, he just watched her.

Finally, she was close enough to make out his eyes. Amy stopped and gasped. There they were. Amber, so full of emotion, it was hard to think of anything when you looked at them.

"It is you," she murmured, while a small smile started to creep onto her face.

Ian smiled as well. "Of course it is. Amy...You did it! You broke the spell."

Amy blushed from his praise, but Ian just swept Amy up in a hug, holding her tight.

"Amy," he said into her hair. He could hardly believe it! How had she done it? He thought he was dead for sure, but...If he was human again...That mean that she loved him.

Well, that was good enough for him. Without another word, he lifted up Amy's chin gently with his hand, and kissed her.

- - -

Natalie huffed. "I cannot believe it. Are all of my dresses ruined?"

Hope sighed. "I'm afraid so, miss. Don't worry, I will try to find something suitable enough for you presently. Please be patient."

Natalie crossed her arms, scowling. "You had better find something good."

"Oh, look, miss! I found one! And it fits you perfectly!"

"How do you know? I'm not even wearing it!"

"Trust me, it will fit. Put it on."

Natalie wanted to complain more, but she did as Hope said.

It was strange, having her body again. Sure, she had still been in her regular form before, just on the back of a brush. But it still felt...different. She slipped the dress on, and looked at herself in a full length mirror. Well, it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't nearly as fancy as she wanted it to be. At least it was pink, faded as it was...

A knock came at the door, and then a voice.

"Nat! Hope! Yo! We're BAAAAAAACK!!!"

Natalie made a face. "Oh, grow up, Jonah."

Jonah didn't seem to hear her, because he ran down the hall, looking for Nellie. Life was sweet again.

- - -

Ian led Amy through the castle, which didn't seem so dark and dreary anymore. Every time he saw one of his servants, he smiled and laughed with joy, giving them a hug. Amy herself had never been happier. As Ian and Amy rounded one corner, they saw Jonah and Natalie arguing in the hall.

"I gotta' find her! Nells! Where are ya?!"

"Stop that! We need to get you out of here. Finally, I will get away from your incessant jabbering!"

"Jonah! Natalie!" Ian cried, running up to them and giving each of them a hug. Jonah stood there awkwardly, then shook his head and left to find Nellie, muttering about 'some strange dude'. Natalie's eyes bulged as she was enveloped, and she cringed.

"Let. Go. Of. Me," she said, disgust clearly written on her face.

Ian laughed, letting her go. "Natalie, do you know where–"

Ian was cut off by Amy and Irina's cries of joy as they hugged.

"Irina! I can't believe it!"

"Believe it, child. Oh, we are back! Thank you!"

Ian and Amy spent the next while hugging, laughing, smiling and talking with everyone. But it soon had to come to an end, for there was much to do.

It took a lot of effort to make sure everything was under control, and it would take several days. Ian would be stuck in his office, the West Wing, for most of the time. Amy asked him what she could do to help, and he assured her that she shouldn't have to worry about anything, but in the meantime, go back and take care of her father. Amy agreed, if a little sadly, and hurried back to town on Grace. Amy then spent most of her time explaining everything to her father. Reagan and Madison didn't really care to help Amy that much, but instead chose to explore the world. Amy didn't mind. She wished good luck to them both, and then the long days began.

She was absolutely itching to get back to Ian. It had only been recently that the spell had been broken, after all, and that meant that he loved her, and that she loved him. She knew that, and she knew Ian must know that. They hadn't had very much time alone since their reunion with the servants. Almost none.

Arthur could sense his daughter's anxiety. "Go see him," he urged her. "I am fine."

But Amy shook her head, as much as she wished she could agree. "No, papa! You are not fine. Just look at yourself!" Arthur did so, and had to nod. He certainly didn't look very appealing. "Once you are well again, I will take you back to the castle, and then you can live with Ian and me! You will love it. There is a huge library, wonderful gardens, and you will just love Irina's cooking! And Nikolai- Oh, that cute little boy!"

"Amy, you've told me everything about this castle over and over," Arthur chuckled. "Do not worry, I am as anxious as you to go."

Amy couldn't help smiling at her father's comforting words, and the conversation ended there. But it wasn't until exactly two weeks after the spell had been broken that she could return to the castle.

- - -

Ian sighed. When he had imagined the curse being lifted (yes, he had imagined it,) he had definitely not pictured this. He was stuck in his office most of the time, putting everything back into order. This wasn't exactly a fairy tale. Everything didn't happen in the blink of an eye. He couldn't even begin to list everything he had to do...

And the fact that he missed Amy didn't help it. He had found the mirror on the balcony the day she had left. He kept it with him all the time now, and had to force himself not to use it every second of the day.

Ian put his head in his hands. He wished Amy's father would get better faster...


Ian looked up. There stood Amy in the door way, slightly breathless.

"Amy," Ian smiled. He stood up, crossed the room, and the two embraced.

"I can hardly believe it. I'm finally back," she said.

Ian ran a hand through Amy's hair. "Thank goodness...Is your father alright?" he asked.

Amy nodded. "That's why I'm here. I brought him. We're staying for good this time," she told him firmly.

"About time," Ian said before he kissed Amy for the second time in his life.


- - -

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