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Chapter song: Where Is My Mind by Yoav


I looked at my father with tears in my eyes. " Please," was all I whispered. He looked right through me, and signaled to the men behind me. I ran forward and launched myself at his feet wrapping my arms around his legs and holding on for dear life. " No dad, please no!" I sobbed. I could feel the vibrations on the wooden floor boards as the men's heavy boot covered feet stomped there way over to me.

" Please daddy please!" I cried harder. The men grabbed each of my arms and pried me off my father. One of the men took hold of both my arms and pulled them behind my back as the other walked up to my father and began counting money and proceeded to give it to him. I cried harder as the man behind me tighten his hold when I tried to struggle against him. I racked my brain trying to remember any self defense lessons Charlie had taught me when I was younger.

" Now Bells if any of these boys around here try to get fresh with you I want you to know how to protect your self." Charlie said sternly. I nodded not knowing why I really had to learn. I mean with the chief of police as your father you would think I would be pretty darn safe.

" Good now if someone pushes you…." he pushed me but before he could remove his hand I grabbed it and twisted not enough to hurt him just enough to show an example. He nodded his head in approval. He walked around me stopping behind me.

" if some one has you in a head lock…" he grabbed my arms and raised them above my head. I twisted myself around but he didn't let up so I pretended to stomp on his foot then his crotch then twisted again and slammed my palm up his nose. He smiled at me.

" That's my girl."

I snapped my head back hitting the man in the nose satisfied when I heard a crunch. I quickly stomped on the man's foot and elbowed him in the crotch. He let go of me and doubled over in pain. I didn't waste a second as I ran for the door throwing it open and threw my self through it and into the cold November air. My feet were bare and I was wearing my pajamas which consisted of sweets and a tank top.

" Stop her you idiots she's getting away!" I heard Charlie bellow at the men. I ran faster the adrenalin pumping through my veins.

Please oh please

I kept chanting I had no idea where I was running until I saw the familiar lights of the police station. I pushed my self harder feeling as though my heart were going to explode. My feet where numb and so where my face and arms. But I didn't have it me to care as the lights of the police station grew more pronounced.

I felt a small smile tugging at the corner of my lips as I grew closer.

Almost there keep going Bella keep moving your almost there!

I shouted at my self. I was two blocks away, just two; when something took hold of me picking me off the ground.

"No! Help someone help me!" I screamed trying to kick the person holding me.

" Felix, shut her up before she wakes up the whole god damn neighbor hood!" an other one shouted from some where behind me. The man holding me- Felix- grunted and then I felt something poke my upper arm.

" Oww," I half sobbed half screamed. Then an eerie calm came over me, it was if I was still panicking but my body didn't want to acknowledge it.

I slumped in Felix's arms.

" There that's better." I vaguely heard the other man say. I could barley hear anything but my own breathing it was like I was watching and hearing everything from under water.

"help me get her into the car." suddenly I was lying some where soft and warm.

" It was nice doing business with you Mr. Swan. Would you like to say goodbye?" I had barley enough energy to move my head to see who was talking it was Felix. I looked back at Charlie and he was staring at me but not really seeing me. He shook his head and steeped back away from them, us, me.

" Very well." the other grunted slamming my door shut. I few seconds later two other doors followed. I looked up at the sky and noticed that there was a full moon out today. I felt my eyes drooping closed and then I was enfolded in

Complete and utter darkness.


" You know something Demetri, out off all the pick ups we've done this one

really did feel like the worst." Felix sighed looking back at he beautiful girl.

" Is it cause you got kicked in the balls." Demetri laughed.

" No, she just really did break my heart." Felix grumbled.

" Are you going soft on me?" Demetri asked seriously. Felix shrugged.

" Hey!" Demetri called. Felix lifted his head and stared and Demitri in annoyance. " don't go getting feelings for this girl it what will bring you nothing but heart ace." Demetri said sourly. Felix nodded feeling sorry for his friend and his forbidden lover Heidi.

" Naw don't worry it wont happen." Felix assured himself more than his friend and Demitri knew his friend was doomed.

hey guys sorry for the long wait. but i wasnt really happy with the way it was coming along so i decided to re write most of it hopefully it's better.