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James dragged me from the room, practically carrying me by my arm. I debated whether to ask him where we were headed, but was afraid of his answer. We passed another room with nude women only the lighting in this room was different. It had neon lights flashing and the women were in plastic cages in the wall. It was some erotic- less grotesque but on less freighting- version of Amityville horror, where the main character has hallucinations of fighting beings. I shut my eyes tightly praying that this was all some bad dream or at the very least a hallucination, maybe Charlie had hit me too hard in the head this time. Maybe I was suffering from brain damage and was stuck in some alternative universe like that one movie I had rented it on a lonely Friday night, Sucker Punch. A hard yank on my arm brought me face to face with a smirking James.

"Can't wait to get started?" he snickered. I resisted the urge to shy away like I would have done with Charlie. Instead I did what I so many times imagined doing Charlie. I spat at him.

He let out an enraged roar and raised his hand to strike. This time I did shy away, flinching violently at what was sure to be a painful blow. But nothing happened. There was no pain. Before I could get my hopes up that it was all in fact a dream and that the terror of being struck had shocked me out of my dream state a voice rang out.

"Enough James." He hadn't raised his voice but the authority with which he spoke was enough to freeze James for a split second. I was too afraid to let James out of my sight for a second. He lowered his hand to his face, gathered the saliva coating him and once it was on his fingers he licked them one by one.

"Delicious." His smile sent chills down my spine, for it was not meant to be comforting or even sarcastic, but a promise that he would get more out of me than I would ever willingly give him. James was yanked back viciously by the man who had saved me. I gasped when I saw the man's face. It was the man that had taken me from my …home? No it was never a home Charlie always made sure I knew that but at least it was familiar.

"I said stop. Or would you like me to tell Victoria what you did?" he hissed pushing James in the opposite direction from where we were headed.

"Clean her up!" James barked. "Oh, and careful, she's a kicker." He through over his shoulder as he walked away. The man grumbled something under his breath as he led me toward a metal door at the end of the hall. I stopped short tripping him in the process, and began hyperventilating. I couldn't handle the suspense on what was behind the metal door. Was it another room? Was it more disgusting than the rest was that why is behind a metal door? Did they expect me to… work?

"Its okay sweetheart, no one's goanna hurt you." His voice was smooth but rough at the same time. His gaze landed on my shoulder. Good let him see what he'd brought me to. He reached for my hand and I yanked it away. He stepped closer as I took a couple steps back until my back hit the hallway wall.

My vision blurred. I knew it wouldn't matter what I said or did but I had to something so I begged.

"Please, please just let me go." He smiled it wasn't sad or reassuring or even happy. Just a smile as if there was a lull in the conversation and there was nothing else to but smile at one another.

"Demetri." I looked up at him puzzled. I pleaded for my life and my abductor tells me his name? I felt my face harden. I will not give him the satisfaction of being addressed properly.

"No." I shook my head at him. He tilted his head in question. "Kidnapper, soulless, heartless, take your pick but I will not call you by your name."

"Why?" it wasn't an accusing question, but more of bewildered curiosity. I didn't dignify him with an answer just stared at him trying to portray my disgust for this human being. He stepped closer and I braced myself for some sort of attack. But instead he gestured toward the metal door.

"They're the showers. "There are some of your fellow…" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the absurdity of this man trying to find a justifiable name for the women who were here. He swallowed uncomfortably and continued. "They will help you clean and dress." When I didn't move. He let out a frustrated sigh and through me over his shoulder so quickly I didn't have time to even gasp. He opened the door and set me on my feet softly so I was face to face with him. I barely noticed the temperature change of the floor. He looked over my shoulder and I was tempted to do the same. I decided against it for fear of what I might see. Suddenly he gripped my shoulders, looking me strait in the eyes.

"Don't fight them." He whispered urgently. Now I really wanted to turn around to see what I would be facing. He let go and swiftly exited the door.

"Poor little lamb." I turned to face the owner of the voice and was met with three beautiful girls, two brunettes and one blonde they were all wearing modest clothing; jeans and a t-shirt. One brunette had her hair in a high pony tail while the other too wore their hair loose. The blonde who had spoken before spoke up again. "Don't worry we'll teach you to be a lion."

I looked around the room franticly searching for an exit. The room was big with a metal table in the corner and what looked to be a desk pushed up against the wall. The room was covered with white tiles and a dent in the middle of the floor were a drain sat.

It's just a big washroom nothing to be afraid of.

The florescent lighting which should have brought comfort, because at least I could see what was happening clearly, only gave the room an eerie feeling. Like the calm before the storm.

"Strip." The pony tail wearing brunette uttered, gesturing toward my clothes. None of them were being rude or nice. More like they wanted to get this very unpleasant moment over with. When I didn't move she moved toward me. I tried to back away but my feet didn't move (frozen in shock), but I still leaned back causing my upper body to fall backward and slam against the metal door, its handle digging into my back. Faster than I thought humanly possible she reached me and yanked down my top, it gave easily since James had cut it to brand me. I cried out when it fell around me exposing my still developing body and let out a squeal when she pulled my sweats along with my panties down my legs. I quickly tried to pull them back up but the blonde girl held my arms and hauled me away from my discarded clothes. She was bigger and stronger than me. When I struggle against her grip, her nails dug into my shoulders, her right claw coming dangerously close to my new wound.

"I don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have too." She said. She continued to tow me until I was standing on top of the drain in the middle of the room. I covered my breasts with my arms as She backed away and went to stand with the other girls. I noticed the brunette held a gardening hose in her hand.

"All girls are required to bathe this way their first time." The pony tail wearing brunette said turning to start the water, her hand dipped under a few times to test the water before she pointed it at me and began to hose me down.

I wanted to ask why the girls had to bathe this way their first time but I quickly dismissed the thought it didn't matter there reasoning's meant nothing. The blonde grabbed a luffa, lathered it up with soap and began to wash me being careful not to scrub my burn. There in the silence with only the noise of water running I snapped. Everything Charlie had done, what I was expected to in this horrible place, what has already been done to me, the humiliation of having three grown women bathing me. My heart thud in my chest and tears blurred my vision as I let out a scream.

"Leave me alone!" I tore myself away from the girl scrubbing me. The other two continued with their job not even flinching.

"Stop, please just let me go!" I begged, falling to my knees. My hands still covering my breasts. My blonde took a shaky breath but continued to try to scrub me. I kept dogging her advances until she got fed up and slapped me. Hard. I cried harder as the stinging pain traveled alongside my face, from my ear to my mouth. But I didn't stop thrashing or yelling at them.

"What did I do? Leave me alone!" no one paid attention just continued to scrub and hose me down. I let my body slump to the ground and just laid there, begging for any form of compassion.

No one spoke as the blonde handed me a hospital gown and led me over to a metal table in the corner.

"Sit and spread your legs." I didn't move, anyway of making their job any harder was a victory for me. She rolled her eyes and pulled me over to the table shoving me on it.

"Don't," she warned when I made a motion to get up. "Like I said I don't want to hurt you but I will. Better you than I." she muttered. I closed my eyes when I felt my eyes water. One of the girls pulled my legs apart and put them in harnesses that were connected to the table.

"Don't move, the doctor will be here in a bit." All three left the room.

The silence was deafening. Why couldn't they have just killed Charlie and take whatever money he owed them or forced it out of him? Maybe he put me down as insurance. The thought had me laughing in hysteria. He put me down as payment, like you'd put down your house for insurance he put down a human being; his own daughter.

Did he even think before he did anything or was it just a spur of the moment decision? He'd been a good father at one point, he'd taken me fishing with him when Renee was in one of her moods, and he'd teach me self-defense on his days off, or taking me to get ice cream. So many things that had kept me grounded all these years, from leaving or calling child protective services. I'd rationalize his behavior; It's Tuesday, him and mom would go out for a walk every Tuesday, or it's the weekend we'd always make a family day out of our Saturdays together, or he had a rough day at work, this isn't him. That was all just one big fat lie. The fact of the matter is Charlie stopped being my loving father and became a shallow man, filled with hate and resentment toward the women who I resembled physically only. Where she was erratic and wild and disloyal; I was stable and loyal to fault, I mean look at where no reporting Charlie had lead me. But still I couldn't find it in me to hate the man I once consider the worlds greatest dad. No I hated the world's most irresponsible wife and mother, Renée. Of course not all the fault was on her. I had to take into consideration that Charlie is in charge of his actions he chose to drink to dull the pain. He chose to treat me such a way. He chose to gamble with no money to repay it. He chose, like a coward, to let strange men take me so he wouldn't have to pay for his mistakes. But no I still couldn't hate him. Maybe latter when the reality of my situation sunk in. Maybe then I could muster up enough anger to hate him.

The door swinging open snapped me out of my thoughts. An older man walked in accompanied by my captor. The man wore normal clothes, jeans and a t shirt, only he had a brief case in his hand. I tried sitting up onto my elbows and pulling my gown down but the man reached out to me and pushed me back down. My captor stood by the door watching the man closely.

"Stay." He said, setting his brief case down on the make shift desk beside me and opened it. He pulled out a pair of white gloves and slipped them on to his hands. My legs were still spread wide and the strange man was now in between them. I could feel all the blood leave my face. I began to squirm out of the harnesses holding my legs apart, panic once again bubbling up in me.

"Don't touch me!" I cried out.

"Sit still, and this might not hurt." He said pulling out another object from his bag. I caught a glimpse of shiny mental before it was out of my sight again. "I'm Doctor Birdy," he continued to take out objects from his bag and set them on the table out of my sight. "I'm here to see in what condition you're in."

"Condition?" I asked still trying to close my legs. I didn't care if this man was a doctor, he was still a stranger and all the encounter I've had with stranger so far have not been good, I didn't want him anywhere near me.

"Whether you're a virgin or not." He sighed as if it should have been obvious. He looked up at me for the first time and gave me a sympathetic smile. "This may be a little cold." Before I had time to question him something freezing touched me. I jumped and let out a muffled scream. My hands gripped the table so hard I was sure they'd be forever bent in that shape. From the corner of my eye I could see my captor move closer. I wanted to yell at him to stay back that I already had one stranger looking at my private part I didn't need two, but a painful stretching sensation kept me silent. I could feel tears leak out of the corner of my eyes and noticed I'd shut them when the stretching worsened.

"Ow." I whimpered. I tried to pull myself away from the pain but it just followed.

"Stay still." He muttered. A few seconds later and the pain was gone. "She's a virgin and she looks pretty healthy, of course without the proper equipment I can't tell, and I doubt she'd let me give her a physical."

"My employer said she had type two diabetes." My captor's voice, much closer now, had my eyes snapping open in a millisecond. He was standing by my side looking down at my hand as if he wanted to hold it to comfort me, as if that would fix everything.

Ha fat chance

Just to prove a point I yanked my feet down from the harnesses non to gracefully and sat up on the table crossing my legs and glaring at them both. He averted his eyes and looked toward the doctor. "She sent out one of the men to go get her the proper medicine but he needs a prescription." He continued.

"Yes, well what class?" It took me a moment to realize the doctor was talking to me. I contemplated not answering but decided against it. I didn't want to go into shock without my medication, especially in this horrible place.

"Class A." I muttered. The doctor nodded and pulled out a note pad from his brief case of horrors. He scribbled something down then ripped it out and handed in to my captor.

"Don't lose that." He warned him. With one last sympathetic look the doctor exited the room leaving my captor and me alone. I jumped off the table and slipped on the tile floor, but before I could land on my back I felt strong arms haul me up. My first instinct was to say thank you, but quickly bit my lip to stop myself and roughly pushed his hands away. He let out a harsh breath.

"You could be a little more corporative." He muttered walking toward the door. Once he reached it he turned sharply to stare at me. "Well?"

"I'm not going anywhere with you!" I hissed. He rolled his head and shoulders and then resumed staring at me.

"Do you want to stay here?" he asked seriously. I glanced around the room again and shuddered, no I most certainly did not want to stay here. Reluctantly my feet began to shuffle toward him.

He led me through more twisting dimly lit hallways. I tried to keep track of how many turns we made and stairs we climbed but lost count after a while. We didn't pass anymore "clients", although we did go through a hallway with many doors, where my captor had covered my ears against my almost violent protests. "Some things aren't so good for the ears." was all the explanation I received. After what felt like an hour we finally stopped outside a large wooden door. He pulled out a very antique looking key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He pushed it open wider for me to enter first. I didn't want to but I knew if I didn't he would just push me anyway. I took a deep breath and walked in. The room was about the size of mine back at Charlie's house. There was a full sized bed cover in a red comforter, in the corner there was a bare vanity and on the other side of the room stood a large wardrobe. The room itself was painted cherry red, with two wall lights on either side of the bed.

"This is your room." He spoke softly as to not startle me. I didn't acknowledge him but when he didn't leave I turned to look at him.

"Aro, our boss will be here tomorrow to evaluate all the new girls, and uh … put a price on you." I gritted my teeth together and balled my hands into fists.

"Don't worry he's nice, just don't cross him." He said seriously. "Um, goodnight." He shut the door and I was left alone.

My room.

All the crap I've been going through all resulted to being kidnapped. How long was I supposed to be here? Not long I hope. I have to go back to school, I've got to retain my good grades. I don't want to lose my title of number one in our class, at this rate I would be valedictorian by the time we graduate. I sat on the bad and it sunk in comfortably, I absentmindedly ran my hand up and down the fabric of the comforter. It was soft and cool and inviting and I was so tired.

Maybe if I rest my head for just a second, I'll be more alert and I can begin to plan my escape.


Dear diary,

I have never had a diary before, but I think I'm going to need you. This place is an abomination. It is a hell of the cruelest kind. Where the people who were here were not here of their own, but forced. Where the women were the souls lost and the men were the demons telling them to give in…to give up. And then they begin to think maybe it would be easier to give in to enjoy and well as please. To become the monsters themselves to turn the men that perused them into obedient dogs, to get them addicted to the thrill of the impossible chase. To get them jealous enough for their minds to never stop thinking of the other men touching, kissing, and loving what they believed was theirs. Until they went crazy with thoughts of owning them completely. Then and only then would the lost souls find there peace if only for a moment. A victory they believe. But what good is that? It's like the lion telling the mouse I'll save you from the vulture who will rip you to shreds but in return you must live in my belly forever. What's the difference it'll die all the same? Is that our fate? To go from one prison to another. And then I think of what Victoria said." Isn't a little suffering worth it? If it means survival? If it means you get to live?" But it's not living, it's existing. And I rather die than live just to exist.

Edward closed the diary and laid it gently back in her drawer. He laid down next to his beautiful swan and held her tightly.

"But with me you won't just exist you'll be free to live and love, my little sawn" Edward swallowed hard squeezing her body to him. "And if you chose to live and love free of me, you will have that to." He kissed her temple and fell into a dreamless sleep not aware of the tears that rolled down his little swan's cheeks. She turned after a few minutes of silence making sure he was truly asleep and kissed his lips.

" I chose you, always and forever."