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A/N okay so I wrote this for a friend. It is not my usually kind of story! Let us just say I will be beet red before I am done. Since I do not say the words, it will be interesting trying to write them.

Major smut and vulgarity!! Readers beware!!

Dreaming of Edward

Chapter 1

Oh my god, I just had the most erotic dream of my life. You know, of course, the star had to be the one and only Edward Cullen. I cannot say why, since I have only seen him a few times in school and once he stared like he wanted me dead. It was my first day in Biology, when I walked into the room, he froze in his seat covering his nose and mouth. He looked at me like I was the most disgusting thing he had ever saw or smelled for that matter. He really looked at me like I was the Devil incarnate. For the entire class, I could feel him staring at me like he wanted to kill me. That was before he bolted out of the door the moment the bell rang. At first I thought it couldn't be me, but that was, of course, until I tried to return my signed sheet to the office. He was there, trying to get out of our biology class. He wasn't too happy when the secretary said; he would have to remain in the class.

He practically knocked me over trying to get out of the door so quickly.

So why in the hell am I dreaming about him? I don't know, it could be because he's absolutely gorgeous and looks like a Greek God. I awoke, jerking up in bed because I actually felt that he was really here, but that was until I turned on the light seeing nothing. Boy do I need to seriously get a grip! I just cannot get that dream out of my head or soaking wet panties. Figuring there was only one way to accomplish it, I decided to lie back down and wait for sleep to take me, but I just kept seeing the dream repeatedly.

I was sleeping in my bed when I opened my eyes to find Edward standing over me watching me sleep. He froze when he saw I was awake and like a lioness in heat, I pounced on him by grabbing his black tee shirt by the collar dragging him into my bed directly on top of me. God his rock hard body felt so good. I wanted to touch him everywhere. Yeah I said it, everywhere. I could see he was afraid to touch me and I was taking any of his shit. I crushed my mouth onto his and when he gasped, I slipped my tongue into his mouth, finding his tongue doing the same. Yes! Tonsil hockey! Score!

All I could think was 'way too much clothing on this boy.' I felt him shudder when I started grabbing the hem of his shirt and sliding it up as my hands skimmed his sides. I think he caught on because he decided to help me out and had his shirt off in one fluid motion. Was his chest ripped or what! His nipples were so hard that I couldn't help but pinch them which caused him to moan in my mouth. This sent me into such a frenzy that I needed him to touch me, NOW!

"Touch me Edward, please." I was begging, but didn't care.

"Oh… Bella you taste so good." He breathed out onto my neck while kissing it.

However, when he started grinding his hard cock against my pussy, I could not help doing the same. God I wanted him inside me so bad and I was sure he could feel my pussy throbbing, wet and waiting for him. I rolled over as I struggled to get my own shirt off, but with a little help from Edward, it was easily tossed aside. Well, I must say, that sitting with my legs straddling his hips I found it so much easier to rub my soaked panties against his granite hard dick and it felt so good. I leaned down to give him long passion filled kisses while he fiddled with my pink lace bra; I think he broke it when it would not comply. I waited, but he just stared at my breast. I did not want starring, I wanted action. What is a girl to do? Well, I was not waiting for him, so I grabbed both his hands in mine and showed him what I wanted. He caught on quickly and before I knew it, I was panting and every time he pinched my nipples, I moaned loudly. God he was driving me crazy! This time he rolled me over; I guess he wanted to be the top dog.

"Bella you are so beautiful!" He grunted out.

"Edward! Help Me." I practically shrieked as I tugged on his jeans button.

"Oh god Bella, you've got me so hard it hurts." He moaned out as he undid his pants and started helping me slide them down.

That was all I need to hear, I used my feet to push his pants off and onto the floor. Then he turned his attention to my panties that were definitely in the way. Licking and kissing his way down my abdomen until he reached them, just pausing briefly to inhale deeply before slipping his fingers around them and teasingly slow sliding them down my thighs. I really thought I would lose it right there and then.

He continued to kiss my thighs, but this time moving upward until he reach my pussy which was soaking wet and begging for him. When he started licking my pussy, I tangled my hands into his hair guiding him to where it felt good. He surprised me when he slid his tongue inside me and I felt myself clench around his smooth tongue. Man, he had my hips swaying and bucking, before I even registered I was moving. It only took a few minutes with his tongue before I couldn't keep myself together.

"Cum for me Bella."

"Edward I cuming baby!" I shouted and became undone.

When he slid his body up mine, I got to see his eyes for the first time and they were pitch black with hunger. I slid my hand down his stomach until I found his cock; eagerly I took hold of it and started massaging it. I was sure he liked it because he started thrusting into my hand. Well, listening to him grunt had me heated all over again.

"Bella please, love, he wants you to touch him so badly."

"Say it out loud Edward." Ask and your wish will be granted.

"Suck on me, please!" He begged.

I was definitely granting that wish. He did not wait for me to flip him this time as he scooted up the bed so his back was against the headboard. I stroked him until I was in position. Oh my god, he is huge! Starting slow, I started licking him like a lollypop until I reached the top, where his juices were already leaking out. I ran small circles around the tip. He tasted so good. I did not hesitate to take him into my mouth, sucking softly at first as I got use to how big he was. I looked up just in time to see him moan. He acted like this was his first time doing this, right as if. I am the virgin here. RIGHT? I was growing more confident and was suckling harder and harder until, all of sudden he jerked away from me grabbing and pulling me up so I straddled him. I couldn't help but whimper at the loss. I felt like a kid who just had her favorite lollypop pulled away. I knew my face showed I was hurt. Did I do it wrong?

"I'm sorry if I…" was all I could choke out before he cut me off.

"No love, don't be hurt. You were sucking so well, but I just want to be inside you so bad."

Just hearing him say that had my hips moving as I crushed my lips to his again. As he grabbed my hips and showed me how to grind against him, I found myself becoming breathless from panting so hard. This was it! This is where it was finally going to happen.

"Edward... please be gentile this is my first time."

"I will baby girl, I will." He panted out.

Was all he said before he guided himself into me very slowly. I don't know how he even fit in me to be honest. We both knew when he reached my barrier.

"I'm sorry!"

He said before he made one quick thrust, he paused again. Okay, can you say ouch! Yeah there goes my cherry. The pain passed quickly as he waited for me to move. Soon we were both bucking and panting as if our lives depended on it. Every time he pushed into me, I was begging him for more.

"Oohhh… Bella you're so fucking tight!" He ground out between his clenched teeth.

"Harder, Edward, faster please."

"Your wish is my command." He grunted as he did as I asked.


"BELLA! I'm CUMING!" He screamed out.

And with three more thrusts, we were cuming together in perfect rhythm with our breathing.

Yeah it was a nice dream while it lasted. Dreams like this are like Chinese food you're full for a minute and then hungry again an hour later. What was this guy doing to me!