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Dreaming of Edward

Chapter 17 - The Epilogue

Edward's POV

As I stood my ground and awaited my fate, the song Kryptonite played in my thoughts. Mainly because the stunning creature walking my way was my kryptonite. Did she even know she was the one thing that could hurt me in this world? Probably not.

Bella slowly made her way to my side for the beginning of our forever. What started out so unconventionally, ended so perfectly. The only woman to ever captivate my mind, body, and soul had agreed to spend an eternity with me.

It was two years from the first night in her room. Our son Masen was the pride and joy to the entire family. He filled voids that had been festering for over a century for most of us and longer for others.

Carlisle and Esme were the picturesque grandparents. Esme's love for her grandson knew no bounds. Bella smiled at Masen as he sat between my parents.

Because of his rapid growth, we moved from Forks six months after his birth. Since then, we have moved every six months to keep anyone from catching on. Looking at him at the age of two years old, he could have easily passed for a ten year old. The bright spot was his rapid growth was slowing so Carlisle estimated he would stop aging at the age of six years old.

Taking her hand from Charlie, I nodded when he asked, "Take care of her."

When the preacher started his greeting, I walked down memory lane as I stared into Bella's golden irises.

The first few months of Bella and my relationship flashed by in a blur. The moment her lips touched mine, I was beyond addicted. To this very day, I can still feel the tingle that sparked the rollercoaster ride of my life. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat just to have her.

Remembering the confusion I felt when Carlisle told me of her condition and pregnancy would not dampen my spirits on that day. Even though I thought it was impossible, I believed Masen was mine from the moment the words left his lips. No one could have known that humans can carry the children of vampires. Well Carlisle proved that one wrong.

Bella's POV

If I could have blushed, I would have when my dad handed me over to Edward. We had been through so much. Edward wanted to get married right away, but I needed a little more time to prepare for that step. It has never been a secret that I never felt worthy of his love. His love and patience finally won me over. Not to mention, I needed to make sure I wouldn't have an episode during the wedding.

As the preacher continued to tell us why we were there, I thought about everything that led up that moment. It all started with my simple decision to move back to Forks to be with my dad. Little did I know that that single decision had set me on the path of where my fate was to lie. My condition and pregnancy was the obvious turning point.

Carlisle figured out since I didn't have an internal sleep clock after my change that I was using Masen's. Thankfully, he had never seen me lose control since he was always asleep when I had them. The family now knew when they could be coming so we made sure to leave Masen with Jake right after he fell asleep in his younger years.

Jake's attack was the next catalyst. Who knows what would have happened if he didn't attack. I knew I wanted to be like Edward so we could raise our child together, but Alice saw Edward would fight it. He wanted me to enjoy a human life. However, what kind of life would it be if I aged? My man and my child would watch me slowly die. Jake's attack fixed that dilemma. I'll be the first to admit, I wanted to kill Jake for his assault, but that was because I thought I had lost my child.

Carlisle once asked if I hated him for what he did to me. My reply was, "No, you did for me what Edward would have fought if I wasn't ready to die. You gave me exactly what I wanted."

It gave him the peace of mind he needed. There was no regret for him turning me. Now I could keep up with Edward at night and Masen during the day.

How I ever got so lucky to find a man who would let me use his body as I needed was beyond me. I was just thankful for the day I met Edward Cullen. His love was the one thing that made me whole when I didn't know I needed it.

With a smirk playing on his lips, Edward slipped my wedding band on my finger where it would stay for all eternity.

Smiling I stood on the mountains of Tibet. Thinking back over the day I said 'I do' to Edward. The years after our wedding sped by so quickly. Nevertheless, I remember every moment of them as if it were yesterday.

The hardest part of those years to remember was the year Charlie died. He had a long life and I got to see him until the very end. He was able to share in Masen's life just as I always had hoped. Masen would always have his grandfather Carlisle, but it's nice to know that he'll carry those memories of his grandfather Charlie with him too.

The Volturi never bothered us again. Not that they had a chance with Alice's visions, and Masen and Demetri's tracking skills we always stayed one step ahead of them.

With us gone, the pack stopped needing to phase and over the years they started aging and one by one they passed away. With the exception of Leah and Jake, since they stayed with us on our travels they never stopped phasing. They were also the only ones to go back for the funerals. We didn't want to risk starting their phasing again.


"Edward," I purred.

"Masen is asleep," he hummed his warning.

Wrapping his arms around my waist, we snuggled and waited for the inevitable. The all too familiar control loss hit as suddenly as always. Before I could snarl my demand, Edward had me pinned to the snow cliff wall. Edward chuckled when I snipped at the air trying to bite him.

"Not today, love. It's our wedding anniversary. Tonight I am in charge."

"Now be a good girl and suck me off," he cooed into my neck.

I could feel the vibrations running rampant through my body. Dropping to my knees, I was ready the moment his cock sprang free. Grabbing it, I stroked it before wrapping my lips around him. My favorite treat, Edward. Yum!

He twisted his hands into my hair and set the pace he wanted, fast and furious. Licking, nibbling, and sucking, I dragged him to the heavens. Drawing out his climax was one of the things I did best. The sounds he released had me begging for him between my legs.

"Your turn," he panted, pushing me onto my back.

Hovering over me, he panted the only thing I wanted to hear. "I love you, Bella Cullen," and with that he tore my dress up to my soaked panties and ripped them off.

"I love you, too, Edward Cullen," I gasped when he slid inside me to the hilt.

With slow and loving thrusts, he filled me only to pull almost out then right back in again. My eyes fluttered shut each time he was fully sheath in my tight walls. Of course, they snapped open the moment he threatened to stop. The torture went on for hours, until finally he let me explode. Thrashing against him sent him into his release as well. Snuggling, we watched the sun rising over the mountains.

"It's time to get back to our family."

~The End and The Beginning of Eternity~

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