Edward leaving Bella in New Moon, but this time she grows a pair and fights back.

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"Goodbye, Bella," Edward leaned forward to kiss me on the forehead. He had to be lying, he'd said he didn't want me, that he didn't love me. I didn't believe him, I couldn't believe him. We'd spent hours laying in bed together, talking of forever. He acted no different until my dreaded birthday party. He said he loved me all the time, several times a day. Because his brother almost bit me, he turns into a real monster, not the kind that kills, not the mythical kind, but the in-love, self-sacrificing kind.

I obviously was not going to let him leave. I couldn't. I had to think of someone to get him to stay, to break him.

His lips were against me forehead, I had to react.

"Promise me something?" I asked, hoping he would stop to let me drag him back.

He hesitated, and took an unneeded breath, perfect. "I don't know, Isabella."

He called me Isabella? Probably trying to maintain control, but it wasn't going to work. I needed him, like water, like breath.

"Promise you'll remember that every time you close your eyes, you'll see me telling you that I love you, begging for you to come back," I said, tears streaming down my face, and sobs catching in my throat.

His eyes gave away the amount of pain he was going through right now, but he held a perfect poker face. "Isabella, I can promise no such thing. I'll be fine without you; I have been for nearly a century. "

"Edward, you're lying. Please. Don't. Go."


Yes! He called me Bella. I was wearing him out, little by little. He was staying with me. I honestly had no place in this world without him.

"You aren't leaving me!"

"Bella, it's the best thing for us," He said slowly, regretfully.

"Being in pain is the best thing for us? What am I supposed to do? Forget you? Pain isn't forgotten, it isn't eased, and it's hardly bearable. You can't do this to me, to us, to yourself. We are too far. I'll stay human if you want me to. I just cannot bare to be separated from you, Edward."

"I could kill you…"

"It's a risk worth taking. What's the point in living if you aren't there?"

"I expected you to argue, but this is unimaginable," He started. "I want to be here with you, forever. To hold you, to love you, but I can't, Bella, don't you see? It's my greatest desire, forever with you. But I cannot risk you're soul, or your life. I will love you for the rest of my existence, but I cannot lead you to death any longer."

"Shut up! I only am concerned about being away from you!" I yelled at him, and threw my fists up into the air. I was furious. He was lying about loving me to 'protect me.'

"Bella. You-" He began, and stopped and looked at me for a second.

He was going to leave me, there was no changing his mind. With this sudden realization, I tumbled towards the ground, fainting. I couldn't stand. I could hardly breathe. Edward was the sun, air, and water that I needed in my life. He was all I could ever want. We belonged together.

As I hit the ground, I kept my eyes closed. I was surprised about the cold of the ground, but it wasn't a total shock. I lived in Forks. I think I said that I loved him as I drifted into unconsciousness.

I did however open my eyes when I realized I wasn't on the ground. My subconscious told my body to wake up, so I did, and was quite surprised. I was in Edward's room, on his couch, wrapped up in a gold comforter.

"Edward?" I shouted.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


"I reached to pull the covers off when I felt paper.

A note.

It said Bella on the outside, in beautiful script.

I hesitantly opened, terrified of what might be inside.

Isabella Marie Swan:

I love you. So much.

I really need some alone time, I'm getting the others, and we should be back within 24 hours.

Please stay at the house. Don't stray anywhere. I left Charlie a note, in your handwriting, that you're staying with Alice.

There is plenty of food in the kitchen, and clothes for you to wear in my closet.

I will be coming back. You can count on it.

I never meant to hurt you, I thought I had to.

I will make this up to you…

But for now , I love you.


I knew he'd love me forever.

With that thought, I set the note down after fetching a pen and writing a quick 'I love you' and 'Wake me up when you are back' in the margin, and I fell back into a peaceful sleep, awaiting Edward's return.