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This is EPOV.

Welcome to existence.

I never thought leaving Bella would be so difficult, or lying to her for that matter. I don't understand how I could intentionally take myself away from the one thing I needed. She was there, waiting for me every time I messed up, when I took a chance at our forever.

I was hunting, and gathering my family. They weren't too far, and Alice saw Bella's decision to say something, and the end result. Thankfully, they were almost home, leaving me with a short hunting trip. I was, however, ultimately consumed by an almighty guilt. Jasper couldn't have induced this, it was too powerful. It was produced by the fact that I hurt Bella, far too deeply, now I'm almost afraid to go back, back to her, to see her smile, or run away. Would I get her trust back?

I caught the scent of deer and ran towards it. I'd kill for a mountain lion(A/N: PUN SOOO INTENDED!) but I had more important issues to deal with.

I tackled the deer-a young buck-and drained it completely. I couldn't comprehend it's thoughts, but they were filled with pain. This was definitely a time in which I wanted my gift to be controllable.

The helpless creature fell limp in my arms and I disposed of my kill by burying it. I needed a break, just to breathe, to think, and I knew the perfect place. Our place.


A note. She wants me to wake her?

Oh, she wants Edward to wake her. And speaking of Edward, where could he possible?

He sits in... a meadow of some sort laying on the ground with his head resting on top of his arms. He seems content, and determined to get back to Bella.

Good. He'll be back in at most ten minutes. That's enough for For Alice Cullen to say hello.

I leaned in and kissed Bella on the cheek.

"...Edward..." she sighed and smiled.

"Silly, Bella, it's me, Alice! Edward is... well, taking a breather. He'll be here soon. Now get up and give me a hug! I've missed you these past few days," I all but yelled at her. She needs to stop worrying about Edward all the time. They have forever.

"Alice, I love you, but I need Edward. I need him."

"Absolutely not. I see the future, you aren't going anywhere. Just sleep. He will be here soon."

I ignored the look Bella gave me and left the room. Jasper was sitting on the couch waiting for me with open arms.

"Jasper, what is she feeling?" I asked Jasper as I climbed onto his arms. I gave him a short kiss and looked him straight into the eyes.

"I feel what your feeling strongest... But Bella feels scared, like Edward isn't going to come back. When she thought that you were Edward, it was amazing. No words can describe the joy she felt."

"Well," I said seductivley. "You know what I'm feeling..." And with that, he whisked me away. Bella and Edward could wait, right?


I climbed under the golden bedspread, and cradled her in my arms. I held her a little tighter than I usually did, but I was thankful she had spoken up. If she had kept her mouth shut, our lives would be, well, quite miserable. Those three words she said as she fell to the ground, "I love you"-they changed my decision.

She stirred in my warms, and I whispered, "You are so beautiful Bella."

She was still facing away from me, but I heard her sigh.

"Bella, I almost left you for forever. I can't help but say what's on my mind," I was telling her the truth. Leaving would have been a huge mistake, and I cannot help but thank her for stopping me. She has so much power over me, it's absolutely magical.

"Edward…" She began, she sounded almost scared of what I might say. I hugged her even tighter.

"Yes , Bella?"

"I dreamt…that you left me."

Welcome to the Fallout.

I didn't want her to be scared, to fear such things. I rolled her over, and found her eyes red and puffy. I tightened at sight. She attempted to turn away, to hide her face, but I caressed her cheek. She started to cry again, and an enormous wave of guilt crashed over me. This wasn't Jasper, he was too destracted by Alice. If he weren't, he wouldn't be able to handle these emotions.

"Bella, don't. Please don't cry. I know it's going to take a lot to get your trust back, but I will. Sweetie, you had me. From the beginning, it was always you," I tried to say reassuringly.

" I understand that. But, what if you leave?" Tears kept coming.

"Why would I leave?" It was poetic Edward's turn. "It's a new start for us Isabella, it's a new life. We can start over. But that was the last time I'll ever think about abandoning you. The last time I'll forget you and your love. Never again."

"Edward, I don't want you to leave. But there is a chance! If Jasper tries to bite me again? What are you going to do? Will you run away? Will you change me? Will-" I cut her off.

"I'm. Not. Leaving. You." I said, as I looked straight into her eyes. The pain was ridiculous. I put her through this. Edward Cullen put her through this. Maybe I should've left.

She felt me flinch. "What are you thinking about?"

"What would've happened if I left you."

We made eye contact.

Our lips met.

Our wills crumbled.

"I'm never leaving you, Bella."

"I know, Edward. I know."

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