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Chapter One – Discuss and Decide

A cold rain began to pour upon the capital city. It's huge droplets smashed against the ground, and sent all who were in the streets running for cover.

The dirt and grime of yesterday began to run off the buildings and onto the streets, where it was then pulled into a gutter and ridded of existence for good. The entire city was being cleaned, purified.

As rushed footsteps pushed people into the nearest building, one simply pressed on. He continued to walk forward, allowing the rain to stain his clothes, soak his face, and hopefully clear his soul.

His hair fell into his face, he couldn't stop shivering, but he didn't care. He just needed to walk. Walk and think…

Walk and think…

Walk and think…

He stopped and looked up at the sky, seeming to just register the rain falling upon him.

He closed his eyes and stretched his arms out.

Was he trying to catch the rain? He didn't know, it just felt so good.

People cluttered under street stands and canopied tops just to stare at him. They pondered his actions, standing in the rain…

But he couldn't care less.

It was people like them, after all, who were making him do this.

He opened his eyes and looked up at the clouds hovering over him. Were they crying for him? Did they feel sorry for him?

Maybe so…

He thought back on the events…It had really only been a few days hadn't it?

It felt like an eternity to him…

But it was only a few days ago…that everything was going fine, the weather was warm and pleasant, and not a drop of rain was suppose to fall and rid the world of it's stains…of it's impurities…of him…

The blonde quietly stepped into the whispering conference room. He was a few minuets late, having misjudged the clock in the lobby to be on time. He made a mental note to fix that once all of this was over.

He found his seat and immediately began to shrink into his big chair. He was the only Captain here…The rest of them were Generals…two step above Captain, and only two steps away from being Commandant.

He felt very small, and his only wish was to disappear into the background.

One voice began to speak out, wishing to be heard, "We don't have the time to pull it through a committee!" It was an irritated female voice.

"She has a point, you know," the man's voice was pleasant, the blonde noted, compared to the girl who had just spoken.

The blonde tried so hard to remember the names of all of the Generals…But he was really drawing a blank.

"If we don't put it through a committee then the people can cry foul play," huffed a huge man who seemed to be struggling with sitting in the already oversized chair. The man seemed to overflow the chair's arms. The blonde remembered him. He was General Tao of Naval Protection, his color's being red and yellow. The blonde wasn't to sure how a man as massive as General Tao managed NOT to sink a ship, but that was really beyond the point…

"Tao has a point Asera, if the people disagree with it, then we have no right to carry it through," There was that pleasant voice again…The blonde couldn't place a finger on the voice's name though.

The man did say Asera though, and the blonde remembered that name. Her colors were, if he remembered right, white and pink. She was in charge of protecting the capital, and she was also very noisy. Though she spent most of her time on patrols, the blonde did remember seeing her roam around the castle like a lost puppy…

Asera sat back in her chair, "Why can't we say we're the committee?"

The pleasant voice spoke up again, "A committee has to be a diverse amount of people and opinions…"

Asera interrupted him, "We are! We've got some females and some males! And we have that captain over there!"

Oh God, the blonde thought. Why did she have to bring him into this? It was already awkward enough to have to sit in a room full of generals. Being picked out by one was even worse.

The blonde shrank down into his chair further, trying to blend into the chair.

"He has a name Asera," The pleasant voice commented, "His name is Captain Flynn Scifo."

Of course he would add in the rank, the blonde thought.

"Yes, Asera, but he's one captain," Tao managed to speak before grunting uncomfortably and trying to adjust his position.

Flynn tried his best not to laugh at the fat man.

Asera pouted, "So? That's diverse, isn't it?"

The pleasant voice sighed, "Asera, we have to form a committee and it can't just be us."

"You're suppose to side with me, Justice!"

That was his name! General Justice, the most famous General in the empire and also the most popular. Although his face was a rarity in the capital due to the fact he was assigned to continue the discovery of the frontier of Wecca, he was well loved for his gentleness in speech and action. He was a rather attractive man, with a thin, lean body and a perfect face. His eyes were calm and compassionate and spoke wonders when they danced around in the light of the room. He was also one of the only knights who had three colors, which were black, maroon and white. The blonde couldn't remember all of the metals and honors the General had won, but it was quite a few.

Justice simply laughed a little, "Asera, it's not about friendship here. It's all about what's fair," The General leaned forward, resting his head on a hand, "If we don't do what's best for the people in this situation, then we are not doing our job."

Asera turned her head in defeat.

Justice continued, "I know it will take longer, but that matter needs to be put into a committee. That's the best we can do."

Asera nodded her head in such a way that almost made it like the two of them had come to an agreement rather than her losing the debate.

Flynn began to ponder what it was they were actually talking about. Whatever it was, they had quickly dropped it and decided to move onto what he was there for.

He, as well as them, were here to talk about a very important subject.

A subject that was very sensitive to the blonde, but one that he would never let others discuss without him.

The subject was Yuri Lowell.

"Well," huffed Tao, "Shall we talk about that man…Yuri Lowell was it?"

"Yes," Flynn piped up, "Yuri Lowell."

"Ah, I've heard that name…" Justice spoke, pulling a file out from under the table.

Flynn winced at the loud thud the file made as it hit the table. Once Flynn got a good look at it, he realized it was practically the size of a dictionary! Was Yuri really getting into that much trouble while Flynn was unable to keep his eye on him?

Justice flipped through the file a little, seeming a bit surprised at the number of crimes the individual had committed.

Flynn knew there was no real pattern to Yuri's behavior. His crimes varied from tax evasion to murder (though Flynn knew that any murder crime Yuri was accused of was unfounded since the blonde would have personally killed Yuri had that actually happened).

"So, we are to review this file and…" Justice pondered.

"Take a course of action," Tao stammered. He wiped his brow with a handkerchief he had pulled out of his pocket, "Yuri Lowell has finally been caught and imprisoned. He is a convicted felon on many accounts and is yet to receive punishment."

Justice let out a soft 'oh' while still looking through the file. His eyes stayed focused on the many pages for a small while, making the entire room wonder if he had even heard Tao speak, but then he looked up. He examined everyone in the room until his eyes finally fell upon the blonde Captain.

"Captain Flynn Scifo?"

"Feel free to call me Flynn," the blonde noted. He hated it when he was addressed formally.

"Flynn then," Justice smiled, "You're here to talk in Yuri's defense?"

Flynn wasn't sure if Justice was trying to be polite or condescending, "Yes, Yuri has been convicted of many crimes, but if I can bring something to your attention…"

Flynn motioned for the file, which Justice willingly handed over.

Flynn stood up once he found the page he was looking for, "Here it is noted that most, if not all, accounts of conviction were handed out and confirmed by Captain Cumore," Flynn Placed the file down and put both hands on the table, "If you ask me, that is not an accurate review of the crimes Mr. Yuri Lowell has committed."

All of the Generals seemed to put their eyes on the blonde. At least he was getting their attention.

Flynn continued, "One man convicting someone on every crime he is accused of committing hardly seems fair. We are a government set on fairness and equality for all. Yuri Lowell was not convicted by a jury nor by more than one man. I believe that since Captain Cumore failed to obtain another opinion on the convictions of Yuri Lowell, that these convictions held against him should be void."

The room broke out in whispers.

Flynn looked around at the people's faces. He must have struck a nerve.

Justice was the first to speak up, "That is a very good point, Flynn," Justice motioned for the rest of the Generals to quite themselves, "In the 'Law of the Land', it is written that all men and women shall be judged by a jury of peers or by a committee made up of multiple people varying in race, color, gender and creed."

Flynn spoke, "And it is written later that if a person receives judgment upon their record by one person, or by an unfair committee, that by law that person shall be released of that crime."

Justice motioned for people halt their whispering before it started, "That is true as well."

Flynn almost let out a smile of victory, "So I believe Mr. Yuri Lowell should be let out of prison since all the crimes that hold him there were sentenced unfairly."

Tao lifted his meaty arm in a motion for the file. Flynn quickly handed it over and waited for Tao to finish his look.

Tao put the file on the table after a long while, "out of the 706 crimes said to be committed by Yuri Lowell, 700 of them were reviewed by Captain Cumore and sentenced by Captain Cumore. That leaves 6 crimes he has connection too."

Flynn nodded, "I recommend that Mr. Yuri Lowell be released while a committee or jury deliberates over these crimes."

Asera spoke up, "But won't he just cause trouble when he's released. They did just catch him, so it hardly seems fair that the knights who caught him will have to re-catch him once the committee or jury has reached a verdict."

Flynn hadn't thought of that.

"For once, Asera has a point," A seductive female voice spoke. The blonde looked towards the direction of the voice. A female dressed in silver and light blue sat in her chair. One leg dangled daintily over the other, and she had her hands in her lap. Her long black hair was hung past her shoulders and to her back. Her icy blue eyes stared back at Flynn.

The blonde was immediately captivated by her crisp red lips, which seemed to beg for someone to taste them.

The blonde was brought back to reality with the sound of Asera's complaining, "Ice Witch…" she growled.

Flynn realized that Asera calling the other female an 'Ice Witch' made a lot of since. She was General Flanoir and her job was to excavate the ruins that lied under the blade drifts of Zalphar. She was known for her cold personality and blunt way of speaking. But despite her personality, she was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the knights. Her long black hair and her icy blue eyes enchanted every man that looked upon her, and left many other women feeling quite envious.

Flynn even felt captivated by her beauty and was immediately enticed to be in her company, but he brushed that feeling off and spoke, "Then put him under house arrest or something. As long as he stays within Zaphias, the capital, we can guarantee that he will be here for when the jury or committee wishes to discuss his cases."

Flanoir flipped a long part of her black hair away from her face, "Who would be adequate for such a job?"

Flynn had to ponder his next words carefully. If he said someone like himself were qualified for the job, he would be called out for self-interest in this discussion and the matter could then legally be ignored. But he had no back-up plan. He could always ask Raven to do it. With Raven pretending to be Captain Schwann, he could easily watch Yuri without Yuri arguing against it. But that was also a bad move. It was no secret Flynn and Schwann were close friends and if Flynn suggested Schwann, the Generals could claim self-interest again, making the case legally dismissible.

Before Flynn could speak up, Justice gave a suggestion, "What about General Chandler?"

The whole room went quiet and Flynn found his mind panicking to remember who General Chandler was.

Flynn had been Yuri's best friend since they were six. He knew that man inside and out, which meant he knew whom Yuri would get along with and whom he wouldn't. Flynn had no intention of putting Yuri with someone who he would argue with, someone who might actually drive him to kill.

Flynn knew Yuri had a temper, and the blonde wasn't about to let that be deployed.

Flanoir was taken aback by the name, "Chandler? General Chandler? Do you think he's really qualified for such a task?"

"I didn't even know he was in the capital," Asera commented putting her elbows on the table.

Justice smiled, "He just got back into town, actually."

"Is that so," Tao spoke, once again adjusting how he was sitting.

"Yes. He's easy to get along with, isn't he?" Justice gave a slight smirk, letting Flynn know there was something he wasn't being told.

"I feel a little stupid asking this, but who is General Chandler? I don't think I've ever heard of him," Flynn tried to make it sound like he was less clueless then he actually was.

Flynn had to be honest; he had no idea who General Chandler was. The name didn't even ring a bell, meaning he had never heard the name. Flynn was known for having a good memory. If he had heard this man's name before, he would have remembered.

Justice looked Flynn in the eyes, "General Chandler was put onto a rather secret assignment after the end of the war, so I'm not to surprised you haven't heard of him.

The blonde suddenly got a picture of an old guy in his mind. He shook his head; "You think he's qualified to watch Mr. Yuri Lowell under house arrest?"

Flynn didn't mean for it to sound as accusing as it actually did, but he couldn't help it.

Justice locked his fingers together and rested his chin on them, "General Chandler is a great man, very strong, very respected. I think he can handle Yuri Lowell," the pleasant General looked up into Flynn's eyes.

"He's really back in town…" Asera spoke, "I barley know who he is."

"Well it figures you wouldn't know him since you're so young and didn't join the knights until after the war was over," Flanoir accused. She had a taste of malice in her voice, which set Asera off.

"What are you saying," Asera stood up and pointed an accusing finger in Flanoir's direction, "If I remember right, you didn't become a General until after I did!"

Flanoir got defensive, "You became a General only a few days before me since I was on the field!"

"Watch your voices ladies," Tao managed to choke out, "It is very disrespectful to argue amongst yourselves when we are already in a discussion."

Both girls looked at Tao, who was wiping his brow with a cloth again.

Justice smiled at the both of them, "You can fight later."

A spell almost seemed to be cast upon the girls, as they both sat down and regained their composer. The blonde was surprised; did General Justice have any idea how much control he had over them?

"So is it settled?" Justice inquired.

Flanoir thought for a moment, "I guess it would work. That is, if General Chandler isn't busy."

Flynn still wasn't sure about this. He had no background information on this 'respected' General Chandler. The blonde knew that it didn't matter what the empire thought of someone, it was Yuri Lowell who ultimately decided who was respectable or not.

"I'm sure he's available, Flanoir," Justice spoke. He stood up, "Then it's settled, we will equate Yuri Lowell of 700 crimes, and have the other 6 be decided upon by a jury or committee, whichever is readily available. Until these crimes can be reviewed, Yuri Lowell will be put under house arrest, and will be watched by General Chandler Vice."

Justice smiled at Flynn again, "Are there any objections?"

When silence was the only thing to grace the General's ears, he spoke, "Alright then, this committee is dismissed."

The blonde could only think he saw something. A something on General Justice's face. Something that said things were more than they seemed.

Maybe Flynn was being paranoid, he had just held his own against a group of Generals.

The Generals began to leave the room and Flynn could hear Asera perk up and say, "I told you we were a committee!" With some more complaints from Tao and Flanoir and a laugh from Justice, the blonde still felt uneasy.

But all of Flynn's paranoia turned into reality when General Justice walked by him.

Cold air. Dark air. Flynn had felt it. General Justice was hiding something, and Flynn didn't like it one bit.