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Epilogue – Happily Ever After


"Nigel! That is an Oktoberfest song! This is a Weihnachts Party! Sing Holiday songs!" Anke yelled out from across the room as she placed a fresh batch of cookies onto the kitchen table.

"How did he get drunk anyway!" Bert yelled out in jealousy, taking a sip of his Egg Nog as he pleasantly discovered the presence of Kahlúa in his drink "Who the hell spiked the egg nog? Kudos!" he downed the glass in one quick gulp.

Amongst the chaos that was the Karmichael's annual German Club Weihnachts Party, there was in one room a stately piano positioned in the far corner where Ulla, Franz, and Kyle sang on as Eric masterfully finished playing a cherished Christmas classic.

"Wie treu sind deine Blätter." they all concluded; clapping for Eric after he improvised an extended ending to the song.

Reaching down to hug her dear friend in his seated position, Ulla playfully rested her chin on Eric's head as she praised, "Eric you play piano so well! Why don't you go competitive?"

Reclining into her hold, Eric looked up towards the blonde as he replied, "I could have gone competitive…" he narrowed his eyes back towards the keyboard as he further explained, "but I got side tracked by other things and I stopped practicing altogether." Shrugging his shoulders, he felt Ulla release from his neck as he closed back up Anke's piano, "but I might pick it up again. I certainly have the time now."

"You should Eric…" Kyle goaded, closing his caroling book back up as he placed it back on the piano's music stand "I'd love to hear you play more."

Getting up from the stool, Eric straightened out his jacket as he walked out to stand behind his redhead, "Yeah well Franz can pick it up from here." he jokingly shoved Kyle to the side, "Beside, I don't think you know any more Christmas carols."

Cracking a sassy grin, Kyle playfully shoved Eric back as he groaned, "For your information, I hear those annoying songs so much during this time of year that I practically have them all memorized."

"Not in German." Ulla quipped as she latched onto Franz as he took a seat in front of the keyboard.

"That's what the caroling book was for." Kyle pointed out as he felt Eric sneakily wrap his arms around his waist.

"You guys have fun," Eric called out to the two blondes as they continued to scroll through the book of carols, "Kyle and I are going to have our own 'Weihnachts Party' somewhere else…" he darkly insinuated as he brought his face down to naughtily nip at his boyfriend's neck – Kyle involuntarily releasing a sensual moan as he quickly covered his mouth in embarrassment.

"Ooh have fun." Ulla called back, "And don't use too much of that gasoline Eric, Ernst doesn't even kn-"

"SHH." Eric quickly shushed her; the blonde girl realizing that her contribution was obviously part Kyle's present.

"Oh! Sorry!" She whispered quietly, turning her gaze back to the piano as Eric whisked away a very concerned looking Kyle.

Finding himself being led outside, Kyle confusedly glanced around the Karmichael's vast backyard as he stared intently up into the shimmering night sky, "What's going on Eric, what are you up to?" he called out nervously, apprehensively gripping onto the present he picked out for Eric as they blindly made their way out into the coldness.

"Oh you'll see. It's all part of your Christmas- well, 'Hanukah' present." His lover stately replied as he walked towards the center of the grassy field, suddenly stopping in front of something which Kyle couldn't quite place from where he was standing.

"It's really dark and cold out here though, are you sure you want to exchange presents outside?" Kyle asked nervously as he unexpectedly caught a wiff of what smelled like gasoline.

"I can help that." The brunette cheered out, suddenly lighting a match before throwing it towards what Kyle could now identify as a heaping pile of random junk.

FOOF the whole structure lit up in a fiery explosion as Kyle ducked back in fright, daring to take a closer look at what exactly was burning inside the wall of fire as he apprehensively took a step forward.

"I'm starting over Kyle." Eric announced from in front of the blaze, walking to the side of the burning heap as he added, "After living through something as traumatic as the event that took place in that hellish Nebraskan wheat field, I honestly feel reborn – and I'm determined to do all that I can to make up for my misbegotten past so that I can have a long and prosperous future– preferably with you." Eric concluded as he clutched onto the object he was searching for, bringing it into his chest as he walked back over to where his beloved redhead was standing.

Inside the fire, Kyle could suddenly identity the remnants of Eric's previously cherished Third Reich collection: the poster shards crumbling into ash, the collectibles melting into little puddles of goo, the banner lighting up in a quick burst of flame, and several books slowly starting to wither as their pages proceeded to singe.

"Now," Eric called out to get back Kyle's attention, "There's only one more thing that needs to be tossed in, and I'm not going to be the one to do it."

Whipping his head around to see what his lover had brought over, Kyle's eyes widened considerably as he took in ominous black gleam of the all too familiar garment bag.

"You are." Eric prided as he lifted the bag closer towards his overwhelmed boyfriend.

Keeping his eyes locked onto the bag, Kyle delicately placed his present to Eric on the ground as he cautiously welcomed the sheathed uniform into his arms; carrying his hand up to slowly unzip the bag as it's medals and trinkets angrily gleamed at him once more. Furrowing his eyes in determination, Kyle suddenly reached inside the bag to scoop up the hellish garb in one mighty grab- the bag falling to the ground as he slowly paced up to the fire.

Sensing Eric suddenly materialize from behind, Kyle looked over to see his lover delicately place a comforting hand on his shoulder- giving him the go ahead as Kyle took one more look at the blood and smoke imbrued uniform.

Emitting a reluctant puff, Kyle smirked up to his boyfriend as he shamefully admitted, "You know, when the trinkets and armband weren't on it… the jacket did look kind of good on you."

"Don't worry- I have plenty of other black jackets." Eric patted Kyle's back, gripping back onto his shoulder before nodding towards the uniform, "But thankfully none of the others are caked in your blood." Looking into the fire, Eric narrowed his eyes intently as he prodded, "Go ahead. I'm over it."

Whipping his head back to gaze at the flames, Kyle took one more step closer to the blaze as he hurriedly tossed the whole bundle into the towering inferno.

Eric and Kyle both took a step back as they watched the black uniform quickly ignite into tufts of flames; a whistling sound suddenly blew out from the depths of the coals as they contently listened to the crackling of Eric's disintegrating relics.

Watching the swastika-clad armband finally crumple into gray ashes, Kyle felt something pang in his heart as he painfully decided to reveal something he had been keeping secret from Eric all their lives, "You know…" he started to explain, watching his lover suddenly fling the SS Totenkopf cap on top of the burning heap to keep the fire going, "My grandmother was a Holocaust survivor."

Widening his eyes in shock, Eric instantly brought his head down to horridly gaze at his precious redhead.

"On my mom's side; she migrated to America after being liberated." Recalling the story that his mother told him, Kyle stared intently into the flames as he resumed, "She told my mom that during one of the death marches out of Auschwitz, her mom fumbled to the ground out of exhaustion…" he swallowed a lump of grief down his throat as he concluded, "and my grandmother watched as a guard walked over and carelessly shot her in the head- stealing the last thing her mother had given her before their imprisonment."

Rendered speechless, Eric slowly brought his head back to the fire as he reflected on Kyle's testimony. After a couple moments of brooding silence, Eric started to shake his head in denial as he muttered, "Had I known-"

"Had you have known that bit of my family history, it might had added to the little 'fantasy' you concocted during the regretful stages of your life." Kyle snapped, ducking down to retrieve his present to Eric as he changed the tone of his voice to sound much more sympathetic, "That's why I never told you- but now that you're really committing to repent for all of the horrible things you've done, I feel comfortable enough for you to know now." Clutching onto the carefully wrapped present, Kyle swung his arm over to grab Eric's hand as he confessed, "This makes you the only person outside of my family who knows."

Furrowing his eyes in bewilderment, Eric took a step closer to his lover as he asked in astonishment, "You never told Stan?"

"No." Kyle puffed an amused laugh, crinkling the package as he brought it closer to Eric's chest, "He didn't need to know; but you did."

Letting go of Kyle's hand to delicately examine the colorful present, Eric flipped the flimsy thing over as he cracked a curious smile, "And what's this?"

"Your present." Kyle brightened the mood by finally getting to their gift exchange, "It isn't much; my parents and I are kind of estranged, so I'm not getting much of an allowance – and not having a job makes me even more broke." Watching as Eric happily unraveled the package, Kyle brought his hands up to proudly fold his arms into his chest as he boasted, "But I scrounged some of my funds together and bought you something that I think you'll appreciate."

Bringing the present out of its plastic wrap, Eric gently unfolded the fabric to reveal a modern-day black, red, and golden German Flag.

"Your room is so barren now," Kyle explained, watching as the flames illuminated its bold colors, "I thought that this would steer you in the right direction."

Smiling intently at the billowing flag, Eric moved to fold it back up as he glanced towards his beaming redhead, "I've always wanted one."

Looking back towards the burning heap of rubbish, Kyle took an apprehensive breath before puffing, "It wouldn't have been right to hang it up with all that other crap."

"Yeah, but that crap is all gone now and… I feel it's finally time for us to move on." He placed the flag back into the package before rummaging through his pocket to retrieve his own gift.

"It's not all gone Eric." Kyle irritatingly sounded from below, hugging himself tighter as he aggravatingly stared up at his fumbling boyfriend, "I didn't see the medal get thrown in the fire, where are you keeping it?" he questioned angrily as he impatiently drummed his fingers against his bicep.

"Funny you should mention that." Eric perked up unexpectedly, excitedly finding what he was looking for as he brought out the small object into the orange glowing light, "Remember what I said about not being finished with it?"

Kyle puffed in amusement as he rolled his eyes, "Yeah, and remember what I told you in the helicopter about what I did to it?" he kept his line of sight focused in on the fire in front of him, not wanting to see what he thought to be the desecrated medal.

"Yeah well," Eric nervously looked to the object in his hand as he explained, "After taking it a professional to clean and buff it up, I had him smelt down the platinum to make these-" he hesitantly brought the small box over to nudge Kyle's unmoving frame.

After listening to his boyfriend's unexpected story, Kyle quirked his brow in confusion as he questioningly looked down at what appeared to be a little black box resting in his lover's hand. Feeling his heart start to suddenly palpitate in longingly heavy throbs, Kyle immediately felt his eyes tear up in shock and joy as he quickly brought up his hand to cover his incredibly exhilarated smile, "you didn't…"

Gradually opening the box, Eric revealed two matching platinum rings which gleamed magnificently in the flickering light. Delicately pulling Kyle's ring out of the box, Eric cautiously glanced up at his bewildered redhead as he asked, "Kyle, you've done so much for me during these taxing times that I honestly owe you my existence as a living, breathing, human being."

Steadily reaching out to gingerly take Kyle's shaking hand into his own, Eric positioned the ring over his lover's ring finger as he concluded, "So now, as we stand here before the ashes of who I used to be, I humbly ask you to please continue to stay with me for the rest of my life," he desperately looked into his beloved's emerald eyes as he let out an enamored cry, "For I honestly cannot live without you."

Feeling more hot tears run down his face, Kyle eagerly nodded his response as he felt Eric gently slide the ring down his finger; the platinum band perfectly fitting around the skin of his extended digit,

Impatiently taking the black box from Eric's hand, Kyle boldly plucked the other ring from its designated space as he grinned, "Nothing would make me happier Eric." Reaching out to grapple at his lover's own hand, Kyle sensually slid the slightly larger ring down Eric's corresponding finger as he prided, "I can't wait to live out the rest of my life with the one person who has brought me more happiness and freedom than anyone else I know."

Once his own ring was properly situated on his finger, Eric held back his own joyful tears as he eagerly brought his lover into a heart-filled embrace, nuzzling into Kyle's red mane as he growled suggestively from above, "Wanna go home and consummate this engagement?"

Bringing his head up to Eric's flustered face, Kyle locked eyes with his lover's mahogany wisps once more as he brought his mouth up to his boyfriend's inviting lips- lowering his eyes in peaceful resolute as he whispered,

"I am home."

"Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute."


I do not recommend any of my readers to read the section following this statement; Eric and Kyle themselves are not informed of the big secret until the end of the sequel. However I am giving you a choice, you can stay blissfully unaware of the truth like Eric and Kyle, or you can choose to carry the burden like adults who are aware of the painful secret.

It's up to you, so please don't say I didn't warn you; I wished that I didn't even have to type this. But it's too late; I already included the hints in the story despite everything that had been revealed this season.

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Painfully watching as his pupil blissfully embraced Gerald's son from his outdoor patio, Ernst disturbingly gritted his teeth as he hung his head in shame; knowing that there was no point to intervene when they both were already so far ahead in their relationship.

"It's all of our faults you know." His wife calmly called out from the closed door; the sound of a lighter flick suddenly bounced off the wooden planks as a slight orange glow flared up from behind him.

"You weren't supposed to know." Ernst growled, keeping his eyes fixated on the teens below as they fell to the ground in a passionate frenzy.

Melodramatically exhaling a line of smoke, Anke carefully approached the waist high banister as she watched her two students with a heavily burdened expression, "I was there during Sheila's pregnancy. Do not think I did not overhear the story."

Then once Ernst saw Eric starting to take off Kyle's shirt, he finally turned around with a disgusted expression as he spelled of with uncanny accuracy, "Fraternal Twins - Heteropaternal Superfecundation."

"I didn't think it was possible." Anke instantly replied, watching with morbid fascination as Eric and Kyle proceeded to have sex in her back yard, "She should have never slept with both Gerald and Liane during that Drunken Barn Dance." Closing her eyes as she took another puff of her cigarette, she exhaled cathartically as she too turned around to continue, "I remember how traumatic the pregnancy was; Eric was parasitic embryo, leeching off of Kyle, almost killing him in the womb. They had to perform an emergency C Section to deliver Kyle a month premature…" Shaking her head in dismay she muttered, "One of the most sickly preemies I have ever seen."

"Liane rightfully didn't want her family to know that her son was half Jewish, so she told us all to never tell a soul…" Ernst sulkingly trudged over to one of his porch chairs as he thumped down, "I don't know how many lies were made up to cover the truth." He brought his head into his hands.

Puffing an sardonic laugh, Anke opened her eyes in amusement as she recalled, "Remember the one about the Bronco?"

"Yeah he believed that one for a while…" Ernst also laughed a disgruntled laugh as he questioningly peered back up to his wife, "When do you think they'll eventually find out?"

"Hopefully never." Anke answered bluntly, flicking the end of her cigarette as she tried to block out the incessant moans coming from the near distance, "We're the ones who will carry this burden, for we're the ones who have allowed this to happen."

Glancing back one last time at the pair of intimate teens, Anke tightly clutched onto her cigarette as she concluded, "They don't need to be punished for something they couldn't even help. Let them live in ignorant bliss; besides…"

Walking back into her house, she gave her brooding husband these final parting words, "Look how much they've grown- bonded through this unlikely tie."

"Young people do not degenerate; this occurs only after grown men have already become corrupt" – Montesquie

German -

IN DIESE WOHNUNG~! GIBT KEINE FÜLLEN~! WENN WIR EINEN – IN THIS PLACE, THERE ARE NO REFILLS, IF WE ONE- (I Honestly Have No Clue What The Hell Is. Lol I was in München during Oktoberfest this year and in the train we were all drunkenly singing this, I don't even know if these are the correct lyrics or if this song even really exists)

Wie treu sind deine Blätter – How lovely are your branches

Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute – And if no one died, then they're still alive today. This is the German equivalent of "And they lived Happily Ever After" usually found after every traditional Märchen.

-See you in the Afterward! Thank you for all the helpful reviews!