4: An unsimple explanation

The tension was thick as Sakura took a seat, staring blankly at her old team. Kakashi was calmly drinking a glass of water, while Naruto was sitting next to Sasuke, both obviously fuming at being beaten by a kid.

At least we gave them a shock laughed inner Sakura recalling their reactions.

Sasuke had frozen like a rock, a look of shear disbelief stretched across his face, while Naruto, had started pacing, muttering furiously to himself. Kakashi s shock was cleverly hidden, as he simply looked between Akeno and I, before going off, to supposedly find Pakkun, before returning 15 minutes latter with his chakra more than half depleted.

Akeno and Pakkun were playing out side, or rather Akeno was tracking Pakkun as a test to keep them busy, it was Kakashi s idea, but Sakura still pitied Pakkun.

So what brings you here? Sakura asks cheerfully, her shaking hands the only sign of her nervousness.

Well we were just on a tracking mission, Laughed Naruto, Pakkun came across your sent on his way to report our findings. Pretty lucky, huh? with an open smile he gazed at the faintest smile on his old friends face.

You are happy to see us Sakura, Aren t you? he whimpered the smile vanishing at the thought that she didn t want to see them.

Sure, I m really happy to see you all, Sakura laughed a little smiling faintly, Its just she trailed off her eyes turning to the window, sighing softly a tender smile graced across her lips.

Following her gaze they saw akeno stalking after pakkun, a look of consentration on his face, that gave him an uncanny resemblance to Itachi.

To Sasuke it reminded him of what he as a child, never had.
You left to protect him , he whispered understanding crossing his features.

Turning her gaze to them, she smiled, nodding to the three before her.

What I don t get is how you had Itachi s kid; I mean when did you two even get together? Naruto whined, leaping forward to grab her hand, gazing at her face.

Uh, well , her face turned red as she contemplated what to tell them, I guess it just started after that recon mission in Mist. He was badly injured and needed constant medical treatment, so we met in a lot of out-of-the-way places so as not to ain attention. Tsunade didn't want anyone to know of his injury, and i guess it just changed from there , she trailed off, giving as short of an explanation as possible.

Naruto s eyes narrowed, You re leaving stuff out . He could tell. But from the look on her face, she didn t want them to know.

Did he know?

What? snapping out of her train of thought, gazing at the silent Uchiha.

Does. He. Know. About Akeno? he repeated his eyes doing nothing to hide his inner turmoil. If Itachi had known and left her, he would kill him, no matter what it takes.
Judging from the looks on Dobes and Kakashi s faces, their thoughts were the same.

No , she whispered, his eyes taking in her guarded look.
He broke it off before I even knew , her voice was quiet, hiding her hurt, as she closed her eyes, but he still noted to tears in her eyes before she closed them.

What happened? Naruto asked, reaching out to touch her face.

He said she choked; her pain growing at the words she had tried to forget came back to the forefront of her mind. 'He said 'I meant nothing to him'. he didn't even have the decency to tell me that to my face. He just showed up during my shift, and said it. Before walking away. He, He i don't know." she cried, the tears falling down her face, as she tried to curl up on her seat. Till a pair of arms wrapped around her, pulling her into a hug that she hadn't had in 8 years. "I'm so sorry, I didn't tell you. I just, I couldn't risk it. They wouldn't have let me keep him. I couldn't stay. I'm sorry." She whispered, through her sobs, clinging to her teammate. "its ok, ya know," came a slight laugh from above her, causeing her to look up. Naruto's eyes were dusted with tears, yet it was the smile that drew her attention. "Its gonna be just fine, me and the teme, and even old pervert over there are gonna take care of you, and creepy junior. But you gotta come back to Konaha." He smiled, though upon seeing the look of panic on Sakura's face he ocntinued speeking. "Whats that look for? do you honestly think that we're gonna let Anything happen to you or your kid."
"He's an uchiha," Sakura cried, "Hell he's the sone of the uchiha prodigy and future lord, do you honestly think that they won't try to take my son away, claiming that he would be better raised by the clan, then by some nobody civilian turned ninja." She yelled a pit of anger growing by the second inside her.
"Do you honestly think that we'll let them." Came a monostatic reply from her right, causing her to look at Sasuke. He had a look of anger on his face. "If they so much as try to touch your kid, then they will suffer for it. Even the Hokage will stand up for you. if it came to a fight."Sasuke spoke, each word slowly driveing the anger out of the pink haired lady, as she slowly sluped against her seat, Naruto now sitting on the armrest. "Beside's mothers wanted granchildren for a few years now, and through him welcome you with open arms. Especially when she see's how well the kid can fight." Sasuke couldn't hide his glower at the last part.

"Maybe, but," Saukra started, but was cut off as the front door slamed open and a Triumphant Akeno came in holding up a very worn out Pakkun by his front legs.

"I think he's tired," Came the slightly sad voice of her son.

"Oh poor dear, come here," cooed sakura takeing pakkun from her son to lay him on her lap, a hint of green glowing from her fingers as she started to give the poor old dog a rejuvinateing massage.
"But we didn't even play that long," Came the slight wine of Akeno, as he stared at the slowly relaxing dog.
"Dont worry kiddo," Naruto cried as he stood up and gave out a thumbs up, "In a couple of days you'll b ein Konaha and will have plenty of people to play with, Believe it." He grinned.

"We're going to your home?" Asked Akeno, his eyes filled with wonder and excitement, But also caution. "You said we couldn't go there."
"Well things have changed," Sakura sighed, as smile forming on her face as she glannced at her son. she could tell that he was excited about it. "And you'd better start packing. cause we leave tomorrow ok," she smiled, her eyes glittering as she thought of her home town. Tomorrow

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