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~Line break~

Kori caught up with my after art therapy. With a megawatt smile the girl clasped my wrist with surprisingly strong, but bony, fingers.

"Hello Gem!" She sang. I blinked, how could someone in here be so cheerful? I wanted to pull my wrist away, but I did not wish to see this girl sad. It was almost a relief to see someone so cheerful.

"Hello, Kori." I said softly. Her smile got wider, and she practically dragged me down the hall.

"Oh friend Gem, I am so excited for our time outside! Today is the day of kick the ball!" I was thrown off by her wording before I realized she meant kickball.

"They let us play with a rubber ball? A hospital full of nutheads?" I murmured cynically. Her smile dimmed slightly at the mention of where we were. She paused in her dragging.

"Why should they not? Any way, it is fun! You will enjoy it!" Her smile returned brighter than before, and she dragged me to the courtyard.

"Are their teams, or do people just pick?" I asked. Kori looked thoughtful.

"I guess we just usually go with whatever side we want." I felt nervous, I was never picked for teams. Plus, I don't really know anyone here, who would want me on their team?

"I think I'll watch you guys." I whispered.

Kori paused, "If that is what you wish friend."

Kori joined Richard, who was also with a kid with red hair, a girl with pink hair, and the mysterious silver eyed boy. Richards face lit up at the sight of Kori, and his attention turned to her as they waited. The other team consisted of a short bald kid, a dark haired pale kid, a tall red head with a buzz cut, and a blonde with soft blue eyes.

"Hey you guys!" A voice called out from behind me. Turning, I saw the green haired guy. He must have finished what Dr. Stone had him do. I noticed him carrying a rubber redball. His eyes twinkled.

He stopped next to me, without my permission a light blush creeped up my neck. He flashed me a smile as he tossed them the ball.

"You guys know the rules! I'll be watching so play fair." He warned. Richard nodded, and bald kid rolled his eyes.

"Well, what are you waiting for then? Get going!" He shouted. Both teams started playing, and I watched them. Well, tried to. My eyes drifted to Gar every few minutes.

"How are you adjusting?" He asked suddenly, his eyes leaving the game to meet mine. Feeling shy, I avoided his eyes.

"Fine, I guess..." I said, shifting my feet. I looked up into his eyes.

"I know the feeling. I started here a couple weeks ago." He admitted, smiling. His eyes crinkled, and my stomach flipped a little. I smiled back.

"What do you do?" I queried. He turned to look at me.

"I'm here for my internship." He ran his hand through his hair, and smiled.

"Aren't you a little young?" I asked, surprised. He looked a little chagrin.

"I'm actually 18, I'm just short. I graduated from highschool when I was 14." His cheeks were red, and he turned his attention back to the game.

"You look like you're 16." I murmured. He chuckled.

"I get that a lot." He replied. One of the teams cheered as someone kicked the ball pretty far away. Gar frowned.

"I have to go get that…" I nodded, and he jogged to the ball. I stared after him. He must be a genius or something like that.

Even though I was 16, I was a senior; the school had allowed me to skip a couple grades after my test results. Once my father knew he got this weird look on his face, like he was proud of me. That evening my mother and I went to bed without a single bruise. From then on, I swore to have the highest grades in the whole goddamn school.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Kori tugging on my sleeve. I noticed Gar was watching the others, ball in hand.

"Friend, my team has won!" She cheered, and I offered my congratulations.

"Times up!" Gar called, and with that everyone started to head inside. Kori waved at me, and ran to catch up with Richard. The silver eyed boy was walking past them, smirking, and suddenly our eyes made contact. He stared at me, with ill-disguised curiosity before turning away, and going down a different hallway.

What was that all about?

Looking at the clock I realized I'd been here for 9 hours and 12 minutes. Only about a day and two thirds left.

Tearing my eyes off the clock I realized that it was time for group therapy. I groaned, great, stuck in a room full of people sharing their sob stories, just what I need.