Authors note: Hi everyone! As warning I was otaku long before I got into comics. Ren is Japanese, she will speak English but there will be Japanese as well. Simple words like sensei Im not gunna translate, cause theyre pretty widely known but anything not common I will give a number and translate at the bottom. Dont worry, there wont be much actually written in Japanese,

Chapter 3

This is pointless. Wolverine growled. Normally hed take I as a challenge to fined some one in a city this crowded. But he had nothing to go on this time. Normally hed have Intel on where they liked to drink or a scent to follow. Sometimes both. But this time nothing! He was teetering on the edge.

Scott ground his teeth together as quietly as he could. Jean, having sense his stress reached for his hand, patting the back lightly with her other. His normal tactics at keeping his sanity wouldnt work this time. They couldnt split up because Logan was the only one who knew the language. They all knew it was stupid! Like finding a needle in a Kyoto sized haystack. Theyre all annoyed enough, they didnt need him to remind them!

Off to his right he saw a flutter of yellow. Jubilee, camera in hand was leaning forward over a stand sat by a building. An older native woman gladly welcomed her, picking up different items and attempting to make a sale. It didnt help that Jubilee knew none of what the poor woman was saying. Jubilee! He ground out sternly between clenched teeth. Jubilee turned from the stand. Her bright smile faded upon seeing the look on their leaders face. She could only offer a quick apologetic look to the old woman before she ran back to her group.

Were here on a mission, Jubilee. This Isnt a vacation. His voice was low but deadly.

The Professor said he wanted us to look like tourists. I was just trying to be convincing, She offered in way of explanation. Her grin and shrugged shoulders drooped more each second from his expression. Shades or not Cyclops glares always come through strong and clear.

Come on, Scott. Cut the kid a break. Not like WE get to travel like this all the time. Rogue clapped him on the shoulder from behind with one gloved hand.

Its difficult enough to fine one person in a million when youre focused, Rogue. It only gets worse when you snapping away.

Gambit pulled himself from the back of the group, wrapping his right arm around Jubilees shoulder and pulling her towards his body. Maybe she got a good idea. He defended. Her camera like a pair of binoculars . Maybe she see our girl fore we do. Scot was silent. The point was valid and there was little choice hed win. Go, petite. He patted her softly on the shoulder and gave her room to move forward as he drifted to the back again.

You and I both know she aint lookln for our girl through that thing, Gumbo.

Yeah, but why not let her have fun, non? Gambit flashed him a grin. It was obvious the Cajun was just as interested in pissing old four eyes as he was getting Jubes outta trouble. It was, however, not being able to see that mischievous glint in his eyes that Logan was sure was there. Back home Gambit only wore his glasses on occasions. Being here felt like theyd accomplished nothing. They were back in hiding, trying to pass for Human again. Logan didnt like being forced to become a hypocrite. How could they go back and tell any of the kids it was ok to be a mutant when even they were trying to pretend otherwise?

Still, seeing Remy piss off Scott brought a smile to his face. Sometimes the Cajun was alright.

Jubilee rebounded quickly, the grin was back on her face and her camera snapping as if it was her personal mission from Xavier himself. She was aiming one shot at an older looking building when she was knocked off balance by a man plowing into her shoulder. She managed to catch herself before falling, turning to the fleeing man and yelling after him. Youre excused by the way! Angrily she dusted herself off, mutter to herself when she heard a noise from around the corner. It started low but became increasingly louder.

Soon, like a damn bursting, people in odd numbers came pouring around the corner. They near trampled each other in their rush, tripping over themselves. Here and there some seemed to look for shelter in near by shops. There were yells in Japanese, none of which Jubilee understood but it appeared that their words spooked the people who had not from the next street and sent them running. Akuma was the only word Jubilee could make out. It was repeated so often among the frightened natives, It didnt take long for the shops to lock their doors and those with shades drew them shut. Those without shades scurried to duck behind their counters.

Logan! Whats going on! Scott demanded. The whole team drew in close stancing themselves. Even Jubilee fought her way back to them, grabbing Stroms arm and attempting to hide behind the weather goddess.

Its like theyve gone mad! The teen shouted.

Logan worked his way his way to the front . The slouch and drag in his step that had been so evident only moments before had vanished. He now walked with confidence, dominance.

Logan! Scott demanded.

Logan turned ,a predatory smile wide on his face and glint in his eye. Either we found our girl or were in for one helluva fight.

They rounded the corner, each prepared for a fight. AS of the moment they still had managed to keep their identity as mutants a secret but running into a fight in the middle of the street didnt prove to have much luck in keeping it for long. At Scotts orders Logan had kept his claws away, Gambit had his cards handy but had not yet charged a single one. Scott, having very little option had donned his visor. If it came to a fight hed do more harm without it. The other were ready. As long as they werent taken by surprise they should be alright.

There was nothing down the street. Only the destruction the stampeding civilians had caused in their panic. The streets were deserted and branching of in a million different direction. Without someone who could show them the way to the fight (which would be highly unlikely) They were right back where they started.

Great! Were back to wandering the streets again and this time I dont even have any stores to look at this time! At Cyclops look she chuckled nervously and gave a sheepish grin.

Logan took the head, raising his nose to the air. A familiar coppery scent had teased his nose from the back, Moving away from the other it became more easily detected. He could also feel the breeze and knew just which way it was, pushing the scent and just where to head.

What in tarnation are you doing? Rogue southern drawl drew out from the center.

Blood. Where theres a good fight theres blood. Without another word he began walking down the street leaving the others to follow or stay. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing and an excitement ran through his blood. Some scent in the air drove him forward, if for nothing else, he could take out his frustration in the fight.

One thing Logan never did quite get. How there could be so many side streets that acted like alley ways but never quite looked like alleys back home. They were wider and better lit. Well most were. Those that were in the more traditional part of town. Over the years the buildings drew in closer and closer and many of the simplistic buildings Logan had come to love gave way to skyscrapers and apartment complexes.

Thats just where the smell of blood led him, down one of those many side streets. Rounding the corner of the alley he could see straight through to the other side from the street over he saw a figure through the filtered light. The look of what his senses told him was a male was enough to make him pause, allowing the others to catch up.

There was leather tight pants, platform boots that laced right up to the knee. Long, black leather trench embroidered on the back, form fitting and zipped from neck to navel and flapping from the waist down. The Mans hair was spiked like a sun around his head, come black others bleached blonde. But worst for Logan was the make-up. His face was painted pale, eyes lined dark and speckled with glitter. His lips were painted in geisha style with black and the gleam from the amount of piercings across his face and bouncing jewelry. It was enough to make Logan want to hurt him.

However it appeared that another had already reached him. His form was soon kicked from view by a female from. This one dressed in orange light legged leotard, long sleeves broken by red warmers she wore over her wrists. Her legs were covered by what appeared to be a loose fitting skirt covering a revealing pair f shorts.

Wow! Bitching outfit! Logan raised a brow as the teenager peered down the alley beside him. A grin found its way to his lips when Storm called her name sternly to reprimand her for cussing.

At the noise of the others arrival the woman at the other end of the alley turned to them. Her eyes pierced right through the darkness to focus on them. Despite a few scuffs and scrapes sprinkled across her face and the bitten and swollen bottom lip. The face was unmistakable. Right down to the tight line she kept her mouth in. It was their girl alright. But just as quickly she turned chasing her prey away from the opening of the alley.

Thats her! With barely a moment to register what was happening Jubilee was off running down the alley before Wolverine could stop her.

Petite wait! Gambit called after her. Him and Wolverine were first after her quickly followed by the others. With Storm and Rogue grounded for the time being Gambit had an advantage. Years of running out of trouble as a thief built up his speed and he was quickly catching Jubilee just on the other side of the alley. Wolverine was right behind him, trailed by the others.

Youre going to get yourself killed one day, kid! Logan growled out. Just in case, Gambit put both hands on Jubilees shoulders, anymore excitement and Logan may snap. He could push her out of harms way this way.

Dat was dangerous, chere. He scolded gently.

Ignoring the obvious mis-trust from his Cajun friend, he turned to the woman they were after. She had, for a moment, the man in her hands, punching him to the ground like one would punt a football, When her opponent was down she turned to them. Her stride as she approached them was powerful, yet graceful. Shoulders back, steps light, like she was barely touching the ground.

Everyone took stance immediately. There was no doubt she could fight and not knowing anything about this woman they couldnt take any chances.

She paused a few steps away, facing just a bit diagonally from them. She took them in, looking over each of their faces with her almond shaped eyes. Pursing her lips a moment in thought she began to speak. It was slow, deliberate, but amazingly there was no accent held in her voice when she spoke.

I said I would join after I was finished. Despite her current appearance, her voice was high and delicate. A young girls voice. It was her voice that gave away how very young she really was. Go home! She nodded her head to them as if home was right behind them.

Sorry kid. Professor wants to talk to ya and we got orders. Wolverine spoke clearly. The tone wasnt threatening but it was deep, demanding and final.

The womans eyes were quick to focus on him. It felt as if she were reading him but he didnt feel her in his mind the way he did when the Prof. had tried to help him remember what had happened to him. He swore he even saw her nostrils flare.

I will join you when Im done! they locked eyes and Logan steadied himself for the stare down of his life, until a voice came from the ground behind her. First a raspy laugh followed by a light, for a mans, voice, mockingly.

No one understood what the man was saying bit the sneering amusement in his voice and hate in his eyes it was obviously something cruel. The woman that they now knew to be Ren stiffened at the laugh. The longer the man spoke the more fury filled her eyes till there was a full fire burning behind them. Her chest began to heave as a growl was released from her lips.

A blur of color and the native woman had turned. She grabbed the man who had pilled himself to his feet by the collar. It was when she struck the man a detail was revealed on his flesh that none had realized about her. The shallow but oh so present cuts that criss-crossed his face with each blow she delivered drew attention to her pointed nails tipping each finger. They were well maintained, filed and buffed to a manicured shine that was quickly covered in blood.

Blood specks flew to the ground on occasion as the ferocity of her attack grew. Her anger escalated to the point her nails tore straight through the leather held in her fist. The man fell to the ground and in a breath she straddled him, both fists going at the man. In only moments the ,man was reduced to a bloody mess. Her hand, tips bloodied, raised high into the air nails pointed in a killing blow. As her hand descended it was caught tight in logans fist. She turned to him with a growl, tugging her arm feircly in an attempt to free herself. Hannasei!(note 1) She snarled.

Sorry, kid. Cant do that. Logan answered without hesitation. I got orders from the Proff. And I aint gunna wait for ya. Her eyes narrowed into a glare he eagerly returned.

Her head snapped down the road, Logans ears picked up the faintest sound of sirens off in the distance. Police sirens and ambulance. He looked back to Ren, her pointed ears twitched and her chocolate eyes darted from side to side for a moment, searching.

Only seconds later, with a cry she leapt to her feet and with a high round house kick to logans head, freed herself from his grasp. Despite the awkward angle of her beginning, without missing a beat, she landed on all fours. With hardly a backwards glance she was down the road at an inhuman pace,

Growling, Logan wiped away the blood dribbling down the corner of his mouth as the large bruise that had only briefly formed healed. Storm! Rogue! Follow her from the sky!

The Professor said for us not to use our powers! Rogue protested.

WE loose her now we may never fins her again! he growled. Stabilizing himself on his feet he headed down the way the girl had gone, counting on his nose to lead him.

Jubilee made a start to follow him but stopped as she passed the bloodied man. What about him! There was a tremor in her voice. Uncertainty as to if the man was still alive.

Feeling sympathy for the teen, that she has to see this, he paused. An ambulance is on its way. We cant do anything for him that they cant.

Come on sugah. Rogue urged as she pushed the teen away from the bloodied sight. When Jubilee was off with the others she took to the air with Storm. There was a dot off in the distance that would be their lady bit it would take a minute to catch up, even flying. She sure does run fast, dont she?

On the ground Logan followed his nose, the others followed him. When theyd approached her he was able to pick up her scent and if that hadnt been enough when shed kicked him in the jaw he got a good whiff. His jaw still tingled a bit and with his bones and healing factor that said something for her strength. Apparently it wasnt novice they were dealing with. If Charles didnt want to help help her learn her powers then just what was it that he needed her for?

Scott, Come in Storms voice over the comms they stowed away in their pockets broke the relative silence of their pursuit.

Scott pulled the small X monogrammed sphere from his pocket, attempting to keep up with Logan and the others as he fished it out. Go ahead Storm.

she turned into an alleyway. It a dead end but I can not see in. Its too.

Copy, Storm. Keep an eye on her! Well catch up in a minute. Dont approach her. WE still dont know what shes fully capable of.

Roger, Cyclops.

A grin pulled at the corners of Wolverines mouth. The scent was getting stronger, They were catching up! Up ahead they could see the figures of Rogue and Storm hovering over a near skyscraper building. Some where in their pursuit theyd crossed from traditional to modern. From the looked of it they werent in the best part of town.

Seeing their approach Storm and Rouge descended to the mouth of the alley. They waited there for the few moments it took their teammate to arrive. They kept a close eye on the alley though nothing appeared to be moving inside. If they blocked the only exit at least she couldnt escape. Rogue felt bad though. They were treating her like an enemy, cornering her. She probably ran in there cause she was scared and confused. She looked into the alley with sympathy, caught a little off guard when the rest of the team arrived.

Jubilee Arrived a full minute after the rest of the team. When she finally caught up her legs felt like rubber and she could hardly breathe. She doubled over, hands on her knees. Thats it! No more Twinkies! Jean gently lay a hand about the teenagers shoulders. Directing her back to the rest of the group.

Scott peered into the alley. It was deep and the light from the street quickly faded into a deeper darkness. With buildings on three sides and towering into the sky. The sun had all but been eliminated in its confined space. Itll be nearly impossible to see.

Maybe Gambit can help. The Cajun pulled a card from his pocket. Placing the thin cardboard between his middle and index dinger it began to glow, giving off a soft light. Heading into the alley it didnt give much bit it would be the best they could get.

The others circled Gambit, eyes scanning the darkness. Wolverine had pushed past the card thrower to the very fore most of the light. He had payback for the little gift shed given him earlier. His nose flared. Her scent was everywhere at once. He couldnt find her, it was liked shed bottled it as a perfume and doused the place. Never before had his nose ever been this confused.

Be prepared for anything they say, but does anyone think to bring a flashlight around here! Jubilee mumbled. Jean firmly shhed her.

Though there was only a sphere of light it was enough to light the walls when shifted one way or the other. They shuffled along, tight together till a short distance ahead they could see the dead end and still no sign of their girl.

Whered she go! Jubilee exclaimed.

Maybe she climbed her way out Jean offered.

Impossible! Rogue and I were watching the entire time. She couldnt have escaped without us noticing.

Shes still here! Logan growled out. He moved forward a bit more, sniffing the air. He tilted his head up, first to one side then the other. That feeling hadnt gone away. The hairs on the back of his neck were still standing. She was definitely still here.

When he turned to his left, there was only a momentary rustle of sound before something jumped from the right. Though Wolverine didnt have a moment to turn the others saw how their target had jumped down from the darkness. Her feet had landed flatly against his upper back, knocking the Canadian off balance. Using his body like a springboard she repelled, tucking and spinning herself back the way shed come. Her hand caught the railing of a rusting fire-escape bolted to the building, flipping herself to perch on it like a gargoyle.

The team took a step back. Logan who had landed face down on the dirty, cracked concrete let out his angriest fowl yet. Being taken by surprise never did sit well with him. He turned to the woman from the ground, bearing his teeth. She didnt flinch.

I told your Sensei, Id join when I was done here. Go home. Her face was emotionless, not even angry. Did she ever feel?

Now we definitely aint leaving without you. Even if I gotta drag ya out in a body bag! Wolverine lurched towards her, claws extending with a snk. He sliced at her feet but with hardly and effort she jumped from her perch to grasp a high pipe sticking from the opposite wall, leaving him to slice through the rail of the fire escape.

There was a buzz as gambit added a bit more of a charge to his card. He was aiming towards her, prepared to launch. Warned by the buss of kinetic energy Jean latched onto his shoulder causing him to pause.

You cant! Youll hit the building and possibly hurt someone inside!

This is my territory! You can not harm me here. Go back home. While you still can! her nose was as high in the air as it could get. Wolverines blood was boiling. His threat was dangerously close t becoming a reality. With a feral growl Logan launched forward, lashing at her, truly not caring at this point what condition he brought this girl back to Charles in. With what seemed like a bit of a mewl she leapt from the wall, pushing off with her feet and launching herself over their heads just as Logans claws dug into the brick walls leaving three slashes about and inch deep. This time she landed on top of a dumpster, immediately back into a crouched position like a cat about to pounce.

Jean! Do something before he kills her! Scott commanded. Jean nodded. This had gone on long enough. Even she was growing tired of the games. Placing her fingertips to her temples in concentration she glanced at her target.

Feeling eyes on her the Japanese woman looked up into the eyes of Jean Grey. For the first time since they ran into her there was terror in the womans eyes. Without hesitation she leapt, appearing to have surrender the battle in retreat. However, half through her pounce Jean caught the light weighted girl in a psychic field. She was frozen for a moment in shock until she began to thrash about. Animalistic growls rivaling Logans were emitted amongst snarls and curses in her native language. Jean was forced to concentrate harder with each thrash to keep the woman confined.

For a moment the thrashing ceased. The girl known only as Ren glared hotly at the telepath, lips pilled back from sharp canines in a snarl. Seemed there was an unwilling white flag being raised until she drew her hand back. With a grunt her hand was shoved forward and leaving her palm was a ball of fire that burst through the field and hurled straight to Jeans body. The flames engulfed Jeans upper body and with a horrified shriek she lost control over the shield.

Jean fell to the ground, clutching her face in a protective manner just as the woman fell gracelessly on her behind.

JEAN!!! Most of the team rushed to her side, calling her name or gasping in horror. Logan looked back as she fell. His heart ripped, shattered. The sound of her scream was more than he could take. He turned on the woman who seemed to have temporarily lost her bearings when dropped. Picking her up by the collar of her shirt he threw her against the wall like a rag doll. Her head cracked against the wall with a sickening sound and a yelp as she slumped to the floor of the alley. Logan was on her in a moment, sheathing the middle claw on his right hand he caught her neck between the other two, pinning her to the wall.

Her eyes were scrunched and her head lolled a bit. It was clear her world was spinning but he didnt care. Youve done it now!

Wolverine stop! You kill her! The Cajuns voice called from behind him. He attempted to pulls Logan away but the man back handed him with a closed fist. With adamantium laced Gambit went down fast. Logan waited . Waited for the woman to look at him. Her eyes were dazed but she looked at him with the certainty that she was going to die, as if she were looking at the reaper himself. He then raised his left hand, fully clawed and froze at the voice he heard and the unseen touch that stayed his hand.

Logan, dont! Jeans voice held dear. Fear for the woman she was sure Wolverine would have gutted without hesitation. She was picking herself up from where shed fallen. When Logan looked back, nothing had happened to her. Her flesh was not burned and her clothes werent even singed. But he was certain hed seen her go up in flames.

Jeanie Logans hand was released from her mental grasp and he retracted the claws that held the woman to the brick wall. She slumped down to her side, barely catching herself with her hands before her face met the ground.

Im alright, Logan. She assured him at his look of disbeleif. She looked down to the woman who, for the moment, had the fight knocked out of her. She looked tired and worn and oh so small laying there. Yet, though her eyes were blurry and unfocused she had enough to look at Jean with such hate. It was all just. An illusion.

Note: 1 Let go/ Let me go! (I know how to say it and I guessed at how to spell the romanji form of the word. If you speak Japanese or know the correct romanji for this word please let me know, I will fix it. Thanks)

Important: Also, though Id love to go someday Ive never actually been to Japan. Im kindda making up the scenery. So if anyone out there doesnt think it matched, please be kind, I didnt mean any harm, just had to set a mood.