Wind Maiden


At a young age, a female Naruto is beaten and left for dead outside of Konoha, but by following the wind she got up and ran off, only soon to be found and taken in by two traveling ninjas. Years later when Team Seven go to Wave, they fight not only Zabuza and Haku, but also Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze!


Haku x Female Naruto

And maybe a few others

Warning: Blood, Swear Words, Female Naruto, Alive Haku and Zabuza, and Good Kyuubi

I do not own Naruto.

Chapter 1: Follow The Wind


Blue eyes stared into the face of a great beast, the beast was behind a cage larger much larger than it, she blinked a few times and looked around in wonder, she was in a place that had murky water and it looked like a sewer. She slowly rose from the ground and took a stand in front of the cage, her face determined to know where she was but fear raged in her eyes slowly, she spoke "W-Where am I?! Who are you?"

She watched the creature look at her with both wonder and amusement, the creature spoke "Heh… Little kit, you may pretend to be brave but your not, I can see the fear in your eyes…" she clutched her hand and grinded her teeth and asked again, this time her eyes narrowing "Who are you?" the creature watched and smirked a black smile, the beast then said "Well… One little insult and the kit gets angry, nice to know… But, what I wish to know is who you are? Why would someone like him chose a kit like you? A female kit of all things to hold me back?…"

The little girl blinked in confusion at what the beast said but got mad at the last thing "Shut up, and tell me who you are! All because of a girl that doesn't mean anything y-you giant fur ball!" she was staring at the beast that indeed look like a giant fur ball. She could see the smile twitch a little but the creature didn't back say anything to the insult, all he said was "I see… Tell me little one, do you know why the villagers hate you for something you didn't do? Do you know why you are alone? Do you know why your Hokage never tells you the truth? Tell me do you know?" she blinked a few times and shook her head no.

The creature rose and she could see blood red nine tails inside the cage "Its because of me, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. I was sealed within you on the day of your birth, October Tenth, the day you were born and the day I was forced to attack…" the girls eyes widened in horror as she heard the creatures, the Kyuubi's words.

She was only eight years old, hardily old enough to join the academy, she had short golden sun hair that hugged her face, in her hair she wore a red hairclip that the Hokage told her belong to her mother, she had a chibi face with three whisker marks on each side, her skin was tan, she had blue eyes that even shamed the sky and a small body, she wore a long white dress with brown shoes.

"I-I'm… A monster?" she questioned as she sank to the ground, her eyes were wide with fear and realization as she felt tears swell up in her eyes, but before she could cry, Kyuubi spoke "No, you little kit, you are not me." she looked up and stared into red eyes, but the red eyes no longer belonged to the creature, no, these red eyes belong to a man.

He had long blood red hair that was in a ponytail, his ponytail was on his shoulder, and blood red eyes, a black shirt that didn't go pass his shoulder, it showed off that he was well toned, he had darker tanner skin, he also wore dark red fighting pants and black Chinese Shoes, he had three whisker marks that were darker than hers. If the girl was older she would had said he was hot.

Kyuubi spoke "Tell me kit, do I look anything like you? Of course we do have the same whisker marks but I was born with these, you were given them when I sealed inside you… Now, do we look the same?" the girl shook her head as she watched him place his hands on the cage bars, he smirked and said "Now, little kit. Do you mind to step closer, I won't hurt you I swear on it. I just want to see you up closer, you remind me of someone I once knew…" the girl titled her head before getting slowly up and she took a few steps forward to the cage, in wonder she asked as she bit her lip "Why are you calling me kit? My names Naruto Uzumaki, and who do I remind you of?…"

The Kyuubi stared for a second before smirking to himself again, he only said to himself "I see, now I know why he chose you…" Kyuubi then spoke up "The reason why I'm calling you kit is because you're a child. We mature foxes always call a child that has yet to mature a kit. So, from now on, I'll call you kit…" Naruto just blinked and looked down, she then said getting over her fear of the Kyuubi "Why are you telling me that we're different? From what I heard from Jiji, Scarecrow, and Iruka-San that demons like to confuse people into thinking their demons themselves and making them go insane?"

Kyuubi smirked and said "Because I unlike my other brothers…" he said the word brothers as if it was a insult to him "Are more crazier than me, you see unlike them, I don't mind humans but I don't like them much, I only met a few humans I could ever trust in this life."

Naruto blinked but then asked "W-Why did you attack Konoha Kyuubi?" Naruto then watched Kyuubi close his eyes and let his hands fall through the railings, he rested his arms on the cage lock and said "That, little kit is something I'll explain when you are older…" he stopped before staring at her intensely, he kept watching her before she asked "W-What are you staring at?" he only gave a quick smile but said "I call smell the Wind around you…"

Naruto blinked and just stared, she titled her head and asked "What?" Kyuubi only chuckled and said "I mean I can sense the Wind flowing around you. You see, everyone has an Element, and each Element shows a sign around the person who controls it but hardly anyone can sense this… Water flows in the veins of its user so it is always with them. Earth clings more to their user so mud and dirt stays on them longer if they try to wash it off. Fire reacts when its user is close so when a flame flickers that means they are close. Lighting makes its user shock people at times without realizing it I believe humans call it static electricity."

Kyuubi stopped and then said "As for Wind… Well, Wind fly's around its user, it also gives off a smell of wildness and forest with a hint of cherry blossoms, Wind circles its user little kit and I can sense it on you, but I'm amazed at how on fast it flowing around you, you must have a high natural talent for Wind if its flowing that strongly, so anything Wind related, you'll learn it faster than anyone else…" Naruto kept blinking and didn't understand, when Kyuubi saw that look he just chuckled but something nagged in his mind, he only asked "Little kit… What made you enter your deeper mind? What made you want to escape from the outside world to here?"

Naruto was surprised but suddenly looked down, she trembled a little and said "I-I was… I was going to go visit Iruka, when I was suddenly dragged away by some villagers… I was pushed into a crowd of adults and they started beating me… T-The last thing I remember was getting kicked in the rips really hard and getting smack on my head by a bottle that broke… A-And all I was thinking was that I wanted to get away, to someplace that no one could hurt me and that was it…"

She stopped when she noticed Kyuubi's eyes sharpened and if it was somehow possible redder than ever before, she could see his hands clutch so tight that his sharp nails started to cut into his skin making him bleed, his mouth snarled as he almost yelled in anger "Those fools! What do they think they'll accomplish if they beat you?! Do they think they'll get revenge for the stuff I did?!"

Naruto fell back onto the floor and watched Kyuubi return to his huge fox form, she kept watching as he ranted and raged inside his cage, suddenly as she blinked she noticed the scenery around her getting smaller and smaller, Kyuubi was fading as he was pushed back, but soon he looked at her as he noticed she started to fade away and said "Your starting to wake up… Kit, be careful when you wake up, if anything happens, run, run as far as you can… Follow the Wind, it normally blows in the way it wants you to go,… Go kit, run…"

And before Naruto could say anything, everything faded into black…


Blue eyes opened to see nothing but brown dirt and red marks, she slowly blinked before feeling pain all over her body, she bit her lip from screaming in pain but suddenly heard "Well, well… Look who woke up…" she wanted to turn but the only thing she could was her eyes, she saw three men standing over her, she couldn't see their faces because the sun was right behind them but she knew they were once laughing at her, she wanted to scream but she couldn't.

One man said "Looks like the Demon-Whore is up, you've sleeping since us and the other villagers beat you monster…" he then looked to his friends to his side, one snickered and said "Look at her, she can't move! She'll die here and no one will know until its to late, good thing we took her far away from the village, I don't think others would want her blood on the ground…" then the other said "Come on guys, we better get back to Konoha before they notice she's gone, by the time they get to her, she'll be dead…" the other two nodded but one said "Hey… I have a idea, before we go, lets have some fun with her…"

Naruto's eyes widened in panic and fear as she heard those words, she wanted to move, she wanted to scream but her body wouldn't let her, thankfully, one said "No way man, unless you want to be known for fucking a demon we better get going…" the other nodded and said "Thanks man, I almost did something I was going to regret later on, but yeah lets get going before they find this, monster, missing…"

The three laughed and one then spat on her head as the another one kicked her side, as they turned around, the last one said "This is what you get for killing our Hokage, his wife, and his baby, you damn demon…" and with that, those three run back to Konoha.


Naruto cried to herself on the ground, her ankle was in pain, her legs were throbbing in pain at her sides from being kicked, her little body was cut by weapons and punched by her beaters, her arms were cut too, her head was bleeding and her breathing was sharp and hard. Naruto cried and soon her vision was blurry from her tears, she didn't know what to do anymore, one moment she was feeling fine inside her head and the next she was feeling pain like nothing before…

Suddenly, a gust of wind surrounded her, Naruto watched the leaves from trees around her fly off and flow around her small and battered body, she held her breath as she watched it fly away into the forest in front of her, she watched the leaves fly far and Kyuubi's words reentered her head 'Follow the Wind, it normally blows in the way it wants you to go,… Go kit, run…'

She stared at the forest before slowly getting up, she picked herself in both pain and determination, she took a breath as she staggered to her feet, she took hold of her right arm that was hurting the most and held onto it, she looked around softly and noticed she wasn't in Konoha anymore, she wondered what happened, where was she?

She then remembered the words from the three men that said they took her away from Konoha, she looked back to the place they ran off, she knew if she tried, she wouldn't reach Konoha to get help… She looked back to the blowing wind, her hair flowing along with the breeze, Kyuubi's words still echoed in her mind… She took a breath and started walking away, following the wind.

Her walking was slow… Soft and slow, but at each step she took she started going faster and faster as the wind blew harder than before, soon enough she was running, running hard to get to the place the wind was blowing her too. She didn't know why but soon she felt free as the wind showed her which way to go, it blew in front of her but when it started to blow left she made a left, each time it changed it direction she would too…

Then she found herself on a hill, she ran down it and stopped as the wind stilled itself, she watched the leafs twist in one spot before they fell to the ground, Naruto blinked a few times before looking around and noticing she was on a roadway, she could tell by tracks on the road people took this way half the time, she took a few breathes to calm down, she looked around again before falling to her knees as pain returned to her body.

She closed her eyes and wished for the pain to leave, but it didn't, she bit her lip and cried again wishing someone was there for her, wanting to know why the wind led her here. She felt her mind get dizzy from blood loss, and her body shaking in reaction, she kept her eyes closed and she fell to the floor, she bit her lip again before she heard something, her eyes slowly opened for a second, she looked to the road her face landed on and saw two figures walking to her, one was a tall person, and the other was a child, both stopped and stared at her before the little figure ran to her.

All she felt was the figure turn her to her back, and she stared into the face of a boy with black hair staring at her with brown eyes, her own blue eyes closed as she saw him say something but she couldn't hear him…


In Konoha, the Hokage was angry, no he was more than that, he was pissed off more than anything in his life, he had gotten word that Naruto was missing and now he found out some people were celebrating that they beated the 'Demon' to death and then leaving her outside of Konoha to die in the woods. When his Dog ANBU told him this, he had carried in three men who were tied up and yelling at him saying they did Konoha a favor for getting rid of the demon.

As they did this, the Hokage asked the Dog ANBU this "Why wasn't someone with her!?" the Dog ANBU then said "Hokage-Sama, I don't know. I told the other ANBU to watch over her while I went to visit the gravesite but when I got back I heard Beaver laughing about how he saw her getting beaten and then taken out of Konoha by these three fools, when I heard this I killed Beaver and ran to find these idiots celebrating her death with a few other villagers, I was able to get these idiots while the villagers ran away…"

The Hokage was furious, he then said to the three men "Do you know what you three did? Do you!? I should have you killed for what you did to her! What did she do to you?!" one man said "She's the Kyuubi, Hokage-Sama, we were just getting revenge for the Fourth, his wife, and his baby! That's what we were doing!" the Hokage sneered at them and said "Your nothing but idiots! If Minato knew what you and Konoha has done to her, he would had let the real Kyuubi destroy Konoha!"

The three men argued before the Hokage got so mad he yelled out "Dog, take these idiots to Ibiki, and when your done take a ANBU Team out and look for Naruto-Chan, now!" Dog nodded and disappeared with the men…

The Hokage gave a sigh and sat down in his chair behind his desk, he laid his head down and said to himself "Minato… Why, why didn't you let Kyuubi attack Konoha and run away with your wife and daughter? Since the day of your death your daughter has had nothing but pain in her life… Please god let her be alive…"

He stopped before looking out to the village, he snarled at the village for a second before saying "If she isn't alive, I'll make sure these fools realize what they had done to her… I'll tell them she is the very child they all wanted to avenge, that she is your daughter Minato and Kushina…"


Her eyes slowly opened after a long while…

The boy watched as he suddenly saw the most beautiful bluest eyes he had ever seen stare at him and his Sensei, he watched her eyes roam around for a moment before they looked back at him and his Sensei once more, he wasn't sure if what he was staring was a angel or not. Blue eyes, check, tan skin, check, white dress, check, halo blonde hair, check.

But what he couldn't understand was, why would somebody hurt this girl, he and his Sensei had seen the damage that was done to the small girl that was maybe eight years old, it was not a pretty sight, she seemed lost for a second as she asked in a soft voice that seemed to hypnotize the boy "W-Where am I? W-What happened?"

Before he could answer, his Sensei said "We found you out in the middle of the road, you passed out from blood loss kid, if my student here didn't run to your side you would had died if he didn't patch up some of your wounds, so after he did that, I picked you up and we raced to a nearby village where a doctor healed you up all the way… What happened to you?" the boy watched the girl close her eyes tightly for a second before saying as she reopened them "I-I was attacked…" she stopped before breathing in a sharp gasp from a pain she had just felt, she then said "I-I'm sorry… I'm really hurting right now…"

He watched his Sensei shake his head a bit before saying "Kid, get some rest, we'll be back when your feeling better…" the boy watched the girl nod before hearing her say "Thank you… My name is Naruto Uzumaki…" the boy then heard his Sensei say "Names Zabuza Momochi kid…" she nodded again before her blue eyes landed on him alone, when he stared into her eyes he felt like he and her were the only two in the room without anyone else.

The boy then said "My name is Haku… Just Haku…" he watched a smile be placed on her tired face, bandages were around her head, on a side of her check where she was cut, and more almost all around her body, he then heard her say "Thank you… Haku…" and before Haku could say anything, her eyes closed and she fell asleep needing the rest…


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Songs that helped inspire parts

Shenmue: The Sadness I Carry On My Shoulders (During the part where she's talking to Haku and Zabuza)
Shenmue: Earth and Sea (Part where Kyuubi gets pissed)
Shenmue: Cherry Blossom Wind Dance (Part where she slowly gets up and runs after the wind)