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Also someone said "You do know Kakashi name means Scarecrow right?" yes, I already knew that, as a matter of fact that's why Naruto calls Kakashi, Scarecrow. She could never remember his ANBU name or real name when he would tell her, so when he told her what his name meant she started calling him Scarecrow because it was easier for her to remember. She was a kid when she called him Scarecrow and due to the fact she could never get his name right that's the only name she remembers.

Chapter 9: Time to Think…

No one said anything to what Kakashi had just said, that was until someone started to laugh.

Well it was more of a hidden giggle, then it turned into snickering and then into laughing.

Everyone's head turned to Naruto who was giggling and laughing a bit hysterically as she leaned on Haku, when her laughter died down, she giggled and wiped a few tears from her eyes and said "T-That was funny Scarecrow, really funny…"

She looked up to Kakashi and said with a grin across her face "You really had me going there for a second… Why would I need to be taken back Scarecrow? I'm not from a Noble Clan, you know that…"

Kakashi didn't speak but he knew why she said that, he couldn't help but think 'She doesn't know about her parents… She was never told when she was in Konoha so she doesn't know…'

"Naruto… That's where you wrong, you are from a Noble Clan, as a matter of fact one of the most Noblest in Konoha…" Kakashi said with a serious voice, Naruto's grin began to fade a bit but she then said still thinking it was a joke "Wow Scarecrow, I didn't think you'd be one of those people that like to keep a joke going, I get it, it was a funny joke but knock it off…" her face was beginning to get annoyed by the so called joke.

"This isn't a joke Naruto… You… You're the daughter of the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and the Red Whirlpool, Kushina Uzumaki…" Kakashi spoke a bit quietly wondering how she would take the news, that she, the most hated child in Konoha back then, the container of the Kyuubi-No-Kitsune, was the daughter of Konoha's two most legendary hero's, the greatest of the greats. He knew how much she loved the two hero's just by hearing the stories he would tell her when she was a child.

No one spoke to that, everyone there had heard and knew the stories of the two legendary hero's back then during the Third Great Shinobi War, and a look of confusion, question, and bit of fear could be seen on Naruto. Haku stared at his girlfriend who seemed stunned, but soon the stunned look turned to anger as she spoke out coldly "Scarecrow, I told you stop this. I don't want to be told this lie…"

Kakashi spoke again "Naruto… This isn't a lie-" but he was cut short when Naruto yelled out "YES IT IS!" everyone once again didn't speak as they stared at Naruto who placed her hands onto her head, covering her ears wanting to scream these words out but kept it down "Its all a damn lie Scarecrow! There is no way, in heaven or hell I'm the daughter of two legendary hero's!"

She wanted to scream, cry, and just yell at him, how could he, how could Scarecrow tell her a lie like that? He knew, she knew he knew that when she was a child that she admired the Fourth Hokage and the Red Whirlpool, any story with those hero's together she would sit down and listen to it, no interruptions. She admired, dreamed, and wanted to be just like them when she would became a ninja herself so why was Scarecrow telling her this, this lie

Haku hugged his girlfriend who had broken free from his hold when he was holding her up, Naruto felt Haku's arms around her and she hugged him in hopes people would leave them alone. But it wouldn't be so, Kakashi spoke up again hoping to finish his sentence "Naruto, please… Listen to me, you are their daughter… You were suppose to find out when you turn eighteen or reach Jounin… I know about this because… Your father, Minato, was my Sensei during the years he was alive, and your mother, Kushina, I… Guess you can say I had a childhood crush on her, they were dating and the whole village knew. Kushina got pregnant with you and well Minato was excited, ecstatic really. He grinned his head off, telling everyone he was going to be a daddy, everyone in the village was very excited for your birth, and-"

But once again Naruto cut him off, saying "Then why? Why did Konoha hate me Scarecrow? Why did they hurt me every chance they got, huh! If they really excited for me to be born why did they, hate me… If they knew about me why did they do all that stuff to me?" she said the words like it was poison on her tongue, she was bitter that was a common thing with her, since she was a child she was always bitter about Konoha and the treatment it had given her, but she never hated it, for some reason her heart could never hate the place she was born in and made her life a living hell.

Unlike her boyfriend and Sensei she didn't hate it. She didn't like Konoha but she didn't hate Konoha ether, it was just a sore subject to her at times. Kakashi didn't say anything for a moment before saying "Because… Because after the Kyuubi-No-Kitsune attacked the Third Hokage told the villagers that the daughter of Kushina and Minato died along with them, only a few people knew that was a lie…"

Naruto stopped and was reaching tears when she heard his words "W-What?" she didn't understand, why would the Hokage, the man she thought of as a grandfather when she was a child would do that. Kakashi spoke again "It was to protect you… Think about, both of your parents had many enemies that would love the chance to ether kill or use the Fourth Hokage's and Red Whirlpool's daughter. If your parents would had stayed alive you would had been safe from anything but after their deaths… The Third Hokage grew afraid, he knew no one would be able to protect you from the enemies your parents had and in order to protect you, he gave you your mother's maiden name because not everyone remembered it, he made sure that only me, and a few others knew of your heritage so we could protect you in case anyone figured it out…"

Nothing was said again and Haku held tighter onto his girlfriend while Zabuza listened, everyone's mind was running with questions. Team Seven watched, they knew better not to speak during a time of importance like this, they all knew they only had one chance to ask Naruto to come back and they couldn't blow it, not until she says no than they would have to force her to come back.

Naruto looked down and Haku watched her listen to Kakashi's words, for what seemed like hours Naruto suddenly shook her head and spoke "I… This has to be a lie Scarecrow… It just has to be…" Kakashi watched her and sighed a bit before saying "Its not a lie Naruto… Please believe me… It was for the best, it was to protect you until you were ready…"

Kakashi stopped before holding his hand out, hoping to get her to say yes "Naruto… I'm going to ask you this… Come back with me and Team Seven to Konoha. I'm not demanding for you to return and this is the only chance I can ask, please, come back and we'll talk to the Hokage, he'll explain the truth… If you don't than… I'm sorry but we will use force to bring you back…"

Then once again for the fourth, fifth time, no one dared to speak, except for Inari who looked at his 'older sister' in both question and worry "Neesan?…"

Naruto's bangs covered her eyes and she was clutching hard onto Haku who didn't mind but his eyes glared at the hand that offered to take her back to the hell-hole she once lived in. Then Naruto's voice spoke out "I… I need time to think… Please… Give me time to think…"

Naruto let Haku go and Haku watched as Naruto looked down to the ground thinking, she spoke clearly "Three days… We'll meet in three days and I'll have my answer… Please, I just need some time to think…" she put her head up and looked at Team Seven who seemed surprised along with Haku and Zabuza with her plea. Kakashi's hand went to his side for a moment before he looked back to his students, he watched them before his gaze left over to Naruto, Haku, and Zabuza who stood apart from them.

He looked in their eyes and saw worry in Haku's eyes, a bit of anger and suspicion in Zabuza's, while Naruto's held fear, anger, worry, suspicion, hope, and question. He didn't dare to say anything for a moment before saying "Alright… Three days only… We'll meet here… Okay… Ruto?" Kakashi said while using a old nickname he used to use for her all the time, the nickname was Ruto, it was a nickname Kushina was going to use when her daughter was to be born since Minato wanted to name his daughter Naruto and Kushina wanted the name Ruto instead.

Naruto's eyes widened at the old nickname, she allowed the memories of old to return to her and her eyes closed remembering the old memories. She smiled softly and nodded "Alright… We'll meet here… I promise Scarecrow…" Naruto turned to look at Zabuza who didn't dare to speak, he understood when it was time to talk and not to talk. Naruto nodded before looking back to Haku and nod at him, both of them nodded back at her knowing what she had in mind.

Zabuza walked over to Naruto and Haku before saying "In three days… Nothing more, nothing less. Goodbye Sharingan Kakashi…" Zabuza had quickly preformed some hand signs, and then the three disappeared into swirl of water.

Kakashi watched the place where Naruto once stood, the same child he had cared for a long time ago, suddenly he heard Sakura say "Kakashi-Sensei… Why'd you let them go with her? Why are we going to wait for two days? Even if they say no we have to take her back don't we? What if they decided to just leave right now?"

Kakashi didn't speak for a moment before saying "Because Sakura… She promised, and if there is one thing I know Naruto would never do in a million years is go back on a promise…"

Team Seven, the Bridge Builder, everyone there stared at Kakashi who seemed certain that she was going to keep that promise, something in his eye seemed to prove that… And they believed him…


The moon rose above the trees that night in the forest near the old hideout. The moon climbed higher in the sky and could only be seen by small parts of open sky where branches and leaves were not covering.

Sky blue eyes stared out to the night sky above before a deep sadness entered them, she took a breath in before softly sighing out, the winds were cold that night making her breath seeable. She sat on top of the roof of the hideout while hugging her knees thinking long and hard. Naruto really didn't know what to do.

After Naruto, Haku, and Zabuza returned to the hideout, Haku was going to ask her if she wanted to return but before he could Naruto instantly went to the rooftop of the hideout to think to herself, both Haku and Zabuza learned a long time ago was when Naruto would think on top of a rooftop, she was thinking hard and never liked to be interrupted.

Naruto's eyes fell down to the trees near the hideout, and soon enough she gave a sigh again and sat backwards, letting her legs fall and drape down over the edge of the rooftop. Her arms wide open and her eyes now back to the shining moon and stars above her, her blonde hair sprawled itself everywhere on the rooftop.

She wasn't sure on what to do anymore, so many questions, so many choices…

"What am I going to do?" Naruto mutter aloud to herself and sighing once again. Her mind plagued itself with so many things 'Damn it I really don't know what to do anymore… I mean I knew one day I'd go back to Konoha but I don't want to go back now… I'm not strong enough… I promised myself I'd get stronger so I could protect myself and my precious people… Why now? If I go back now… I don't even want to think of what Konoha would do to me if I go back now, daughter of the greatest hero's or not they'd finish what that man almost started all those years ago…' Naruto's mind stopped for a moment when she remembered what Kakashi said about her being the daughter of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

'…There is no way in hell I'm the daughter of those two hero's… No way… Not in a million years would I ever be related to those two… Scarecrow must be going insane or something for telling me that…' Naruto still had her doubts of being the daughter of those two hero's, she had a lot of doubts concerning Konoha, like would they treat her the same way they had done a long time ago, would they treat her differently, would they use her, would they… Hurt Haku and Zabuza just to get to her.

Naruto gave the sky one last look before she closed her eyes and went to enter a dream world where her troubles would leave her, for the time being.


"Is Naruto still up there?" Zabuza asked as he glanced to the window in the front room, Haku who had been sitting in the front room looked up from his tea and glanced out to the window only to see Naruto's legs hanging off the rooftop a bit, he nodded and said "Yes… She's been out there for about nine hours now Zabuza-Sensei…"

Zabuza sighed and walked over to the couch where Haku sat in, Haku looked like he had tried to sleep on the couch but failed to do so since he was worried about his girlfriend. Zabuza glanced at Haku as he sat down and said "Go to your room kid, I'll make sure she comes in later okay…"

Haku shook his head and stared back down to the cup of tea he had made for himself in hopes to calm him down but so far nothing was working. Haku was greatly worried about the decision his girlfriend would make, ether stay with them and risk becoming a Missing Nin or go back to the place that nearly killed her. It didn't matter what she chose, he would be at her side no matter what, he was just worried about what Konoha would do. If Naruto didn't go back she would risk getting forced back to that hell hole and also she would be marked as a Missing Nin, but if she went back she'd still be living in that hell hole and the entire village, hell the entire world would find out she was alive and that she's the daughter of the Fourth Hokage and the Red Whirlpool.

Haku may have been about fifteen but that didn't mean he was a stupid teenager like other kids his age. He remembered clearly on how when him, Naruto, and Zabuza went to Iwagakure when Naruto's hair was once short, many people there hated Naruto because she looked like a female version of the Fourth Hokage, the very person they hated because of the Third Great Shinobi War. He remembered how many people there had tried to pick fights with her, how they openly glared and cussed at her for looking like him, and how people had tried to beat her, some even tried to kill her when she was just walking around. They had planed to stay in that village for about a month, but after the first day they left and never returned to Iwagakure again.

He knew people would be after his girlfriend when the word got out, he knew once people found out about the Fourth Hokage having a daughter they would hunted like there was no tomorrow.

"What… What if she chooses to go back Zabuza-Sensei?" Haku asked out in wonder while looking up from his tea, Zabuza stared out for a moment before sighing a bit and saying "Well… Haku, its her decision, if she chooses to go back than she'll be facing the place she's been running from for so long…"

Haku stopped and looked at Zabuza confused, that was until Zabuza spoke "Don't look at me like that, you've noticed it to. She's scared to go back, remember when she was small and asked to be trained? She said she only wanted to get stronger in order to protect herself from getting hurt again, and now look at her, she's older, she's stronger, she has in fact reached her goal, and yet she hasn't gone back to the place she wanted to return to… She could had left us before she started dating you, and yet she didn't leave, she stayed with us like glue and each time Konoha comes up she tries to change the subject. In other words Haku, she's scared to go back, she's afraid to walk towards Konoha. And now she's faced with this, return to the place she's been running from or risk being placed as a Missing Nin and being found out…"

Haku stayed silent for a moment before saying "Zabuza-Sensei… I… If Naruto-Chan goes to Konoha, if she chooses to return… I,… I wish to go with her… I won't let her stay there alone, and get hurt if that place hasn't changed, I don't care if she tells me I can't go, I'm going … She's one of my most precious people including you… I'm sorry that I'm going to leave you but your strong, you can protect yourself very well and-" Haku was stopped when Zabuza said "You make it sound like I'm not going with you brats…"

Haku blinked surprised by that "Wait, what? Your going too?" Zabuza only glanced at his only male student and nodded saying "Yes, I made my mind up a while ago that if the brat wants to go back, I'm going with her… She may be a brat but she's my little brat that I helped raise… She's the only one besides you that I'd die protecting… And besides you make it sound like she wouldn't want to take you with her, kid, you're her boyfriend of course she'll take you with her…"

Haku blinked again before smiling a soft smile, understanding what Zabuza meant. Then both men looked out to the window where Naruto was sitting near the edge of. Both knew no matter what she chose, they would be by her side, after all, she was one of their most precious person.


"Our little Wind Maiden… You will have to face them one day… And when that day comes you will be strong enough to protect everyone, and you will show the world who you truly are… Never forget that…" said a soft voice as she watched Naruto sleeping on top of hideout roof, the woman who was watching from high above in the tree's turned a bit to another branch near her, standing on the branch was a man whose arms were crossed.

They stared at each other for a moment before nodding, and then as a gust of wind blew at them, they disappeared into nothing.


Kyuubi stopped and looked up from his caged room, he sat alone in the cage, but he could still feel things from outside of his containers body, his eyes narrowed a tad bit and he spoke with a small smirk "So… They finally decided to make their first move… Good, the Kit's going to need their help now more than ever…"


Morning came up in Wave.

Naruto opened her eyes and placed a hand up to shield her eyes from the sun as it began to shine from behind the trees that surround the hideout. Naruto blinked a few times, blinded by the sun before getting up from her spot, she blinked a few times and realized what she had done, she had fallen asleep on top of the roof!

She rubbed the back of her neck, feeling a bit stiff and stuff, she swore, she could sleep on anything and not care until it came to morning time when she woke up. She then thought 'Damn, I bet Haku-Kun and Zabuza-Sensei might be pissed off that I didn't sleep on a bed again… They really over react sometimes…' Naruto yawned a bit and looked out to the shining world around her as birds sang and the wind blew around her.

She shook her head a bit and decided it was time to go back in, she needed sleep but this time on something soft like her bed, not the roof. She gave a bit of a sigh as she rose all the way up on the rooftop, standing up she stared out to the forest around her and watched it for a moment before placing her hands down to the edge of the rooftop, she then fell forward and did a twist and found herself in front of the window that lead to the front room, she skillfully with one hand opened the window, which was unlocked, and swung her way into the room.

She landed on the ground carefully before looking around the room, her eyes stopped when she saw Haku sleeping on the couch with a empty cup in his hands. Naruto carefully walked over and stared at him for a moment before smiling softly, he always cared so much for her, when she was worried he would wait and let her think it out before voicing his opinion out, he must had been waiting all night…

She leaned down and kissed his cheek carefully, when she had done that he seemed to have smiled in his sleep and turn a bit, she giggled before heading out to find a blanket to cover Haku in so he wouldn't be cold. When she had returned she placed the blanket on him and was about ready to leave when she heard "He's been waiting all night you know…"

Naruto jumped a bit, she really wasn't expecting someone to talk to her at that moment, Naruto turned back around and saw Zabuza standing at the doorway that lead to his room with his arms crossed, Naruto took a moment to think of what he said and then she said "I know… He does that when I have to think by myself, he'll wait until I'm done…" Zabuza didn't say anything for a while until he said "What did you choose?" Naruto shrugged and said "I'm still deciding… I mean I,… I wanna go back, just to get the truths about everything but… Konoha was my home and well… But… I don't know, I really don't…."

"Well whatever you choose, know that me and Haku have your back. We'll do what you want, its your choice…" Zabuza said before turning back around and heading to his own room, Naruto watched him leave before she had turned her sights on Haku who was now curled up into a ball. Naruto smiled softly to herself and muttered a "Thank you…" before heading to her own room, what she didn't notice was the small smile that graced her boyfriend's lips as he slept.

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