Rating: K

Category: Harry Potter and Twilight

Pairings: Fem/Harry/Carlisle, Rosalie/Emmett, Edward/Esme, Hermione/ Ron, and Jasper/Alice.

Warnings: Completely AU

Summary: Fem/Harry always wanted a family and when given a chance to find family he dives right in. The thing is he's seventeen. The last of his family is in America and shouldn't even be alive. Harry is determined to not give up his family even if it means dying.

Credits: To J.K. Rowling for writing the Harry Potter Books and to Stephanie Meyer for writing for the Twilight books.

The Last Moments

Chapter 1

The boy named FREAK

Harry often wondered why he lived with his relatives. Where were his parents? Did they not want him? When he tried to ask his aunt Petunia she hissed at him and told him in no uncertain terms that they were dead and had been horrible people. They had died in a car accident because his father was drunk. She also told him that he should have died with them. It was then Harry wanted to know who he was and who his parents were. He was given the chance when his aunt, uncle, and cousin went to a company picnic.

They didn't come home for three days. On the third day the phone rang and a doctor left a message saying that there had been a car accident and that the Dursley's hadn't made it. They were trying to find some relatives to come and claim them and hopefully give them a happy funeral. Harry couldn't bring himself to touch the phone.

He pulled out the money that they had left in the house and placed it into an old bag of Dudley's. He placed everything he owned into that bag along with the few items of his mother's he had found in the attic on the second day. Knowing that someone would eventually come to the house he pulled out a pen and paper and wrote down a message.

Dear whoever should find this:

I am the nephew of Vernon and Petunia Dursley and the cousin to their son, Dudley. I have been here waiting for three days when I got the message about them being in an accident and not surviving. I cannot bring myself to feel sad about this as this had finally released me from their horrid care. I have seen more horrors then a man in war. They are related to a woman named Marge Dursley. Her information is on the fridge and I am onto greater adventures. I hope that I am never found as I know that no one will ever listen to me and I am tired of being invisible.


The boy named FREAK

P.S. – If I find whoever put me here they will pay for the pain they caused me to suffer.

Harry placed the note on the table and walked out the door holding his bag. When he got far enough he used some change and called the police and gave them a clue as to where to find some information on the Dursley family's home. As the police pulled up to the house Harry was getting into a taxi cab and heading to London. Harry was 17.


"Vat iz your name," Fleur asked as she sat on the bench next to him. Harry looked up from his book.

"My aunt and uncle call me Freak," he answered. "But my parents used to call me Harry, Harry Potter."

"Are you going to Hogwarts this September," Fleur asked as she attempted to hide her surprise at his answer.

"What is Hogwarts," Harry asked her confused. Fleur gasped at his response.

"I better explain that to you," Fleur said in response.

End Flashback…

Harry handed the taxi driver the money with a reasonable tip and got out of the car. Briefly Harry starred at the pub he stood in front of. His mother said in her diary that the Leaky Cauldron was where she went to when the Professor of magic took her to get her supplies. Harry managed to hide who he was and had the barman help him get through the alley. Harry went straight for the bank and up to one of the lines with the Goblins. They matched the description from his mothers' diary. When it was finally his turn the Goblin starred at Harry for a moment as though trying to figure out something.


"Now, Harry bow and we will begin," Fleur told him as she watched Harry perfect his stance so that he could duel with her father along with a few other people.

"Begin," Gabrielle commanded. Flash of light began flying across the room. To Gabrielle it looked like a Muggle firework show. Harry had already managed to take out three of the men and was now working on Fleur and Gabrielle's father. Gabrielle winced when her father went down with a double dose of a stunner and a leg locker's jinx. Harry removed the spells on his opponents and helped them up. He headed over to Fleur.

"It seems Harry that you will no longer need to go to Hogwarts," Fleur commented as she handed Harry a towel to dry his face.

End Flashback…

"Name please," the goblin drawled. Harry looked up at the Goblin blankly before he responded.

"I don't know," Harry responded truthfully. The Goblin looked startled. He pushed down his glasses and looked over at Harry with a curious look. It seemed as though he was trying to decide whether or not Harry was being truthful.

"Where are your parents," the goblin finally asked. Harry stared at the Goblin with a blank face.

"Dead," Harry responded blandly. The Goblin narrowed his eyes.

"Where are your guardians," the goblin asked.

"Dead as of yesterday," Harry responded tonelessly. The goblin seemed like he was about ready to give up on Harry when Harry decided to continue on. "My mother wrote in her diary that there is a way to test who I am related to and to see which vaults I own. Could I do that to verify who I am?" The goblin blinked in shock.

"That is correct," the goblin said with a nod. The Goblin called over another Goblin who led Harry to the head of the bank, Ragnok. Harry sat down in front of the desk and waited for the Goblin to say something, after all it was only polite. It was only a moment later when Ragnok looked up at Harry.

"We are going to have to draw some blood to find out whom you are and what your inheritance is," Ragnok informed Harry. "For all we know you could be Harry Potter or even the heir to all four of the founders." Ragnok seemed amused by the idea and not a moment later he was instructing Harry what to do. Harry let a few drops of blood fall onto the parchment. For a few minutes the two just sat there waiting for the results. When Ragnok picked up the parchment he nearly fell out of his chair in shock. "My, my I have been told I have a bit of seer blood in me but never before I have been correct." Ragnok handed Harry the parchment and Harry looked at it curiously.

Name: Harry James Potter

Status: Pureblood

Born: July 31, 1980

Death: -

Mother: Lily Potter nee Evans

Status: Pureblood

Born: January 30, 1960

Death: October 31, 1981

Father: James Potter

Status: Pureblood

Born: May 27th, 1960

Death: October 31, 1981

Heir to:

Salazar Slytherin

Rowena Ravenclaw

Helga Hufflepuff

Godric Gryffindor


Lillian Hale

James Potter

Lily Potter nee Evans


#1: 68.2 Million Galleons 72 Sickles and 5 Knuts

#2: 71.2 Million Galleons 21 Sickles and 16 Knuts

#3: 67.3 Million Galleons 12 Sickles and 7 Knuts

#4: 81 Million Galleons 31 Sickles and 10 Knuts

#5: 99 Million Galleons 12 Sickles and 17 Knuts

#37: 32 Million Galleons

#41: 399 Million Galleons total

#42: 381 Million Galleons total


Privet Drive #4 Surrey, England

Godric's Hollow

Potter Mansion England

Slytherin Mansion England

Ravenclaw Mansion Paris, France

Hufflepuff Mansion Germany

Gryffindor Mansion England

Potter Vacation Home Forks, Washington


Grunnings Drill Company

¾ ownership of the Daily Prophet

½ ownership of Zonkos

¾ ownership of Flourish and Blotts

½ ownership of Madam Malkins

½ ownership of Quality Quidditch Supplies

Harry stared at the parchment before he blinked and then looked up at Ragnok.

"Is there a way I could get a family tree," Harry asked Ragnok.

They were walking to lunch when Alice's eyes glazed over and the rest of the group froze and looked at Alice. Edward was staring at Rosalie with a strange look on his face. It wasn't a moment later when Alice's head snapped up and she dug her hand into Rosalie's arm as she dragged her outside. The rest of them followed. In a trance the Cullen group drove home. Esme called Carlisle who went home quickly citing family emergency. Once inside Alice finally spoke.

"Rosalie, your great-great-great-great nephew is alive," Alice said, her voice quivering. "He's seventeen years old. He's coming here. Apparently he's a wizard and somehow knows that you are alive but he's not sure how. He really doesn't care. He just wants family." Alice closed her and Carlisle knew that if she could cry she would.

"His parents were murdered in front of his eyes when he was only a year and a half old. He remembers it. That very night an old man left him on a doorstep. It was very cold that night and I am shocked he even survived. His family hated him, called him freak and boy. He didn't even know his name until he was six.

The uncle beat him a lot, he was starved, and he was forced to do chores staring when he was 3. His aunt occasionally beat him with a frying pan and his cousin took to Harry hunting. He beat Harry up too. His family was in a car accident when they were coming home from a company picnic at his uncle's work.

They didn't survive. The doctor called the house looking for relatives. Harry gathered his stuff along with a few things of his mother's that he had found and left. He left a note in the house and then when he got far enough he called the police and gave them the address of the Dursley home so that they could find his uncle's sister.

He then went to London in a cab and went to this bank where he found out he could be legally emancipated and how rich he is. After he found that out he asked for a family tree. Rose – he's coming here TOMORROW!"

When Harry was younger he was told that he was dumb, that he was a good for nothing freak. He never believed a word of it but during bad times he wished he had joined his parents in death. Now that he knew he had a relative who was alive Harry was glad that he hadn't. A woman guided Harry through the airport as he had asked her to because he didn't know his way around and they didn't want him to get lost. At the moment he was listening to the woman talking about a classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.

The book sounded interesting so Harry paid attention. However, that did not stop him from being happy when it was time for him to board his plane. The 10 hours that it took to get there Harry slept or watched movies. When he arrived in Seattle a taxi took him to his home. The house was huge and he was the secret keeper so he had no worries about someone finding him. He unpacked and decided he was going to wonder around town and then get something to eat.

He had wondered around town for some time when he came across a diner. Since he was hungry he decided to go in and get some food before going to the grocery store. Harry was sitting waiting for a waiter when a man in a police uniform came over and sat down. Harry immediately tensed.

"Hello I am the Chief of Police, Charlie Swan, what's your name," Charlie asked.

"My own," Harry responded shortly. Charlie blinked at the coldness.

"Now listen here," Charlie started.

"My parents are dead, murdered in front of my own eyes," Harry cut him off. "My aunt, uncle, and cousin just died a few days ago in a car accident and I want to be left alone."

"How old are you kid," Charlie asked, not wavering.

"17 and how old are you," Harry asked in response. Charlie blinked in shock and Harry gave him a sweet innocent smile. "It's only fair that you tell me now that I've told you." Charlie opened his mouth to respond when someone spoke.

"Hello Harrison," a warm voice greeted him. Harry gave a small nod.

"Hello Carlisle," Harry responded. "I trust your sister is well?"

"She is," Carlisle said with a nod. His face softened. "I trust you will be at your appointment tomorrow?"

"I will need a ride," Harry said. "I can't take a taxi as none of them are in this town." Carlisle chuckled as Harry gave a small grin at the inside joke. Charlie had a look of confusion on his face.

"Yes, it is a small town," Carlisle said amused. "I could have one of my kids take you." Harry scowled at Carlisle.

"I can find my own way there," Harry snapped back. Carlisle sighed. He knew Harry could. Harry had taken seven different buses when he was 4 to have his broken arm put into a cast. Harry said he had forgotten what feeling pain felt like when Carlisle asked him how he managed to do all that through the pain.

Harry wouldn't tell him his name and it was only through Edwards' ability that he had been able to find out. It was at that moment the waiter arrived with Harry's bag of food. Harry quickly paid the waiter with a tip and then was gone. With a sigh Carlisle took Harry's empty seat. Charlie starred at the man in amazement.

"Who is he," Charlie asked Carlisle.

"Harry Potter," Carlisle answered. "He was telling the truth earlier about his family; although his aunt and uncle got what they deserved for what they did to Harry. I'll never forget the first thing he said to me when I first met him."

"What was that," Charlie asked curiously.

"He said, 'How can I know when I am in pain if that is all I have known'," Carlisle said with a bitter laugh. Charlie's eyes widened.

"You mean-," Charlie started.

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean," Carlisle said before he left the diner. Charlie slumped in his chair. How could someone to that to that poor kid? The kid was his daughter's age. The very thought sickened him.

Alice was practically bouncing off the walls in anticipation the day after Harry's appointment. Edward had gone off hunting as Alice had been going through every fashion possibility in her head for the past day. Jasper sat in a chair with a book on the Civil War. His eyes weren't really on the book but his wife who was practically dancing around the room. It was 1 o'clock when she finally sauntered over to Jasper and dragged him to the jeep.

As she was driving Jasper realized that they were going to the mall and Jasper internally groaned, he knew better than to groan out loud. When Alice dragged him to a store for boys clothing he knew something was up. They were looking at some shirts in the men's section when a young man around 17 years old with emerald green eyes came over to look at some shirts near them.

He was muttering about the fact that he didn't even know his own clothes size. He seemed really frustrated. Alice bounded over to him before Jasper could stop her.

"I can help you if you want," Alice said. The teen looked up in shock.

"That would be nice," the kid told Alice. "I'm Harry Potter. Who are you?"

"Alice Cullen," Alice introduced herself.

"Jasper Hale," Jasper said dryly. Harry's eyes widened almost immediately.

"A-Are you related to Rosalie Hale," Harry managed to get out.

"I am her adopted brother," Jasper informed him. Harry seemed happy about this but said nothing more on the topic as the three built up Harry's new wardrobe. As they were leaving the mall Harry spoke up.

"Could you give me a ride home," Harry seemed a tad embarrassed, in fact Jasper knew he was. Alice nodded and helped Harry put his stuff in the jeep. Harry handed them a paper with his address on it and told them to memorize it.

Confused they followed his instructions and he directed them to his home. Harry's home was beautiful. Jasper and Alice helped Harry carry the stuff into the house and into his room.

"Uh… Harry, do you own this house," Jasper asked as looked around. He was pretty sure he had seen a library on the way to Harry's room.

"I do," Harry said. "It's been in my family for years and I am the last in my family." Jasper winced when he felt the sadness from Harry. Harry then tilted his head as though he just realized something. "You want to see the library, don't you?" Jasper nodded. Harry sighed. "I'd let you go in but I have yet to clean it up and it's a bit dangerous in there." Harry jumped half a foot when Jasper's cell phone went off. Jasper quickly answered. It was Rosalie.

"Jasper, where are you," Rosalie asked him irritated. "For that matter, where is Alice?"

"We went shopping," Jasper answered. "Alice found someone to dress up and we are currently at his house."

"Exactly how old is this guy that she found," Rosalie asked.

"17 years old," Jasper answered, his amusement slipping in his voice. Harry looked at him curiously.

"SEVENTEEN," Rosalie screeched. "Is it who I think it is?"

"It is," Jasper answered. Rosalie let out another shriek and he had to hold the phone away from his aching ear. "For goodness sake, are you trying to make me go deaf?"

"Sorry, Jasper," Rosalie immediately answered. "Is he coming to the house?"

"I don't know," Jasper answered. "Let me see." Before Rosalie could get anything more out Jasper put the phone against his chest and looked to Harry.

"It seems you have been invited to the house," Jasper informed Harry. "Would you like to come?"

"Will Rosalie be there," Harry asked softly. Alice was barely even able to hear him as she came into the room.

"Yes she will," Jasper answered.

"I'll go," Harry answered. Jasper put the phone back to his ear. He could hear Rosalie telling the others what to do.

"He's coming," Jasper informed her.

"Excellent," Rosalie said excited. "When will you three be here?"

"Uh, Harry when do you want to go there," Jasper asked as put his phone to his chest once more.

"Doesn't matter to me," Harry said with a shrug. Jasper looked to Alice who mouthed "An hour."

"We'll see you in an hour," Jasper told her once back on the phone.

"All right, I got some planning to do," Rosalie said. "Good bye Jasper." Jasper pushed the end button and flipped the phone shut. Almost immediately Alice was dragging him to his closet so that he would look his best when meeting Rosalie.

Jasper just sat there watching the two argue about what he should wear. Harry wanted to wear some darker colors while Alice wanted him to wear some brighter colors. Life had just gotten more interesting.

"Rosalie, pacing isn't going to get him here faster," Edward commented dryly as the hour came to a close.

"What if he isn't coming for me but because of Jasper or Alice," Rosalie muttered. "What if he doesn't like me? What if he runs away from me? What if he-?" It was then the bell rang. Rosalie was immediately at the door. She took a deep unnecessary breath and opened the door.