K. Ryan

"And you should see her, George. You should just see her."

Alanna crackled. She was gilded with delight, three metals spun out to some shining impossibility, shot through with amethyst. Brighter than bangles or stars or coin, pacing their room close in every way but shape to the animal she had claimed. "This woman—" her voice caught and broke, splintering urgently in the air.

George kissed her, and half expected his skin with him, meeting sweetness instead, her tongue in his mouth, her arms twining about his neck, her sharing her breath, her glee, with him and his.

"She did it, laddybuck." Another kiss, familiar-strange and wicked still, after years of watching their own faces change.

"She went and saved the realm and she did it without me, and she beautiful."

George smiled, and kissed her bac. There were many kinds of glory.

Note: Written for the first round of Goldenlakes SMACKDOWN: A fanfiction fight for Kels non-canonical hand. Competitor: Alanna of Pirates Swoop and Olau. Characters are in no way mine. The competition is the brainchild of Goldenlake message boards. They, likewise, neither own nor profit from these characters and/or their geographies.