Chapter Two

"It's a big colourful alien, it's hiding in the underground levels of this complex, it's hungry and angry and it's feeding off all the imagination this place houses inside it, but it's not enough. It's never enough for an imaginatelopathic creature of that size, cooped up inside this place, not branching out…"

"We've got lots of big colourful aliens 'round 'ere. Some of 'em will even try to take over the world once in a while. What makes you think we can't 'andle one big colourful alien with a rumblin' tummy?"

"Because the big colourful multidimensional imaginatelopathic alien will suck out all the fun and imagination from your punters, and he'll bring this place down to the ground once he's powerful enough. He can sense all those brains work away creatively, thinking up brilliant things. He'll even take thinking away if you leave him to it. I was on the way to Earth, and my ship sensed it. It's stealing people now, and it won't stop until I stop it."

A/N: I finally got some inspiration *dies* THE BIG COLOURFUL ALIEN IS FEEDING ON YOUR BRAAAAAAAINS NOW!!! He wants baked beans!

Sorry about the slow update, I was out of writing juice again! This is a pretty short chapter, but it's the best I can do at the moment!