Title: Anything for You

Author/Artist: snooperj & Bloodysamurai

Series/Pairing(s): TeniMyu; Mainly Takigawa Eiji x Kimeru & Shirota Yuu x Aiba Hiroki

Notes: I've divided it into chapters, and here is the 1st chapter entitled Dream Live 3 1/2. This chapter introduces us to our main protagonists during rehearsals and setting up for DL 3/12, and covers two particular dates on the timeline - April 20 and May 3, 2006. I'll post the others once I'm done fixing it up. There are supposed to be footnotes for the Japanese terms, but I would be assuming you lot would understand them, seeing as they're just the common phrases we often hear. :) Enjoy!

**ALSO! None of the authors of this roleplay/fanfic own TeniMyu or the actors, but are mere fangirls of the musical series and corresponding actors we write about. Everything that progresses in the story is the creation of our witty imaginations.

+++April 20, 2006+++

Aiba Hiroki, the second cast Fuji, walked toward the dressing room; they were going to practice the newest Dream Live where both first cast and second cast of Seigaku would be there.

"I don't think I'm the first one-"

"Aibacchin?" a voice said and Aiba turned around to greet the person behind him.

"Kimeru-senpai! Ohayou! I thought you would be coming in with Taki-senpai today," he assumed.

Kimeru, the first cast Fuji, shook his head. "Nah, Taki had a meeting with Ueshima-sensei last night and told me to go on ahead."

Aiba chuckled. "So your date was off?" he asked cheerfully.

Kimeru walked past him, into the dressing room. "I don't know what you mean, Aiba," he said off-handedly.

Aiba fought down his laughter as he followed. 'The date was off, indeed,' he thought.

"And how about your night with Shirotan?" Kimeru asked slyly, successfully killing the younger Fuji actor's laughter.

"I don't know what you mean, senpai," Aiba said hurriedly as he went to look at himself in front of the mirror with his name on it.

Kimeru chuckled in victory. "It's way too early to defeat me, Aibacchin," he said in a Fuji-ish way.


Takigawa Eiji, the first cast Tezuka, excused himself from Ueshima-sensei's room before heading for the dressing room.

'It's going to be an exciting experience working with the Seigaku second cast,' he thought.

Upon arriving, he saw that both Kimeru and Aiba were already there, nodding over to them. "Seems you two are the earliest to arrive," he observed, looking around before moving to his assigned locker.

Aiba smiled mischievously. "Yes, senpai. I'm early because I didn't spend the whole night thinking about...things..." he said as he grabbed his prop racket. "I'll be at the rehearsal stage," he said with a smile and a bow towards the two. "So that you can have some alone time," he added quietly as he passed Kimeru.

Kimeru glared at him but smiled instantaneously as he faced Takigawa. "So what's the plan today?" he asked with a cheerful tone.

Takigawa eyed Aiba's exit before he turned to Kimeru upon hearing his inquiry. Clearing his throat, he replied, "Ueshima-sensei's asked me to head the practice today. Draw out any new ideas for this Dream Live from everybody." He paused and picked up two rackets from the basket and handed one to Kimeru. "Ikkou?"


Shirota Yuu, the second cast Tezuka, was already in the rehearsal area with Yanagi Kotaro, one of the two Echizens through the two casts, discussing their old routines, both with a prop racket in hand.

Aiba reached the rehearsal area and waved at the two. "Shirotan! Yanagi-kun!" he called out as he went towards them.

Shirota was just recounting their routine from Dream Live 3rd before he heard Aiba. "Ah, Aibacchin!" he called.

"Juus!" Yanagi greeted in character.

Aiba chuckled. "In character already, Yanagi-kun?" Aiba teased as he sat down near the prop Ponta machine. "Where are the others?" he asked.

Shirota checked his cell phone. "We're pretty early. The call time was at 10 o'clock, and we still have 20 minutes at most to wait," he replied, slipping his phone back into his pocket. –


Kimeru took the racket but sat back down. "In a while...that Aiba kid can really get to your nerves..." he answered as he took a swig of water from the water jug he brought along.

Takigawa took a seat beside him. "Don't mind it." He turned to the door to see Aoyama Sota, the first cast Inui, approaching. "Ah, Aoyama-kun," Takigawa greeted.

"Takigawa-kun. Kimeru-kun," he greeted in return, moving to retrieve his prop Inui glasses and slipped them on.

"Anxious to get started?" Takigawa inquired.

Aoyama adjusted his glasses in the Inui manner. "Atarimai da."


Yanagi turned to Aiba. "Did you bump into somebody before coming here, Aibacchin?"

Aiba tilted his head to the side in thought. "Just Kimeru-senpai," he answered.

"And you managed to get on his nerves again didn't you?"

"Mah~ That's not a good thing, Aibacchin..."

Aiba looked up and saw two people enter the area. "Nagayama-senpai! Tuti-senpai!" he said as the first cast golden pair, comprised of Nagayama Takashi and Tsuchiya 'Tuti' Yuichi as Kikumaru and Oishi respectively, waved at them.

"That's already twice that's happened this week, isn't it?" Shirota asked with a shrug.


"Yes...he's naturally irritating...if only I can get back at him by getting some information about him and Shirota…" Kimeru muttered.

"If you're not careful, you'll end up becoming more of an Inui than a Fuji, Kime," a new voice said.

"That what can you suggest...Moriyama?" Kimeru asked the first cast Momoshiro, Moriyama Eiji.

"Doing Inui doesn't suit you at all," another new voice called.

Moriyama turned to see Gomoto Naoya, the first cast Kaidoh, already with his green bandana in place.

"That's what I was supposed to say!" he said before turning back to Kimeru. "But you do need to figure out how he knows."

Takigawa got back on his feet. "Enough of this... We'll discuss this later. Right now we all need to gather at the rehearsal area. Put this behind you until today's session is over with. Ii na, Kimeru?"

Kimeru eyed them. "Only the first cast knows about Eiji and me...unless one of you squealed on us…" he said in a warning tone.

Moriyama and Aoyama shook their heads. "Not us, and you can bet it isn't the Golden pair," Moriyama answered.

"Then who...? Argh... I'll figure it out later," Kimeru said as he stood, taking his abandoned prop racket. "Let's go or else Ueshima-sensei will have our necks."


Aiba chuckled. "It was just revenge for yesterday," he answered.

Nagayama sighed. "You're asking for a Fuji war, Aibacchin..."

"Omoshiroi..." Araki Hirofumi, the second cast Inui, said, moving into the room with his notebook in hand, his Inui glasses already in place.

Yanagi lowered his cap. "Already getting into character, Araki-kun?"


Takigawa led the way towards the rehearsal area. Abe Yoshitsugu, and Kotani 'Konii' Yoshikazu, the first and second cast Kawamuras, Kaji Masaki, Kujirai Kousuke, Suzuki 'Zukki' Hiroki and Adachi Osamu, the second cast Momoshiro, Kaidoh and golden pair Oishi and Kikumaru respectively, joined the group along the way.

Upon arriving, Takigawa did a mental head count before nodding, moving up on stage. "It appears both the first and second Seigaku casts are here, save for Endo-kun, who'd be a little late. We can begin, then."

Kimeru saw Aiba who waved merrily at him. He looked away and focused his attention on Moriyama.

Aiba frowned. "He's the embodiment of Fuji's evil side," he muttered to himself.

"Ueshima-senpai left me in charge, so for today we'll be pitching in ideas for this new Dream Live. Think of this as a showdown between the two casts besting each other on stage," Takigawa announced.

"So in short, we'll be doing a lot of singing competition on stage, na?" Kaji inquired.

"Seigaku showdown..." Kimeru muttered with his "Fuji smile".

"Sounds interesting..." Aiba followed, unconsciously mimicking the action, the others backed away from the two Fuji's.

'We're all going to die...' Tuti thought.

"I suggest fan-service...that's what gets us the audience's attention," Kimeru recommended. "Besides, some…" Kimeru paused as he glanced at Aiba and Shirota, who were standing beside each other before continuing. "…would be very natural about it all. Like it's actually true," he finished.

Aiba stepped up calmly. "I agree with Kimeru-senpai, after all...he can do the TezukaxFuji scenes with Taki-senpai with no problems whatsoever," he said.

Kimeru chuckled. "That's right...we wouldn't get... carried away like some people," he challenged as he placed a hand under his chin in a Fuji-ish manner.

"Yes, we are all pretty professional," Aiba said and the two chuckled simultaneously.

Abe and Kotani, the two closest to them besides Shirota and Takigawa backed away with the rest of the cast.

Both Shirota and Takigawa crossed their arms in a Tezuka-like manner and shrugged simultaneously. 'Mattaku...' Takigawa thought.

The two Inui actors turned to one another. "It seems it can't be helped," Araki stated.

Aoyama adjusted his glasses. "It clearly seems so."

Abe blinked. "Shirotan and Aibacchin...Kimeru-senpai and Taki-senpai?" he asked incredulously.

"You didn't know Abe-kun?" a voice behind all of them said.

"Ueshima-sensei!" Abe said with a bow as the rest followed suit.

"So what seems to be happening?" the TeniMyu director asked.

Tuti stepped forward. "Uh... Kimeru and Aibacchin seem to have...er...a rivalry going on," he tried to explain.

"I expected as much..." he said as he looked at the two Tezuka's.

"And what do you plan to do about this?" he asked. Shirota stepped forward.

"Kime-sempai's idea is very tempting, and I for one have no protests against it if we are thinking about the greatest appeal to the fans."

Takigawa nodded. "Same here."

"So...wait...let me ask one little thing..." Nagayan stated as he raised a hand. "The four of you...are you guys really..." he asked, trailing off.

Shirota merely grinned while Takigawa adjusted his glasses in pure Tezuka fashion.

Nagayan was going to reply when they heard something hit the floor. "Ore?" he said as he turned around. "O-oi! Endo-kun fainted!" he said as he rushed over to Endo Yuya, their second Echizen, who had just arrived.

Aiba grinned as he looked at Kimeru. "So much for keeping it a secret, ne senpai?"

Kaji grinned. "Omoshiroi!"

Ueshima clapped his hands together. "It's decided, then!"

"Question now is..." Aoyama said as he glanced to the four in question once again.

"What kind of scenes are we allowed to show?" he inquired. "Ueshima-sensei?" he asked as he looked at their director.

Ueshima was already turning to leave, waving a hand over his shoulder. "That's up to you! I'll see the final product next week and express my opinion on it by then!" he called. "Taki-kun's in charge of rehearsals, so make sure you do as he says!"

All eyes turned toward the first cast Tezuka.

"So what's the plan, Buchou?" Kimeru teased.

"How about we revive Endo-kun first?" Nagayan said, frantically fanning the said boy.

Aoyama moved towards Endo and pulled out a beaker of supposed Inui juice. "Perhaps some special Inui Juice?" he tried.

"Baka, Sota!" Nagayan said as he hit him upside the head. "I meant a realistic way of getting him to wake up!"

Tuti sighed. "He'll wake up eventually, Takashi... Leave him alone so that we can plan the Dream Live..." he said.

"Wait... Are we going to have guests? Like the Hyoutei or Rikkai cast?" Abe clarified.

Aiba shrugged. "You seriously want to have the switching people around?" he muttered.

"It would be difficult already planning both Seigaku casts to be on stage..." Shirota pointed out.

Aoyama rubbed his head and muttered something about his drink being something that really could revive Endo but was ignored.

"Are we going to be using old routines and songs for this new one? Like the first cast doing their rendition of a song and the second cast doing theirs?" Gomoto inquired.

"It would be interesting to see both casts do 'VICTORY'…" Araki pointed out as he went over to the side stage.

Aiba thought for a moment. "We could also do another photo shoot...or better yet...we can have a "video showdown" just like DL 1," he suggested.

"But wouldn't that be difficult with the double roles?" Adachi asked him.

Kimeru looked at Aiba for a moment before smiling. "I think I get it. The video clips would be the "showdown" for both casts..."

"Exactly," Aiba answered.

Moriyama grinned. "I'm beginning to like that idea..."

"What exactly will everybody have to do in their respective videos?" Yanagi inquired.

"Well...since our theme is fan-service... We do the videos by pairs," Kimeru said.

Aiba nodded. "Inui and Kaidoh, Oishi and Eiji...the two Taka's doing random things and..."

The two Fuji's looked at each other and the rest swore that they saw sparks appear in between them.

"Tezuka and Fuji," they said at the same time, wearing similar smiles.

Tuti went over where the two Tezuka's stood and patted them on their shoulders. "I'll pray for your souls," he said as he went over to his partner and the other golden pair to talk about their video clips.

Takigawa and Shirota both raised eyebrows at Tuti before looking at each other. Shaking their heads, they moved to their corresponding pairs.


Kaji looked around. "Does that mean Echizen and Momoshiro pair up?" he asked.

Yanagi lowered his cap. "There's nobody else to pair up with, since the Kawamura-senpais are going solo," he replied feebly.


"So, Shirotan...what do you think should we do?" Aiba asked.

"GOLDEN PAIR!" The OishixKikumaru group cheered suddenly.

Kimeru chuckled. "They're fast thinkers…" he pointed out.

"Do you have any suggestions, Aibacchin?" Shirota asked.

Takigawa turned to the pair of Oishi-Kikumaru actors. "To make this less embarrassing for some, I'm giving you all the freedom to find a private spot to think up of your little skit. Practice on it and be back here in half an hour!" he announced to the group at large.

"Well...I think we should let Kimeru-senpai suggest things since he is more experienced in the field," Aiba said as he watched the Golden Pair group head towards the backstage.

Kimeru smiled at Aiba. "That is very flattering, Aiba-kun... I would suggest that we simply make use of a side story. Perhaps something that could have happened behind the scenes of an episode."

"How about the time when Tezuka was in Germany and Fuji was looking around the training area while the rest were having matches?" Aiba suggested.

Kimeru nodded. "That could work...the other scene could be..."

The two Fuji's looked up at one another and smiled before turning to the two Tezuka's. "During the time Tezuka and Fuji were alone in the locker room after Fuji's match which Echizen..." they said in perfect synchrony.

"When Fuji was..." Kimeru began.

"…drenched under the rain," Aiba finished as they advanced on the two Tezuka's.

"Ii data..." Aoyama muttered as he passed by to get his bag.

"We have things to discuss, then," Shirota said with a smile, taking Aiba's wrist and pulling him away.

Takigawa nodded to Kimeru. "We should get going as well," he replied, smirking.

"I get the rain scene!" Aiba called out as he was pulled away.

"Aa. I'll get the Germany episode instead," Kimeru said with a wave.

"Is it me or did they just agree..." Aoyama muttered.

Araki blinked. "Rikutsu Janai!" he exclaimed.

The Kaidoh's rolled their eyes. "Data men..." they muttered.

Aoyama turned to Gomoto. "Saa. We have our own scenes to think about."

Araki nodded. "Sou..."


"What did you do that for, Shirotan?" Aiba asked with a cute frown as they entered the backstage area.

"Ah, gomen. I was assuming you wanted some privacy in excessively planning this particular scene," Shirota apologized.

Aiba chuckled. "Silly Shirotan, who would like to pass up a chance to annoy Kime-senpai?" he said as he placed his arms around the taller boy's waist pulling him a bit closer. "I have a few ideas...but I want to hear yours first," he said.

"Apparently me," Shirota replied with a grin before moving on to the task at hand. "As to any ideas with our particular scene..." He paused for a moment to contemplate, bringing his hand up and running his hands through Aiba's hair.


"I never thought that we'd actually agree on something," Kimeru admitted with a chuckle. "So let's see... in the anime, the regulars visited Tezuka in Germany... Hmm... What could we pull out from there? I wonder…" Kimeru thought as he looked at his partner.

Takigawa chuckled. "Finding an opportunity to be alone is not so much of a problem for them while in Germany, is it?"

Kimeru nodded. "That's true; there are a lot of opportunities for the two of them to have a scene... But what kind of scene I wonder..." he said as he paused for a moment.

"Why did I get the sudden feeling that while we're racking our brains for our part, the other pair is busy flirting?" he said suddenly, but shrugged afterwards.

Takigawa shook his head. "That's because you two think alike."

Kimeru glared at him before slumping over to the prop bench just a few steps away. "I do NOT...DEFINITELY not think like that immature...worm dancer!" he stated darkly.

"Then what was all that agreement and synchronization earlier on?" Takigawa fired back.


Aiba smiled softly, "Maybe Shirotan would like a little inspiration?" he teased.

"Do share," Shirota whispered into Aiba's ear.

Aiba chuckled, "How does Shirotan get inspired? Is there anything I can do?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. "Since it would be a shame to not get any ideas from the great Shirota Yuu…" he added as he moved his arms around Shirota's neck.

Shirota chuckled. "Since this is something between us, inspiration can come in any way you would feel it best, Aibacchin. Besides…" Shirota paused before continuing. "I have enough ideas to go around so you won't have to worry about that."


Kimeru glared at him again in a more intense manner. "I hate you..." he said quietly, not entirely meaning what he said.

Takigawa was silent for a long moment before bringing up a finger and poking Kimeru on the forehead. "You don't mean that," he pointed out flatly.


Aiba smiled at him before leaning over and kissing him. "So... what were those ideas, buchou? Care to share them now?" he asked in mild amusement.

Shirota nodded. "Aa." He moved to strike a thinking pose but miserably failed. "Though knowing you, you would already know what I'm thinking, na, Aibacchin?"

Aiba smiled mischievously "We might..." he said. "But my idea would cause TeniMyu to be banned for minors," he said with a sly smile.

Shirota laughed. "No, we wouldn't want that. Something that's both minimal and fulfilling at the same time to keep even the kids happy just watching."

Aiba laughed along. "We could do what you and Katou did during the showdown...the proximity I mean, and then we could just leave it to their imagination..." he said. "Oh, and it was also my fault why Katou's hair got bleached "accidentally" that week, just to let you know," he added.


Aoyama smirked when the two Inui-Kaidoh pairs finally settled on two different episodes to base their presentation on.

Araki adjusted his glasses. "Saa, ikkou yo, Kujirai-kun. We have things to discuss and rehearse!"


Kimeru pouted. "No I don't..." he admitted as he looked up at Takigawa.

Takigawa smirked. "Well, forget I said anything and let's plan for this properly," he said.

Kimeru nodded. "So let's see...what can we do..." he started once more as he thought for a moment. He then noticed Takigawa just standing in front of him, so he pulled him down to sit beside him on the bench. "Much better," he said happily.

Takigawa began brainstorming promptly after Kimeru had him sit down.


"And that's why there will be two Echizen's in each video," Moriyama finished explaining to his group.


Shirota stroked his chin. "We could have Kotani-kun come in and supposedly ruin the moment. Or..."

Aiba considered this for a moment. "Kotani...or Adachi," he corrected as he took a few steps back to lean on the wall.

Shirota scratched his cheek. "Or we could 'let nature take its course', if you know what I mean," he stated.

Aiba shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't follow." he admitted.


Kimeru thought for a moment. "How about Fuji gets lost in the building where Tezuka is staying in and he accidentally finds Tezuka's room?" he suggested.

"Before Tezuka shows the team to his room?" Takigawa clarified.

Kimeru nodded. "Yes before that. Let's say Fuji was supposed to be looking for the bathroom and eventually reached that area," he explained.

"But how are we going to put Tezuka in the scene?" Takigawa pondered, trying to recall the episode correctly. "Did Tezuka show them around immediately when they arrived?"

"No he didn't..." Kimeru said. "They waited for him at the lobby, remember?"

"That's why I had to confirm," Takigawa said after a slight chuckle escaped him.

"So how does Tezuka come in?" Kimeru said as he started to think again.


Shirota adjusted his prop glasses accordingly as he stated one word. "Lightning." Aiba looked thoughtful for a moment before smiling.

"Hmm... But that would just cause Fuji to jump forward instead of back..."

"The lights could go off right after that moment, of course," Shirota implied.

Aiba grinned slyly. "So that no one would have to see?" he asked.

Shirota nodded.

Aiba smiled. "That's good enough to keep the fans happy... So shall we meet up with Kimeru-senpai and Takigawa-senpai so that we can start our part?" he asked.

Shirota nodded. "Let's get going."


"If that's the case, Fuji could've gone off to the bathroom first while the rest were waiting for Tezuka. Incidentally, it was near his room, so when Tezuka had decided to meet up with them, bumped into Fuji and..." Takigawa paused, turning to Kimeru.

"And uses the time presented to him to release all the pent up emotions and words that he has been keeping since he left!" Kimeru finished. "Eiji! You're a genius!" he said as he practically half-glomped his partner.

Takigawa was taken aback for a moment before smirking.

Kimeru grinned up at him. "Hey..." he said suddenly.

"What is it?" Takigawa inquired.

"I meant the opposite when I said I hate you..." Kimeru said as he placed his hands behind Takigawa's neck.

Takigawa smirked. "Glad to hear it."

Kimeru smiled as he pulled Takigawa towards him.


Aiba laughed as he pulled Shirota out of the dressing room. "Come on, before I get tempted to lock ourselves inside this room for reasons not related to our current job."

Shirota followed suit. "Save it for later when practice is over."

Aiba, who was looking through an opening at the door, frowned. "They're flirting around while we were thinking of a scene?" he whispered at Shirota.

"They might've done things the opposite way," Shirota suggested.

Aiba's eyes widened. "Eww... I am NOT seeing our senpais make out!" he hissed as he grabbed Shirota's hand and used it to cover his eyes.

Shirota looked through the cracked before pulling Aiba away. "That's because we're not supposed to be sneaky about it."


Takigawa looked longingly at Kimeru before turning to the door.

Kimeru smiled in a Fuji-ish manner. "Well, Eiji? Are you going to wait for me to make the first move?" he teased.

Swearing he saw a glimpse of someone through the crack of the door, Takigawa returned his gaze to Kimeru. "Of course not," he replied, craning his neck as he directed himself towards Kimeru.


Aiba groaned and followed Shirota quickly, not wanting to see or hear anymore than he already did.

Shirota sighed with relief at having escaped detection and looked around. "I wonder if the Inui-Kaidoh pairs have thought up of their scenes..."

Aiba sighed. "If only the senpais weren't busy making out then we could already start filming..." he whined.

"Who's making out?" Aoyama said, suddenly popping out from nowhere.

Shirota turned calmly to Aoyama. "It's nothing, Aoyama-senpai. Is your group finished?"

Aoyama adjusted his glasses and smiled. "Yeah, we're already chatting about some projects we did in the past. Aiba, I didn't know that you did a yaoi production with Takumi before. Does Shirota know about Sukitomo?" he asked slyly.

Aiba nodded. "Yes, senpai. Shirotan was the first to know when I got the offer before."

"It was to get rid of any future arguments over it," Shirota explained.

Aiba nodded after that statement.

"I see... You two are pretty good when it comes to relationshi-" Aoyama was cut off when they heard a loud thud from where the second cast Tezuka and Fuji came from.

"O-oi! Tuti!" Nagayan exclaimed as he shook his partner who lay unconscious on the ground.

"I think Kimeru-senpai and Takigawa-senpai have been found out," Aiba commented with a sly smile.


Abruptly breaking off the kiss, the pair heard the noise as Takigawa moved towards the door and swung it forward, seeing Tuti unconscious on the ground. "What happened?" he demanded.

Shirota merely sighed as the other cast members started huddling around the area.

"What happened?" Kaji inquired. "We were just about to agree on our chosen scenes!"

Moriyama agreed. "Not that it's difficult pinpointing which ones to portray..."

Yanagi and Endo brought their caps down.

Nagayan looked at the group. "I don't know, he just told me he was hearing strange noises and then looked inside this room," he explained as he pointed to the door where Takigawa came from, Kimeru peeked outside.

Aiba grinned. "Ah~ so that's why..." he said.

Kimeru flushed crimson when Aiba looked at him. "What?"

"I wasn't saying anything senpai..." Aiba said with a chuckle.

Takigawa grasped Kimeru's shoulder. "Well, for now that matter's irrelevant. Have you all come up with your chosen scenes?" he asked the crowd at large as the two Kawamura's arrived.

The rest of the cast nodded, including Nagayan who was nursing the still unconscious Tuti.

"Yosh. Let's all break into groups and run through each pair's idea before filming starts later in the afternoon," Takigawa explained.

"Hai, Buchou!" came the collective response.

Aiba and Kimeru eyed each other warily.

Everybody divided into their corresponding teams before Shirota pulled Aiba towards Takigawa and Kimeru.

Kimeru looked at Aiba. "So what have you planned?" he asked.

Aiba smiled at him. "Our setting is in the clubroom after the Ryoma-Fuji match under the rain," he said simply.

Kimeru nodded. "We have Tezuka's room in Germany."

"Didn't we already decide this before we parted to discuss the particular scene?" Takigawa confirmed.

Shirota nodded. "Hai."

"So first things first," Kimeru said. "Who gets to film their video first?"

"I'm fine with anything," Takigawa declared.

Kimeru thought for a moment. "I suggest that Aiba and Shirota do their scene first. After all, ours is much less complicated in terms of effects," he said.

Aiba blinked. "And...How do you know that, senpai?" he asked incredulously.

Kimeru smirked. "Well...from the setting that has been settled I thought that you will have to use the "rain" effects and the blackout lines... besides... Eiji and I might have a hard time pulling you two apart once we say "cut"."

Shirota looked over to Kimeru for a moment's glance before clearing his throat distractedly. "Alright, then… If it's fine with the senpais, perhaps it is best that we prepare, Aibacchin?" he piped up, heading off to ask for assistance with the effects.

Aiba nodded. "I'll go and get the camera crew, Shirotan," he said as he went to the technical crew.

Kimeru made a thoughtful sound before looking at Takigawa. "Ne Eiji, we should probably assist those two," he said.

Takigawa crossed his arms. "Since when were you keen on helping them out?" he inquired with a smirk.

"Since I discovered that they're going to have a kissing scene and we're probably going to watch," he answered with an evil smile. "Aiba-kun isn't the only one who is fond of photography, you know...besides...There's another segment in the show besides the videos...the candid photos… just like in Dream Live 1st," he said. "And I will be taking all the pictures this time around…"

Takigawa took a moment before nodding. "At least now I won't be surprised. Of course, I'm hoping that you haven't gone to great lengths to embarrass a few people to the point of a confrontation?"

"Well..." he said as he showed him a picture of Nagayan and Tuti in a suggestive position in their Seigaku costumes. "This is the most suggestive thing I have so far. I'm waiting for the chance to snap a picture of Aiba and Shirota," he admitted with a smirk.

Takigawa stopped himself from twitching. "You didn't waste time, did you?" he spared a moment's glance to see the two returning before whispering, "Get your camera ready."

Shirota raised an eyebrow at a short exchange of conversation of the other pair before stating, "Everything's set up to our preferred setting then, Aibacchin."

Aiba smiled. "Ready! Just have to get myself wet under the rain," he said as he ran up to Shirota, now wearing his Seigaku shirt.

Kimeru grinned. "Remember to behave Shirotan…" he said slyly as Aiba pulled his partner to the set in the next studio room, Shirota glancing over to Kimeru suspiciously.

He looked over to Takigawa. "Teenage hormones..." he said thoughtfully as he readied his camera and followed the two. Takigawa followed in silence, eager to find out what they were going to do.


Aiba let go of Shirota's hand when they were at the set. "You signal the start," he said as he went outside in the "rain", to get himself "fixed" for the scene.


Kimeru chuckled as he adjusted his camera.


Shirota got himself into character and nodded to the crew to begin filming as he looked out the prop window, crossing his arms across his chest with his back to the camera.

Aiba walked in, drenched by the "rain". He paused as he looked up at Shirota. "Tezuka..." he said softly.


Kimeru smiled. 'He's really good at this...' he thought.

Shirota turned to Aiba before returning his attention outside as the fake rain poured like mad on the other side of the window. "The match you had with Echizen just now... Why didn't you go all out for the victory? It's just as Inui said, Fuji... Your data cannot be collected... Where is the real you?" he demanded, rotating to face Aiba who had sat himself down on the bench as the second cast Tezuka lowered his arms.


'Looks like someone did some quick research with his lines...' Takigawa stated with a chuckle.


"I...I don't know either..." Aiba responded, looking at Shirota then at the window. "Ne...if this proves to be a problem...take me out of the regulars," he stated calmly.


At this point, Kimeru readied his camera and adjusted the aperture to accommodate the lighting.

There was a lingering silence between the two when suddenly, right on cue, the fake lightning erupted behind Shirota, plunging them into a moment's darkness.

'Another one and we execute...' Shirota told himself.

Aiba, conscious about his cue, startles a bit and jumped up into Shirota's arms before the lights were turned off. "S…Shirota…" he whispered quietly, careful to not let the microphones pick up the sound.


Kimeru raised his camera and waited for the recording to end.


Shirota caught Aiba just as the lights were cut off, the rain the only sound echoing across the room before Shirota leaned in for a quick kiss before the recording ended as he pulled himself back, staring longingly into Aiba's eyes as the lights slowly came back on.


Kimeru snickered and timed the shot well, capturing the duo's kiss with the flash of his camera.

Aiba blinked a few times before realizing what happened. He buried his face on Shirota's shoulder. "Oh shit...did senpai just..."

Shirota blinked at the flash before turning to Aiba, letting off a short chuckle. "Afraid so," he stated, spotting the camera.

Kimeru grinned as he pulled Takigawa to the other set.

"Let's start," he said as he signaled to the camera men and threw the camera to Aiba, who caught it. "Take good pictures, Kouhai," he said. Aiba glared at him.


The scene started as Kimeru entered the "room".

"This isn't the bathroom either..." he said in his Fuji voice.

Takigawa adjusted his prop glasses before walking towards the room. "Ah~ Fuji..." he stated, spotting him as he reached his room. "What are you doing in my room?"

Kimeru smiled at him. "I was looking for the bathroom and ended up here... Funny isn't it?" he said.


Aiba resisted the urge to roll his eyes.


Takigawa smiled as he moved past him and into the room. "I was planning on meeting with you guys in the lobby, but if you need to use the bathroom, I have my own right here," he said, directing him to another door.

"Thanks. Just needed to wash my hands..." Kimeru said gratefully as he went to another door, running water was heard for a few seconds before he came back. He was going to go straight to the door when he stopped. "It's really nice to see you again, Kunimitsu...I- the team has missed you a lot," he added.


'Ah...so they're making this something after our scene...' Aiba thought.


Receiving the hint, Takigawa just nodded stiffly.

Kimeru moved over to the door, his hand resting on the knob. "Shall we go to the others?" he asked.


Aiba, taking the hint, readied the camera and adjusted the angle. 'This better be good...' he thought bitterly.


"Fuji..." Takigawa began, eyeing Kimeru for a long moment, his hand having abandoned a notebook that he set down on the desk.

Kimeru paused and turned around to face Takigawa. "What is it, Tezuka?" he asked.

Takigawa distracted himself for a full 10 seconds before bursting out suddenly, "It's been a while since I've been away from Japan. I miss being with you..."

Kimeru smiled at him. "We've missed you too, Tezuka," he said.

Takigawa approached Kimeru and took his wrist and pinned him to the door. "You misunderstand. I missed you, Syusuke..."


Aiba fought down the urge to laugh out loud when he recognized the genuine surprise on Kimeru's face as he was pinned to the door. "Go Taki-senpai!" he said quietly.


Kimeru was at a loss for a moment, not expecting Takigawa to make an immediate move. "K-Kunimitsu..." he stuttered.


'Priceless...I'm going to shoot this for Takigawa-senpai because I know Kimeru-senpai wouldn't want it to be used for the musical,' Aiba thought as he took out the flash and snapped the picture.


"It's been pretty lonely here... I'm glad that at least... for the time being, we can be together again... Even if it's just for a little while..." Takigawa continued, bringing up his other hand and stroking Kimeru's cheek.


Aiba had to stop himself from going "Aww..." over the line and opted to cling to Shirota's arm instead.


Kimeru's shocked expression softened as he leaned into the touch. "I am, too... I've missed you so much…" he said.


'Darn it...our senpais are good...' Aiba thought in defeat.

Shirota blinked several times. 'How long do they plan to make this video?' he thought to himself.


Takigawa moved in until he was an inch from Kimeru's face, their noses nearly touching.

Kimeru turned his head away. "N-Not here..." he said.


Aiba was already busy taking down notes and snapping a few pictures.


Takigawa gently had Kimeru face him with his fingers. "Why not?" he inquired.


Aiba was clutching Shirota's shirt tightly. "How the hell do they do that?" he hissed.


Kimeru blushed a bit more. 'Stupid Eiji! Making me lose my lines...' he thought angrily. "Someone might walk in and...and..." 'I'm a failure as a Fuji...' he thought, trailing off.


Aiba was thinking otherwise. 'Now that...is Fuji Syusuke...' "Senpai is gonna get raped...isn't he?" he whispered to Shirota.

"He just might..." Shirota said quietly. 'Who would've thought they'd come up with such... such a masterpiece?' Shirota asked himself.


Takigawa smirked. "Don't mind it..." His free hand moved to lock the door before pulling him towards the bed.

Kimeru felt his eyes widen and his blush intensifying the moment that his back hit the bed. "K-kuni..." he said, looking at Takigawa's predatory expression.


"Once they say cut...we're getting out of here... Seeing them make out is one thing, but watching them doing 'it' is a different thing..." Aiba said hurriedly to Shirota.

Shirota nodded. "Agreed."


Takigawa got onto the bed with him and leaned in close for a few moments before the video was cut then and there, just as they had discussed. "How was that?" he asked Kimeru quietly.


Aiba bent down a bit to get the angle he wanted, took the picture and bolted out of the room, pulling Shirota along, the camera men following them, thus leaving the two alone.


Kimeru smiled a bit. "You surprised me a bit and we scared off the others..." he said as he placed his arms around Takigawa's neck. "So...I think you deserve a little reward."

Takigawa smirked.


Aiba panted as he stopped running, they were already onstage but none of the other cast members were there. "Remind me to never do that again..." he told Shirota in between pants.

Shirota caught his breath before looking back from which they came before turning to Aiba. "But you have to admit, Aibacchin... Taki-senpai knows what he's doing..."

"Raping Kimeru-senpai must have been second nature to him by now... You should take lessons from him," Aiba declared as he jumped down the stage to retrieve the bag he had placed there earlier.

"Whose turn is it to make dinner, you or me?" he asked randomly as he pulled out his phone.

Shirota gave out a hearty laugh. "You think so?" Shirota thought for a moment before replying, "It's my turn."

+++May 3, 2006+++

The two Seigaku casts, after working on the videos, conducted their practices for the rest of the show. After many weeks of preparation, the night of the musical proper the stadium was packed.

"What else do you expect? We basically put "Yaoi " on the advertisements…" Kimeru muttered. The next scene, once the Ichinen trio exited, was "behind the scenes".


Aiba, who was at the other side of the stage, looked at Shirota. "I'm a bit nervous about this..." he said.

Shirota clapped him on the shoulder. "It'll be fine. Saa, yudan sezu ni ikou," he said before moving out on stage after the signal was given.


Kimeru smiled at the audience. "Well now... The audience seems to be very lively tonight!" he noted.

Aiba nodded. "Of course...after all this is what they have all been waiting for!"

The two looked at one another and gestured to the big screen behind them. "Seigaku regulars! Secrets unveiled!" they said together as the videos started. The order of presentation was Golden Pair, Emerald Pair, Kawamura's bonus videos, Ah-Un Pair and finally Perfect Pair.

Aiba subconsciously reached down and took hold of Shirota's hand as the last two videos were shown.

The first video was Aiba and Shirota's and the finale was Kimeru and Takigawa's. Needless to say, the crowd was in fan-girl heaven.

"That's not all..!" Kimeru exclaimed amidst the screaming. "We…" he said as he pulled Aiba to stand beside him, but suddenly stopped when he noticed that Aiba was holding Shirota's hand, the camera zoomed in and showed this to the crowd who went silent...and proceeded to scream louder after a second or two.

Shirota turned away and seemed to adjust his glasses as Takigawa stepped forward. "Onto the next segment!" he called out, looking towards the rest of the cast members before setting his gaze on Kimeru. "Fuji, dozo." Takigawa gestured to the audience before stepping back.

"Why did buchou have to take the center stage?" Moriyama asked Endo, who just shrugged in reply.

Kimeru stepped forward. "What the others don't know is that all throughout our school year, I have been taking pictures of each and every one." he said, the cast, who didn't know anything about it, stared at him in shock and confusion.

"S-senpai... Wait...you don't mean..." Moriyama started, looking at the first cast Fuji in disbelief.

"Seigaku Regulars Secrets: Part Two!" he announced starting off with the golden pair, again following the same order as the videos.

"The last picture..." Kimeru started. "Wasn't really what I expected…" he said as he glanced over to Shirota and Aiba in amusement. "Who would have thought that there was a reason why Tezuka…" he said as he nodded at Shirota to clarify which. "Always had the keys to the locker rooms... dozo!" he said as the picture of Aiba and Shirota kissing flashed on the big screen.

The other regulars stared.

Both Kaidoh's gave a simultaneous response: "Fsssssssssh ..."

Aiba cleared his throat. "Unfortunately... Fuji-kun," Aiba began. "I also got a very interesting picture of you and... your dear Buchou," he said as he turned to face the first cast Seigaku. "Have you ever wondered what took them so long?" he said, the final video, after all, was cut from the part where Takigawa was going to move Kimeru to the bed.

"Everyone, take a look at this."

It was the hit of the musical. After all, who could resist a picture of Tezuka, looking sinister while pinning Fuji - to a bed of all places.

Some of the regulars were already imitating fishes out of water while Tuti fainted. 'Not again...' Nagayan thought.

Now it was Takigawa's turn to randomly adjust his glasses in pure Tezuka fashion, turning his back to the audience for the time being.

Yanagi made a double take on the picture. "Hontou ni?" he inquired, looking back and forth between the picture and the pair of Takigawa and Kimeru.

Aiba smiled. "I'm afraid so," he said.

"Mada mada dane…" the Echizen's stated, pulling their caps down.

"Ah~ but that doesn't mean that you two don't do it too…" Kimeru declared; Aiba grinned at him and they both chuckled evilly in a Fuji like manner.

Both casts - except the respective Tezukas - backed up from the Fuji's. All were wondering what been developing between the two while the audience cheered their support. After that, a series of dancing and singing ensued. Then it was the director's turn to surprise everyone.

"There are 5 winners from the audience that are allowed to ask their questions to the Seigaku regulars, please approach the microphone now."

The cast looked around and Ueshima waved at them from the audio booth.

A girl who was about 19 years of age approached the microphone, testing it for a second before stating, "I would like to direct a question to the first cast Tezuka and Fuji. Who was the one who thought up of the scene for the video earlier on?"

Kimeru smiled. "I suggested the setting, He did the entire thing," he answered, emphasizing the word 'entire'.

The girl left after expressing her thanks, giggling happily as another girl, around 17 this time, stepped up to the microphone. "For the second cast Fuji and Tezuka, was the picture shopped?"

Aiba smiled nervously and pushed Shirota forward a bit.

Shirota stumbled a bit but quickly got his balance, clearing his throat. "No, it was purely Aibacchin and I. There was no photo-manipulation involved whatsoever."

Thanking them, the second girl left as a girl of around 15 came forward. "For the first cast Oishi, why did you faint when you saw the picture of the first cast Tezuka and Fuji?"

Tuti stepped up. "Well...to be honest, I never really expected that..." he said, scratching his cheek nervously.

"And he faints all the time!" Nagayan added.

"That too..." Tuti admitted with a nervous chuckle.

Next was a girl around 18 stepped up to the microphone, "To both Momoshiro's. Didn't it bother you that you had to work with two Echizen's...for a yaoi musical?"

Moriyama and Kaji looked at one another. "How so?" the two replied simultaneously, turning to the girl.

"I'm referring to the videos," The girl answered, clarifying things.

Moriyama grinned. "Nope, it didn't bother me at all."

"It was quite fun actually," Kaji added with a nod.

Satisfied with the answer, the girl took her seat before a girl of 17 stepped forward. "For the two Inui's, was it difficult to take on that type of role for your videos or did it come naturally?"

Aoyama and Araki adjusted their glasses.

Aiba chuckled. "On Aoyama's part, he's naturally analytic," he supplied.


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