Title: Anything for You
Author/Artist: snooperj & Bloodysamurai
Series/Pairing(s): TeniMyu; Mainly Takigawa Eiji x Kimeru, Shirota Yuu x Aiba Hiroki & Watanabe Daisuke x Furukawa Yuuta
Notes: Here is the 26th chapter entitled Promises and Reunions. Kimeru finds time to clean up the family studio room only to discover a blast from the past when he stumbles upon Takigawa's collection of his works from start to current. After a dramatic realization between the two, the J-Pop singer books a cruise for him and his friends to get away from the stresses of life. This chapter details the events of May 12 and 13, 2007.

A/N: Some other J-actors outside TeniMyu will be introduced into the story! Don't know them? Google them~ Also, I've reuploaded Chapters 15-18 and fixed the breaks for easier distinction of change scenes so it makes reading/rereading easier for everybody. :) - snooperj

**ALSO! None of the authors of this roleplay/fanfic own TeniMyu or the actors, but are mere fangirls of the musical series and corresponding actors we write about. Everything that progresses in the story is the creation of our witty imaginations.

~Memory Recall~
+++May 12, 2007+++

The weekend arrived. The Takigawas were sitting down to a little family lunch in the dining room, feasting on Eiji's chicken casserole.

"This is really good tou-san," Ryouma complimented with a smile.

"I want you to stay out of the studio room, by the way, Ree," Kimeru told his son. "I'll be cleaning up and we all know how you react to dust after that encounter with the rug yesterday," he reminded him. "You can help your father if you want, but I suggest you take it easy, okay? I still see your rashes."

"We'll schedule a trip to the doctor to see what can be done about that asthma of yours," Takigawa added.

Ryouma nodded ruefully to his parents. "Haaaai."

Nodding in satisfaction, Kimeru finished his meal and stood up. "I'll take care of the dishes later~" he told the two. "I'll be upstairs if any of you need me, okay?" he said before excusing himself and heading up to the studio to get started.

Waving to Kimeru as he went upstairs, Ryouma turned to Takigawa. "Tou-san...?"


"What exactly is in the studio room?"

Thinking about it, Takigawa leaned back on his chair. "Well... your mom's albums," he answered. 'And my personal collection of his albums,' he added to himself.


"Let's get this over with," Kimeru said as he entered the studio room. Putting on a face mask and rolling up his sleeves, the singer started on their rather large collection of CDs. "What the hell does Eiji keep in these?" he asked as he took a few CD stacks that were accumulating dust at the corner and cringed at the dust cloud that appeared as soon as he moved them. Feeling some get in his eye, he stumbled back a bit and accidentally let some CDs fall to the ground, "Ah shit," he exclaimed before gently putting down the rest of the stack to retrieve the fallen disks.

"Now where do these-" he paused as he looked at the CD cover. "Hey...this...this was the one I released in High School...but..." frowning, he trailed off as he looked at the other disc. "This was from college..." he muttered before sitting down. "Wait a minute...how did..."


Takigawa took several glances to the stairs as Ryouma finished eating. Noticing this distraction, he got up and took the dishes. "I'll do the dishes. Maybe you want to go and help kaa-san?" he suggested. "I can go and feed the pets then rest or visit the neighbors to keep myself busy."

Smiling softly to his son, grateful for his understanding, he nodded and got up, trudging upstairs. Knocking on the door to the studio, Takigawa peeked his head in. "Kime?"

Takigawa's voice not registering in his mind, Kimeru continued to stare dumbly at the CDs. "I don't understand..." he told himself. "Why...how could I have forgotten him in the first place?" he asked.

Walking up to the singer, Takigawa squatted down behind him and looked over his shoulder to see what he was gaping at. "I see you finally found my prized memorabilia," he intoned fondly.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Kimeru looked behind him. "Where...where did you get this?" he asked him carefully. "No...how did you get this?" he asked.

Hearing the door creak open, Takigawa looked over his shoulder and held out his hand to his husband. "I think it's best to answer that question in a dust-free room," he chided. "It's a good chance for Ree to hear an important story as well."

Ryouma, who was standing outside the room, stiffened before scratching the back of his head. "Er...I'll be waiting in your bedroom!" he announced before running off.

"A-Alright," Kimeru said as he took the CDs and stood up. "Let me just get myself presentable," he said before heading to the bathroom to change out of his cleaning clothes.


A few minutes later, the family gathered at the master's bedroom, ready to recall and put the past to a close.

Settling comfortably on the armchair, Takigawa pulled Kimeru onto his lap as Ryouma plopped himself down on the bed. "So… To answer your question, I got this just as any other person could get a copy; I attended your recital at the conservatory amphitheater," Takigawa explained.

Frowning at this, Kimeru looked down, "I don't understand..." he said. "I don't remember...inviting you...let alone anything about you after Mitsukaru High," he admitted.

"If I remember Kaa-san wasn't at the graduation ceremony because he attended the conservatory..." Ryouma confirmed.

Takigawa nodded in confirmation. "That's right. And to be honest I didn't really put as much effort as I could into seeing you after Senior High. But there were a few promises I couldn't break and what I felt never left," he explained.

"That still doesn't explain why I can't forget-"

'We'd never meet again so it's pretty much hopeless to keep clinging onto a dream...'

Kimeru's hand flew to his head as a very distinct and painful throbbing started. "I-Itte..." he grunted.

Ryouma pushed himself off the bed. "Kaa-san!" he called out in alarm.

Takigawa calmly raised a hand to their son and cradled his husband to him, gingerly easing him to settle onto his chest. "Just relax Kazu..." he soothed.

"Back in Mitsukaru...I...I left without a word," Kimeru started. "But what happened ...after?" he asked as he whimpered at the pain.

Settling back down on the bed, Ryouma rested his head on his hands. "If I remember correctly Tou-san gave a really inspiring graduation speech that time. What was it about again?"

"Apparently not as inspiring if you forgot what it was I said," Takigawa teased before smiling and turned to Kimeru.

"I vaguely remember being sent a recorded copy of that," Kimeru answered before settling in Takigawa's arms. 'But I still can't figure out why I'd forget someone as important as Eiji,'.

"Then maybe I need to jog your memory a little," Takigawa offered. "I believe one of the things I said was... 'What if you made a promise to do something for someone when a certain time came? Wouldn't it be somethingworth remembering?'"

"Was that a personal thing tou-san?" Ryouma asked curiously.

Smiling, Takigawa nodded. "Mm," he confirmed, turning to his husband, kissing him on the cheek and pointed to the CDs in his hands. "A promise kept."

At this, Kimeru's eyes snapped open. Pushing himself away from Takigawa, he fell unceremoniously on the floor and stayed there as he kept his head low. "G-Gomen..." he said quietly before he felt his body shaking, "Eiji gomen!"

Blinking in stunned surprise at this, Takigawa leaned forward from the recliner of the armchair, glancing down at his husband. "Kazuko..."

"Kaa-san..." Ryouma intoned quietly as he watched them.

Takigawa got off the chair and knelt down. "Kazuko... You don't need to apologize for anything," he reassured him. "Come on, get up," he coaxed.

"N-No!" Kimeru cried out as he pushed Takigawa away. "I...I...I'm the absolute worst!" he suddenly exclaimed as he brought his hands on his head as tears started trailing down his cheeks at the realization. "The absolute...worst..." he whimpered.

Using his strength to his advantage, Takigawa pulled Kazuko from the floor and pulled him into an embrace. "You are notthe worst," Takigawa stated firmly as he tried to calm him down, rubbing his back.

Ryouma, though it pained him to do so, took this as a hint to give his parents some privacy and tiptoed out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Silently thanking Ryouma for his decision, Takigawa continued soothing his husband. "Kazuko... We ended our years at Mitsukaru on a bad note..." he muttered in explanation. "On that rainy afternoon on the rooftop..."

Rain poured down heavily on the two students facing one another at the rooftop. Kimeru was grateful for it masked the tears that were flowing down his face as his last sentence lingered in the air. 'I'm going to attend Tokyo's conservatory of music...I won't be able to be here for the last two weeks of classes. I won't be able to go to the dance nor the graduation...I'm sorry Eiji'.

Completely soaked to the bone, Takigawa found himself at a genuine loss for words. Slowly lowering his gaze to the ground, the Student Council President clenched his fists. "...When did you decide to go to the conservatory?" he managed to asked, raising his head to look at the vocalist again. "Without even telling me..."

"It...it was a decision I made long ago...an application I filed long before I started a relationship with you,"Kimeru answered as they heard thunder rumble in the distance.

"Then you could have told me about your plans," Takigawa offered as soon as remnants of the thunder died down. "At least then I could have made better preparations..."

"There aren't any preparations for this sort of thing," Kimeru told him bitterly before falling silent."Eiji...I...That's not the only reason I called you up here," he said further as lightning struck not too far away."Eiji I'm breaking up with you."

Takigawa felt his heart clench painfully at those words he didn't realize that tears were already starting to fall from his eyes. "You can't mean that..." he said in an almost desperate tone.

"I-I'm sorry, Eiji," Kimeru said quietly before rushing past Takigawa and went through the door leading to the staircase back to the interior of the building.

Takigawa pulled Kimeru closer to him as the memory recounted in his mind. "You did what you thought was for the best..." he told him quietly, kissing him atop his head. "And you shouldn't apologize because you paved the way to the future you have right now... And I'm here with you now aren't I? 11 years after that rainy afternoon when you broke up with me. But even if you didn't know it, I stayed with you. I was your number one supporter from your days in high school to your days at the conservatory to your singing career. Just know that you're not alone anymore Kazuko. Know that no matter what it was you did, you did so for a reason. So don't ever regret the choices you made before now. What's past is the past, so please don't go back and wallow in regret for what you did or didn't do." Takigawa paused and smiled. "Just know that I love you more than any man or woman on this Earth."

"Even if that was the case...you didn't...you didn't know the entirety of it!" Kimeru insisted as he looked up at Takigawa. "Eiji I...I made myself forget you..."

Takigawa nodded solemnly. "I know," he answered quietly.

"Y-You knew?" Kimeru asked carefully. "But Eiji...how did..."

"The same way I got my information while you were at the conservatory," Takigawa explained with a chuckle.

"How..." Kimeru frowned before he looked outside in realization. "Yun..."

Takigawa nodded. "You weren't the only one who left Mitsukaru early for the conservatory," he chided. "Yun left about a few days after you, but not before he offered to keep me posted about you when he found out about what happened between us."

"I see..." Kimeru said as he sniffled a bit and wiped his tears away. "Yun is always so reliable, isn't he?" he asked in amusement before turning his attention to the door. "You can stop eavesdropping and come in, Ree," he called out.

Ryouma jumped and slowly opened the door. "I didn't mean to, gomen!" he apologized with a bow as soon as he was inside.

"Don't think about it too much," Takigawa said with a smile.

"Come over here," Kimeru said gently before pulling Ryouma into an embrace as soon as he was close enough. "I'd rather you know about this, Ree," he told him with a smile. "You're family, after all."

Ryouma returned the embrace and nodded in understanding. "So..." he started as he pulled back. "Why did you break up with tou-san?"

"Because we...we were chasing our dreams," Kimeru explained as he pulled away. "We were going to part ways, it was unavoidable at that time and I never expected that we'd find our way back to one another eventually."

"Dreams?" Ryouma repeated, turning to Takigawa.

"I went to Tokyo U for law," the muscle man supplied. "I always thought we'd go our separate ways come university but what I didn't expect all connection to be severed in the process. So it was a real shock," he admitted sheepishly.

"We had fields that were no way related to one another," Kimeru supplied. "But we shall thank Ueshima-sensei for fixing that department," he added with a chuckle.

Sitting down on the bed, Ryouma looked at his parents in interest. "How did he help?"

"He sent me and your father casting calls for the first Prince of Tennis musical," Kimeru said with a smile. "I think I still have that letter somewhere in the attic."

"If anything I would think that Ueshima-sensei called us back because he saw a vast number of us grow up together in Mitsukaru. And along with Konomi-sensei, brought us back together for the reason that the musical we were portraying came about because of what we had in senior high," Takigawa explained to their son.

"You mean that story during the camp out with the sensei pair?" Ryouma confirmed.

"Yes. Which reminds me, we're having smores tonight after dinner~" Kimeru said as he ruffled Ryouma's hair.

"We are? Yosh~" Ryouma cheered.

"Think we should invite the Shirotas and the Watanabes to join us?" Takigawa asked the two, fishing out his cell phone from his pocket.

"Yes we should, there's a lot of smores to finish," Kimeru said. "I want to talk to them about another vacation too with our kids."

~Vacation Plans~

"You want to talk about vacation plans when Shirotan and Aibacchi are still in their casts?" Takigawa asked before speed-dialing Furukawa and Shirota, relaying the information about the joint dinner out in the backyard tonight.

"Okay, sounds good~" Shirota voiced out enthusiastically.

"Something for them to look forward to besides going to the bar," Kimeru said with a smile. "I plan to close down an amusement park for everyone to enjoy on the last day of our trip. Of course I'm inviting everyone else for that."

"You can actually do that?" Ryouma asked incredulously.

After getting off the phone with them, Takigawa turned to his husband. "Shirotan says that they'll be going to get his cast off next Saturday and will be starting rehabilitation thereafter. Aibacchi will have his taken off at the first of the month in June."

"Then we'll go during mid June so everyone can enjoy themselves," Kimeru said. "Would you like that, Ree?" he asked his son.

"Sorry but that time frame's closed and taken," Takigawa suddenly said.

Ryouma turned to his father. "Eh? Why?"

Takigawa moved up to their son and whispered the rest in his ear. "I have a party planned for your mom."

"!" Ryouma exclaimed with a grin.

Pressing a finger to his lips, Takigawa nodded.

Clueless about it all, Kimeru thought for a while, "Early July then," Kimeru bargained. "Anyone has plans?" he asked.

"We don't~" came a voice from the window.

"Yes we do!" Daisuke countered before pursing his lips.

Takigawa raised an eyebrow and walked to the window and peeked out to find the Watanabe pair outside. "Let's continue this discussion downstairs then," he announced before ushering his family downstairs out in the backyard, where they all settled down together, joined by the Shirotas.

"So what's this meeting all about?" Shirota asked cheerfully.

"When are you available for a vacation?" Kimeru asked.

Aiba shrugged. "Any time I guess."

"Whenever Daisuke's available, apparently," Furukawa said with a chuckle.

"The end of the month," Daisuke answered.

"I can guess why you don't want it to fall on July," Takigawa said with a chuckle.

Kimeru sighed, "We keep on moving it..." he muttered before looking around and standing up from his seat.

"Kime-nii?" Aiba asked hesitantly.

"Pack your bags, we're all going on a trip," he announced.


"Now?" Ryouma asked incredulously.

Shirota beamed. "I'll go wake up Satoshi!" he said eagerly before hobbling off back inside their house.

"As expected the one most unfazed and excited ends up to be Shirotan," Takigawa said, shaking his head.

"See Daisuke, I told you I was packing for a reason other than leaving you," Furukawa teased as he patted his husband on the shoulder.

Pulling out his phone, Kimeru grinned over at Ryouma. "Pick one Kamakura or Yokohama?" he asked him. "Or we could just go for a cruise~"

Aiba grinned. "Go on and pick for us Ree! Yuu and I will just pack~" he said happily before following his partner.

Daisuke pouted and crossed his arms stubbornly. "Then you could have told me off the bat!" he complained.

"Eeeeeeeeeeh? Boku?" Ryouma asked, pointing dumbly to himself.

"No one else is named Ree here," Takigawa poitned out.

"Oh yeah... Uhm... A cruise...?" he asked.

"A cruise it is then," Kimeru said before busying himself with his phone, completely forgetting about the cleaning job that he left unfinished.

"You and I are packing," Takigawa told Ryouma, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him back inside.

"Haaaaai~" Ryouma answered.


Meanwhile, in the Shirota household, Shirota was stirring Satoshi awake. "Mou, Satoshi!" he called out. "Wake uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!"

Satoshi rolled over and covered his head with a pillow. "Five more minuteeeeeeeeeeeeees," he practically begged before cracking an eye open.

"But we're going on a vacatiooooooooooooon," Shirota whined, snatching the pillow from him. "We need to get packing~"

Satoshi sat up and frowned before pointing to his still mostly unpacked bag before slumping back down to get more shut eye.

Turning to the bag, Shirota leaned back. "Oh... Okay," he said before getting to his feet and limped off to help Aiba instead. "Hiropiyo~"

"In the bedroom~" Aiba called out as he pulled out their clothes from the closet and placed them on the bed for packing.

"I can't wait to have this cast off~" Shirota said as he entered the room and plopped onto the bed with a grin. "Can you believe how long we've had these?" he told his husband with a smile.

"It feels like forever," Aiba said as he pulled out their bags. "These should do," he said as he dragged them to the side of the bed.

Shirota nodded. "I'll fold the clothes~" he volunteered, pulling a pile to him and began doing his task. "But at least once we've fully recovered we can start doing things more freely now~"

"I agree," Aiba said with a nod.

A thump was suddenly heard by the door, causing the two to look over in its general direction. Slowly, the door opened, revealing Satoshi who was nursing a forming bump on his forehead "Can I help...?" he asked.

"Of course you can~" Shirota beamed, moving to give their son some space on the bed. "But get some ice on that bump first," he instructed, pointing to the room's mini-fridge.

"Mm..." Satoshi said before heading off to the side to retrieve an ice pack.

"I thought you wanted to sleep some more?" Aiba pointed out with a chuckle causing Satoshi to shake his head.

"What changed your mind?" Shirota asked casually, folding a random shirt.

"I wanted to spend time with you I guess..." Satoshi said with a shrug before sitting down beside Shirota as he held the ice pack in place.

"That's good to hear~ This way we can spend some quality time together as a family," Shirota said with a nod. "We still have a lot to learn about you after all~"

"...I like chocolate," Satoshi said hopefully, causing Aiba to snicker.

"Looks like you and your father will be getting along just fine," he told him.

"That we will~" Shirota said happily. "I have a pack of Kit-Kat in the fridge. We can all share it since Hiropiyo likes it too~" he suggested.

"And we can buy some snack on the way for the trip, too~" Aiba said as he walked to the fridge to retrieve the Kit-Kat. "Hai~" he said happily as he distributed it.

"Itadakimasu~" Shirota said before munching on his share. "Mmmmmmm, chocolate~"


"Knowing Kime, we'll be leaving by tomorrow since it's impossible for him to book one today," Furukawa said with a smile. "Want to go for a walk after we pack?" he asked.

Daisuke nodded before hearing a bark from inside. "Ryouga needs a walk too," he said, glancing towards the house.

"Alright then~" Furukawa said with a smile as they finished up their packing and headed out to take Ryouga for a walk.

Deciding to walk by the park that day, Furukawa noticed a construction nearby. "Oya...seems like someone's joining us soon," he said in amusement before spotting someone walking recklessly in front of it.

"Eh?" Daisuke looked in the same direction before his mouth gaped in alarm. "It looks like he's about to collapse!" he pointed out.

"I'm the brain, you're the brawn," Furukawa said calmly as he took Ryouga's leash from Daisuke.


By the construction site, one Hamao Kyousuke trudged on completely unaware of the danger. "Haraheta..." he muttered weakly.

Without thinking, Daisuke dashed towards the boy just as a few pipes began to fall from a dangerous height. "Look out!" he called, pushing Kyousuke out of harm's way.

Stumbling as he felt himself pressed against Daisuke, Kyousuke looked up in confusion. "Hey...I know you..." he said before hearing his stomach grumble. "...urgh..." he said as he knelt down.

Feeling around his pockets for a pack of cookies he brought along for a snack, Daisuke offered it to Kyousuke. "Here, you look starved," he observed with a small smile.

"D-domo..." Kyousuke said weakly before taking the back of cookies and stepped away from the construction to eat as Furukawa approached them with the puppy in tow.

"Hello there, Hamao-kun~" he greeted with a smile. "There's a lot more where that came from if you'd come with us," he coaxed.

"Really...?" Kyousuke asked.

Ryouga barked happily in agreement as Daisuke nodded. "Yun just made a batch of cookies so there's a jar full back home if you want some," he offered.

"At least for a short while so you can eat properly," Furukawa added.

Mouth nearly watering at the mention of food, Kyousuke nodded eagerly. "It wouldn't hurt," he said before following the Watanabe pair back home.

During the walk home, Ryouga kept walking behind Kyousuke, sniffing him and wagging his tail eagerly.

"Ryouga, behave!" Daisuke reprimanded.

Pausing and looking down at the dog, Kyousuke managed a small smile and patted him. "Good boy," he said, "I'll play with you when we get to your house, okay?" he told him.

Furukawa chuckled as he watched this. "You better keep your promise, Hamao-kun, Ryouga's not going to let you forget it."

Ryouga, elated at the promise to play, barked and ran around Kyousuke just as Daisuke unclipped the leash.

"Hold up there," Kyousuke said with a chuckle as he plucked the dog from the ground. "You're a little ball of energy aren't cha?" he said before cuddling him affectionately.

Furukawa moved up beside Daisuke and smiled. "You wanted an advance warning, right?" he asked him mysteriously.

Turning to his fiancé, Daisuke nodded. "Should I take out those papers?" he asked him in return.

Watching Kyousuke play with their pet, Furukawa nodded. "We'll convince him one way or another," he said with a smile.

"We got to know about his situation first though," Daisuke noted as they reached their house and smiled. "We're here~" he announced.

At that time, Ryouma was outside, about to go jogging when he noticed Kyosuke. "A-re? Hamao-kun?" he identified.

Staring at Ryouma for a bit, Hamao frowned before his eyes widened in recognition. "Baba-buchou!" he pointed out.

Furukawa nodded. "That he is, but keep in mind that his last name is Takigawa now," he pointed out. "Come along then, Hamao-kun~" he encouraged as he opened the front door.

Ryouma smiled, waving at Hamao before nodding to the Watanabes before going out on his jog.

Daisuke followed the two inside, making a beeline for the kitchen.

"So, Hamao-kun...what brings you to these parts?" Furukawa asked as he brought out some food from the fridge.

"I was looking for some friends to crash over the night," Kyousuke admitted.

"Oh? Why is that?"

A pause. "Well...I really couldn't pay my rent anymore since my parents wouldn't give me any more money since I've become useless to them," he answered.

"Define useless."

"Couldn't get a high paying job," Kyousuke said flatly. "It was Ueshima-sensei who referred me to these parts."

"So am I assuming that you were sent a casting call for TeniMyu?" Daisuke asked randomly.

"Ah yeah," Kyousuke said as he pulled out an envelope from his pocket. "My parents said it was a bunch of crap but...Prince of Tennis is Prince of Tennis," he said as a smile started to form at his lips. "It's by Konomi-sensei so how could I possibly say no?" he asked happily.

"Which character do you plan to audition for?" Furukawa asked.

"Kikumaru, definitely!"

"I'd say you'd have that audition down pat," Daisuke said with a nod. "The audition isn't until next Monday, so why don't you stay with us for the time being? We have lots of space here since we have this house to ourselves," he offered.

"Stay w-with you?" Kyousuke asked. "Well...sure," he said, not able to say no to a free offer.

Furukawa chuckled. "That settles things for now then. I'll show you to your room once you're done eating," he said as he served the boy some food.


~Relaxing Cruise~

+++May 13, 2007+++

The following day, the three households' residents, with the addition of Hamao, had an early start as a shuttle came to pick them up and drive them to the port for the cruise Kimeru had booked for them. Some slept on the ride over and arrived just as the boat had come into port.

The group of nine boarded and checked in to their rooms - Takigawa and Kimeru, Shirota and Aiba, Watanabe and Furukawa, and Ryouma, Satoshi and Hamao together in one room.

Kyousuke woke up uneasily, feeling a bit queasy. "Why do I feel weird?" he asked before slowly opening his eyes. "...why the hell am I on a boat?" he asked in alarm as he saw through the window.

"What are you yapping-..." Satoshi, who had just woken up as well, stared at their whiny companion. "Kyou?"


The two blinked at one another before looking over at Ryouma who was on another bed. "Baba-buchou?"

Ryouma looked up from his book and smiled at his two roommates. "Good morning~" he greeted with a light wave. "Glad to see you're both awake~"

Blinking and gathering his thoughts for a while, Satoshi frowned. "Oh yeah...cruise," he said before yawning. "Well, figured it out. I'm going back to sleep," he said.

"O-Oi chotto!" Kyousuke argued. "I don't understand a thing of what's going on!"

"Ask Baba-buchou!" Satoshi said as he threw a pillow at the Kikumaru hopeful.

"I didn't realize that you two knew each other," Ryouma observed as he watched them in amusement. "But to answer your question Kaa-san wanted to go on vacation and booked this cruise for us. And since you were staying with the Watanabe's you got dragged along~"

"Eeeeh? Is that even legal?" Kyousuke asked.

"Blame Baba-buchou's mother for that," Satoshi said sleepily. "He can throw his word around anywhere," he told him.

"Baba-buchou's mother?"

"Kimeru," Ryouma answered before turning to Satoshi. "And it's Takigawa now!" he added with a pout.

"You were Baba-buchou to us," Satoshi mumbled. "But sure, I'll call you Ree to make you feel better," he said smugly.

"Kimeru? As in the KIMERU?" Kyousuke asked.

"Hey I still deserve some ounce of respect!" he argued over to Satoshi before turning to Kyousuke. "And yes, as in the singing sensation KIMERU," Ryouma confirmed.

"Ree-niisan," Satoshi bargained as he lifted his head from the pillow.

"B-B-B-B-But how did that happen?" Kyousuke asked before looking at Satoshi "And why are your parents acquainted with Kimeru?"

Satoshi smirked. "My parents are Shirota Yuu and Aiba Hiroki...of course they'd be 'acquainted' with Kimeru...they're close friends, remember?" he asked him.

"And my tou-san's Takigawa Eiji," Ryouma added for good measure.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" Kyousuke said in shock. "I think I need some time to take this all in!" he told the two.

"Maa, shanaisuwa," Satoshi said with a shrug. "But instead of worrying about that why don't you take a load off and just enjoy the cruise?" he asked.

Ryouma nodded. "That would ruin the whole point of the cruise if you don't relax," he chided with a smile.

"A trip that Ree-niisan over there picked out," Satoshi pointed out as he snuggled back under his blankets.

"You don't have to flatter me over that decision Satoshi," Ryouma pointed out as he flipped open his book again.

"Wasn't flattering anybody," Satoshi said before falling asleep again.

Kyousuke looked at the two of them before gingerly getting up. "I'm...going to talk to the people who found me," he said before heading out.

"Hamao-kun~" Daisuke called, spotting him and jogging up to him. "Sorry, were you surprised?"

"You could say that..." Kyousuke said sheepishly as he looked at Daisuke. "B-But you know...you really didn't have to bring me along," he told him.

Furukawa smiled as he walked up to them. "Why not? It's a good chance to know one another since we'll be cast mates and all," he offered.

"Plus it would be a waste to offer you a place to stay and just leave you behind so suddenly," Daisuke added in explanation, nodding.

"I see..." Kyousuke said in understanding before looking at the two. "Well...thank you," he said with a bow.

Furukawa chuckled. "No need to thank us," he said as he patted Kyousuke on the head. "Come on now, let's go enjoy the many amenities that this ship has to offer~"

"I hear there's a bowling alley downst-" Daisuke was cut off when he spotted some familiar faces further down. "A-re? Isn't that... Ueshima-sensei and Konomi-sensei?" he identified.

"Why yes it is," Furukawa said with a smile. "You didn't know that they were coming with?" he asked.

"Yo, Watanabe-kun, Furukawa-kun," Konomi greeted with a wave as he held a bottle of beer with his other hand.

"Drinking again, sensei?" Furukawa asked.

"I couldn't get him away from the bar... unfortunately," Ueshima said with a groan before spotting a familiar face. "Ah, if it isn't Hamao-kun," he identified with a smile. "It's a surprise seeing you here."

"We brought him with us since he didn't have a place to stay~" Daisuke stated proudly.

"Really? For a second there I thought you already adop-ooof!" Cut off by a brief elbowing in the gut from Furukawa, the mangaka smiled sheepishly. "Will you look at that, I need more beer..." he simply said.

Ueshima glanced at them for a while before shaking his head, trying to change the topic as well. "We have our kids with us here too. Where they are I don't really know," the director intoned with a shrug.

"Doori-kun and Yuuya-kun, you mean?" Daisuke clarified.

As if on cue a round of chuckling was heard followed by water being dumped on the two senseis.

"Mada mada dane!" Doori called down to them from the upper level before exchanging high fives with Yuuya.

Pursing his lips, Ueshima brushed away the hair in his eyes before glaring up. "Wait here..." he muttered before trudging upstairs by use of the nearby stairs to reprimand the two.

"Yabbe! Oyaji's on his way! Ruuuuun!" Doori yelled as he bolted away with his brother in tow.

Daisuke blinked before chuckling. "You alright sensei?" he asked the mangaka.

Konomi chuckled. "More than fine actually. Those two had been trying hard to get Yukio to loosen up a bit more," he said fondly. "You saw him smirking as he trudged up there, didn't you?" he asked.

Daisuke nodded in affirmation before watching Ueshima chase after his sons. "At least he's indulging them.

"What's all this, what's all this?" Shirota beamed, moving up to the small group with the help of some crutches, smiling.

"We were watching Ueshima-sensei get drenched before chasing after some pranksters," Furukawa said with a grin before patting Kyousuke who was beside him.

"Why don't we all go to the dining hall? I'm hungry," Aiba commented.

"Breakfast~ Breakfast~ Breakfast~" Shirota cheered.

"If it's food, Shirotan seems to be the loudest," Takigawa remarked with a smirk as he and Kimeru walked up to them. "Where's Ree and Satoshi?"

"Those two are still in the room," Kyousuke said as he pointed at the door behind him.

Kimeru nodded. "I'll get them," he said as he walked over to the door and knocked. "Ree! Wake Satoshi up for us. Breakfast is ready," he called out.


From the upper deck, Doori jumped down, Yuuya following a few seconds later. "That was dangerous," Doori said and Yuuya nodded in agreement as they looked at one another.

"Let's do it again!" they both said enthusiastically.

"Oh no you don't," Konomi said as he caught the two by the collar of their shirts.

"Ah! We're caught!" Yuuya said as he squirmed.

Ueshima looked down from the upper deck and sighed in relief. "Don't... make me do that again..." he muttered, catching his breath.

Konomi grinned as he pulled the boys away, "Let's go boys. If you be good from here on, Yukio might just let you have dessert or seconds."

"Might?" Doori and Yuuya asked in disbelief.

"The water was cold," Ueshima remarked, glancing over to his sons in warning.


"Haaai~" Ryouma replied from inside, marking his book and moved to Satoshi, promptly taking a pillow and hit the younger with it. "Wake up! Breakfast is ready!"

"Aaaah! Don't make me lose respect in you!" Satoshi said before throwing a pillow back at Ryouma. "I'm up!" he said before sighing and promptly attempted to flatten his hair that were sticking out in every direction.

Ryouma quickly side-stepped and opened the door. "Come on, we'll be out of food because of your dad if you take your time," he warned with a grin.


"Breakfast breakfast breakfast~" Shirota chimed, leading the pack to the dining area.

"Shirotan, you'll trip going that fast," Takigawa scolded.


"We got it from the pool," Yuuya admitted sheepishly.

"If we say that despite our pranking we love you very much, will we be allowed to get seconds?" Doori asked.

As if considering this for a moment, Ueshima opened his mouth before closing it again. "I'll think about it," he said in conclusion before walking ahead of them.

'That did it,' Konomi thought as he spotted a smile on the director's face as he passed them.

Furukawa chuckled. "The many perks of having kids, desu ne?" he asked.

"You have kids too, Furukawa-senpai?" Kyousuke asked.

"Unfortunately, we don't have any yet," Furukawa answered.

"When we haven't even gotten formally married yet too," Daisuke added sheepishly.

Ryouma walked up behind them and raised an eyebrow. "You haven't yet?" he asked incredulously.

"But you seem like the most married of them all," Satoshi commented with a frown.

"Well, setting that aside, having kids like the Takigawa's and the Shirota's is a very welcoming idea," Furukawa told them.

Daisuke nodded in agreement. "A very welcome one," he added before taking Yun by the hand. "Off to the food before Shirotan finishes the first round!" he said, leading the rest of the group to the dining area.


"Shirota, that's too much chocolate syrup!" Ueshima scolded from across the table.

"Listen to him, Yuu. He's the director!" Aiba said as he watched Shirota continue to pour chocolate on his pancakes. "Yuu!"

Shirota pouted before ceasing his squeezing and set the syrup bottle right side up. "Fiiiine," he complained, pursing his lips.

Takigawa shook his head. "That guy's love for chocolate hasn't changed one bit," he remarked as he cut up his pancakes thoughtfully.

"Listen to those older than you, Shirotan," Konomi said as he looked at his two boys who were looking down mournfully on their pancakes.

"Hai hai," Shirota said with a frown, muttering as he began slicing his chocolate smeared pancakes.

"What's wrong?" Konomi asked their sons.

"We really can't get seconds?" Yuuya asked.

"Ask your Tou-san," Konomi said and the two boys turned their attention to Ueshima.

Ueshima glanced at the two. "As long as you don't overdo it with the chocolate fine," he reassured them.

"Yosha!" Doori and Yuuya cheered before getting up from the table to get more pancakes.

"You really can't stay mad at them for long, can you?" Kimeru teased.

"It's the puppy eyes that get to me," Ueshima admitted as he turned to Shirota who was forlornly poking his pancakes.

Takigawa shrugged. "Just be thankful there's chocolate syrup at all Shirotan," he consoled.

"So if I use my stash then it's okay?" Shirota asked suddenly.

Resisting the urge to facepalm, Kimeru sighed. "Alright then Shirotan. Just make sure you drink a lot of water after," he conceded.

"Yosh~" Shirota beamed, getting up and making his way back to his and Aiba's room as quickly as he could to retrieve his chocolate sauce while chanting "Chocolate~" as he went.

Daisuke blinked as he watched Shirota go. "Does he really insist having that much chocolate on his pancakes?" he asked Aiba in curiosity.

"You don't know half of it," Aiba said with a groan.

"Well in any case this would be the perfect time to announce the activities we'll be doing while we're here," Takigawa stated off-handedly, turning to Kimeru with a smile. "Ne?"

"Activities?" Ryouma repeated.

"Mhmm~" Kimeru said with a grin. "There'll be a band that will be performing tonight for one," he told them.

"Which band?" Kyousuke asked eagerly.

"Setsugekka," the singer said with a grin. "They're an acting troupe actually, but they broadened their scope so I thought I'd invite them," he told the rest. "And there'll be a singing contest later by the poolside," he added.

"I'm in~" Furukawa said immediately.

"Aaaah!" A crash was heard as Shirota tripped coming back into the dining area.

Takigawa got off his chair. "Shirotan are you alright?" he asked quickly.

Hearing the crash as well, Satoshi was the first to bolt toward his father. "Tou-san!" he called out in concern.

"Looks like Satoshi-kun's already adapted," Ueshima observed when he watched him sprint over to help Shirota up.

"I'm okay," Shirota said with a faint nod.

Nodding in understanding, Satoshi gingerly helped Yuu to the table.

"What happened?" Aiba asked.

"I tripped..." Shirota answered sheepishly, holding up a bottle and shyly grinned. "But I saved the chocolate syrup~" he said in consolation.

"I suddenly feel guilty for telling you that you can't finish the stash that we have here," Kimeru said before spotting a few people coming in the dining hall. "Oh look, Setsugekka's here," he said as he raised a hand. "Shinya!" he called out.

The smallest of the group, heard his name being called and looked around. Smiling at recognizing who it was, he excused himself from the group and headed over to the other table.

"People, attention please. I'd like to introduce a good friend of mine. Matsumoto Shinya," Kimeru said.

"He's pretty..." Satoshi said offhandedly, causing Kyousuke to nudge him. "I-I mean...yeah..." Satoshi covered up as he turned his attention back to the food.

"It's no problem, I get it all the time," Shinya said with a smile. "Oh, hi Eiji-san," he greeted as he waved at the taller man.

Takigawa raised a hand and waved in response.

Shirota was half-listening and occupying himself smearing his pancakes with a bit more chocolate. "Itadakimasu~" he said before feasting.

Ryouma chuckled. "Shirotan will never change it seems," he observed before turning to Shinya and nodded. "Yoroshiku~"

"A-ra, more people from Mitsukaru," Shinya noted with a smile as he looked at them all. "Which ones are yours?" he asked.

"Just Ree," Kimeru stated as he pointed at his son. "Speaking of, who was that kid you brought along?" he asked.

"Oh yes, give me a second," Shinya said before looking over his shoulder, "Yuya! Can you come over here, please?" he asked. "That's Matsushita Yuya. He's been crashing with me for a few weeks now. He's an artist but I haven't found an agency to hire him," Shinya said as he placed an arm over Yuya's shoulder. "Say Hi, Yuya~"

Yuya smiled and feebly bowed. "Yoroshiku," he greeted with a bow.

"Hey wait a minute..." Daisuke said, furrowing his brow and pointed at him. "Didn't you... join the band club during our senior year?" he asked him suddenly.

Yuya straightened up and blinked. "Eh? Boku?" he asked, pointing at himself.

"I'm surprised that you don't remember," Furukawa said with a chuckle. "You were the vocalist after Kime and I left," he reminded him.

Kyousuke nodded. "You were also my classmate," he added. "Don't you remember me...Yuya-nii?" he asked playfully.

Yuya blinked at both Furukawa and Kyousuke before settling his gaze on Kyousuke. "A-re... Kyou-chan," he identified before looking around again. "And Satou-chan too!" he said.

"It became difficult for the school band with four members during our senior year," Shirota remembered thoughtfully.

Aiba nodded. "You were the vocalist, ne?" he confirmed.

Kyousuke smirked. "You were always at the studio during breaks," he commented. "And you were always in correspondence with Furukawa-senpai until graduation," he added. "You were affectionately calling him Kaa-san then right? The same way I called you Yuya-nii."

Yuya nodded at Aiba before his cheeks started to redden at Kyousuke's banter, stealing a glance over to Furukawa and quickly looked away. "T-That was because he was the one who helped me out a lot when I first joined the band club!" he argued feebly.

"So you're the 'Kaa-san' Yuya has been telling me about," Shinya said with a smile as he nudged Yuya towards Furukawa. "Say, would you mind taking him in?" he asked suddenly. "I've been going around on tours and I tend to leave him alone for long periods of time," he explained. "I'd be more at ease if he's with someone he knows and can watch out for him."

"Tours?" Kimeru asked. "You mean you're still looking for him, Shinya?"

Smile turning into a sadder one, Shinya nodded.

"Looking for who?" Aiba asked.


"Eh? But... Shin-nii!" Yuya began to protest but quieted down when Daisuke patted him on the shoulder.

"Relax, we don't bite," Daisuke chided.

Takigawa glanced at Shinya before crossing his arms and leaned back. "I wonder why you didn't bother asking me for help, Matsumoto-kun," he remarked. "Considering I was under him for a time, more so Moriyama."

"Who are we talking about here?" Ryouma asked.

"Taisuke Saeki, Shinya's boyfriend that disappeared after graduation," Kimeru said as he crossed his arms and pulled Shinya to sit down beside him as Kyousuke did the same to Yuya.

Shinya sighed. "I just want to know how he is...even if he has no intention to be with me again," he said sadly.

Furukawa looked at him consolingly. "But, Eiji...do you have any info about him?"

"I highly doubt that that's his reason for not coming to see you," Takigawa explained, cleaning his ear out distractedly.

"So you do know where he is," Shirota accused.

"Roughly, yes. Moriyama and I have a bad habit of keeping tabs on people," he reasoned out before pulling out his phone. "Give me a few minutes to make a phone call. Excuse me." Getting to his feet, Takigawa walked out to have a private phone conversation with Moriyama.

"Eiji don't waste credits!" Kimeru called out. "Moriyama's on the deck with his hubby!" he told him.

"Kime-nii...just who exactly are with us?" Aiba asked.

"Just us and the Moriyamas," Kimeru answered with a grin.

"He's not wasting credits~" Moriyama chimed, coming inside with Yanagi in tow, just getting off the phone. "He's calling one of our intel for information," he explained.

"Moriyama-senpai~" greeted Shirota with a wave of his hand.

"Intel meaning Nakagauchi, I assume," Aiba commented.

"Him and one other," Moriyama said cheekily.

"Who's the other one?" Shirota asked curiously, furrowing his brows.

"Baba Toru of course," the Momoshiro actor said with a grin.

"Ah yes, the Platinum pair," Ueshima noted.


Yuya looked around and decided to converse with Kyousuke. "So... I assume you're staying with Kaa-sa-Furukawa-senpai?" he asked him.

Kyousuke, in the meantime, tuned off the adult conversation and nodded. "For the meantime yes," he told him. "They saved me from starvation yesterday," he said sheepishly.

Yuya frowned. "Eh? Starvation? Why?" he asked in alarm.

"I've been wandering," Kyousuke said vaguely before looking over at Shinya who was seemingly getting more down by the minute. "What's wrong with your friend?" he asked Yuya.

Before Yuya could answer, Takigawa strolled back inside. "Got the info," he said triumphantly. "It cost me a box of Frosties though," he remarked off-handedly before turning to Shinya. "Surprisingly enough, Taisuke-senpai is on this cruise as well as we speak," he informed him with a smile.

"Really?" Kimeru and Shinya asked together, one skeptical while the other unsure.

"I don't remember inviting anyone else on the cruise unless he was part of the cruise package," Kimeru commented.

Shinya, in the meantime, didn't know how to react as he suddenly felt cold. 'He's here...he's here...oh gosh, what do I do?' he asked himself.

"Then you should probably blame it on the fact that you told the senseis about the cruise," Takigawa suggested.

Ueshima quickly pointed at the mangaka, as if blaming him for this sudden change of events.

"I didn't even know the guy!" Konomi commented as he raised his hands. "Don't blame me!"

Furukawa chuckled at this. "Hai hai...then let's go scout around for him after breakfast?" he offered.

"I think I'd point the finger at Ueshima-sensei!" Shirota accused playfully, pointing at the director.

"Why am I the culprit?" the director asked in defense.

"Since you're Mitsukaru's legendary teacher who knows all about the relationships that came and went," Ryouma explained. "So naturally you'd know about Taisuke-senpai and Matsumoto-senpai as well."

"I was about to say the same thing," Moriyama said with a nod.

"If anything I'd say it's Yun," Aiba said as he looked at the singer. "I mean if something weird or unexplainable happens it's usually his fault isn't it?" he reasoned out.

Furukawa chuckled. "Sorry, but it's not me this time no matter how much I want to take credit for it."

"And I'm telling you it's not me," Ueshima insisted with a pout.

"Then who is it?" Shirota asked, looking around.

"The best way to go about that is to go out and search out Taisuke-senpai, don't you agree?" Moriyama suggested playfully.

"We don't even know how he looks like!" came the answer of the lower batches.

Kimeru chuckled. "That's expected. He was a senior when I was a freshman," he told Moriyama before looking at Shinya who had gone pale. "O-Oi! Shinya, you okay?" he asked in alarm.

"I don't...really know," Shinya answered shakily.

"You need some fresh air," Takigawa suggested. "Since everyone's done with breakfast we can start that man hunt for him around this big ship."

"But most of us don't know what he even looks like," Shirota remarked with a frown.

"I have a feeling we don't really need to look for him anyway," Furukawa said with a chuckle before watching Kimeru help Shinya up.

"I'll just take him to the deck," Kimeru told them. "Call us if you spot him!" he told the rest before heading out.

"I'll accompany you," Takigawa volunteered, following after the two.

"So that means we can stay and have dessert?" Ueshima inquired over to Furukawa.

"Yes we can," Furukawa said with a smile before spotting Doori and Yuuya finally coming back to the table.

"What did we miss?" Doori asked.


Outside the hall, Kimeru along with the other two made their way to the deck.

A familiar man was leaning against the railings and enjoying the breeze when he heard footsteps approaching. Turning to the group, he grinned and adjusted his sunglasses. "Yo~" Taisuke Saeki greeted before pulling off his spectacles. "It took a while but we finally meet again... Shin," he said endearingly. Spotting Takigawa, he smirked. "By the way, thanks for the invite Takigawa-kun~"

Takigawa nodded. "My pleasure, Taisuke-senpai."

'Interesting,' Kimeru thought with a chuckle as he felt his friend take a few hesitant steps forward.

"T-Taisuke-senpai?" Shinya asked, unsure. "Is...Is it really..." he trailed off as he felt tears start to form in his eyes.

Stepping up to Shinya, Saeki placed a hand on his head. "Aa, it's me. So don't waste your tears on me," he scolded lightly before pulling him into an embrace.

Taking this as a cue, Takigawa excused him and Kimeru from the pair and headed back to the dining area.

"You've been gone for years and you expect me to stop crying?" Shinya demanded before clutching onto the back of Saeki's shirt. "I...I...I missed you so much!"

Saeki smiled sheepishly and rubbed Shinya's back soothingly. "I apologize for the long absence. I'm just glad knowing you never stopped looking for me," he said quietly.

Shinya sniffled a bit, wiping his tears away with his arm before he looked up at Saeki again. "T-that's because I promised to..." he said as he sniffled a bit. "I promised that I'd go to you after I graduate from Mitsukaru but you...you...you didn't even tell me where you went after..."

"I got called away," Saeki admitted. "My career sort of launched from my exposure with the Drama club and got offers to do plays," he explained. "I've been busy ever since..."

"And you never got the time to tell me?" Shinya asked, almost angrily as he took a step back. "Even a letter? A phonecall?" he listed down in frustration. "Taisuke-senpai...what am I to you anyway if you couldn't even find the time to tell me about what's going on?"

"The reason I kept away from you was because I was ashamed..." Saeki stated seriously, looking away and leaned forward on the railings. "Don't get me wrong Shin... Back when we were in Mitsukaru I had nothing but feelings of love for you. But... if I wanted to continue being with you years after that, then I had to make sure that I would be able to do everything for us..." Clenching his fists, Saeki slowly turned back to Shinya. "So I worked my butt off these past years to make sure that when I asked you, I could give you the whole world and more." He paused before fumbling in his pockets and pulled out a box and got down to one knee. "So that when I saw you again I could ask you without any doubt on my mind." Popping open the box, he looked up at Shinya hopefully. "Will you... marry me?"

Stunned beyond words, Shinya found himself staring at Saeki. Slowly, his senses came back to him and a smile appeared on his lips. "Y-Yes..." he said shakily before nodding. "Yes...of course I'll marry you," he answered.

With a smile, Saeki took the ring from the box and slipped it onto Shinya's left ring finger and got to his feet and promptly kissed him.


From the sides, Takigawa nodded. "About time," he muttered.

Kimeru nodded and leaned onto his husband, "Cute, aren't they?" he asked before chuckling.

Takigawa nodded before carrying Kimeru bridal style, pecking him on the lips. "I think that was why they were crowned Prom King and Queen," he remarked with a smirk.

"Yes, the whole student body was so surprised that Shinya actually dressed up as a girl then," Kimeru said with a chuckle, nuzzling Eiji. "I wonder if I can make him do it again."

"Of course you could," Takigawa said with a grin. "But for now I don't want to think about that and want some quality time with you in the jacuzzi," he said playfully before carrying his husband away.

"I like that idea," Kimeru said with a grin before kissing Takigawa.


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