Maple leaves and Sunflowers

Pairing: RussiaXCanada (IvanXMatthew)

Summary: One freak blizzard, one psychopathic nation, one clueless bear, and the only sane person for miles, all crammed into one house. This will not end well.

Note: I do not own Hetalia or its characters. This story's plot however is mine.

Canada's POV

Matthew was alone, except of course for Kumajiro. They were on their daily walk, the weather report saying there would be flurries, something that always cheered Matthew up. However, Matthew ran into a big surprise. Russia had his back turned to him, his trademark pipe leaning against the bit of rock Matthew usually sat on.

"R-Russia, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the meeting?" He watched as Russia turned to face him, strange smile already in place.

"Ah, it is good to see you again Canada, it is pretty out today da? I come to walk for a bit before the meeting, so I do not strangle your brother when he talks." He hummed a little to himself before patting Canada on the head.

"I should be leaving; England gets very angry with me when I am late. Perhaps I can hear some of your ideas there da?" With that, he turned away and walked back down the hill. Matthew sighed a little, now worried for Alfred but was slightly happy to find that Russia remembered his name. Then he saw Russia's forgotten pipe, he remembered the last time Russia had left it and how he had torn the meeting room upside down.

"Wait Russia, you forgot your-"Matthew in a panic about the future destruction of England's house, rushed down the hill, his foot hitting a large patch of ice that made him snowball the rest of the way down. Matthew flung his arms around Kumajiro protectively, he let out a yelp of pain when something hit his forehead.

Ivan had not gone far from the hill when a rather large snow ball crashed into the back of his legs surprising him and causing him to buckle, right onto the snowball. Ivan lay in a daze, when a part of the snow pile began to move his eyes widened. A small white bear crawled from underneath him and Ivan wondered where Canada was.

"Where is Canada? Did he forget you da?" He looked at the bear who was tugging on his scarf.

"Who?" The bear said dully and Ivan saw a flash of red fabric underneath him. Shocked, Ivan started to shovel the snow off of Canada. What was worse was the blood on his hands when he pulled Canada up. Now Ivan had a dilemma, he could take Matthew to the meeting but the idea of him carrying an unconscious Canada and an enraged America didn't seem the best option. Or, he could take Canada to his house and help him there…he would get out of the meeting and out of the now rapidly falling snow. Satisfied with his solution, Ivan scooped him up in his arms and making sure the bear followed him, followed Canada's footprints.

Matthew was in Heaven, he was being enveloped in a rather snug embrace. The smell of that person calmed him and also made him slightly hungry with its sugary undertone. Wait, this smell was familiar, he opened his eyes and there was Kumajiro, staring at him.

"Oh, so you are awake now da? You took a bad fall, Canada. I bring you to your home and helped your cut; I…had to remove your door. It is alright though because I put it back da." He jerked a thumb to the slightly crooked door. Matthew reached for the cut and felt it swollen and smarting. Kumajiro moved to sit on Matthew's stomach and he was happy to find his bear was safe. He felt the Russian's fingers brush his hair away and Matthew shirked away from his touch. Embarrassed, he muttered an apology and allowed him to look at his wound instead of jerking away.

Matthew was surprised at how careful Russia was being. He was also surprised when he pulled his hands away to find the gloves he had been wearing missing. Russia smiled at him and turned towards the empty fireplace, lifting a few blocks of wood from the pile beside it. Matthew watched him start the fire but found his eyes straying to Russia's arms. Russia had lifted two blocks of wood in each hand and the Canadian wondered how strong Russia really was.

"Russia I feel okay now. Thank you for helping me, I'd better call the others to let them know your going to be late." Russia nodded at him and moved towards the broken door. Matthew picked up the phone but heard silence instead of a dial tone. His heart sank and he calmly reached into his pocket for the cell phone Alfred had given him. There was not a single service bar and Matthew swore in French. Russia appeared right beside him, his hair full of snow.

"Is everything alright Canada? I heard you yell something, what wrong?" Matthew didn't answer him and instead stared at the snow covering the Russian.

"The phone is dead and so is my cell. Um…why are you covered in snow anyway?" As he was saying this, Matthew walked slowly to the front door, which lay on the floor due to the huge pile of snow that pinned it. He looked out and saw that the flurries had turned into a full out blizzard. Matthew realized then that Russia would struggle getting home, he jumped hearing a giggle from behind him and he found Russia shoveling the snow out using the door.

"Sorry Canada, I opened door and lots of snow fell inside. I can just use the door da? It is much easier I think than shovels da." The Russian had started humming as he did so.

"It's okay; I don't think you can leave in this storm anyway. Here, hold the door up straight and I'll screw it back in so it doesn't fall in." He made sure that Russia was holding it straight before retrieving the screwdriver. When he returned, Russia was still humming and Matthew set to work on the hinges. Well, if he could actually see the hinges then he could fix the door. Russia was not only tall but thicker and too, Matthew was in the way.

"Russia could you move over some? I can't see or reach the hinges."

"If I move then the door will get weak and move out of place. There is some space between the door and me. You are small; you can fit and reach then da?"

"I suppose I could. It won't take me long I promise." Carefully he squeezed into the small place, brushing up against Russia's chest as he quickly worked the screwdriver. His hands fumbled awkwardly, Russia's humming and the pressure between him and the door making it hard to concentrate. He was on the last part of the door when Russia suddenly moved closer, trapping him against the door.

Matthew quickly finished and pushed a little against him. Even though he had finished Russia had not moved back. Nervousness flooded through him as the Russian got even closer if that was possible.

"Russia, could you move now? I have the door so you can let it go now. "He said nervously.

"Ah, I'm sorry Canada I was afraid the snow would push it down again da?" However, he still did not move back and Canada placed both hands onto his chest and gave a small push. Russia blinked at him and let his arms fall to his sides before moving back slowly, giving Matthew room. Matthew moved quickly away from him and decided to not ask about what had just happened. Instead he moved towards the kitchen, glancing at Russia who was going back to tending to the fire.

"I'm going to make some pancakes, would you like some?"Russia nodded to him and when Matthew turned away, he felt a pair of eyes staring at his turned back.

Russia's POV

Ivan was confused, it had been hours since Canada's fall and the blizzard had gotten worse. That was not the confusing part, it was the strange noise he heard when they were fixing the door. It was hard to hear at first, he had to stop humming and Canada was breathing unevenly. In fact his breathing was what held his attention until he heard the sound again. It sounded like a laugh and he pushed against the door to hear more, only to hear the laughter fade away. Yes, he was confused, especially when Canada darted from him and straight to the kitchen. Perhaps Canada knew what the strange sound was. That train of thought was interrupted when Canada had turned away and gave Ivan a rather amusing view of his muddied backside. He decided to keep that fact to himself, walking quietly into the kitchen behind the other nation.

Canada had opened a cabinet and Ivan was surprised to find it stocked completely with maple syrup. Amused now, he opened the next cabinet but was thrown off by all the pancake mix he saw.

"Canada, would you have vodka or perhaps something alcoholic to drink?" Canada jumped and dropped the spatula he was using. Flustered he pointed to the living room, where kumajiro slept on the couch.

"Don't sneak up on me like that, look, just go wait in the living room and I'll bring you something to drink alright?" He shooed Ivan out before returning to the stove. Ivan decided that now would be a good time to look for that strange laughter and to find what Canada is afraid of. Perhaps, he heard the laughter too? Or maybe he was jumpy, no matter how funny that had been to him, he would try to not to scare Canada like that again…maybe.

Ivan looked out the large windows and found a moving shape coming towards the house. His eyes widened and he tripped over his feet as he shouted for Canada. The thud that followed echoed in the house. Ivan noticed that the table beside him shook a little.

"Was that an earthquake?" Kumajiro said, breaking the silence. Canada had appeared at the kitchen doorway, checking to see if anything had been broken. Ivan pushed himself up and grabbed Canada around the waist and towards the window.

"Canada do you see that shape? I thought I heard it earlier da." He stared determinedly outside, while struggling to hold a flustered and slightly angry Canadian, which was actually harder than he thought. Mainly because all of his focus was towards the moving shape and Canada's frustrated struggles and grunts was distracting him.

"Russia I don't see anything but your arm, will you let me go already? The pancakes will burn and Kumajiro needs to eat!"

"Sorry, there do you see it now? It is coming from the woods nearby da!" He turned Canada so he could see out and watched his face go from frustration to confusion. When Ivan looked back out the shape was no longer there. Speechless, he released Canada, who grabbed hold of his arm to keep from falling on his butt.

"I don't see anything Russia; even if I did it was probably a rabbit or stray dog. Now will you let me get back to the pancakes?"Frowning, Canada dropped from his arm and giving a look to Kumajiro walked back into the kitchen. Ivan stared back out but heard and saw nothing. Rabbits don't laugh, nor are they as large as a man. Something or someone was walking around in the harsh snow, something that Ivan tried to avoid. Feeling slightly paranoid, he picked up Kumajiro from his seat and held him close.

The bear looked lazily at him before yawning and going back to sleep. Ivan was calmed a little, he was sure that he had heard something, years with a stalking Belarus had fine tuned his senses. When he looked up again, Canada had appeared with two plates of pancakes and a drink for him.

"Here, if you want anything else than help yourself to the kitchen. Ah, Russia could you give Kumajiro his food when he wakes up? I need to go check the pipes and then I'm taking a bath. Oh, and make sure the fire doesn't go out either." He ruffled Kumajiro's fur affectionately before walking to the hallway beside the kitchen. Ivan watched him go reluctantly, with the strange thing still prowling around he didn't want them to be far from one another.

Carefully he set the sleeping bear down, before checking to see where all the rooms were, just in case, of course. He passed the bathroom, a guestroom with pictures of celebrities (Possibly America stayed here.) a small closet and finally a partially closed door. He pushed it a little to see in and found a stripping Canada. Ivan suddenly jerked away, blinked, and then questioned what he just saw. Sure, it was just a naked back, but that was enough to…want him the full tour of the sights of Canada.

He muttered to himself in Russian and resisted the urge to push the door completely open or bash his head against said door. He walked quietly as he could manage back to the living room; he was halfway there when he sneezed. He heard Canada stop moving around and panicking, raced for back towards the couch. Only on his arrival to find that Kumajiro had helped himself to half his pancakes.

Canada's POV

Matthew stopped undressing when he heard a mutter and then what sounded like a sneeze. He sighed to himself, Kumajiro was probably up and looking for his water bowl. He grabbed his towel and wrapped it around himself before leaving his room. He gave a quick peek into the living room, Kumajiro and Russia were both wrapped in a blanket and they were facing the windows.

Matthew smiled to himself before walking into the bathroom and locking the door. The last time he forgot to lock it and Francis had burst in unexpectedly, causing Canada to defend himself with a plunger before Alfred dragged him out. Now he stood by the side of the tub, checking the water now and then, adding a little bit of the wash he used into it. He was just removing the towel when something rushed past the small bathroom window. Startled, he slipped and managed to grab the sink. There was someone, staring into the window. Whatever it was he tried to scare it off, he was horrified when the staring thing started to mess with the window latch.

Matthew, already annoyed, tired and angry, picked up the plunger and smashed it against the slowly opening window. The glass shattered, the thing ran off and Matthew trying to avoid the glass, stumbled right into the tub, towel and all.

At that exact moment, Russia broke down the door. Matthew watched as Russia flew straight to the window and look out before turning to Matthew.

"Is Canada okay? I hear glass falling and yelling da. I think I can chase him if the snow does not cover his tracks…"He stopped to stare at Matthew's splayed form. Embarrassed, Matthew grabbed the curtain to hide himself behind. He felt his face burn red and Russia's creepy smile had flickered briefly before it was replaced with concern.

"Who was that? Never mind, just get out for a minute and let me get dressed! First I get hurt, now someone's trying to kill me…Russia don't just stand there, LEAVE ALREADY! Am I going to have to sing my national anthem in high notes and in French?" That last threat sent Russia running from the room and Matthew looked sadly at his window then his door. If the storm didn't end soon, then Matthew might not have a house left.

He dressed quickly and fled to the others. Kumajiro looked like he was going to laugh at Matthew, Russia looked at his face and then looked away. Matthew thought he saw a small blush appear on his face, he ignored it when Russia started blocking the front door with a table and some chairs.

"Do you have any idea who that was? More importantly what should we do?"Russia stopped what he was doing to glance out the window.

"No, I thought Canada might know. Russia tried to tell you…but Canada did not believe me da…you are not hurt are you? I will block the hallway off and you will sleep in here where you can be safe da."

"Wait, what will you be doing? I mean we can't call for help and I can't exactly fight very well either…and I'm fine. I'm not made of glass you know!" He huffed.

"I know that, what do you think I am, a monster?" He giggled after saying this and Matthew did not want to present the obvious broken evidence to him. Besides, Russia was now rushing about, grabbing blankets from the bedrooms and finally blocking the hallway off.

Nervousness crept upon Matthew again when he saw the large bed he was making on the floor. It grew worse when he gestured to one side and placed Kumajiro there for him. How thoughtful of him, he rolled his eyes and placed Kumajiro between the two. Russia stood, glared at the window and began unbuttoning his coat. It took Matthew ten seconds in his current state to realize what he was doing. It took eight seconds for him to turn beet red and another five when Russia started removing his shirt and scarf.

"Eh? What are you doing Russia?"Matthew tried to pull his eyes away but the more Russia revealed, the harder it was to look away. He was right in the fact that Russia was strong, he would have liked to figure that out some other way but now the muscles he was seeing were leaving him speechless.

"My clothes are dirty and I would not like to make these sheets dirty. Besides, it is easier to fight when your arms are free da. I have a plan, so Canada should sleep da." Russia didn't even notice the scrutiny that Matthew was giving him. Russia stretched before reaching for his shoes and Matthew felt a trickle of blood fall from his nose before he passed out right there, Kumajiro poking him with a paw.

"Wow Canada, you fall asleep fast! You must be tired da?"

Russia's POV

Ivan wished he could fall asleep like Canada did. The mysterious person was the only thing keeping him from dreaming about his paradise. He did what he normally did when he could not sleep, he thought about the others. Ivan would occasionally wonder about the other countries and his plans on how to bring them together, but tonight his thoughts strayed to Canada.

What did Canada dream about? Did he have someone special that he dreamed about? How did he find Kumajiro and why did he live farther from his capital? The thing that Ivan thought the most about was why someone was trying to break into the house. He knew Canada had very few or little enemies and it's not like Canada had grudges held against him.

So why attack a nation that is not a real threat? Or maybe…the person was after Ivan himself? This thought was cut short when a rather warm arm brushed against his bare back. The shock of another's touch and the warmth created a nice feeling that made him curious. He turned to face a sleeping and sprawled out Canada. The cut from earlier was still swollen, but Canada's hair covered most of it and Ivan reached out to feel it again.

He let it slide through his fingers, and moved his hand to Canada's lips. He traced these with his index finger before letting his hand trail lower. Ivan was not sure what exactly he was doing; he just liked looking and feeling Canada and he meant nothing wrong by this.

That was until the images of an almost completely naked Canada came to mind. He cursed and removed his hand from Canada, regretting it and congratulating himself for his self-control. He took a sip of the untouched vodka and wished that he could get drunk rather quickly so these thoughts would stop.

That stranger, that…mystery was still out there and even he had to stay focused. His concentration was going pretty well until Canada moaned. It took Ivan a few minutes to understand what moaning was, when he remembered he jolted like he was shot and took another large swig of vodka.

When another moan was heard Ivan started humming to himself again. The moaning got louder and Ivan tried to think about something else, America conquering the world, no more vodka, Belarus in a swim suit. That last thought mad him cringe and was quietly happy to actually be stuck here than at where she could easily get him. That thought immediately came to halt when the moan got so much louder that ended with a choked cry.

Shocked, he turned to see just exactly what the moaning was about and came face to face with Kumajiro's snoring nose. A snoring nose that sounded like a groan of some sort, probably the vodka helped to make it sound like moaning. Canada was still peacefully asleep, and guilty at having thought of those things, Ivan turned to face into the fire, ready to dream about sunflowers, bears, pancakes and of course Canada.