This story is dedicated to Blitz92. "Blitzkrieg" is German for "lightning war."

At the moment there is no romance but later in the fic there might be some.

I own none of the characters, based sometime after the Justice League have formed but before Bart's last appearance in Smallville season 8.

A flash of orange went past a burger stand, sending napkins flying.

Bart Allen ran, he had been running for days, not that he had any idea who he was running from, or to for that matter. His stolen burger was mostly around his mouth, instead of inside it. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

Bart breathed in the night air and looked up at the stars, wondering if Chloe was looking at the same ones. He chuckled to himself and felt himself slow down slightly, his legs burned, I need to crash, and soon.

The thought of sleeping worried him though, every time he closed his eyes he saw the face that haunted him to the point that he wanted to return to Smallville. He pushed on trying to look for an abandoned house or even a hole in the ground. Eventually, he came to a small barn, he could see the farmers house a few miles away, all the lights were off. Bart walked into the barn and climbed onto a bail of hay. He was exhausted but he didn't want to sleep well, maybe it would keep the nightmare's at bay. Bart led awkwardly on top of the hay bail and felt the hay stick into his back. He had a flashback to before he had become part of the Justice League, everyday was like that back then.

The nightmare was always the same, it had started the day he left Smallville. He guessed his conscience was telling him to go back. Clark Kent's face haunted each of his dreams, making it a nightmare. Kent's kind face would tell him it's ok to run, as long as he came back to see him. Bart didn't want to see him. He would stay in Smallville if he saw his old friend again, and that just couldn't happen. Sometimes Ollie's face would join Clark's and make Bart feel even more guilty about leaving than he already did.

When he joined the Justice League he didn't realise he had to be in it all the time. He had been working his magic with this girl one night, he couldn't recall who it was, when Oliver had called and demanded he come and help the team on a mission. Bart didn't want to be tied down to anyone, especially a team of superheroes, so he ran. He was a lone wolf and that was how he liked it.

He felt the cell in his pocket vibrate, he ignored it. It would only be Ollie or Clark, why can't they all just leave me alone? There would usually be a call from Ollie, then a call from Clark.

Bart let the phone vibrate. He considered picking it up, he felt lonely suddenly, I'm a great lone wolf. They made you soft, Impulse, you had to leave. The phone stopped and Bart pulled out his phone "Chloe?" He whispered, that was unusual. He assumed Ollie and Clark had to force her to phone him, she had made it pretty clear she didn't like him. The only reason he had managed to get her cell number was through Ollie.

The phone rang again and the caller id came up saying it was Chloe again, something was wrong. Bart considered leaving it but if there was something wrong he wanted to know. "Hello?" Bart's voice was husky, from not speaking to anyone in days.

"Bart?" It was Ollie's voice that answered.


"Hey, kid." He sounded worried, "You need to get back here, now."

"Why? What's wrong?" Bart started to climb down from the hay bail.

"We need your help, I can't tell you over the phone it's not safe."

"For fuck sake, Ollie! Tell me what's going on!" Stress, anger and exhaustion took over his curiosity.

"It's Clark." Ollie heard the phone line go dead and disappointment washed over him. He didn't expect this from Bart. The Bart he had known would have never let his best friend suffer. "I think we misjudged him." He said turning to a distraught Chloe who had her face in her hands. Maybe if she had talked to him he would have come back. Ollie turned away from her and walked towards the computer, tears of anger stinging his eyes.

Bart ran, adrenaline took place where his exhaustion had been. Clark was in trouble? That was impossible, Maybe they're tricking you.

I'm not taking that chance, he's my friend.

Like I said, you've gone soft.

Fuck off.

You can't get rid of me that easily.

Bart sighed, I'm actually going insane. He shook his head and ran even faster focusing on the sound of the world rushing past him.

It was silent in Queen Tower except for the sound of muffled sobs, there was suddenly a large bang as Bart burst through the door making both Chloe and Ollie jump. "You came?" Chloe's face lit up.

"How'd you get here so fast, kid?" Ollie grinned, knowing all too well how.

"Oh, you know, if I wanna get somewhere, I'll be there like a flash." He smiled sleepily, eyeing up Chloe.

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