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Each ending will start here:

The Bart's returned to the lair, after dropping Cobalt Blue's corpse in the ocean. The rest of the league decided to stay where they were and try to clean up a bit.

"Were you, his sidekick?" Bart asked Kid Flash, after a long pause in the conversation.

He sighed, "I was an idiot. Yeah, I joined him for a while. Until I realised, he was a dickhead and I didn't want to be anywhere near him."

Bart nodded, satisfied. Kid Flash noted that he had just cursed and smiled. Bart and the League were changing things. He wondered what would be changed at home.

When they arrived Kid Flash opened the large window and Chloe gave out a gasp as she saw Bart's bloody face.

Ok now here come the alternative endings. This is for the people who love Chloe and think I'm a bitch for making her a future bitch. I'm a people pleaser so here is one for you.

"Clark do you know where the bathroom is?" Chloe asked. "Bart looks like he needs to wash up."

"Er, yeah come on Bart. Let's get you cleaned up." Clark lead the boy out of the large room into the stairwell and into a small bathroom.

Chloe turned to the man who was stood staring out of the window. "I'm sorry." Chloe, almost shouted.

"For what?" Kid Flash said stiffening.

"For whatever I said to you in the future. It was unfair of me to blame you, and although technically I haven't said it yet, I'm still really sorry." Chloe walked closer towards him but stopped suddenly when he appeared, inches from her face. He leaned in quickly and she felt his mouth mould around hers. Shocks of electricity ran down her spine as he kissed her with suck passion and hunger. When they broke apart Kid Flash whispered, "I've always wanted to do that."

Chloe looked at his face but he didn't have the same look of contentment on his face as she had on hers. He walked away and back towards his spot by the window, as Bart and Clark walked back in the room. "Bart are you ok?" Asked Chloe warily.

"I'm fine, not even a bruise." Bart smiled widely at Kid Flash.

"How's the shoulder?" Kid Flash asked, brightly.

"Healed nicely. Of course." Bart replied.

"Shoulder?" Clark asked.

"We'll tell you, when we get home." Bart smiled.

"I'm not sure how much longer I can stay, Bart. The speed force is calling."


"I'll help you get these two back." Kid Flash didn't look at Bart as he turned to Clark. "Are you gonna be ok, running?"

"I'm a little slower than you two but not by much."

Kid Flash nodded then turned to Chloe. "Piggy back?" She smiled at him and climbed onto his back. Bart didn't look impressed but let it go. After all it was technically him giving Chloe the piggy back.

The guys raced back to Queen industries. When they arrived the reception area of the tower was already half repaired. "Wow, you work fast." Said Clark breathlessly, it had been a hard trip for him.

Kid Flash looked out of the large hole in the wall. "You have to go?" Asked Bart, quietly.

"Yeah, come here." Kid Flash lead Bart away from his friends. "You have done a great thing today, you've changed your future Bart. It will be bright for both of us."

"I'm sorry for not trusting you." Bart told him, ashamedly.

"Don't worry about it. Keep your friends close and a piece of advice, forget Chloe. You got better things coming your way, trust me."

(I couldn't make it too soppy, sorry.)

"What, like Frou-Frou?" Said Bart, half laughing.

"Frou-Frou's my pet. I really doubt it." He chuckled, "See you later bro. We'll see each other sooner than you think." with that Kid Flash ran out of the hole and vanished in a blur of light.

"He's gone?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah." When he looked up at the woman he could see sadness on her face. "He said he forgives you and don't worry about anything." Bart improvised and Chloe gave him a hug.

Next alternative ending. This is where we meet the famous Frou-Frou. This is for the people who will think that the ending after this is too stupid and Frou-Frou should not be what she is. You'll understand later.

"What the hell happened to you, Bart?" Chloe exclaimed.

"Epic battle. What do you think? Give me a sexy bad boy look?" He chuckled flirtaciously.

Kid Flash laughed. He looked out of the window. "Bart, I haven't got much longer left." He said solemnly.

"But you have to stay, you have to help me get these two home." Bart searched for reasons.

"Clark can help you. He runs pretty fast, if I remember correctly." He smiled and half hugged Bart. "My rides here." Bart looked confused but heard a rumble upstairs. He dashed up to find a huge plane.

"This is Frou-Frou?" He knew the older version of himself was behind him.

"Yup. Missiles, nitro boost, machine guns, she even shoots fire. She's got me through one hell of a lot." He patted the plane, affectionately.

"What is with men and their planes?" Chloe asked, shaking her head.

Bart turned to him. "How did she get here?"

"I asked my girlfriend to send her to me at this exact time. One of our friends built transporters for me. I placed one here and Frou-Frou was on the other. Rose just had to press the button and oh… I've said too much."


"Funny story. Her dad is the one… Too much information, get in the plane Bart." Kid Flash said to himself.

"Is the one who what?" Asked Bart, excitedly.

"She's not your first girlfriend, just let it happen and you'll find… Well, you'll see soon enough. See you soon, Impulse." He was about to climb in when Chloe stopped him.

"Wait! Kid Flash. I'm sorry for everything I said to you. Please forgive me." Chloe begged.

"I do. It's all in the past." He laughed, "See you soon."

The plane vanished and Bart turned to Chloe and Clark, "Come on lets get back." Clark picked up Chloe and they ran back to Queen Industries.

"Do you think we changed anything?" Bart asked quietly.

"Am I still alive?" Clark laughed. "Yes Bart, you changed the future."

Bart smiled and led Clark onwards.

Ok lastly, this is the real Frou-Frou. I will explain her more afterwards and why I used her. This starts off pretty much the same as the last ending.

"What the hell happened to you, Bart?" Chloe exclaimed.

"Epic battle. What do you think? Give me a sexy bad boy look?" Chuckled Bart, flirtaciously.

Kid Flash laughed. He looked out of the window and stared into the distance. He smiled and turned to his younger self, "Bart, I haven't got much longer left." He said solemnly.

"But you have to stay, you have to help me get these two home." Bart searched for reasons.

"Clark can help you. He runs pretty fast, if I remember correctly." He smiled and half hugged Bart.

Chloe walked towards Kid Flash and smiled, "Look, I'm really sorry about everything I said. I know it hasn't happened yet but-"

"Don't worry about it, the future's changed, just make sure you don't say anything like that again." He laughed warmly and Chloe relaxed.

"What the hell is that?" Clark asked, seeing a large green figure coming towards them.

"That is my ride." Laughed Kid Flash. He ran upstairs to the plane deck. His friends joined him quickly.

"No, way!" Bart cried when the figure came in closer. "We have a dragon?" He laughed hysterically.

"Frou-Frou!" Kid Flash shouted as the dragon barged in. She touched her head to Kid Flash's and sighed, smokily.

The dragon looked at both Bart's very confused. "I'll explain later." Kid Flash told her.

He climbed onto the dragon's back. "How'd she get here?" Asked Chloe, bemused.

"She's connected to me and I'm connected to the speed force. She's one clever dragon." Frou-Frou snorted with pride and turned away ready to fly.

"See you soon Impulse. It's been fun."

"Wait! Did I change anything?" Bart asked, narrowly missing Frou-Frou's tail.

"Look around you Bart. Your friends are still alive aren't they? And the rest of the future, well," He grinned at his younger self, "we'll just have to wait and see."

The dragon leaped into the air and flapped her wings hard, so she rose into the air. She suddenly stopped and dived downwards so quickly Chloe and Clark could hardly see her. Then the dragon and Kid Flash both vanished.

"Come on, lets get back." Clark said, turning his back to Chloe and squatting slightly so that she would climb on.

Bart smiled at his friends and started slowly down the mountain. He waited for Clark to catch up before letting his legs guide him. He relaxed in the knowledge that all the pain had been and would be worth it.

The reason Frou-Frou is a dragon is because I am quoted saying "all good stories have a dragon in it" after writing a story for Blitz for her birthday last year. Me and her were joking about me putting a dragon into this fic and I decided to make Frou-Frou for her. Happy belated birthday present Blitz!

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