This is something that I wrote for Elfen Lied...for Lucy. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Elfen Lied, Lucy, or Lilium.



Some things just aren't meant to be. They end the wrong way. Like at the end of a sad movie, you feel like your torn in half. Your left with nothing, not one spark of hope. But she tells you not to worry. She's going to a far better place. One where she can live in peace and not suffer. At least, that's what she told you. Her kind, they don't belong here. They never will. But it's not their fault. They never asked for this cruel and unforgiving life. Let her rest in peace while her shell wonders aimlessly around the world, wondering what she did wrong. Poor girl, I pity her. She was never taught right from wrong, she didn't know any better. In fact, she thought of it as a game. It was a very sick game. They made - forced - her to suffer, all she could do was retort the only way she knew how. If only she hadn't listened to the voice inside her head. She wouldn't have suffered as much. That voice, it took over her and made her that thing. Poor girl...

We miss you Lucy!


Yeah, just something I randomly wrote. I wrote it while I was sick, so that's why it's so short. R&R!