This is a poem I wrote about Edward Elric. There's not much more to say here... If you read it, please review it!

Edward Elric--Nothing Left


Take anything

Begging, bleeding

On your knees

Cries of sorrow

'Give him back!'

Colors of failure

Blood red and black

You never hide your face in shame

Although you know you were to blame

Foolish dreams by selfish means

Children aren't meant to suffer such things

Burdens too heavy

On shoulders too small

Yet if you could you would carry it all

Now what you've done is in the past

You want to bring him back at last

You try too hard

Begin trying anew

To undo the damage you have done

And give him back

What he gave to you

To chase a dream to failure doomed

You both blame yourselves

But you know what is true

All he has left

Is you

I lied, it's also about Al. But Ed is the main focus, as always. I really should write one about Al...

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