Title: Reborn

Author: Aithilin

Rating: G — Subject to change later

Genre: General (subject to change), AU

Warnings: Spoilers for back-story as revealed in Season 5 ("Back to the Future II"/ "The Song Remains the Same").

Pairing: Eventual Dean/Castiel

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters were created by, and belong to, Kripke and company. Likenesses belong to respective actors.

Summary: Discontent in Heaven, Castiel Falls and becomes reborn as a mortal.

Author's Notes: The timeline is drawing heavily from what was set out in John Winchester's Journal by Alex Irvine.

His vessel was useful. The consciousness of a devout man born in the late 1500s had spent the first few centuries in utter amazement at the changing world around his physical body. Eventually, somewhere between 1860 and 1872, that consciousness fell silent, asleep. Gabriel couldn't really say when it happened, just that somewhere in those twelve years, he suddenly felt very alone in his own head.

He didn't regret taking this vessel-- using this holy man for his own means (the man had a wicked sense of humour for the time, and saw the justification in the punishments doled out by an archangel), and finding a way to simply exist independent of Heaven. Gabriel was a little disappointed that his vessel was so short, though. Especially in comparison to men nowadays.

But there were no real regrets.

At least, not until he saw the falling stars in 1982, and knew instantly that one of his brothers had followed an approximation of his example. It's not like anyone but an archangel could safely tell Heaven to fuck off and go investigate the pagan indulgences of humanity.

Whomever was Falling now was in for a lifetime of being hunted if he was discovered.

Releasing his guard on his Grace enough to eavesdrop, he learned the name of his soon-to-be-mortal brethren. Castiel.

The name didn't ring a bell. Perhaps that far too serious seraph who followed the heels of Uriel and Aniel. But he was certain that one's name was Cassiel, possibly Caliel, or something like that.

Grace and form blinking out of sight from the sky, Gabriel closed himself off once more and lay back against the hood of the cherry red Firebird. It wasn't his, but he liked it for the moment. The driver had made a habit of aiming for the small things that crossed the road-- being beaten to death with antlers by angry raccoons seemed fitting at the time. Though it did make a mess of the leather.

An archangel couldn't Fall. Not like that. Not totally separated from home.

Out of habit and carefully preserved faith, Gabriel uttered a small prayer-- hoping that his Father was really somewhere out there to hear it-- that the newly forming mortal in some woman's womb was going to be welcomed into a caring family. The past life memories alone would be a bitch to deal with.

Any angel with the balls to outright rebel against the big brothers and their madness deserved some kind of acknowledgement.

Settling against the car to watch the night sky again, occasionally eavesdropping in on the gossip of Heaven, Gabriel simply enjoyed his existence. He might have to track down this Fallen little brother of his in a few years and make sure the humans are treating him well.